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The real pandemic – Covid-19 or Graphene Oxide? Poisonous Nano-Material found in Covid Vaccines and Face Masks

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“The [European] Graphene Flagship projects seem to be in the process of developing a solution that’s in search of a problem.” —Terrance Barkan, The Graphene Council, June 2019

In October 2013 the European Union launched two flagship projects: the Human Brain Project (“HBP”); and, the Graphene Flagship (“GF”).

HBP aims to provide researchers worldwide with information & communications technology tools and mathematical models for sharing and analysing large brain data.

GF aims to make Europe the “Graphene Valley” of the world. In total Europe will invest €1 billion into GF as a ten-year push to get graphene innovation out of the laboratory and into commercial applications

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By Rhoda Wilson

However, more than halfway through its 10-year funding cycle, the commercialisation of graphene was proving a challenge.  So, in 2019, to help graphene break into commercial markets, a project – Graphene & 2D Materials EUREKA Cluster – sought EU funding to coordinate nanotechnology innovation. 

GF also funds so-called ‘Spearhead Projects’. There were six introductory Spearhead Projects coming to the end of their research and development stage. One was Graphene photonics for the 5G era which was deemed to be “in a good stead to develop this technology successfully.” New Spearhead Projects were launched, eleven of them, which began their work in April 2020. One of the eleven is: GRAPHIL: Purifying water with graphene filtration.

Graphene is a nanomaterial made up of a single layer of carbon atoms.  It’s light, transparent, flexible, incredibly strong, an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and has interesting light absorption abilities. Another of it’s characteristics is it’s highly integrative with neuron cells in the brain giving some indication how Europe’s HBP and GF could converge. 

By tracking the top 10 graphene applications through the years one can see how ‘medicine’ rises to become the most popular application of graphene in 2020, ranked by the number of posts written.  Beginning with 2015 where medicine was 4th; 2016, 3rd; 2018, 3rd; 2019, 2nd; and finally, 2020,1st on the list.

Covid-19 is cited as the obvious reason graphene’s use in medicine was the most popular discussion on the Graphene-info website.

Is graphene safe? The short answer is, no.  Some face masks contain graphene and, in April, Canadian health authorities issued a recall of masks containing graphene or biomass graphene. Since then Belgium has found masks contaminated with graphene and hospitals in France have suspended the use of face masks containing graphene.

It’s no surprise that what one country finds in face masks, will also be found by other countries- 85% of face masks used worldwide come from China.  Perhaps the only surprise is why ALL countries are not examining face masks for toxic chemicals and banning their use, in ALL settings.

Now, according to preliminary results of a study done by the University of Almería in Spain, graphene has been found in the Covid-19 “vaccines”. By examining the contents of a Pfizer / BioNTech vial researchers discovered, there is mRNA but, graphene oxide makes up between 98% and 99% of its contents: ‘this is not a vaccine but a dose of pure graphene oxide into the vein.’

Referring to this study, Dr. John B. comments on his twitter –

“Worrying analysis results from Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid … Detection of graphene oxide in the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (Comirnaty).”  

Dr. John’s twitter thread continues with images from Dr. Campra’s report and then concludes with –

“There is an urgent need to replicate this analysis! Graphene-family nanomaterials (GFNs), including graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide, are toxic.”

Image showing graphene content of the Covid-19 vaccine

According to a team of Spanish researchers, La Quinta Columna, symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning include: bilateral pneumonias; thrombogenicity; blood clots; post inflammatory syndrome or systemic / multi-organ inflammations; alteration of the immune system; and, ultimately collapse of the immune system and a cytokine storm.

When inhaled graphene causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and possible loss of taste and smell. Sound familiar?

Graphene poisoning.  Midazolam.  We have to wonder what other non-viral causations the disease known as CoVID-19 covers.

La Quinta Columna made a video statement on what the study of the Pfizer vial found and its implications, watch HERE (transcript HERE.)

Another effect of graphene is magnetism. People have noticed they become magnetic after having CoVID-19 injections. Below zero graphene nanoparticles aren’t magnetic but they become so at body temperature. 

La Quinta Columna claims that before 2020, people had already been magnetised by graphene in chemtrails and influenza vaccines. And now people are being magnetised with graphene in face masks, Covid test swabs and Covid injections.

Graphene causes a magnetic phenomenon on the one hand but on the other it can turn inoculated people’s brains into both senders and receivers of information.

Health | A magnet in the anti-covid vaccine? The reality behind these  videos is much more mundane

Once integrated with neuron cells graphene oxide nanoparticles act as nano biosensors which have two functions, namely: collect electrical signals of our impulses and thoughts or brain mapping; and, neuromodulate our behaviors, emotions and feelings.

It sounds like science fiction but, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, there seems to be a converging of Europe’s two flagship projects: HBF and GF. Are the Government, its advisors and legacy media trying to become the voices in our heads?

There is some good news. Graphene can be flushed out of the body naturally.  An enzyme found in our blood, myeloperoxidase, degrades graphene oxide

Alcohol (ethanol) or tobacco (nicotine), for example, can help to increase this enzyme – not that this should be taken as encouragement to consume either but rather to inspire some healthy research to help in the fight against this pandemic of graphene.

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