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COVID-19 is Man-Made: From Fauci, to Gates, to Daszak; a Timeline of Bio-Terror

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The US government funded Peter Daszak’s ECO Health Alliance to the tune of $61,491,183 to make new coronaviruses that are infectious to humans. It also directly or indirectly funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the tune of $7.4 million dollars to make new coronaviruses that are infectious to humans. Meanwhile the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funded Ralph Baric to the tune of $46,958,414 to make new coronaviruses that are infectious to humans.

This totals more than $114 million in the period from 2000 to 2020 to make new coronaviruses which are infectious to humans.

There is no question that SARS CoV 2 (causing Covid-19) is man made. Here’s the evidence…

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By a concerned reader

A Brief History of man made pathogens designed by Baric, Daszak, Zhengli and Moderna and funded by Fauci, the NIH, the NIAID and the US Government to carry out the research necessary for the creation of SARS, MERS and Covid-19

1984: Dr Anthony Fauci appointed director of the NIAID (National institute of Allergies and Infectious diseases) – There is an Orwellian Appointment for you.

1986 July1: 1986 – 1999 funding amounts not specified and then funded by $1,987,840 over 7 years from 2000 to 2007 excluding 2002.
NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases) funding Ralph Baric at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Subject: Mechanism of MHV Replication (Mouse Hepatitis Virus). This was the start of the partnership between Fauci and Baric.

1999: U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS) funds research amplifying the infectious character of Coronaviruses.

1999: The Bill and Mellisa Gates Foundation set up GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) with a promise of $750 million in funding. So it was never going to be a bit part actor in the vaccine movie. – 

2000: In May Ralph Baric successfully constructs a 28k base pair Coronavirus from smaller fragments by reverse transcription (making DNA from RNA)  He makes an infectious TGE (Transmissable Gastroenteritis Virus – which is a type of Coronavirus) clone from isolated components of the genome. He files for US Patent 6,593,111 B2: The invention is exemplified by, although not limited to, the assembly of full-length, functional coronavirus genomes.

The present inventors have successfully assembled a full length infectious clone of transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGE). Using a novel approach, six adjoining cDNA subclones that span the entire TGE genome were isolated. Each clone was engineered with unique flanking interconnecting junctions which dictate a precise, systematic assembly with only the correct adjacent cDNA subclones, resulting in an intact TGE cDNA construct of about approximately 28.5 Kb in length – .

Among other advantages, full-length infectious clones of TGE permit the precise genetic modification of the coronavirus genome –

2001: April 20: NIH Grant GM63228 funds Ralph Baric et al at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to do Chimera research to transform the original SARS Coronavirus which was pathogenic only to animals, existing in nature as a pathogen for dogs and rabbits, to make it pathogenic to mankind targeting lung epithelial cells. The justification for this research was that it was supposedly designed as a vector virus to distribute HIV vaccines. This resulted in US patent application US28531801P

2001 May21: Ralph Baric and Boyd Yount (Assigned to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) file US Patent 6,593,111 B2 Directional Assembly of Large Viral Genomes and Chromosomes  The Patent Office search report found: Lai, Michael M.C “The making of infectious vial RNA: No size limit in sight” PNAS vol 97 No 10, May 9, 2000 pp 5025-5027 And it found: Thiel et al “Infectious RNA transcribed in vitro from a cDNA copy of human coronavirus genome cloud in vaccinia virus 92: 1273-1261 (2001)

2002: April 19: The University of North Carolina files US patent 7279327 for an infectious replication defective coronavirus (to be used as a virus vector for an HIV vaccine), claiming priority from US28531801P. Inventors were: Kristopher M. Curtis, Boyd Yount, Ralph S. Baric 
2002 November 16: The first case of an atypical pneumonia is reported in the Guangdong province in southern China.  

2003 February 25: First cases of unusual pneumonia reported in Hanoi, Vietnam.

2003 February 28: WHO officer Carlo Urbani, MD, examines an American businessman with an unknown form of pneumonia in a French hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam.

2003 March10: Urbani reports an unusual outbreak of the illness, which he calls sudden acute respiratory syndrome or SARS, to the main office of the WHO. He notes that the disease has infected an usually high number of healthcare workers (22) at the hospital (in Hanoi, Vietnam).

2003 March11: A similar outbreak of a mysterious respiratory disease is reported among healthcare workers in Hong Kong.

2003 March15: WHO issues a heightened global health alert about the mysterious pneumonia with a case definition of SARS as after cases in Singapore and Canada are also identified. The alert includes a rare emergency travel advisory to international travellers, healthcare professionals and health authorities.

2003 March17:  An international network of 11 leading laboratories is established to determine the cause of SARS and develop potential treatments.

2003 March24: CDC officials present the first evidence that a new strain of a virus most frequently associated with upper respiratory infections and the common cold in humans called the coronavirus might be likely cause of SARS.

2003 March29: Carlo Urbani, who identified the first cases of SARS, dies as a result of the disease. Researchers later suggest naming the agent that causes the disease after the infectious disease expert.

2003 April4: President George W. Bush adds SARS to the list of quarantinable diseases, which gives the CDC the authority to isolate persons who might have been exposed to the disease.

2003 April12: Canadian researchers announce they have completed the first successful sequencing of the genome of the coronavirus believed to cause SARS.

2003 April14: CDC officials announce their laboratories have sequenced a nearly identical strain of the SARS-related coronavirus. The CDC version includes an additional 15 nucleotides, which provides the important beginning of the sequence.

2003 April16: A new form of a coronavirus never before seen in humans is confirmed as the cause of SARS according to Koch’s postulates, which are four specific conditions that must be met for a pathogen to be confirmed as a causal agent of disease.

2003 April 25: CDC Patent filed and ultimately becomes US 7,220,852 (the patent on the RNA sequence) and 7,776,521 (the patent on the testing methodology). These patents give the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services the ability to control the commercial exploitation of SARS coronavirus. 

2003 July2: WHO removes Toronto, Canada from its list of areas with recent local SARS transmission after 20 days passed since the last SARS case was reported and isolated.

2003 January26: Dr. Anthony Fauci appointed to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Grand Challenges Scientific Advisory Board (served through 2010 – when he joined their Global Vaccine Action Plan). 

2006 Chinese researchers combine HCV, HIV-1, SARS-CoV-1 & SARS-CoV-2: Huang Q, Cheng Y, Guo Q, Li Q. Preparation of a Chimeric Armored RNA as a Versatile Calibrator for Multiple Virus Assays. Clinchem 2006; 52(7):1446-1448 and Supplement A.Inform1999200020022003.

2007: NSF Grant IIS-0513650 (Italy, France and Indiana University) study addresses FIRST CRITICAL STEP to control a pandemic – shutdown International Travel. Given this knowledge why did Fauci tell Trump a Travel Ban was unnecessary? 

