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FBI Raids HQ of Covid-19 Testing Company but Ignores Vaccine Makers For Dangerous and Faulty Products

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The FBI has raided the headquarters of a pop-up Covid-19 testing firm that received roughly $125 million (£92 million) in taxpayer funding. However, the US Justice Department apparently has no interest in holding accountable vaccine makers pushing dangerous, faulty products that don’t protect from the virus and that has actually injured and killed Americans.

According to reports, agents raided the Rolling Meadows, III,. firm known as the Center for Covid Control, after the company came under investigation by state and federal officials for alleged shady practices.

Siobhan Johnson, a spokesperson for the FBI’s Chicago office: “The FBI was conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity in Rolling Meadows yesterday.” 

When asked about the raid, Illinois Attorney General spokeswoman Annie Thompson said that the AG “is absolutely committed to protecting residents from those who attempt to profit off of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We are working with the FBI and other law enforcement partners and will not comment on ongoing investigations as we work to hold accountable individuals who engage in unlawful conduct,” Thompson added.

USA Today said that it began investigating the company after one of its reporters encountered a “pop-up” testing site was being operated out of a shack in Chicago powered by a generator.

“The Center for COVID Control is also under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Oregon Department of Justice is investigating the company on suspicion of Unfair Trade Practices Act violations,” the paper added.

Illinois isn’t the only state investigating the company; so is Minnesota, which has filed suit against it as well.

According to a press release from Attorney General Keith Ellison’s office, the AG received numerous complaints from Minnesotans who said they submitted tests at sites operated by the Center for COVID Control but never got the results from a lab associated with the company, Doctors Clinical Laboratory, even though they waited for them for weeks. Others got faulty test results, and some people reported receiving test results even though they never submitted a sample to be tested.

“My job is to fight for Minnesotans’ security and help them live with dignity, safety, and respect. Making sure that Minnesotans have accurate tools to [keep] them safe from the COVID-19 pandemic is a key part of that job,” Attorney General Ellison said.

“When Minnesotans and people from around the country tested with these companies to keep themselves and their families safe, they trusted they would get correct results on time. I’m holding these companies accountable that sent back false or inaccurate results, when they sent them back at all, for deceiving Minnesotans and undermining the public’s trust in testing,” he added.

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[…] February 3, 2022FBI Raids HQ of Covid-19 Testing Company but Ignores Vaccine Makers For Dangerous and Faulty Product… […]


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