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New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out on Deaths Following Vaccination – “Let’s make our police and MPs put a stop to this now!”

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On Tuesday New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (“NZDSOS”) published an open letter on the need to investigate deaths following vaccination, of which “an unredacted version is being prepared for the Police.”

NZDSOS is a group of doctors, dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians and has formed alliances with other groups both locally and internationally: “We are not alone. We are one of many.”

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“We appeal AGAIN to the Police, headed by Andrew Coster, and our MPs, to intervene to protect the People,” NZDSOS states in their letter titled ‘Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination’.

There is a shockingly large burden of deaths and injuries following the Covid-19 vaccines, of itself and compared to any other treatment or vaccine in modern times. We report many cases that DEMAND proper investigation, as befits any medication lacking safety studies.

Our surveillance systems have been disabled in order to hide the extent of harm. Adverse event reporting is NOT COMPULSORY, and this alone undermines any attempt to portray the injections as safe.

Children and young people are dying and suffering particularly cardiac injuries (though many healthy elderly have died too), whilst their risk from covid-19 is particularly low. We believe we are being lied to. We present many cases halfway down this post.

Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination: Deaths by Regulators, What More Can We Say and Do? NZDSOS, 24 May 2022

Health Forum New Zealand, a community group of volunteers, has been maintaining a database of deaths and injuries following Covid injections, ‘The Citizen’s Database: Deaths & Injuries’ (“Citizen’s Database”). The database has been built mainly from notifications by relatives, friends and health workers of people who have died following the Covid injections.

The Health Forum volunteers have backgrounds in healthcare, science and information technology, and have received training and support from epidemiology and database professionals. “The volunteers who collate the reports work hard to verify their accuracy, and it is often months for the complete or important details to be obtained,” NZDSOS’s letter states.

The Citizen’s Database is the result of an alarming lack of official response to the clear pattern of significant harm from the Pfizer injection program. Children and adults of all ages continue to die and be injured in appalling numbers around the world and here at home.

The Citizen’s Database: Deaths & Injuries, NZDSOS

“It is absolutely essential that some sort of register is kept since the product is experimental, reporting systems around the world were already showing very alarming signals even before our NZ rollout began, and these have continued to do so. Most astonishingly, it is not mandatory for health workers to report vaccine side effects here in NZ. In fact, it is true to say that we are lacking an effective regime of pharmacovigilance entirely for this single reason only, given that this IS an experimental drug trial,” NZDSOS’s letter notes.

At the time of writing, the Citizen’s Database had recorded nearly 500 deaths post-Covid injections.  At the end of their open letter, NZDSOS lists about a third of these deaths. “Note just how many dead people are young, children even, and suffer sudden, unexpected deaths, typically from blood clots affecting brain or heart,” writes NZDSOS.

After listing several reasons why this is happening, including a section titled ‘Blood Money?’, NZDSOS answers the question: Put it all together and what have you got?

NZDSOS: Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination, 24 May 2022

NZDSOS concludes: “There is an evolving humanitarian crisis, and the government, police, vaccine industry and most doctors are lost at sea. For God’s sake, people, let’s make our police and MPs put a stop to this now!”

About halfway through their letter NZDSOS dedicated a section directed to the Police (see below).

To the NZ Police, who have the actual patient’s names, we say this:

It is not enough to hide behind apparently controlled, failed or corrupted government institutions.

You are here to defend the public good. Period. You are supposed to know wrong from right; lies from truth.

You have ignored 3 open letters from our legal colleagues discussing vaccine harms, and alleging serious vaccine contamination. Evidence we have submitted that alleges the same and suggesting criminal dereliction by the Medsafe regulator has been denied by Police commanders, who say it does not reach a standard representing harm. Yes, it is all indeed “preposterous”. They shelter behind Medsafe’s responsibility to investigate but they refuse to act in the face of it’s inaction. As we have said before, your vaccinated staff belong to the wider citizenry receiving these contaminated products. 

We are alleging death by regulatory failure, as you know. You will see in the summarised death reports (representing a third of over 450 available) that there are some allegations of professionals and Police deviating from the usual processes that should follow a possible death from medical treatment. Of course, the unredacted list we give you is absolutely confidential except as needed for your formal investigations. 

If one human being can behave in a compromised way in organisations where control and intimidation come down from on high, it is very likely – inevitable even – that many others will too, thus enabling a system-wide collusion that may not be obvious to individual actors, who see themselves ‘just a cog in the wheel’. Some of these people do feel a personal or collective guilt, so then an instinct to press on, to keep quiet, enabled by their superiors and being in far too deep to pull back or speak out by this stage. We have spoken to a few workers who are convinced their lives would be at risk if they go public, even with whistle-blower protection laws. A few claim they have precedents for these views, which is truly shocking for us to hear. May these people have a safe arena in which to tell their stories soon.