2009 April15: ModernaTX INC is incorporated in Delaware USA

2010 August 6: Moderna (prior to its establishment) files U.S. Patent 9,447,164 which attracted the investment of (and “inventorship” for) venture capitalists at Flagship Ventures. This patent grew out of the work of Dr. Jason P. Schrum of Harvard Medical School supported by National Science Foundation Grant #0434507. While the application claims priority to August 2010, the application didn’t get finalized until October, 2015.

2010 September21: Wildlife Trust is rebranded to become ECO Health Alliance under the directorship of Peter Daszak.

2010: The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have announced a collaboration to increase coordination across the international vaccine community and create a Global Vaccine Action Plan.
The Leadership Council is comprised of:
Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of WHO;
Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, Director of NIAID, part of the National Institutes of Health;
Mr. Anthony Lake, Executive Director for UNICEF; 
Ms. Joy Phumaphi, Chair of the International Advisory Committee and Executive Secretary, African Leaders Malaria Alliance
Dr. Tachi Yamada, President of Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 

2011 March9: ModernaTX (MODEfied RNA) was registered in Massachussetts 

2012 September22: UK Identifies first case of MERS

2012-April2: Moderna claims priority to US201261618957P in its 5 patents cited below all of which refer to a double CGG codon Furin Cleavage site.

2013 December 16: Moderna files 4 patents referring to a double CGG codon Furin Cleavage site.
US9149506B2: Modified polynucleotides encoding septin-4 –
US9216205B2: Modified polynucleotides encoding granulysin –
US9255129B2: Modified polynucleotides encoding SIAH E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1 –
US9301993B2: Modified polynucleotides encoding apoptosis inducing factor 1 –

2013: Baric and Chinese scientists isolate 3 coronaviruses from bats with HKU4 spike protein – unable to infect human cells. Yang Y…Baric RS, et al. Receptor usage and cell entry of bat coronavirus HKU4 provide insight into bat-to-human transmission of MERS coronavirus. PNAS 2014;111(34):12516-12521. Funded with NIH grants RO1AI089728 & R21AI109094.

2014 October 17: Obama Administration halts Gain-of-Function Research

2015 Dr. Zhengli et al “reengineered HKU4 spike aiming to build its capacity to infect human cells.” “To this end, we introduced two single mutations…mutations in these motifs in coronavirus spikes have demonstrated dramatic effects on viral entry into human cells.” 

2015: Baric and Zhengli announce they can make a more dangerous, virulent and infectious virus. Two Mutations Were Critical for Bat-to-Human Transmission of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS). J Virol.2015;89(17):9199-9123. Funded by NIH grants RO1AI089728, RO1AI110700. 

2015 July: South Korea had its last case of MERS. There were 2,494 confirmed laboratory cases and a total of 858 deaths in 27 countries; 80% of these cases came from Saudi Arabia. So the mortality rate for MERS was 34.4%. But it was not very transmissible. Infections were limited to family members, other hospital patients and health care workers who encountered MERS patients.

2016 June2: Moderna files US9587003B2 referring to a double CGG codon Furin Cleavage site: Modified polynucleotides for the production of oncology-related proteins and peptides  – 

2017: Gain-of-Function Research Ban Lifted

2018: US Patent 7279327 for the chimeric adaption of the naturally occurring animal SARS Coronavirus to become infectious to humans targeting lung epithelial cells is transferred from University of North Carolina to he US National Institute for Health (NIH) – who funded it in the first place.

2018 March 27: Peter Daszac and the Eco Health Alliance in 2018 submitted a proposal to DARPA to do gain of function research on SARS coronaviruses to insert is furin cleavage site (such as is found in HIV1) in an optimal position into the coronavirus gene. COVID-19 has a furin cleavage site optimally positioned to infect humans.

Let’s look at the big picture: A novel SARS coronavirus emerges in Wuhan with a novel cleavage site in it. We now have evidence that, in early 2018, they had pitched inserting novel cleavage sites into novel SARS-related viruses in their lab,” said Chan. “This definitely tips the scales for me. And I think it should do that for many other scientists too.”  – this is the Eco health alliance DARPA funding proposal.

Oh dear. That really nails it. DARPA confirms that Peter Daszac of the Eco Health Alliance submitted a proposal on 2018March27 to add an HIV1 type furin cleavage site to SARS1. SARS CoV 2 has that furin cleavage site. In fact the double CGG codon Furin cleavage site is the main difference between Covid-19 and the Bat Coronavirus RaGT13. Fauci funded Wuhan through the Eco Health Alliance. 

Here is Peter Daszak admitting that he and Ralph Baric made new forms of SARS in the lab

The Daily Mail said of this proposal – The most alarming aspect of the research plan revealed in the documents is a plan to search viral genetic databases for new types of ‘furin cleavage sites’ which help a virus attack a host. According to the proposal, ‘high-risk’ versions of these sites, once identified, would then be grafted onto SARS-like bat coronaviruses via genetic engineering. This revelation is alarming because SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, has just such a furin cleavage site, which increases its power and deadliness, but a similar feature has never been observed in other SARS-like coronaviruses in nature.

Actually the double CGG codon Furin Cleavage site does not exist in ANY virus in nature. And this proposal nails Peter Daszak/ECO Health Allinace at the creator of SARS CoV 2 and Covid-19. which differs from the Bat Coronavirus RaTG13 only by the insertion of double CGG Codon Furin cleavage site and by other smaller deviations all of which are 3 or less base pairs (1 codon) long –  

2018: Zhengli presents research at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on 14 Nov. 2018 entitled “Studies on Bat Coronavirus and its cross-species infection.” This presentation has since been deleted from the University website. 

2019 March 28: Moderna files their final patent application for their gene therapy mRNA-1273 (amino acid chain) Covid-19 vaccine, 6 months before the outbreak of the disease.-

US 10,703,789 filed January 12 2019
US 10,702,600 filed February 28 2020
US 10,577,403 filed June 12 2019
US 10,442,756 filed December 18 2017
US 10,266,485 filed June 11 2018
US 10,064,959 filed April 21 2017
US 9,868,692 filed July 27, 2017

The 2nd patent, filed on February 28 2020 was a continuation of an earlier patent application number 16/368,270 which was filed on March 28, 2019 

2019August 7: Fort Detrick in Maryland  si the centre of all US bio weapons production. On August 7th, 2019, its deadly germ research operations were abruptly shutdown following serious safety violations, in particular relating to the disposal of dangerous materials –  The CDC issued a Cease and Desist to Fort Detrick on 2019July15. The lab put all research on hold on August2 and was shut down on 2019August7 according to reported by Heather Mongilio –  The lab reopened partially in late November 2019 and fully reopened in April 2020. The Link has now been changed, the article has been suppressed.  Link does not work for EU people any more. It worked when it was first posted! 

2019: Summer deletion of Wuhan Institute of Virology Corona Virus data bank. 

2019 October: Glen Beck discovers evidence that 10 hospitals in Wuhan had Covid-19 cases – 

2019: November: University of North Carolina, Moderna and NIH began the sequencing of the 1273 amino acid spike protein vaccine a month before the outbreak officially occurred.

