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What if we could prove you’ve lost fifteen months of your life due to a lie… #WeNeedToTalkAboutMidazolam

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What if we could prove to you that you’ve given up fifteen months of your life due to a lie?

But not just any lie.

A lie that has involved prematurely ending the lives of thousands upon thousands of people, who you were told died of Covid-19.

A lie that has involved committing one of the greatest crimes against humanity in living memory. A lie that has required three things – fear, your compliance, and a drug known as midazolam


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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Be a lot like going to prison and losing a chunk of your life being locked up and not being allowed to do anything, until you are released, back into “freedom” I expect.
Except, Coronavirus, or another word for the Flu, is real and if left untreated, will become Covid and probably the latest variant and you will probably die from it – hence my free salt water cure, while you are in 10 to 14 days self isolation, so that afterwards, you are Covid free and can get on with your life and it won’t cost you hospital time, or money out of your pocket, or your life – win/win, I would say – pass my free salt water cure around, is all I am asking you to do.
Those test vaccines are just that and virologists have been playing around with mRNA since the early 1990’s and have previously given mRNA to humans in uncontrolled experiments, they just forgot to tell us, or what happened to their human test subjects – I guess we will have to find out the hard way, from those who have been test vaccinated, won’t we?