Plenty of evidence has gone to file number 220215/0669. Here is some more. We allege fraud on the PCR test. This evidence is now a year old but Dr Jessica Rose, a statistician, has just used the Wayback machine to show real-time scrubbing of incriminating evidence of pre-planning.

Here at home, through Official Information Act requests; by following the course of individual reports made to CARM; and by questioning individuals involved, we say there is enough deception, denial, obfuscation and opacity to suspect cover-ups of evidence of harms, even down to the of deleting injury reports made by patients directly to Medsafe and MoH itself. We know that the MoH pre-screens reports of injury and deletes some before sending the rest on to the Centre for Adverse Drug Monitoring (CARM), a private organisation headed by Professor Michael Tatley at Otago University. Both he and MoH each say the other has final responsibility for attribution of vaccine to the injury, but there are other individual players, committees and apparent ‘black box’ mechanisms to complicate things further. 

If you wanted, you could simply interrogate the government’s Covid Immunisation Register (CIR) and cross-check against the Register of Births and Deaths. Or we will do it if you can get us access to the raw data. But we see you are busy recruiting your new “Covid enforcers” to start 1st September. Wouldn’t it be better to train more detectives to investigate all these deaths, and find any criminals responsible? Or are they somehow protected?

The above are a few extracts from a lengthy letter filled with important information.  Please read the full letter, ‘Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination’, HERE, especially if you are in New Zealand or have friends or family that live there.

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Turn Around When Possible
Turn Around When Possible
1 year ago

The police have ignored three open letters prior to this, they will also ignore this one. Men have been feminized throughout the Western world to the point of cowardice. Throughout this plandemic there have been no heroes from showbusiness or politics or sport, they have all followed the narrative, apart from maybe Matt Le Tissier or Eric Clapton. But Clapton spoke out AFTER taking 2 jabs.

Reply to  Turn Around When Possible
1 year ago

all the institutions are controlled at the top by freemasons
thats why nothing will happen

1 year ago


1 year ago

Throughout the decades, the corporation masquerading as our governments have chaned legislation (not law but the public doesn’t know the difference) to further advance their agenda. In doing so the police no longer serve the Commonwealth (we the people). They do not swear an oath to protect & serve. They are employed by a company, a foreignly owned corporation that has an ABN number.
Our cooporate government are the same. They have not lawfully been a government since 1973. They have done this virtually in plain sight of everyone but no-body gave a damn. You were too distracted by your tel-lie-vison. And now, it’s too late. You’ve continued to follow blindly. Even to the point of your own life, and the lives of your children.
Spiritually, you have damned your own soul.

1 year ago

[…] New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out on Deaths Following Vaccination – “Let’s make our police … […]

1 year ago

[…] –  New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out on Deaths Following Vaccination – “Let’s make our police and… […]

1 year ago

no no no no no no its one reason only
the world is currently controlled by lucifarians. planned desired organized deployed focused obliteration destruction steel kil destroy

1 year ago

[…] Read more: New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out on Deaths Following Vaccination – ‘Let’s make our police and … […]

joe stuerzl
joe stuerzl

The police are the body guards and often hit men for the power elite,and never work for or protect the people .

1 year ago

How can the “performance” of injections be measured? Well, in active investment world, performance is measured in absolute and relative terms. Absolute performance is how much you made; relative performance is how much you made relative to a benchmark. What goes in the benchmark is a subjective decision. It can consist of any combination of assets. The design of the benchmark is generally held to make up around 80% of absolute returns and risks. Benchmark design is crucial in matching expected liabilities.
In the pension fund world, 60% in equities and 40% in bonds, based on long run correlation, risk and return characteristics, is a traditional benchmark. Fund managers are given discretion to vary these equity and bond weightings to pursue excess returns over a benchmark.
Excess returns over any period can be “attributed” to asset allocation effects, stock selection effects and the interaction of these two effects (gross and net of management fees and other costs).
The arithmetic for this attribution is straightforward. It can be applied over any benchmark and any period, though it relies on “average exposure” and a money-weighted rate of return (closing market value – opening market value – purchases + sales) divided by (opening market value plus weighted cash flow) for each component up to and including total return. Weighted cash flow reflects the proportion of a measurement period that purchases were held, or sales were not held. (E.g., a purchase made on the 10th of a 30 day month is 20/30 weighted as a positive adjustment to the opening market value to determine the “average sector value”, whereas a sale made on the 10th is 20/30 is a negative adjustment to the opening market value to determine the “average sector value”).
Asset allocation effect = Sector weight relative to benchmark x (sector index return – benchmark return)
Stock selection effect = Benchmark sector weight x (actual sector return – sector index return)
Interaction = (Actual sector weight – benchmark sector weight) x Actual sector return – sector index return).
The attribution is an accounting identity that sums to the overall relative return. There are other performance analyses – such as “contribution to total return” (where the average sector weight is multiplied by the sector return) and risk adjusted returns (most commonly, Information Ratio = excess return divided by the standard deviation of that excess return – the higher and more stable the better).
Let’s stick with the attribution of returns for now and figure out a way to apply that to injections.
This data is most likely to be available for the US and EU.
Firstly, the overall “top-down” view where the benchmark is the control group of those that lived through the pandemic without being injected but suffered infections, hospitalizations and deaths. Excess returns are the impact of injections on cases, hospitalizations and deaths for all manufacturers, then the impact of two injections and then the impact of boosters.
For ease, the rates of each factor of cases, hospitalization and deaths can be standardized as the rate per 100,000 or per million.
This analysis should be repeated each manufacturer.
This analysis should be repeated for each major cause of death and disease.
This analysis should be repeated for each key demographic – first age and sex, then ethnicity, then income bracket, employment status.
The wealth of information that this analysis would reveal can be reconciled to adverse events, which, of course, also need to be analysed in the same way as these relative cases, hospitalizations and deaths against the control group (benchmark).
Once this has been done, a relative risk analysis can be undertaken to come up with a rational cost/benefit analysis of the roll-out of injections.