2019 November 12: Black and Vetch sends $369,511  to Labyrinth Global Health in Ukraine for ” Covid-19 Research” before Covid-19 was know or named publicly..

2019: December 31 Wuhan Municipal Health Commission report discussing COVID-19 pneumonia – deleted.

2019: December31: WHO is informed of a pneumonia type outbreak in Wuhan. 

This timeline proves that before every new type of Coronavirus appeared and became a threat to the health of mankind, the nightmare team of Baric, Daszak and Zhengli funded by Fauci’s NIAID and the NIH of Collins and the US government with more than 114 million dollars (see below for the breakdown), had developed the capability to make that new type of Coronavirus themselves. This is true of SARS Cov 1, of MERS and of SARS CoV 2 (Covid-19).

So it seems to the writer that Fauci’s NIAID and the US Government, funded Baric and Daszak to make these bioweapons – possibly for legitimate national security reasons. But when the capability had been developed, then greed set in and a very profitable business model became visible. Furthermore a global reset political population control model also appeared. These two models were too appealing to too many powerful people. So the decisions were made to release these weapons not long after they were made. There is no question that SARS CoV 2 (causing Covid-19) is man made, because the virus has a double CGG codon Furin Cleavage site which does not appear in any natural virus. – 

There is no candidate for its creation that is not funded by the NIAID or the NIH or the US government. So this is a US government program. Hence Biden’s instruction to his intelligence services to investigate the origins of Covid-19 resulted in the obvious lie that: WE DON’T KNOW. That one conclusion, is in itself a proof that the US intelligence services are behind the pandemic. Because they do know that it was man made. Indeed every reader of the Expose knows that.

The chances of the US intelligence services being unaware of the existence of the Expose in circumstances where every Covid-19 stats department in the 5 eyes countries has responded to their articles by either stopping producing figures, or castigating department heads or changing the way figures are calculated or straight up rigging their figures, are Zero. So they are covering up. So they are guilty. Also the closure of Fort Detrick (the premier US bioweapons facility) due to a leak, in August, 2 months before the October 2019 infections in 10 hospitals in Wuhan, is far too close for comfort. 

When you add to this the fact the Eugenicist Bill Gates and his foundation have been vaccine mad since 1999. You begin to see that this may not have been a legitimate national security endeavour from the start. 

When you consider that Fauci’s NIAID has been funding Baric since 1986, you see that these players are part of a long standing team. 

When you consider how much money they have received from the US government, you see who really is managing this team.

When you consider the number of biolabs discovered in Ukraine, you see how seriously the US government takes bioweapons research.

When you consider that Moderna had all 7 of its vaccine patents filed 6 months before the outbreak of the disease, and has the double CGG codon cited in 5 of its patent applications dating from 2013, you realise that they are on the inside of this game and a part of the team (through Fauci presumably).

So we know it was man made. We know who funded its creation. We know who created it. We know who profited from it. We know who used it for political control. All that remains is to determine whether those who profited from it and funded it and sought control from it deliberately arranged for its release in order to realise those profits and that control. That is for the reader to decide.

What I will say is that the US funded Biolabs were not located in Ukraine in order to target Genetic Russians in my opinion. Because first of all I do not think mankind has that capability yet (thank God). And secondly the Russians developed their own vaccines denying their market to the nightmare team above. And thirdly even if a virus could be designed which preferentially targeted some aspects of a typical Russian genome, that would constitute a war crime against every nation. Because genetic Russians do not only live in Russia and are not only Russian citizens.

They live all over the globe in large numbers in every country. Such a weapon would be a universal world war, the minute it was released. I think those labs were in Ukraine in order to further the globalist agenda.  Perhaps when they released the next pathogen, they were going to blame it upon Russia, rather than upon China? Or maybe just admit the US did it. Whatever the globalists think will case the most damage to the system they are trying to destroy or should I say reset, in order to build back better.

Funding for the creation of Covid-19

US Government Funding for Peter Daszak and ECO Health Alliance

US government Funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology

The Wuhan lab got a $3.7 million grant from the US government approved by Obama running over 4 years from 2015 to 2019. – 

Fauci also gave them $3.7 million from the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)  – In 2019, with the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included some gain-of-function work. The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019, bringing the total to $7.4 million. – 

“The controversy was such that it led to a Congressional moratorium on chimeric research in the USA. At which point, Dr. Antonio Fauci diverted 3.7 Million U.S. Dollars of U.S. Taxpayer monies to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to continue the research. Rudy Giuliani, legal counsel to U. S. President Donald Trump, and former Mayor of New York city, recently demanded an explanation from Dr. Fauci for this transfer, which violated U.S. Laws against funding the research.

In addition to the research done at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the specific kind of research into Coronaviruses as possible biological warfare agents, was being done at Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA, by the U. S. Army, which has a Level 3 and 4 Biowarfare Lab at the military base. This lab was cited by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in July, 2019 for failure to maintain proper containment standards” – 

NIAID and NIGMS Funding of Ralph S. Baric at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

2001 May1: $1,007,735 over 4 years from 2001 to 2004
NIGMS (National Institute of General Medical Sicences)
Reverse Genetics with A Coronavirus Infectious Construct
Baric, Ralph S. 
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

2004 February15: $1.402,316 million over 5 years from 2004 to 2008.
Reverse Genetics
Baric, Ralph S. 
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Aim 1, we will develop a full length SARS cDNA clone and compare the phenotype of rescued molecular cloned viruses with wildtype using biochemical assays and macaque challenge experiments.
Aim 2, we will develop high titer SARS single hit replicons for use as expression vectors and vaccines.
Aim 3, we will select for SARS host range mutants that replicate in murine (mouse and rat) cells, identify the mechanism of SARS cross species transmission using reverse genetic approaches and evaluate the pathogenicity of these viruses in rodents and non human primates. The goal of this application is to establish genetic control over the SARS genome and provide uniform reagents that will be used by other groups throughout the country.

2004 May15: $367,042 for 2004
Remodeling SARS Coronavirus Genome Regulatory Networks
Baric, Ralph S. 
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

2005 May1: $1,676,513 for 2005
Developing Vaccine Candidates for the SARS Coronavirus
Baric, Ralph S. 
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Total NIAID funding for Ralph Baric at University of North Carolina was $46,958,414. ( all grants to Baric, Ralph)

2000 201,232
2001 455,041
2002 253,321
2003 902,719
2004 1,628,345
2005 3,277,688
2006 3,262,315
2007 3,315,802
2008 3,539,843
2009 4,273,858
2010 1,877,793
2011 1,703,273
2012 6,871,244
2013 8,985,633
2014 1,404,641
2015 222,637
2016 1,368,161 
2017 3,414,868

Dr David Martin – (not entirely accurate) Richard Flemming (comprehensive). Richard Flemming (comprehensive).  (detailed)

So the US government funded Peter Daszak’s ECO Health Alliance to the tune of 61,491, 183 dollars. It directly or indirectly funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the tune of 7.4 million dollars and the NIAID (with a million or so from the NIGMS) funded Ralph Baric to the tune of 46, 958,414 dollars. This totals more than 114 million dollars in the period from 2000 to 2020 to make new Coronaviruses which are infectious to humans.

