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We must never Forgive or Forget the War against the Unvaccinated

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Fomenting hatred is a tool of tyrants, and over the past two years, political leaders, agency heads, academics, medical professionals and media personalities alike have publicly encouraged hatred and violence and wished painful death upon anyone who didn’t want to be part of the medical experiment that is the COVID jabs.

This is something we must never forget.

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By Dr J Mercola

In an eloquent Medium post, journalist Susan Dunham summarizes the lessons (hopefully) learned from hating and attacking the unvaccinated:1

“The mandates have let up, and both sides stumble back into something that looks like the old normal — except that there is a fresh and present injury done to the people we tried to break. And no one wants to talk about it.

Only weeks ago, it was the admitted goal of our own leaders to make life unlivable for the unvaccinated. And as a deputized collective, we force-multiplied that pain, taking the fight into our families, friendships, and workplaces. Today, we face the hard truth that none of it was justified — and, in doing that, uncover a precious lesson.

It was a quick slide from righteousness to cruelty, and however much we might blame our leaders for the push, we’re accountable for stepping into the trap despite better judgement.

We knew that waning immunity put vast numbers of the fully vaccinated on par with the shrinking minority of unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. We said they hadn’t ‘done the right thing’ by turning their bodies over to state care — even though we knew that principled opposition to such a thing is priceless in any circumstance …

And so it was by the willful ignorance of science, civics, and politics that we squeezed the unvaccinated to the degree that we did … [W]e cannot hold our heads high, as if believing we had logic, love, or truth on our side while we viciously wished death upon the unvaccinated. The best we can do is sit in the awareness of our rabid inhumanity for having cast so many aside …

[B]etting against them has been a scathing embarrassment for many of us who’ve now learned that the mandates only had the power we gave them. It was not through quiet compliance that we avoided endless domination by pharmaceutical companies and medical checkpoints at every doorway.

It was thanks to the people we tried to tear down … We took the bait by hating them, but their perseverance bought us the time to see we were wrong. It seems right now like the mandates will return, but this time there’s hope that more of us will see them for what they are: a rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our wellbeing.”

Forgive and Forget?

Dunham addresses the situation from the point of those who fell for the hypnotic command to despise anyone — friends and family included — who refused to buy the official narrative about the COVID shots. Most of you, however, have likely been on the receiving end of those attacks.

How are you choosing to address it? What have you learned? I suspect many of you are indeed willing to forgive, but few will ever forget those betrayals. But as noted by Dunham, no one really wants to talk about what was done.

Everyone’s just going along as if it never happened. As if our leaders didn’t actually call for our deaths. As if our president didn’t warn us his patience with us was “wearing thin”2 — a threat that implied bad things would happen once patience ran dry. As if news anchors like Don Lemon didn’t actually say we deserved to starve and shouldn’t be allowed to enter a grocery store.3,4 But they did say those things, and family and friends did reject us as a result.

Ignorance Still Remains

Remarkably, even now, with everything we know for sure about the jabs, the war against the unvaccinated continues in many areas, and while compassion is slowly making a comeback, ignorance of the basics still abounds. As noted in a January 21, 2022, MSN article:5

“There seems to be a war on the unvaccinated individuals because of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases due to the more transmissible Omicron variant … Starting last year, the Austrian government imposed restrictions solely on the country’s unvaccinated population, as many people wondered why those who got vaccinated should also face the same restrictions as those who opted against it …

I am all for encouraging people to get vaccinated; I had my jabs and my booster immediately when they became available in my community … But I wonder: Just how necessary is this war on the unvaccinated?

What if a person decided to opt-out against the vaccine because they had preexisting medical conditions, simply feared for their life, or lacked the knowledge about it because the government was too busy forcing and scaring people instead of genuinely informing them?”

Sadly, the author of that MSN piece seems convinced that if only the reluctant were to be given the science, the data, they would understand why the shots are so necessary, when the reality is that the science and the data have been the basis for our refusal from the start. Until or unless the experimental jab pushers acknowledge reality, we will never be able to see eye to eye.

The MSN author also believes that lack of financial incentive is behind some of the vaccine hesitancy:6

“If a person is given the choice between going to work or to the vaccination center, they would simply choose the option where there is money. That is just the reality. If they can go to the vaccination center and can still be promised to get their day’s pay, why wouldn’t they want to get vaccinated, right?”

This naiveté ignores the reality that countless individuals have sacrificed their careers by refusing the jab. For most of us, it was never about a lack of financial incentives. It was about the very real dangers the jabs pose — dangers that “the powers that be” have yet to fully acknowledge.