Reply to  peterhalligan
1 year ago

I’m not really sure if you are crazy or just trying to cover up. Just say it straight, if you’ve had the jab it was probably a bad idea, though others benefited financially.

1 year ago

For the past 2 and 1/2 years I have been railing at the government and medical authorities approach about, and to covid. The absolute dangers of attempting to vaccinate during a pandemic, and why beneficial, and effective, prophylactics, including HCQ (France, March 2020) and Ivermectin (Australia, June 2020) even that old standby for respiratory afflicitions, Chicken Broth, were ignored.

I quickly came to the conclusion it was a big money grab by Big Pharma, in collusion with the CDC/FDA, which are majority funded by Big Pharma, and which lobby governments and fund their election/re-election campaigns.

When it was confirmed that the Emergency Use Authorizations for the so-called “Vaccines” could not be given unless there were already effective prophylactics available, did the Big Scam become fact.

Then Bayer CEO stated for the public record, if people had been aware the Jabs were an Experimental Gene Therapy, and would never have taken them if they knew, did it become clear that, despite the requirement for “Informed Consent” under the Nuremberg Code, that the governments themselves were part of a Fraud and Conspiracy against its Citizens.

Next we have the capture of the Health Systems by Big Pharma, and the fully complicit WHO, which is now nothing more than a Criminal Organization run by a former “Strongman” that publicly parroted the CCP’s, “nothing to see here. Move along”

They everyone withheld the mounting evidence that there was “Danger Will Robinson, Danger” in the Gene Therapy Jabs.

Then to double down, not only NZ, but Australia, Canada, and many others, in coordination, became Tyrannical in their attempts, mostly successful, with the medias total support of their propaganda, to put the fear of God in their Citizens, and COERCE them to take the JAB. Denying Informed Consent. Denying them Our God Given Freedoms. Lying through their teeth and putting their Citizens in serious danger of death, and Adverse Reactions.

I figured it out early as I had never seen so many governments do exactly the same thing at the same ti

Their ACTIONS in this regard are CRIMINAL in the EXTREME, and can be considered GENOCIDE.

Strong words, yes. I advised the NZ Government of this well over a year ago, when the JABS were first approved for Emergency Use.

Arden is a Criminal. Trudeau is a Criminal, Australia’s PM and States Governors are Criminal through their actions, or inactions, in protecting us all from harm.

I note that all of the are so-called “graduates” from the WEF “young leaders” programs. Most like graduates from “brain washing young leaders” programs.

Nurembeg Style Courts MUST be ASSEMBLED and the so-called leadership through this past 30 months must stand TRIAL and be hel ACCOUNTABLE for every death. Every Adverse Reaction.

Aux Arms, Citoyens!

Read La Marseillaise in English. The bloody words of the Revolution.

IT is applicable here to all who have taken part in this Crime Against Humanity

joe stuerzl
joe stuerzl
1 year ago

I’m retired at 86 and don’t work for a company,so ,so far no one was able to force me to take the venom of death .I feel sad /sorry for the ones working for a living and than be forced to poison yourself or lose the job you depend on for survival.

L Garou
L Garou
1 year ago

The Police?! The Blue Line Gang?! C’mon man!
Officer safety! Qualified Immunity!
Stand down! Stand down! (just following orders)
Those Police..

Sarah Connor
Sarah Connor
1 year ago

We the people need to revolt & start lynching all those who are responsible – take no prisoners.