Q: What kind of a species succeeds in making the common cold more dangerous, but fails to find a cure for it?

Q: What kind of a species makes and enforces a vaccine for a disease which is more lethal than the disease itself?

A: A species whose leadership is genocidal and needs to be removed if we are to survive much longer.


Peter Daszak’s DARPA proposal to…

Search viral genetic databases for new types of ‘furin cleavage sites’ which help a virus attack a host. According to the proposal, ‘high-risk’ versions of these sites, once identified, would then be grafted onto SARS-like bat coronaviruses via genetic engineering.

Is precisely how SARS-CoV-2 was made (essentially the double CGG codon PRRAR Furin Cleavage site was inserted into the RaTG13 Bat Coronavirus). It was man made, because nature does not have a double CGG codon furin cleavage site in any virus  

The way man made it was to add that cleavage site as Daszak proposed. DARPA rejected his proposal quite rightly (under Trump), because it is a really dangerous thing to do as we have now all discovered. But Daszak had other sources of funding and the proposal became a reality 

This is a lot more evidence and detail for Daszak’s role in the creation of Covid-19 in the website  I do recommend looking at it. It is written by a victim of Covid-19 who has done a massive amount of research. He discloses the Daszak introduced Ralph Baric to Shi Zheng Li and postulates that Daszak orchestrated the whole show.

He reveals that Daszak was a fact checker at Facebook for a while! He represents that his father was a Nazi death camp executioner in Ukraine during WW2. The author of the site is embittered against Daszak and the site is a Daszak take down. But the passion he feels has driven him to do a lot of interesting research – which should be seen.

Ironically, the way I proved that Covid-19 was man made was to do precisely what Peter Daszak wanted DARPA to pay him to do, not for any human targeting Furin Cleavage site but for the particular embodiment of it found in SARS2 (the one that Daszak and the nightmare team eventually settled on i suspect).

When I found that no natural virus had that embodiment at all, I knew that Covid-19 was man made. Having read the DARPA proposal I believe that man was Peter Daszak, the guy who organised the letter to the Lancet from 27 scientists organised by Peter Daszak who said: 

“We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.”

Well, in my book they are none of them scientists. Because science is about making hypotheses from evidence and formulating theories to be tested by experimentation. It is not about strongly condemning those who follow the scientific method and slandering their efforts using derogatory language.

These 27 are now shown up for what they truly are. I challenge all 27 of them to show me a virus which occurred in nature before 2019 which has a double CGG codon Furin Cleavage site (PRRAR). If they cannot find one then retract their name from that self condemning letter, and return to being what they were trained to be..

Allow me to explain something to the 27 of Daszak. When two scientists get together and formulate a new scientific theory by discussion, that is a conspiracy theory, a theory arising our of their ‘breathing- together’. If you ban conspiracy theories from science, then any theory which results from any meeting between scientists must be thrown out.

That would abolish most of science. Because even when a scientist by himself formulates a theory as a result of a moment of inspiration, that theory will have had seeds planted through many preceding moments of conspiration. In short, if you condemn conspiracy theories, then you are a 21st century politician, not a scientist. You may very well be offered a nice lucrative job as a fact checker at facebook, youtube or twitter, however.

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Last edited 1 year ago by Katherine Parrish
1 year ago

“Reality check – “The world” DIDN’T “get sick”. “Covid” was NOT a “bioweapon”. It DIDN’T “spread”.

The Powers That Be (PTB) just want you to think all this is true, and these guys are, knowingly or not, helping that along.

The whole thing looks very much like the latest attempt at introducing mainstream COVID fear porn through an “alternative” back door.

The superficial narrative in these cases may vary, but the underlying message is always the same – “Be afraid of COVID, because it is a real thing”

The PTB don’t really care if you’re afraid of a virus, a MANMADE virus, 5G…or snake venom in the water. Just so long as you believe COVID is real, new and deadly.

The only really inadmissible thing has always been the truth – COVID is a scam. A pea-and-thimble game on a massive scale. Because you can’t govern through fear if no one is afraid…
the covid pandemic was made up.”

Catte (OffGuardian)

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
Reply to  Sam
1 year ago

No you are trying to exonerate Bill Gates Tony Fauci Moderna Daszak, Baric and the Globalists. I do not represent that people should be afraid of Covid-19 at all. It has now reverted to its natural state, and mutated away from the more deadly initial weaponised variants. It is now no more dnagerous than the flu, In fact it is less dangerous than the flu. Which incidentally is a real virus.

You by going one conspiracy too far destroy the credibility of those who would see justice done, by divding our camp into virus deniers and virus acceptors. If there is no virus then there is no vaccine either, because the vaccine is essentially the virus repackaged in a nano lipid case. But thereagain that is your aim right? To make us look like the tin hat guys. To give the globalists the weapon they need to discredit us as virus deniers and therefore as science deniers.

Reply to  Lords Witnesses
1 year ago

All of your articles are about genetic sequences and bioinformatics data which you assume belong to whole virus particles. Virology is not a real science because it is based on these unscientific assumption without proof. If you have proper proof of the existence of SARS-CoV2, influenza virus or any other supposed human pathogenic virus then please post the proof. The bioweapon is in the shots including the genetic sequence for the spike protein the source of which is uncertain. I am not a science denier i am an experienced scientist.

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
Reply to  Sam
1 year ago

A viral particle is just the genome is a protein case. Obviously you believe in protein cases. That is what all cells have.

So you are an experienced scientist who believes in half viruses or fractions of viruses but not whole viruses? Well then you are half way or at least a fraction of the way there.

Gene splicing is what separates us. I believe in whole viruses. You believe in parts of viruses.

A typical human chromosome has 200 million base pairs in 1500 genes. So each gene has 133k base pairs which is over 4x what a large virus like Covid-19 has.

So if you do not believe 30kb genes exist, then human genes do not exist either. Because they are all the same nucleotide code. A scientist should know that.

How di you pass your virology exam? . Did you write a lod of insincere crap you did not believr in? What virology qualifications do you have?

Furthermore even if the viral genome was divided up into fractions as you say, it would still actually function as a virus. Because that is how the human chromosomes work on a larger scale. It would just make shorter chain proteins that is all.

There are many papers from scientists who have isolated viruses . Prof Luc Montagnier isolated Covid-19 from 49 patients in California in one of his last studies – referenced
in my first Moderna aticle which you appear to have read. Here is another typical paper….

Whereas the SARS-CoV-2 isolated from Ethiopian patients had: genome sizes were 29,860, 29,856, and 29,871 –

I have the Herpes virus if flares up from time to time. A freind of mine cured 90% of brain cancers in a phase III clinical trail using the herpes virus loaded with a cancer torpedo. He then sold his company to Amgen for $ 1 billion. If you are right then Amgen failed to do due diligence and blew a billion dollars on a fantasy and you could have saved them that money.

