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Karl Marx Was an Intellectual Swindler, He Was Fudging It and He Knew He Was Fudging It

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The ideology that is most conveniently identified as “Wokeness” is much more accurately described by the phrase “Identity Marxism. That is, Wokeness is a Marxian approach to identity politics for similar aims to those Marxism has always touted.

Wokeness is the quality or state of being “woke.”  The Oxford English Dictionary defines woke as, originally: “well-informed, up-to-date.”  And as updated in 2017, chiefly: “alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice.”  It is not a new term but it took on particular prominence during the beginnings of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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“Marxism has to be understood as a modernist religion. Marxism is actually a terrible but modern religion.  And it has a theology at its heart” – James Lindsay

Dr. James A. Lindsay is an American-born author, mathematician and founder of New Discourses.  He is a leading expert on Critical Race Theory, the dominant ideology behind the Black Lives Matter social movement.

Most people think of Marxism as an economic theory or, perhaps, a social theory, Lindsay says, this isn’t sufficient. Marxism, strange as it may sound, is a theology, the basis for a religion. This isn’t to say that Marxism or Communism is like a religion. It is to say that it literally is a religion.

The basis of the Marxian theology is work or, as they tend to have it, the work. You must do the work. The work is the basis of the Marxian theology in the same way that submission is the basis of Islam and atonement by grace through the sacrifice of Jesus as Christ is the basis of Christianity.

In Episode 64 of the New Discourses Podcast, ‘The Theology of Marxism’, Lindsay dives into the Marxian literature, including the writings of Karl Marx himself, to show that Marxism should be thought of as a theology by clarifying how this theology works. Understanding the theological nature of Marxism will, in turn, shed considerable light on the theological nature of Wokeness.

It is a particularly long episode, over three hours long, so we are breaking it into shorter, more manageable sections.  It is audio only and if you choose you can listen to the full episode HERE.

Introduction (00:00:00)

“I’ve never really explained to people why I think that Marxism is best understood as a theology – not as a social theory, not as an economic theory. Certainly, communism could be understood that way as social, economic theory or kind of both – socioeconomic theory,” Lindsay said.

“But Marxism is a very specific approach to either socialism or communism, or actually both, and I am quite convinced it’s a theological development. In fact, I’ve argued in the past that it’s scientific or scientistic Gnosticism. It’s a gnostic religious movement. That observation is not original to me of course. Eric Voegelin, a catholic philosopher, is probably the most prominent name in a list of people who have identified it as such.”

Marxism is actually based out of Hegelian dialectical faith and Rousseauian anti-reason, very sentimentalist, subjectivist view.  And “when you combine that with the Gnosticism you actually have a profoundly subjectivist religion, where the subject becomes the centre of religious view and the subject becomes a creator of the external world,” Lindsay said.

“Marxism has to be understood as a modernist religion. Whereas something like Catholicism or Protestantism or Islam or Buddhism are pre-modern religions, Marxism is actually a rather terrible but modern religion. And it has a theology at its heart – and that’s what I want to kind of uncover.”

Voegelin: Karl Marx Was an Intellectual Swindler (00:09:24)

Voegelin characterises Marx very poorly and connects him to both Gnosticism and Hegelian speculation.

“According to Voegelin [the Economic & Philosophic manuscripts of 1844] is when he realised that Marx was a gnostic. And that unlocked being able to understand Marx and being able to understand Hegel – that they are actually coming from a perspective of Gnosticism,” Lindsay explained as he prepared to read sections from Voegelin’s ‘Science, Politics and Gnosticism’.

“For Marx, rather than the theology being the study of God it’s actually the study of man … man as creator is replacing God as creator. And so, when you see it in that regard, the creative capacity being essentially infinite and, in a sense absolute, that man takes on the characteristics of God. Of course, when we start to invoke characters like Prometheus from mythology or even Satan, this is those themes that kind of come up so, you kind of get a flavour of what kind of theology Marx had depending on which way you want to frame that.”

For ease of reference, we have included images below of the relevant pages Lindsay read and commented on from ‘Science, Politics and Gnosticism’.

Science, Politics and Gnosticism, pg 15
Science, Politics and Gnosticism, pg 16
Science, Politics and Gnosticism, pg 17
Science, Politics and Gnosticism, pg 18

“His first word, if we take Voegelin at his word, that we have to say about Marx is that he was an intellectual swindler. In other words, he was fudging it and he knew he was fudging it.  And Voegelin has quite the intense takedown of Marx following that. He was cheating people intellectually and he knew he was doing it – so he said ‘don’t question me’,” Lindsay explained.

The Theology of Marxism: Karl Marx Was an Intellectual Swindler (15 mins, start 00:09:24, end 00:24:44)

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1 year ago

It’s good to see The Expose expanding its spectrum. In fact, no one can really understand the motives of those you promote any form of a new world order, without examining their ideology or, more accurately, their psychosis.

1 year ago

Karl Marx was Jewish, whose “anti-semitism” was faked. Karl Marx, the son of Hirschel and Henrietta Pressman Marx, was born in Trier, Germany, on May 5, 1818. Hirschel Marx was a successful Jewish lawyer, and like many of his religion, he pretended to convert to Christianity in order to advance in the Christian West, changing his name from the Jewish “Hirschel” to the German “Heinrich”.

His maternal grandfather was a Dutch rabbi, while his paternal line had supplied Trier’s rabbis since 1723, a role taken by his grandfather Meier Halevi Marx.

