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New Zealand: Proposed Amendments to Coroner’s Bill is an Attempt to Cover-up Sudden Deaths

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A report produced by New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (“NZDSOS”) on the Coroner’s Amendment Bill has brought up serious questions about investigations into deaths in New Zealand.

A deceased person is usually referred to a Coroner when a medical doctor is not able to write a death certificate because they are not confident of the cause of death or are not comfortable with the circumstances surrounding the death.

This Bill proposes to allow a legally trained person to sign off the cause of death as “unascertained natural causes” when a medically trained person is unable to do so.  That sounds fishy and the people of New Zealand think so too if the submissions are anything to go by.

A spokesperson for NZDSOS said, “it is clear on glancing through the submissions [to the Justice Select Committee], New Zealanders see this amendment as a cover-up attempt, either by accident or design”.

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Proposed Changes to the Coroners Act 2006

The Bill, currently going through the House, aims to speed up the process of coronial investigations so family members are not left in limbo for years.   Proposed recommendations include:

  • Establishing a new position of ‘coronial associate’;
  • Recording cause of death as ‘unascertained natural causes’ in certain circumstances;
  • Enabling coroners to hold coronial inquiry solely in chambers, where appropriate;
  • Enabling written findings to be issued stating cause of death only, where appropriate, not circumstances.

Written submissions were due on 28 Sept 2022. Oral submissions for the Bill were presented to the Justice Select Committee on 6 October. It is interesting to note that there are no medical people on this Select Committee and that the coronial service is run by the Ministry of Justice.

“The reactions from some of the Committee were mixed, to say the least, but they know now that they are under scrutiny for any wrong-doing “, said the NZDSOS spokesperson.

Several submitters spoke of a ‘slippery slope’.  One suggested that rather than fobbing deaths off as “unascertained natural causes,” a more correct classification would be “sudden death – not investigated.”

Several pathologists and forensic pathologists voiced their concerns about the lack of medical input and suggested that a pathologist or forensic pathologist be included in, or aligned with, the coronial service.

Several people spoke about suicide and the protracted, unsupported, imbalanced, adversarial nature of the current coronial system.

There were over 2600 written submissions, the vast majority of them appearing to oppose the Bill.  From glancing through a random selection, it is easy to see that Kiwis who submitted are strongly of the opinion that this government is trying to hide something by bringing in this Bill at this time, NZDSOS said.

Some of the oral submissions from 6 Oct 2022 can be watched on Facebook HERE (start 35 mins) and the remainder on Vimeo HERE.

The Role of Coroners Should be Strengthened not Weakened

There are at least two very good reasons why the Coroner’s Act and the role of the coroner should be strengthened at this time rather than watered down.

New Zealand and countries across the planet, are in the middle of phase 4 clinical trial, or post-marketing surveillance, for Covid injections including the Pfizer injection used in New Zealand. The phase 3 Pfizer trial involving the original 44,000 participants is also ongoing. It is not due for completion until Feb 2023.

“In a phase 4 clinical trial every death of a person who received the medication would typically be investigated and reported on,” said the NZDSOS spokesperson. “This is clearly not happening and is likely to happen even less if a coronial associate can sign off a death as ‘unascertained natural causes.”

Many other countries, including New Zealand, are experiencing an alarming rise in all-cause mortality which has not been adequately explained. “The role of a comprehensive coronial service with the ability to do thorough investigations on an increased number of deceased people is more important now than ever before”, said the NZDSOS spokesperson.

Read the full article HERE with details of the Justice Select Committee, links to the oral and written submissions along with a selection of Kiwi’s views and you can find NZDSOS’ press release HERE.

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1 year ago

Your witch of a leader is almost as bad as our devil comarade dan in Vic

Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

I mean NZ’s witch of a leader… Soz…

1 year ago

Given the conduct of Jacinda Ardern’s regime over the past several years, would anyone with two functioning neurons believe *anything* this government says or does?

Of course they are hiding the death count. Just like they repressed the piss poor video revealing the false flag Christchurch mosque shootings.

These psychopaths believe the ends (NWO) justify the means.