If you are right the whole of Prof Montagneirs life was a fraud as is my friend and as am I.

But you are wrong and insincere in my opinion because you do not say: Look it is not my intention to divde the anti vax camp into anti virus and pro virus antivaxxers and I am sorry if I am doing that. You know that is the effect you have and you continue to make that division.

You have not expressed any remosre in the division you cause in the antivax camp.

But you waste my time. My energy should be spent exposing the genocidal crooks who created the virus for the purpose of forcing virologists to require a gene corrupting vaccine which itself is a new form of virus basically.

All information systems. can be hacked. A virus is a gene hacking method. Of course nature invented gene hacking before man discovered it.

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1 year ago

Cells are surrounded by lipid bilayers that have some proteins inserting into them not “protein cases”. The multi-domain transmembrane receptors might even be artificial constructs because they cannot be seem by EM. You might want to read my article about Dr Harold Hillman for further details:

Obviously your talk of “half viruses” and “fractions of viruses means you havent read my other article either:

Belief might be appropriate for your religious views but isnt appropriate for science which is more about what can be proven and disproven. We are separated by far more than gene splicing.

Thanks for the genomics lecture. I have 15 peer reviewed publications in that very area. I have lots of PCR experience and you can read my article on the “covid” PCR fraud here:

Of course human genes exist and so does a lot of non-coding so called “junk” DNA.

At the time i was studying virology and practicing diagnostic virology in an NHS lab i believed the official “virus” story. I am now older and wiser and im a better scientist. Im qualified to PhD level.

The term “isolated” is misused by virologists see my articles for further details.

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
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1 year ago

I have Herpes, My niece was very sick in hospital with mono nucleosis, my friend saved 90% of I think it was around 100 Americans from terminal brain cancer using the Herpes virus loaded with a cancer torpedo and sold his company to Amgen for $1 billion. You are a true science denier. A wrecking ball to the credibility of the Expose and exonerator of the genoocidal globalists.. Here is an example of what you request.

The SARS-CoV-2 isolated from Ethiopian patients had: genome sizes were 29,860, 29,856, and 29,871 –

You agree that part gene sequences exist. But you do not agree that whole viral gene sequences exist

Well if a viral particle contained fragmentary gene sequences which you do believe in (such as the spike protein sequence) then it would still function as a virus, it would just make shorter chain proteins that is all. the viral genome is around 30k base pairs. Human genes are around 130k base pairs. If there is no viral genome then there are no human genes, because all genes are precseily the same thing, a nucleotide polymer, and you do not exist and neither do I.

The 46 human chromoses have around 200 million base pairs in each but they are split into around 1500 genes normally. There is no problem with having fragments of genes in a Chromosome that is how genetics works. That is how humans work.

Viruses do not work like that but if you were right and they had only fragments of genes, rather than one continuous gene sequence, they would still work fine actually. The would still exist and still function.

Obviously you believe in the protein case which surrounds the virus because every cell in the body has a protein case.

So I am afraid there is nothing left for you not to believe in because a virus is a load of DNA or RNA in a protein case. defined by part of that DNA or RNA. That is it.

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1 year ago

The fact that you are all either frauds or just clueless is what will make you very reluctant to accept the truth of what im saying.

I have nothing to express remorse about. I will continue to challenge your BS whether it causes division or not. People can read this and make up their own minds about the truth. Doesnt detract from the fact that we have a common enemy but the details are important. The genocidal crooks faked a viral pandemic to justify injecting the gene corrupting bioweapon into everyone.

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
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1 year ago

Which bioweapon was the pathogenic part of the virus which you say does not exist and therefore is not a bioweapon.

Belief is not appropriate for science?

Tell that to Sir Isaac Newton who spent half his life trying to decode the bible and wrote Boservations onf the proepheices of Daniel and the apoclypse of John. Tell that to Albert Einstein. You show yourslef to be a bigot.

Is that your true motivatiom here?

Is your purpose to deny that the coronavius of spikes is a crown of thorns (which was a Mayo Clinic interpreation before I realised it)?

Would you trahs all faith along with all virology?

You are right about the cell wall. But as I pointed out the box can be a protein or a lipid. The human cell wall has both.

Thanks for carefully answering most of my points in the first response. It is plain that you think carefully aout what you say.

You did not answer my point that a virus consisting of a box (protein or lipid or both), could contain fragments of genes and still work fine just making shorter protein chains.

In fact that is preceisly what the psike protein vaccine componets does

Your argumernt that pieces cannot be joined togehter is first of all false as you must be aware and secondly not necessary for a functional virus.

Your false accusation that my niece and myself and Professor Sir Chris Evans are frauds says nothing about any of us but says something about your state of mind.

What you are doing is trying to nuke the subject of virology and you do not care who or what cause gets hurt as collateral damage.

The trouble is that your argument is self defeating because you accept that the vaccine is gene corrupting and that means that it is effectively a non replicating or perhaps even a replicating virus if it reverse transcribes itself.

The question I would ask you rather rhetorically is this: Do you seek the truth, or do you seek to destroy?

Have you had some kind of a run in with the virology establishment? I mean if you want to email me lords witnesses is not hard to find. I am sure there are plenty of pyschopathic virologists, Fauci is plainly one of their number.

Saying that you cannot put a reprogramming genome in a box and then accepting that the vaccine is a reprogramming genome in a box is not logical. If you wish to email me, the Lords Witnesses are not hard to find! I do not see why we cannot reach a conclusion with this?

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1 year ago

The spike protein genetic code is one component of the bioweapon. Its assumed to come from a coronavirus but that hasnt been proven. It could be bacterial or fungal in origin perhaps. Its been modified artificially to make it a longer acting toxin. Inflammatory lipids and graphene oxide self assemblying nanoparticles also seem to have been weaponised. All the costly and nefarious research projects you highlight were concerned with weaponising these vaccine components. There is no viral pandemic it has been faked.

Im not a bigot. Im not religious myself but i have no problem with religious people at all. Im aware of the religious interpretations regarding the pandemic and i read them with interest. Crown of thorns, golden vials etc. I have no doubt we are in a war of Biblical proportions and the enemy are truly evil. I see and feel the evil in people like Fauci and i am repulsed but im not afraid of them. They will lose.

I do not trash anybodies faith in fact i have a new found respect for Christians but when it comes to the actual science evidence is important.

The science regarding extracellular vesicles, exosomes and viruses is far from clear which answers your point.

Of course pieces can be joined together but to prove the existence of a whole virus and a whole genome it needs to be purified first. SARS-CoV2 has been pieced together on a computer using unscientific techniques.

I didnt accuse you of being frauds you are probably well intentioned but mistaken. I dont know for sure.

What i am trying to do is spread the truth about virology and so are many other scientists and doctors. Plenty of people have been hurt by the false claims of virologists. I dont intend to hurt anyone or destroy anything except falsehoods and evil.

