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Victims of AstraZeneca: Paul Bainbridge

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The knighting of the CEO of AstraZeneca gives cause to shine some light on his criminal company and the terrible impact its experimental “vaccine” continues to have on the UK public.

On Saturday, we published an article written by Simon Elmer about awarding knighthoods to people whom the UK state wants to protect from prosecution for crimes against the British people.  The latest example of this is AstraZeneca’s CEO Pascal Soriot.  Elmer wrote:

“Pascal Soriot, KBE, is not only morally responsible for injuring nearly a quarter of a million Britons and killing 1,334 with his company’s viral-vector ‘vaccine’. He is also lying about the risks it continues to pose to those sufficiently terrorised into believing in the honour of knights, dames, kings and other figures of the British Establishment.”

As an addition to his article, Elmer has recalled details about some of the victims of the AstraZeneca poison which we’ll publish one story at a time so each of the victims’ voices can be heard and given the attention they deserve.

These personal stories need to be read, especially, by those who claim the only adverse effects of Covid “vaccines” are sore arms and headaches and so nothing to be concerned about.

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Paul Bainbridge

On 13 March, 2021, Paul Bainbridge, a 46-year-old software developer from the UK, had his first dose of a Covid-19 “vaccine.” To celebrate the event he announced it on his Facebook page with a photograph of himself surrounded by a rainbow and a blue heart saying “thank you NHS.” Three days later he confirmed that he had been injected with the AstraZeneca viral-vector “vaccine,” along with the information that he had what he called “a dodgy immune system.” Over two months later, on 29 May, Mr. Bainbridge declared himself “fully vaccinated,” presumably meaning that he had received his second dose. A friend, Paul Oxley, whose profile photo bore the same rainbow and heart, asked: “Are you glowing yet?” In response, Paul wrote: “No. But I now have 3 arms and metal keeps sticking to me.” This mockery was typical of Mr. Bainbridge’s views. On 19 September, 2020, he had posted a photograph of the anti-lockdown demonstration in Trafalgar Square — a demonstration in which I participated — with the comment: “Anti maskers and anti vaxxers at Trafalgar Square. Or as they are collectively known. A Karen of Ratlickers.” I’m not sure if this is accurate, but Wikipedia says that “Karen is a pejorative term for a white woman seeming to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.” I guess a “ratlicker” is fairly self-explanatory.

On 1 June, a few days after his second injection, Mr. Bainbridge posted a summary of his rapidly deteriorating health. On 30 May he had felt “pins and needles” in his hands and feet. The next day he was “falling over” and was sent by his GP to a hospital, where he had two spinal taps and was “diagnosed same day.” On 2 June he had “full body paralysis with the exception of right side of face,” and was put into an “induced coma” in an intensive care unit. He concluded, almost laconically, that while in hospital he also contracted MRSA (a bacteria that’s more resistant to several widely-used antibiotics), pneumonia and septicaemia (blood poisoning). This is a demonstration of just how many diseases are nosocomial, and of how many so-called “cases” of Covid-19 are in reality positive tests for SARS-CoV-2 of people who went to hospital for very different illnesses or injuries. Mr. Bainbridge’s Facebook post, which has subsequently been removed, didn’t say what he was “diagnosed” with, but spinal taps are required to diagnose Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a neurological condition whose primary symptom is the ‘pins and needles’ he reported feeling, and which occurs when a trigger, such as a virus or a vaccine, mistakenly makes the immune system attack the nerves, causing pain and loss of co-ordination.

Undeterred, on 3 June Mr. Bainbridge posted another dig at “anti vaxxers.” This was the last post on his Facebook page; but alerted of the recording of his story on The Covid Blog, on 13 June he accused the blog of publishing “fake news,” claimed that the screengrabs of his Facebook page it had published were “out by over 10 years,” and threatened the author with “libel lawsuits.” Presumably, the success of such lawsuits will depend on Mr. Bainbridge establishing how he was posting about taking a Covid-19 “vaccine” before 2011. Closer to the truth, in July 2021, the US Food and Drugs Administration acknowledged that there was an increased risk of Guillain-Barré Syndrome from certain Covid-19 “vaccines,” including the AstraZeneca brand. Despite Mr. Bainbridge’s mockery of and contempt for the concerns and fears of millions of Britons, and his reckless promotion of an experimental “vaccine” programme, I wish him a quick and full recovery.

