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Food Shortages: Are They a Consequence or Are They by Design?

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It was reported by RT a few days ago that the Food & Drink Federation (“FDF”) cautioned that British shoppers would face permanent food shortages and the days of nearly all goods being freely available are gone.  The reasons given were a shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers and farm workers, compounded by Brexit and the Covid pandemic has caused widespread shortage of food and other items at many high-street chains. The FDF chief told a think tank event last week that labour shortages are crippling the industry and said: “It’s going to get worse.”

Are these food shortages a consequence of the circumstances outside of our control or are they planned and by design?

Setting the Stage

G. Edward Griffin and others gave their insight in a 2020 documentary, “Unsustainable – The UN’s Agenda for World Domination,” which can be viewed HERE.  A short excerpt from the documentary where he exposes the dirty little secret behind Agenda 21 is below.

G. Edward Griffin: Agenda 21, Excerpt from “Unsustainable” a James Jaeger film

1974: “There is an alternative view which holds that a growing number of experts believe that the population situation is already more serious and less amenable to solution through voluntary measures than is generally accepted. It holds that, to prevent even more widespread food shortage and other demographic catastrophes than are generally anticipated, even stronger measures are required and some fundamental, very difficult moral issues need to be addressed.  These include, for example, our own consumption patterns, mandatory programs, tight control of our food resources.  In view of the seriousness of these issues, explicit consideration of them should begin in the Executive Branch, the Congress and the U.N. soon. (See the end of Section I for this viewpoint. [p83])” – Implications of Worldwide Population Growth, The Kissinger Report, 10 December 1974, p14

2016: FEMA representatives said that food shortages will happen by 2020 and food prices will rise by 400%. This summary was from the larger Food Chain Reaction Global Food Security Group Workshop. All governments worldwide knew the Grand Solar Minimum was arriving, and they had this exercise to discover the ramifications on our global food yields and delivery systems.

FEMA & World Government Think Tanks Ready for Global Food Shortages: Timeline and Which Countries by Adapt 2030, 2016

September 2020: Farms were destroying crops and ploughing under fields without the labour to harvest them. As new laws accelerated the demise of California’s agriculture.

UK’s Morrisons resumed rationing of pasta and canned goods, and “Safety Marshalls” and police were being deployed to ensure social distancing, as Boris Johnson deployed the Army to assist.

The scene was set for food shortages.

US Rep: “Food Shortages Are Coming” – Crops Destroyed – UK Limits Purchases by Ice Age Farmer, September 2020

United Kingdom, from Both Sides

At the end of last year and into the beginning of this year there were reports of lorry drivers being harassed by government officials at the border and also by their employers.

Furious lorry drivers clash with police in Dover due to them being left stranded as the boarder was shut without warning or any evidence given for doing so. They would spend Christmas alone in their cabs.

Furious lorry drivers clash with police in Dover, 23 December 2020
Furious lorry drivers clash with police in Dover, 23 December 2020
The Sikh community stepping up to feed the stranded lorry drivers, 22 December 2020

As we know, the PCR test is unable to detect whether someone has an infection.  Its use as a test for a “Covid case” is fraudulent.  Yet, it is used to control the movement of people and goods across borders.

France is blocking Lorry drivers if they don’t test negative for Covid, 26 December 2020

In February 2021, the Metro reported a delivery driver was “sacked” for refusing to wear a face mask inside his lorry – the company pestered him to wear it in case he “passed coronavirus out his window.”

In June iNews reported that there were food shortages as fresh produce was left to rot and that prices were set to rise amid the lorry driver “crisis.”  Some goods were starting to vanish from shops because of a shortfall of as many as 65,000 HGV drivers. And the Guardian reported that the UK was facing a summer of food shortages, again, due to a lack of lorry drivers. The Guardian quoted Shane Brennan, chief executive of the Cold Chain Federation: “I think it is going to be like a series of rolling power cuts in that we are going to see shortages, then shelves replenished, and shortages again. That is going to carry on for as long as demand is unpredictable and labour remains as tight as it is.” 

A letter from industry chiefs to Boris Johnson said: “We firmly believe that intervention from the prime minister/Cabinet Office is the only way we will be able to avert critical supply chains failing at an unprecedented and unimaginable level. Supermarkets are already reporting that they are not receiving their expected food stocks and, as a result, there is considerable wastage.”

The Express reported that supermarkets were missing deliveries and not receiving all their stock due to a lack of labourers and lorry drivers.  Breaking News added that Britain could also face an “unimaginable” collapse of supply chains.  It was due to the pandemic and Brexit that led to a shortage of more than 100,000 truck drivers, it explained.