The whole world has had a run in with the virology establishment for the last 2 years especially. Personally the virologists i worked with in the past were good people and i had no problems at all.

It was later on in my career working in other areas of biomedicine that i encountered the corruption and the fraud that is sadly widespread. People suffer and die needlessly as a result. Putting a stop to that is what drives me.

How many “lords witnesses” are there? What are you trying to accomplish?

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
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1 year ago

Ah, that gives me a clearer picture of where you are coming from thanks for that post.

I am in the same position as you with Type 2 diabetes. I have discovered that it is caused by a yeast (not a virus!). And I have totally cured mine and my mother’s and my brother’s and a few other peoples’. But most of the medical profession will not even move from low calorie diets which are known to be less effective than low carb diets. I mean type 2 is a metabolic problem with carbs not with calories.

So I do find myself an Elijah crying out in the wilderness about the true cause and cure for Type 2. But there is no money in my cure, which is an antifungal diet and some targeted prebiotics. So many of man’s diseases have to do with the gut.

So I try to give you the beneift of the doubt being in a not dissimliar position myself with type 2 and actually with ‘religion’.

The purpose of the Lords Witnesses is not to evangelise but to research. We are trying to get the message right. We are a Christian research church. We are the church of Mary who sat at Jesus feet rather than Martha who did all the housework.

We claim to have rediscovered, like Philo in Jesus’ day and like Newton di in the 17th century, that the bible is coded so as to have different literal and symbolic meanings for different time periods. In that way it is not merely a dead history book but also a living prophecy book. The concept of two meanings from one set of words fascinated me because I am actually a pure mathematican, whose father insisted I did some cell biology to keep the door open to medicine. I realise the bible was quadratic. Now I see it is at least quartic actually.

The reasons I write in the expose is first of all they are a true newspaper. They will post writing of mine which they absolutely do not agree with becuse they know I am sincere. It appears the same is true with you.

I wish to save people physically from the misery of vaccine side effects and to wake them up to the control freak globalists who have a plan to make them into their slaves and because our understanding is that the vaccine is the snake bite of Genesis 3:15, which alters your genes to make you into the seed of the serpent which is to say a genetic child actually of Cain, who was the original human seed of the serpent the son of Satan and Eve. This kind of thing is absolutely not standard religious doctrine. But standard religious doctrine denies scriptures their true power. It is the only intepretation that gives any power to the battle of the seeds referred to in Genesis 3.

I do not think it is a coincidence that snakes inject you with venom from two fangs or make you short of breath by strangulation, and that Cain means spike/needle in Hebrew. Or that the corona virus of spike proteins is a crown of thorns or that the are 7 vials in Revleation15, and there is already talk of 7 shots of vaccine from vials.

It is a fascinating time for biblical fulfilment. The other major reason is the Mark of the Beast looks very much like being the new digital ID that is being rolled out and when combined with your vaccine status, this will prevent unvaxxed people from participating in the system according to Bill Gates own words and according to the words of the apostle John as we see it.

They are plainly designing a system which enables the government to exclude undesirable people, not just from twitter and youtube, but actually from food and from money. This is all meant to recruit people to the dark side by severe economic pressure. And that dark side will lead to Gehenna, hell, which is not a place of permanent destruction but more of a sin bin in our understanding for God gives up on nobody and his love always triumphs over his justice in the end. So yes, you can get out of hell, the max sentence being 1,000 years if you are unrepentant.

This 1,000 years being the length of the Kingdom of God from which those who are accept the mark of the beast are excluded.

Everything the demons do is a counterfiet of what God is doing. So those who are excluded from this new digital ID system for refusing to accept the coming Mark of the Beast will be included in the Kingdom of God. But those who compromise, who take the Mark and gain inclusion in the coming Digital Distopia, will be excluded from the Kingdom of God. The exclusion from the kingdom was determined a long time ago before the exclusion from this system was proposed by the demons, who merely copy God’s work but in reverse.

Jesus said: What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world (through a social credit score linked digital ID) but loses his soul (in Hell).

So the bible gives me a picture of what is gong on which enables me to see a few things more clearly.

To put it simply the world is facing a moral apocalypse and all the pain and suffering and misery and control freakery and corruption and lawlessness and lack of empathy and murder and heartlessness and blind self interest we are seeing are just symptoms of moral decay. The solution is not better technology, which merely enables the powerful to become more powerful. The solution is better morality.

That morality is in the bible. What we need is the minimum set of moral laws which prevent a society of free willed beings from destroying itself – without removing their free will. That is what all genuine politicians (all 3 of them) are seeking. But it has been written for 3500 years. Its just a question of understanding what precisely was written.

There are not many Lords Witnesses but we are in the US, the UK Austria Kenya and Tanzania.

The good news for you and for me and for all those who love the truth is that the apocalypse means the uncovering. So the job that both you and I are attempting to do will be done.

We will see it, In fact we are beginning to see it already in the exposure of the horrific near genocidal corruption of worldwide healthcare.

The bible is very very condemnatory of Pharmakeia, especially in Revelation. I had previously thought this must only relate to Fentanyl and hard drugs etc. IT DOES NOT. It relates to the entire pharma industry. This was not my intepretation. It was made by Chris Sparkes who has spent his life doing his own new testament translation. This was something that jumped out at him from his life’s work.

I did not believe him at first. Now I realise he was right.

The really Good news is that everything that we see that is wrong today with the world is a lesson to show up how important it is to put that thing right. And there is no point in giving us that lesson unless we are also given the opportunity to practice what we have learned.Tthat opportunity is the Kingdom of God.

That Kingdom is not a bunch of angels eating grapes and playing harps upon the clouds. It is not a bunch of cabbage farmers playng with bambi in a Disney movie on earth. It is this world, this planet, remade to be like Eden, with those who are not ready, removed from it and placed in the spectators stand (Hell) and the remaining 75% who are ready getting right everything that we got wrong in this system.

It is everything that todays megalomanic control freak politicians fear. It is their total loss of power and their replacement with people who sacrifice themselves for their people, rather than sacrificing their people for themselves.

I 100% share your desire to rebuild the health service to be run by doctors and nurses for patients and to remove all the power of Big Pharma and Big politics from it. And I 100% support your right to hold whatever view of viruses your experience presently leads you to hold.

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1 year ago

I have a long standing interest in many chronic diseases including Type 2 diabetes. I had formed the opinion that it was likely due to a spirochete infection with some resultant autoimmunity. There is some evidence for that although not much. Your yeast theory is very interesting. Whats the name of the yeast?

Its great that you have been curing it. The medical profession make too much money from it to be interested in curing it. I totally agree with you about the carbs and that includes cutting out complex carbs as well as sugar. I know people who have had great results on the ketogenic diet.

Your antifungal diet and prebiotics might work even if the problem is bacterial rather than fungal. You are right that an abnormal gut microbiome is associated with many chronic diseases in addition to diabetes.

I have watched some TV documentaries about hidden prophetic codes in the bible. Its fascinating stuff.