Last edited 1 year ago by Protestant
1 year ago

[…] Read more: Karl Marx Was an Intellectual Swindler, He Was Fudging It and He Knew He Was Fudging It – Mar… […]

1 year ago

[…] Read more: Karl Marx Was an Intellectual Swindler, He Was Fudging It and He Knew He Was Fudging It – Marx wa… […]

1 year ago

Justin Trudeau was suspicious of some of the politicians surrounding him, thinking there was a great conspiracy developing against him.

So he gathered together his closest aides to investigate the problem, and off he went with his family in tow to hide in a “secret and secure location.”

On the second morning Trudeau opened the blinds to his bedroom window, and there in the snow someone had pissed, “Trudeau Is A Coward And An A**hole.”

Disturbed by this, Trudeau set his smartest forensic scientists to work to find the culprit.

After forty-eight hours they reported back to him.

‘We have bad news,” they said. “We’ve analyzed the urine and found that it came from Klaus Schwab.”

“Oh no!” said Trudeau.

“But there is even worse news to come, sir.

We’ve also discovered it is Mrs Trudeau’s handwriting!”

Just see for a moment.

If you are made aware that you don’t know who you are, it will be such a shock, such a shattering of all your identity.

Trudeau is deluded, he thinks he is ‘woke’ and a great prime minister.

But he is not!

That’s why his actions always go in wrong directions.

That’s why he lives a life of misery, suffering, agony, anguish.

You cannot live without knowing yourself, who you are.

And if you cannot know, then you have to create something fake.

It will be a false substitute, but it will take away the maddening situation of not knowing oneself.

Remember, you will know only that you are deluded if you enter yourself and realize your authentic individuality.

Then there will be a comparison.

For thousands of years, the politician and the priest, in a deep conspiracy, have been in power.

But what have they done to you?

What have they done to the world?

Humanity while it is unconscious lives only in coincidences.

Peoples lives consist of only coincidences and nothing else.

The unconscious life is an accidental life.

Only the conscious individual goes beyond the accidental and enters into the intrinsic.

The conscious individual transcends all coincidences.

Without being totally conscious you are a victim of all kinds of unknown forces that surround you.

You don’t know why things are happening to you, why you have done this and why not that, why you have chosen this and why not that. 

Problems are never solved.

They remain in different forms, you go on solving them, and yet they go on re-appearing in different forms.

Problems are not to be solved, problems need to be dissolved, and that is a totally different path.

It is the path of the Awakened.

They don’t solve the problems, they simply create devices in which problems disappear into thin air.

No Mind!

Religion has nothing to do with tradition or sacred books, religiousness has something to do with existential experience, beyond mind..

See it right now!

Thinking means missing.

Any idea, howsoever beautiful, divides you from reality, cuts you away from the whole.

And that is the misery of humanity, just like if a tree has been cut from its roots, soon it will start dying, it cannot live without roots. 

If you want to see, see at once, because if you start thinking you have already missed.

Seeing at once means don’t bring the mind in.

Not even a single moment’s thinking.

Mind brings time, mind brings future, mind brings past.

Mind starts comparing whether it is right or wrong.

Drop all false narratives.

Seeing the fake, drop all the fiction.

Knowing, seeing, how can you go against the ultimate law of life?

Meditation contains all the answers because meditation is the art of getting beyond the mind.

Once the mind has gone with all its chattering, you are able to see, seeing happens.

And seeing is transformation.

When you can see that which is, your whole life is transformed.

Here the only space – and now is the only time.

The moment you go astray from here and now, you are going to end into some kind of madness.

You will fall into fragments of thinking, your life will become a hell.

You will be torn apart, the past will pull a part of you towards itself and the future the other part.

You will become schizophrenic, split, divided.

Your life will be only a deep anguish, a trembling, an anxiety, a tension.


Existence knows nothing of future and nothing of past, it knows only the present.

Wholeness is of the now.

Awareness Is Health!

If you can be simply here, then this very moment is the Revelation!

Then it is not gradual, it is sudden, it is an explosion!

Let’s make it clear to the whole world that all enlightened people, howsoever different in their behavior, howsoever different in their philosophies, howsoever different in their actions, howsoever different in their individualities, still have the same taste, still have the same no-mind.

Their innermost core is the same.

It is the same light.

The Unity Of Humanity Is No Mind!

Truth has no name, and truth is not confined in any system of thought.

Truth is not a theory, a theology, a philosophy.

Truth is the experience of that which is.

Truth is not intellectual or emotional, truth is existential.

No-mind is the flame of every awakened being.

The awakened function out of their self- nature, not out of their mind.

Paul Cardin
Paul Cardin
1 year ago

For me, wokeness became fully apparent only recently, when BLM, taking the knee against racism and socialism were co-opted by wealthy, neoliberal interests such as western governments and their police forces, the English Football Association, regulators, councils and NGOs. When destroyers have occupied once-proud and deserving movements with the intention of dismantling them, you can kiss goodbye to the proud legacies. We even ended up with the perverse situation recently of footballers along with the England manager Gareth Southgate standing silent beneath a huge picture of the departed racist Duke of Edinburgh, before the players took the knee ‘against racism’ only minutes later. We’re not stupid.

lantern dude
lantern dude
1 year ago

Who would have thought so many of the ‘elite’ and their lackeys were Marxist! ;o) This article is so much bollocks… SFB

1 year ago

[…] Karl Marx Was an Intellectual Swindler, He Was Fudging It and He Knew He Was Fudging It […]

1 year ago

Marx has always been known for spouting pseudo intellectual BS;

giving a platform to this BS like The Expose has done here does nothing to expose him, quite the contrary !

What exactly are you really trying to do ?