At the end of June, a video circulated on social media of a UK farmer explaining that the empty shelves were being deliberately engineered. Empty shelves or “brownouts of food” – some shelves, some days – seemed to be spreading across the nation.

UK Farmer: Empty shelves are being deliberately engineered

In early July Reuters reported that Premier Foods, one of Britain’s biggest food companies, called on the government to consider using the army to distribute goods to help relieve a severe shortage of truck drivers.

Three weeks later the UK’s “pingdemic” was being widely reported. The Sun reported that a million people have been pinged by the NHS Covid app in just one week – sparking a UK wide “pingdemic” with pubs, factories, hospitals and airports being forced to shut because of staff isolations.

The Sun also reported the empty shelves in supermarkets and the public was being warned “don’t panic buy” amid the “pingdemic.”  At this time around 15-20% of the workforce in the critical food supply chain were self-isolating.  Tesco, for example, had 3,500 lorry drivers of which 500 are self-isolating.

UK: Empty shelves in supermarkets

At the same time, the president and founder of 2 Sisters Food Group warned that the UK would see ‘the worst food shortages in 75 years’ caused by bigger issues than the “pingdemic” unless the Government acts swiftly. “Since May this year the operating environment has deteriorated so profoundly, I can see no other outcome than major food shortages in the UK,” he said.

In the first week of August the Daily Mail reported that the army was on standby to stock Britain’s shelves. Thousands of prospective drivers were waiting for their HGV tests due to a backlog caused by the pandemic.  And, the problem had been exacerbated in recent months by scores of ‘pinged’ drivers having to go into self-isolation.  However, the Road Haulage Association was warning that bringing in the Army might not be enough to prevent a “very serious threat” to the supply chain.  Supermarkets began offering drivers up to £5,000 to try to attract new recruits.

While legacy media was focusing on government sanctioned “pingdemics,” a video was circulating on social media of a UK farmer explaining that the targeted war on the food supply chain was becoming more prevalent with each passing day. Farmers were being incentivised to destroy crops.

The targeted war on food supply is becoming more prevalent

Two weeks later the Daily Mail reported that a Co-op boss warned the food shortages are the “worst he has ever seen” and that the Co-op had been forced to reduce its range on offer in stores as a result of post-Brexit migration and Covid  The cause for the shortages was stated as a combination of domestic labour shortages and problems with global shipping.

In early September the BBC reported that the food manufacturing in the UK was under such strain, due to staff shortages, that some production may have to move out of the country.  The British Retail Consortium said shortages of HGV drivers and other supply chain staff meant that the sector was “just on the edge of coping” right now.

Meanwhile, independent media was reporting that “food is a weapon of war to get people to toe the line. Food shortages incoming.”

Food is a weapon of war to get people to toe the line. Food shortages incoming, 7 September 2021

A few days later the Daily Mail reported that farms are set to kill and burn 100,000 pigs because of a post-Brexit butchers’ shortage. While the BBC began what seemed to be an advertising campaign: “Lorry driver shortages: ‘It’s a very good career’.”

The official narrative has made every effort to use Covid and Brexit as the excuse for coming and permanent food shortages.  But considering what it is about Covid they say is creating the shortages – a shortage of drivers and staff due to “pingdemics” and Covid restrictions imposed by the government – it’s not difficult to see that the food shortages are more by design than by consequence.  The government is not managing a crisis but creating it.  And, as demonstrated under “Food Shortages Around the World” at the end of this article, this isn’t a phenomenon limited to the UK.

Why would food shortages be deliberately created?  Dr. Mike Yeadon sums up one possible, and probable, reason well:

“I expect deliberate food shortages at some point because that gives the excuse for rationing. Then you can’t have a 3rd party food shop for you, because I predict a ration will be linked to a valid VaxPass. Not all at once. Just restrictions at the margin initially, to get us used to it.”

Food Shortages Around the World:

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[…] get them dependent on the state for food, shelter, electrical power, their water. everything.”  That’s the dirty secret behind the Agenda. (see documentary ‘Unsustainable – The UN’s Agenda for World Domination’ […]

7 months ago

[…] them dependent on the state for food, shelter, electrical power, their water. everything.”  That’s the dirty secret behind the Agenda. (see documentary ‘Unsustainable – The UN’s Agenda for World Domination’ […]

7 months ago

[…] the UK, stated shortages of truck drivers are keeping grocery store shelves empty. [source] Within the US, we’re seeing staffing shortages being a large cause of massive food shortages. […]