You are a mathematican and cell biologist? Am i right in thinking you are retired now? What area did you work in?

I vaguely remember quadratic equations from school. What do you mean about the bible being quadratic or quartic?

Yes i like the expose too for the same reasons. Its important to have platforms for the free exchange of ideas even if we dont always agree. Big tech are very much part of the problem we are all facing. Needless to say i keep getting banned from FB.

I have read what some religious scholars are saying about events and they concur with what you are saying about the snake bite,Cain,the crown of thorns etc.

They are definitely planning to impose on us all the digital panopticon, technocratic, scoial credit system that they have imposed on the Chinese people. Its pure evil. I definitely wont be accepting the mark of the beast but unforunately i know some who will including family.

I see the demonic law of opposites at work a lot in the field of medicine eg cholesterol and statins. We are told cholesterol is the poison (its an essential nutrient crucial for life) and that statins are wonderdrugs (they are poisons with no therapeutic value at all).

The moral decay is very evident and i believe we need to return to natural law and natural justice. Dont cause harm or lose to others. Pretty simple really.

I agree that we are seeing a great uncovering and for some also a great awakening. I feel sad for those that wont wake up. I’ve tried and failed with some people.

I cant think of many drugs that are of any benefit at all. The health service does a good job of trauma care and some essential surgeries but other than that it does enormous harm. Good nutrition, positive mental wellbeing, exercise, loving relationships with people and nature are the key to good health in my opinion. Change is long overdue.

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
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1 year ago

Certain strains of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae do it and certain other strains do not. I worry aout the super yeasts which can replicate and ferment at some ludicrously fast speed and make brewing a lot faster and more economical. If those get into the human gut – oh dear. I put my story in the expose.

It all goes back to a paper in the precursor to the BMJ in 1850 by a W Bird Herepath, who discovered that administering a strain of brewer’s yeast cured type 2 in a patient.

Here is the deal with type 2 and diets

1 Low calorie works if obese, otherwise no help
2 low carb helps
3 Ketogenic helps more
4 Ketogenic and paleo (good Omega3: Omega 6 ratio and high fibre) – can reverse sugar numbers back to normal but not a full cure
5 Antifungal Ketogenic Paleo can cure fully over several months
6 Antifungal Ketogenic Paleo Prebiotic can cure fully over several weeks.

Prescription antifungals such as Itraconazole will cure it but then the yeast becomes resistant and you get a bounce back. And Azoles can kill you. So one needs to take natural antifungals which are slower and less powerful but do not give bounceback. One ned to take a lot of them, because they are so weak.

The correct prebiotic is essentially orafti inulin from Beneo in Belgium. I just tried as many as I could and watched my continuous glucose monitor until I found one that literally cured me. It was amazing. When a diabetc eats carbs (as you say any carbs, it makes little difference because the body turns them all into sugar anyway) then sugar goes up and with a diabetic it does not come down properly or at all unless you do some exercise.

After the 2nd day of 12 grams of Orafit Inulin and a sachet of Bimuno (Galacto-oligosaccharide) my sugar would go up and then rather than doing a staight line for hours, It would slowly start to come down of its own accord – which is Nirvana for a diabetic. I could not believe it. I was watching a Rebel Wilson film, about her concept of paradise, and checking my monitor and realising that I would not have to do my eveing walk before bed. After 4 days the pattern was fully established and I no longer had to do any exercise. I had been in the position before after the Itraconazole had done its job and left my system (14 day course then 26 days to leave my system. I took 300 mg per day, not wise) but then the yeast recovered and my diabetes returned along with my burping and farting from the gut fermnetation.

The first 5 of the above dietary programs require exercise to keep sugar normal but it is not required not with strong antifungal or with milder antifungal and the correct prebiotic.

All you are doing is not feeding the bad guys in the gut and instead feeding the good guys with the specific food that they like. I do not know why the Orafti inulin works,. I tried everything until I found one that worked. The second batch I got of inulin did not work. So I changed supplier and since then all batches have worked.

I approached my college in Cambridge who have an innovation department and told them I can cure type 2, can you find me a doctor to team up with to write a paper? NOTHING. I spoke to a professor of nutrition there who had asked for my advice about type 2 before, when he was tryng to decide whether to follow Prof Taylor in the low calorie route or Drs Westman and Bernstein etc in the low carb route and he said you are wasting your time – the prevailing view is low calorie and that is it.

I agree with you about statins and cholesterol. There is a guy in the church who had come to that conclusion and no longer takes statins.

What we are fighting is a medical orthdoxy. And what Bill Gates and Tony Fauci have managed to do is get control of that orhtodoxy worldwide.

An orthodoxy (such as the present board of Twitter or the MHRA or NICE or the WHO or the CDC or the FDA) exists to preserve the interests of the stakeholders in that orthodoxy. It is the same in religion as it is in medicine actually. Spiritual and physical healing both face the same corrupting vested interest constructs.

As regards my life I am a jack of all trades I am afriad. I invented the electric quadracopter drone in 1980 and did a PhD in Aerodynamics at Imperial to develop it. But they would not fund it. So I bought 4 electric model helicopters and made the thing myself. Then I spent 4 years solving the Navier Stokes Equations to 2nd order accuracy at Imperial. Then got a 2 year SERC fellowship but was assassinated by the Professor because I pointed out in my PhD thesis that he said I would never be able to solve those equations to second order (because that was the orthodoxy in his department at the time). So I am not a PhD. That was my first taste what what we both and the rest of humanity are presently suffering from.

I am glad I never pursued that drone (other than the one prototype). That decision delayed drone production by 20 years. I had this vision of myself being assassinated by my own drone with a machine gun mounted upon it operated remotely. That was in around 1986. Today of course drones are the main form of assassination wolrdwide.

Actually they were until Fauci’s and Gate;s medical protocols came along. I mean a hospital is the perfect place to commit a murder is it not?

A quadratic bible account has two meanings from one set of words. A proven example of this is Out of Egypt I called my Son. Literally it meant that God called all the Israelites out of Egypt through Moses, because all the Israelites are Israel who was the son of Abraham, who was the son of Adam and to God and to Hebrews a son of a son is a son. So since Adam was God’s son and since Isaac is a son of his through Abraham and Noah etc, Isaac himself is God’s son.. The greater meaning some 1500 years later was that God called Jesus out of Egypt through Joseph, who took him theri to stop him being killed by Herod..

A quartic account has 4 meanings to one set of words just as a quartic equation has 4 roots, 4 solutions. The thing my father instilled in me is that my thinking is a good as anyone elses. I have in general found that to be true. I think it is true of all individuals who think for themselves. Because we are always fighitng an orthodoxy which stopped thinking for itself a long time ago. Especially in the case of the Roman Catholic church.