About the Author

The above article is written by Simon Elmer who has a doctorate in the History and Theory of Art and is a co-founder and a director of Architects for Social Housing.  Elmer is also the author of several books, his latest being ‘The Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State’.

The Road to Fascism is not an attempt to contribute to an academic debate about the meaning of the term “fascism,” but rather to interrogate how and why the general and widespread moral collapse in the West over the past two-and-a-half years has been effected with such rapidity and ease, and to examine to what ends that collapse is being used.

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9 months ago

[…] The Expose […]

9 months ago

They are always going to protect their own. Rewarding incompetence and failure is not new, been around a long time. Just look at the majority of political leaders. The pentagon in dc doesn’t know what happened to almost a trillion bucks. The unicorn and rainbow brigades will surely be at a disadvantage.

Justin Castro
Justin Castro
9 months ago

Russian attacker Ivan Miroshnichenko went through a course of treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, journalist Lance Lisowski reports on his page in « Twitter » with reference to the director of the central scout bureau of the NHL Dan Marr.
It is noted that the 18-year-old striker is admitted to training and is ready to play next season.
Recall that on March 3 « Vanguard » reported that a Hodgkin lymphoma was discovered in Miroshnichenko. The disease occurs in a simple form and is treatable. It was reported that the hockey player could have missed the whole next season due to illness.
Miroshnichenko will take part in the draft National Hockey League of 2022, which will be held July 7-8 in Montreal.
The last match the forward spent at the « Omsk Wings » January 14. In total, he has 16 points in 31 VHL matches.

Justin Castro
Justin Castro
9 months ago

A young hockey player was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Bad news has come to the hockey world today. General Manager « Toronto Maple Leafs » Kyle Dubas said that the 20-year-old Russian forward Rodion Amirov, selected by the team in the first round ( under the general 15th number ) on the NHL draft 2020, a brain tumor is diagnosed.

It became known how doctors discovered a brain tumor in the Amirov Rodion
Later, detailed information was provided at Gold Star. It is she in the person of Dan Milstein who represents the interests of a hockey player in North America.

« Today, the organization « Toronto Maple Leafs » announced that a brain tumor was diagnosed in the Rodion. First of all, we would like to thank the club « Toronto » and the team KHL « Salavat Yulaev » for their incredible support.

At the moment, Rodion, together with his family, is in Germany, where he is conducting treatment. He goes out on ice three times a week and trains every day in the hall. Rodion has a fighting spirit, and he is determined to return to professional hockey.

We met with Rodion for the first time when he was 16 years old. Over the past month, his behavior outside the ice has made an even greater impression on me than his performance on ice. Based on the support of two first-class organizations, we will do our best to help Rodion and his family overcome this difficult life period », — the message says.

Recall that after concluding a contract with « Toronto » Amirov was leased back to Ufa, where he spent the 2021/2022 season. The forward has 10 matches ( 3, 1 + 2, « + 2 » ) as part of « Salavata » and three meetings without points in « Toros ».

Apparently, such a diagnosis could be caused by injuries of the player in the current championship. Back in August, at a pre-season tournament, during a meeting with « Severstal » Amirov unsuccessfully flew in, after which the flame fell on the ice. It became clear that the forward needed the help of doctors. He could not finish the match. As a result of – concussion and fracture of the collarbone.

The main talent « Salavata » was seriously injured. Broke the collarbone after hitting
The main talent « Salavata » was seriously injured. Broke the collarbone after hitting
Rodion returned from the infirmary, then another damage happened. The young hockey player again failed, flew for examination to Germany. Then it seems that everything went as it should, but then Amirov began dizziness and vision problems. And now, after the next examination, Rodion was given an official diagnosis.


« People will be able to see what I am doing, and I hope that they can be inspired by this. I keep a positive attitude. I want to feel like I can play in the best hockey league in the world.

My faith in God gives me strength and confidence that I will overcome everything. You can never give up. You can overcome all the obstacles that are given to you on the path of life. You must always maintain a positive attitude », — quotes Amirova Sportsnet.

We will believe that everything will turn out well with Rodion, he will surely recover and return to his favorite business. It remains to wish perseverance to the player himself, his entire family and relatives. You can do it, Rodion

9 months ago

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