A Powerful Message Through Music – “It is Time To Rediscover Our Fighting Spirit”

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“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions,” said Adolf Hitler. Our so-called government leaders have clearly been using the same tactics as were used in Nazi Germany during WWII as our freedoms have been increasingly eroding under the guise of being for the benefit of health and in society’s best interest.

Even now, there are individuals who cannot see that the government’s tactics are leading us to a technocratic, totalitarian dystopian reality, unfortunately, just as the famous quote continues “In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”

Arguably, the WEF-controlled puppets who have infiltrated our governments have successfully almost taken us to this point and if we allow it to continue, we are in danger of ever getting our rights back.

A Powerful Message Through Music

The above quote has been used in the video of a new track released today called WakeUp England, by punk band, The Cides which strongly encourages us all to “take back the power that we have surrendered to ‘governments’ “who have ceased to make decisions in our best interests” Therefore, the Cides are, “Reminding people of the power of decision-making in our communities and tribes” (Source).

See the track and video below:

WakeUp England!!

Punk – a song that highlights social injustice, often sung with anger, and always with passion

The Cides founder and lead singer, songwriter Paul Hayward, was the co-founder of The Molesters in the original days of punk, he states, that:

“The Cides’ mission is to raise awareness about the social and environmental injustices we suffer at the hands of a small group of people to whom we have gradually surrendered our power.”

We advocate communities where everyone is valued and has the power to decide on the structures, laws and values to adopt: not have edicts forced on us by some monarchy, oligarchy or a hierarchical government that does not act in our interests.

We are supporters of anarchic structures from the roots up such as communities and workers’ organisations etc, as opposed to ‘archic’ structures (monarchy, oligarchy etc) which consist of top-down governance from the few. By definition, being anti these ‘archys’, we are proud to say, makes us anarchists.”

Our Inalienable Rights

The Cides also remind us that “In 1215, at risk of losing his English kingdom in a broad revolution, arrogant and exploitive King John signed the Magna Carta, enshrining the principle that regardless of gender, race, or creed “all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

The Magna Carta created the moral and political platform on which was built both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, protecting the individual freedoms of all Peoples against arbitrary and capricious rule.

These charters gave People inalienable rights against oppressive rulers and limited the power of governments to protect those rights. They served as models of democracy worldwide.

Many people in England and America bravely died fighting for the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence. Sadly drip-by-drip the very freedoms and rights our ancestors fought for have been eroded. Our governments now answer to dark masters, not us the People.”

Supporting Others

The Cides, who are not a fixed lineup are made up of amazing contributing musicians worldwide, but with the core ‘family’ drawn from the UK and France, say that “one thing we all have in common is anger against the corrupt unelected individuals who sit at the top of a power pyramid we have allowed to be created.”

“Our singles and videos aim to fight for and support the current generation to reclaim their rights” and not only do they highlight the work of various groups they have also donated thousands of pounds to groups that align with their values, including Covileaks – Feeling Lucky, The Expose, – Out of My Head, – HAVOCA- support for adult survivors of child abuse. Forgive and Forget and more.

Now let’s show our support and help them get their important message out there! Good luck to the Cides with this new track, with such an appropriate message, let’s hope it gets to number 1 for Christmas!

There is also an American version of the track with the same powerful message: Listen to them by clicking on the links below.

It is time for the Peoples of England and America to rediscover our fighting spirits and WakeUp!”

Source used – The Cides

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Brin Jenkins
Brin Jenkins
1 month ago

Billy Goats with his plans to limit our future should be tried for his crimes against humanity.

Not only covid and jabs, but Net Zero as well. Two deliberately manipulated Hegelian Crisis events is a coincidence too many.

raj patel
raj patel
Reply to  Brin Jenkins
1 month ago

The cabal are getting desperate as their time is coming to an end. They are throwing everything they have at us, which is waking up more and more people – sealing their own fate – how poetic.

1 month ago

[…] Go to Source Follow altnews.org on Telegram […]

1 month ago

It’s about time the fearful and gullible stood in their power.

1 month ago

So-called ‘rights’ only apply to those whom claim to be citizens. A citizen is only a legal entity.

Reply to  :Stuart-james.
1 month ago

Citi = Inner City of London. Zen speaks for itself.
Resident and person are also legal entities.
Licenses are instruments that bonds the individual to the rules of the institution issuing said license. Making them a slave to the issuing institution.

Chris C
Chris C
1 month ago

WE truth-seekers, free thinkers and freedom lovers are being dragged rapidly into a dystopian nightmare that is beyond comprehension, by the compliant sub-human wearers of masks and injection-loving idiots who question nothing that the evil MSM and government tell them.

Because most people register for “democracy” that is purely mob/majority rule, every one of us is losing all of our freedoms, so Hitler’s best friend’s son Klaus Schwab must be gloating on Adolf’s words every morning.

So mask wearers and arrogant ignorant jabbed-up idiots, go to Hell for allowing evil psychopaths to annihilate humanity and ALL life on Earth.