But what I have learned from God is that we are in his image IN THAT REGARD. He is the original think for yourself type person. That is how we are his chilren. Our thoughts, our judgments, our decisions, our research, individually and with collaborators who also think freely is divine in nature. It may reach the wrong conclusion due to inexperience or incorrect data, or incorrect premises etc. but the process by which we reach that incorrect conclusion is divine. It is the essence of divinity. For a God is a person with perfect judgment. That is why every aspect of this present demonic government of this world tries to deny us the opportunity to make any judgment for ourselves. It tries to persuade us that we are not experts, and more importantly we are not government appointed experts and therefore our views are worhtless because they have no standing, no status, no official acceptance, no government recognition.

But what they are really doing is preventing us making the progress that we need to make towards the perfect judgment of a God.

The effect upon mankind, as we have seen, is mass brainwashing and abuse of those who have ceased to make judgments for themselves and instead just blindly accept the words of people with government granted status. This is the modern day equivalent of ancient man worshiping the idols built in the high places – on top of mountains etc..

Status in the enemy of truth.

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1 year ago

You are a fascinating man and you have had a fascinating life not too different from my own. Seems to me that you really worked out the type 2 problem and have come up with a solution that actually works. Im not at all surprised about the lack of interest from the medical and academic establishment. I do hope you are getting your protocol out to as many type 2 sufferers as possible?

I admin a FB group for people who have been damaged by statins or want to come off them. Unfortunately they cause a lot of damage and death and they do nothing to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Its difficult to reverse the brainwashing that makes people obsess about their LDL numbers.

The medical orthodoxy were causing a lot of damage pre-covid vaccines but now its genocide. I find it incredible that people would trust pharma companies who have a long history of criminality and homicidal callousness but many do trust them still.

My PhD experience has been similar to your own. I have been registered for a PhD on three separate occassions but was never allowed to complete because of corrupt supervisors. My first supervisor fabricated results to obtain grant money which meant i had no real basis for the project i was pursuing. I was attemting to characterise a receptor that did not exist!

My second go was all based on my own ideas about the bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis being the cause of rheumatoid arthritis and some other chronic diseases. I wrote a successful grant application to fund the project. When the British Heart Foundation got wind of what i was doing they put a stop to that beceause it also causes atherosclerosis. They are a totally corrupt organisation and used large amounts of the publics charitable donations as bribe money to get rid of me. My supervisors and the university department (pharmacy) were very well paid to get rid of me. I have follwed the academic literature in this area since they stitched me up and it turns out i was absolutely right P. gingivalis is the cause of RA. People continue to suffer chronic illness and premature death from a completely curable bacterial infection. Its disgusting.

The third time i discovery some new antibacterial compounds in insects which could potentially be developed into usable antibiotics. The media took a great interest in my work and i did a lot of TV, radio and press interviews. That was a crazy time. Unfortunately my very supportive supervisor had to leave about a year into my PhD which left me with the vultures who saw the chance to steal my work and make a lot of money from it. They did steal my work but as far as i know they have not made any money from it yet.

So still no PhD for me which is frustrating. My enemies would regard me as a “failed PhD” but the truth is i was failed by a corrupt system that is full of self serving crooks. I no longer have any faith in the PhD system. Very similar to your experiences it seems.

Hospitals and “care” homes are indeed the perfect places to commit murders and sadly this seems to have happened on a huge scale under the cover of “covid” especially during the first lockdown.

I agree with you and your father about free thinking. The “covid” situation has demonstrated a shocking level of stupidity and deference to authority. Sometimes a formal education can stamp out free thinking, creativity and curiousity in a person. I suppose you regard those characteristics as manifestations of god? A system that destroys those things is certainly evil. Young children are brilliant scientists and creative geniuses until the system supresses and destroys all those good things.

Do you think it is possible for humans to reach the level of making the perfect judgment of a god? Arent we all too flawed and corrupted (to varying degrees) to achieve that?

I’ve never been impressed by status. Not academic status, not people honoured by the queen, not Nobel prize winners, and certainly not the rich and famous. I treat everyone equally and character is the only basis i judge people on. I expect the same in return but unfortunately that often doesnt happen which leads to problems.

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
Reply to  Sam
1 year ago

I think we should go out for a drink and a moan. I wonder how many other people have had isomorphic lives to us?

Perhaps we need a facebook page for them?

Yes we can and we will reach the judgement of a God because like begets like in nature and God’s parenting job is not finished until we catch up with him.

Reply to  Lords Witnesses
1 year ago

Drs tom cowan and andrew kaufman both say the same thing as sam, virus,s have NEVER been proven to exist

Reply to  kiwi
1 year ago

Dr Stefan Lanka is another name that springs to mind. This is a relatively new discovery for me. Up until about 2 years ago i thought viruses were real. I used to test for them!

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
Reply to  kiwi
1 year ago

The Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines are spike protein DNA in a Chimpanzee Adeno virus. What say ye about them?

1 year ago

[…] April 19, 2022COVID-19 is Man-Made: From Fauci, to Gates, to Daszak; a Timeline of Bio-Terror […]


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1 year ago

Dr Richard M Fleming said as much in his original presentation, July last year:

1 year ago

[…] April 19, 2022COVID-19 is Man-Made: From Fauci, to Gates, to Daszak; a Timeline of Bio-Terror […]

1 year ago

I recommend everyone to read Real Anthony Fauci by Bobby Kennedy Jr. On chapther 3 he explains how Ivermectin could have saved 80 percent of deaths Worldwide. This book have opened my eyes. I now know that, 90% of all medicine is not for anything else than profit for them. Low profit and effective medicines are bashed and marketed as ineffective because they go against their narrative and profit plans. One of them is wonder drug Ivermectin. I see that everyday people search for it but can’t find a place to obtain. You can get yours by visiting

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1 year ago

Anyone who didn’t know it was man made is so dumb they might as well just drop dead anyway.
Faucis has had over 2 billion in handouts to set up networks of Co operation and information sharing.

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[…] COVID-19 is Man-Made: From Fauci, to Gates, to Daszak; a Timeline of Bio-Terror […]

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[…] by Rhoda Wilson, Daily Expose: […]

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[…] April 19, 2022COVID-19 is Man-Made: From Fauci, to Gates, to Daszak; a Timeline of Bio-Terror […]

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[…] BY THE EXPOSÉ ON APRIL 19, 2022  […]

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[…] (Article republished from […]

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[…] the covid-19 virus)(I haven’t specifically gone into the verifiable evidence to support the LAB release theory in this writing, but suffice to say the theory should never have been dismissed). Acquired […]

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[…] The final piece of the puzzle is the convincing evidence and confession from Peter Daszak that Peter Daszak, the Eco Health Alliance, Ralph Baric, Shi Zhengli and Moderna made the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 whilst being funded by Fauci, the NIH, the NIAID and the US Government. Do not be fooled. Trump calling Covid-19 the China virus is an intelligence agency smoke screen. The Chinese are essentially subcontract manufacturers for the Americans. And the globalist corrupted US intelligence agencies are covering it all up and spreading disinformation after having been ordered by President total fraud Biden to investigate the origin of the virus and report back to him after 3 months that they don’t know. Yes, what great servants of the public interest they all are! […]