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Australia Begins to Reap What it’s Sown and it’s Grim

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Australia has had more Covid death since the Covid “vaccine” was introduced in Feb 2021 and substantially more excess death from other causes. From April 2021 there has been a significant increase in all-cause excess mortality across all age/sex groups bar one.

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By Joel Smalley

Apparently, it’s really difficult for our ONS to produce deaths by date of occurrence by sex and age until 7 months after year-end. This means we won’t get any reliable death data for 2021 until July this year.

Fortunately, Australia is a little more timely with their data releases so we can get a little insight from down under.

Looking at both sexes and all ages, it is clear that things have gone really wrong for Australia since the week ending 11th April 2021. Between then and the end of Feb 2022, there have been 16k excess deaths.

There have been less than 4k Covid deaths in that same time with most of those coming since Sept 2021.

So, much like every other country in the world, Australia has had more Covid death since the Covid vaccine was introduced in Feb 2021 and substantially more excess death from other causes. By the end of the period, around 90% of the adult population has been jabbed.

What if we break it down by sex and age?

In the over 75s, the pattern is quite consistent, regardless of sex. There was modest excess death during 2020, the year of the plague, followed by significant excess starting exactly on 11th April 2021, just under two months after the mass Covid vaccinations began.

In the 65 to 74-year-olds, the men have been dying at a steady excess pace since the start of 2020 with no obvious inflection like the older age groups. The women, on the other hand, were dying at a slightly slower pace but caught up after an inflection on 25th April 2021, two weeks after the older age groups.

Things to start to get interesting in the 45 to 64-year-olds. The men have been dying less than expected since the start of 2020 but stop their decline when vaccination starts and rally in early September 2021.

Conversely, the women seemed to have a little spike Feb to May 2020 when Covid was pandemic before also declining in the run-up to mass vaccination. But the biggest anomaly is that their death rally starts on 18th April, 1 week after the oldest groups but 1 week before the 65 to 74s and a massive 5 months before the men.

I’m not normally one to speculate, but in the absence of any better quality data from the expert public health authorities, I’m going to have a stab at an explanation – there are substantially more female health care workers, especially in care homes, who would have been “prioritised” over their male peers which is why they die from the jab sooner.

I could be wrong.

Republished from Dead Man Talking (Joel Smalley on Substack)

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Richard Leschen
Richard Leschen
1 year ago

Dear readers,
The injecting of the so-called COVID-19 injections is proving to be a terribly dangerous and ever mounting risky business to ever more humans worldwide. Right now ever mounting number of human victims are suffering a whole range of sicknesses from these Covid 19 injections.
Whether they be from the Johnson and Johnson or the AstraZeneca or any other pharmaceutical manufacturer.
These are all experimental materials laced with graphene oxide to act as micro-radio receivers tied to 4G and now 5G mobile phone transmissions. Apart from that, there are other additives such as copper and certain other poisons in these injections such as mercury and what would and can pass as anti freeze or Glycol or similar to glycerine and alcohol particulates or similar products in these as yet Unproven to be “far from safe, and still experimental injections.”
These are all poisons to the human body, many of which are nerve poisons to the bodily organs of humans.
We now have many increases of myocarditis and pericarditis and mounting cases of young sports people dropping dead on the sports fields world wide,
especially young male victims.

Sadly right now ever more young female and male sports people are suffering all sort of bodily injuries, including deaths after getting injected with these COVID-19 jabs.
The minimum test-time is a period of 12 years to see if these so-called experimental materials are safe to be injected firstly into animals. Then if no problems arise in these animal test experiments.
Only those those patients in prison undergoing the Death Penalty penalty in and only if they give their free will to be experimented on, but with no Coercion whatsoever, from the prison authorities.
These precautionary measures have never been take toward humans with the Covid 19 injections which makes the further injections of these Covid 19 injections into humans Totally Unlawful and Unethical as well.
At no time has the Hippocratic Oath been followed which is basically “ To know that no injury will knowingly be done by the doctor or nurse or now even a pharmacist to their patients by injecting the patient with these Covid 19 injections.
I rest my Case.

Richard Leschen.

1 year ago

Covid death? How’s that possible if covid does not exist?

1 year ago

Thank you Joel S. The first graph is a knock out. No doubt it will be extended and improved, and complemented by data fro other countries soon. In this particular case it would be much appreciated if the data file underlying graph 1 is pointed to (or explained) within the ABS website. I could find the deaths breakdowns but not the excess mortality numbers.

AUssie pub````` crawler
AUssie pub````` crawler
1 year ago

get the Vₓₓ …. pay the ᴛᴀx