1 year ago

Back in the day when Whites had the upper hand in South Africa, this country’s national rugby team visited New Zealand.

New Zealanders turned out in force to protest against this team playing in their country. The majority of the protesters were males aged from their late teens to middle age. These expended a ferocious amount of energy following the South African team around New Zealand, from stadium to stadium, to disrupt the matches they were playing.

Fancy that, the New Zealander’s wanted to dictate how a country thousands of miles away should be governed. A country they knew absolutely nothing about, except what the legacy-media told the witless cretins.

Well, New Zealanders got their wish – along with all the other cretins across the West. The Whites were driven from power in South Africa, and now it’s a country riddled with savagery and penury and on the verge of a catastrophe. And many of the Whites are now to be found living in homeless camps. Whilst the few White farmers that remain are being raped, robbed and murdered, left right and centre.

A little-known fact about South Africa in the last days of White rule is that some blacks advised the White government to not give up ruling. These blacks pointed out to the Whites that they had more than enough power to put down any rebellions against them, and actually asked them to use this power. These educated blacks knew that the citizens of South Africa were much better-off under White rule, they knew that if blacks got power the country would quickly descend into the gutter. Which it did.

Fast forward a few years and the New Zealand government ordered the citizens to hand over their hunting rifles and any weapons they had. And with slack-jawed obedience they obeyed.

Now if they want to resist the international tyrants and the puppets that enslave them, they can throw stones at them. New Zealanders failed to adjust to their environment, and like the dodo, extinction looms for them.
The moral of this story is that Whites are extremely stupid. And cowardliness follows up close behind this.

Think of the events of the last three years, and the coming 8-years, as the human race undergoing a turbo changed evolutionary selection event. Only in this case Whites have been deselected. An amalgamation of blacks and browns have been selected to pass on their genes, and the White gene is destined for the dustbin of history.

When is say Whites are stupid:
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·      This White female then filmed her bruised face for social media and told how she was scared to report the black to the police – it was clear she was stuffed with “White guilt”. For all intents and purposes, this young White cretin basic said the black had the right to beat and rape her without suffering any consequences.

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The list of insane reactions like this is endless:
Ø A German father who had his teenage daughter raped and murdered by an illegal alien couldn’t go public quick enough to forgive the murderer and call for more of them to be brought to Germany.
Ø A French woman who had her husband crippled by three illegal migrant thugs reacted just like the above German.

Fools and their treasures are soon parted. This is exactly what’s happening to the White race across the World. Just watch White Americans. They’ll soon hand over their guns. And no doubt the cowards will – they don’t have any guts unless they are bombing a 3rd World country back to the Stone Age for their ME masters. Then it’s all over for Whites.

Donna Peters
Donna Peters
1 year ago

We made a submission to the NZ Coroners Bill, but have little hope that it will not get through. All MPs, even the “oppostion” are under Jacinda’s thrall. From being the least corrupt country in the world three years ago, now we must be classified as one of the most corrupt totalitarian regimes in the Western world.

1 year ago

[…] – New Zealand: Proposed Amendments to Coroner’s Bill is an Attempt to Cover-up Sudden Deaths […]

Anaru Nathan
Anaru Nathan
1 year ago

‘Has been verified, as fact’ experimental gene therapy, rebranded as a vaccine’ public was led to believe, would halt transmission! ‘Get it for your grandmother family n friends, ‘A recent interview with ‘Pfizer representatives/CEO, were asked yes or no question, ‘Doz the vaccine prevent transmission’ ‘(answered) ‘NO’ its long term effects unknown no test data was unavailable, lock downs exclusion job loses demonization, of those that refused jab, and worst of all thousands of deaths worldwide, this amendment by the justice dept without any ‘Medical expert input, accountability being lied to, supplying false misleading information @ great cost to the tax payer, must be addressed heads should roll?

1 year ago

[…] An organization of registered doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals questioned proposed amendments to the country’s Coroners Act 2006 as they believe that this could cover up the real causes […]

1 year ago

[…] An organization of registered doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals questioned proposed amendments to the country’s Coroners Act 2006 as they believe that this could cover up the real causes of […]

1 year ago

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