First, They Came for the Unvaxxed. They’ll Come for You Next

From the start, I and many others warned that the demonization of the unvaccinated was an extremely dangerous war tactic. In an August 2021 Townhall article, Wayne Allyn Root wrote:7

“It’s time for alarm bells. It’s time for me to play the part of Paul Revere: ‘The communist tyrants and dictators are coming!’ … They’re coming first for unvaccinated Americans. This is 1938. I’m a Jew. I now understand just a little of what it felt like to be a Jew in 1938 … the pre-Holocaust … This is only the beginning. It gets much worse from here.

First, ‘the papers.’ Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are just like 1938, when the Gestapo demanded papers from every German. Republicans asked for ‘papers’ from migrants who had broken into our country … Republicans asked for ‘papers’ once every two years for federal elections, to prove you have a right to vote.

Democrats said, ‘No, that’s racism.’ Now Democrats want American citizens, not illegal aliens, not criminals, but patriots born in this country, to produce papers 24/7 …

Weren’t Jews injected with experimental drugs by the depraved Nazi government? Wasn’t that a key part of the Nuremberg trials? That no government could ever again inject experimental shots into the bodies of unwilling citizens? Isn’t that a basic human right? … [F]orcibly injecting Americans who don’t want it. That’s 1938.”

Root goes on to detail the fate of Jews during those pre-Holocaust years. They were locked in their homes. They were barred from work. Their businesses were deemed “nonessential.” They couldn’t travel. They had to wear a conspicuous yellow star on their clothing so they could be easily identified and targeted for public displays of hatred. Jewish books were burned — that was the 1938 version of online censorship and deplatforming.

“First, they came for the unvaccinated. Trust me: Next, they’re coming for you,” Root said. And, indeed, in recent weeks, we’ve seen the stage being set for another fabricated hate-fest. This time, the gay community is the designated enemy and target.

Same-sex relations has been identified as the primary source of a global monkeypox outbreak. Almost every article discussing the outbreaks mentions it. That’s how it begins. I’ll be very surprised if the gay community won’t be targeted for exclusion, derision and attack in coming weeks and months.

Will enough people have learned the lesson of humility that Dunham highlights? Have enough cognitively recognized the error of their ways, or will they fall into the trap yet again? Only time will tell. At the end of February 2021, Nick Cohen with The Guardian warned that “It is only a matter of time before we turn on the unvaccinated.”8

With COVID, it took barely two months for society to go from ‘we’re all in this together,’ to declaring half the population subhuman.

By the end of April 2021, USA Today columnist Michael J. Stern was calling for the public shunning of the vaccine hesitant, calling them “petri dishes” of lethal disease,9 and by July of that year, CNN anchor Don Lemon was calling for brutal anything-goes restrictions against the unvaccinated to force them into compliance10 — even if the restrictions were indistinguishable from a death sentence.

With COVID, it took barely two months for society to go from “we’re all in this together,” to declaring half the population subhuman. Let’s see how long it takes before the media start calling for the forced segregation of gays to protect us from monkeypox. I hope it doesn’t happen, but judging by the effectiveness of the brainwashing, causing people buying into clearly absurd narratives, the risk is certainly there.

Teachable Moments

As recently as mid-January 2022, LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik “doubled down on the notion, people should mock the unvaccinated who have died from the coronavirus,” Fox News reported.11 Hiltzik told CNN:

“So many of them have actually promoted reckless, dangerous policies and… they took innocent people along with them. Every one of these deaths is a teachable moment and, unfortunately, we haven’t been learning from the lesson that we should be hearing from them.”

Clearly, Hiltzik has not yet experienced the moment of clarity described by Dunham. Instead, he insists that “Mocking anti-vaxxers is ghoulish … but necessary.” His LA Times column12 bearing the same headline displays a picture of a smiling Kelly Ernby, wearing a cross around her neck. Ernby, an Orange County GOP member, died of COVID complications in January 2022 after opposing COVID jab mandates.

“How should we react to the deaths of the unvaccinated?” Hiltzik wrote.13 “On the one hand, a hallmark of civilized thought is the sense that every life is precious.

On the other, those who have deliberately flouted sober medical advice by refusing a vaccine known to reduce the risk of serious disease from the virus, including the risk to others, and end up in the hospital or the grave can be viewed as receiving their just deserts.”

His targeting of Ernby, a Republican, and clearly a Christian to boot, smacks of political vengeance as much as it does misplaced moral superiority. According to Hiltzik, being civil toward the unvaccinated who die erases the harm done to others, and that harm should not be erased but rather underscored.

Ironically, in the end, he’s really condemning himself to the fate he wishes on others because, eventually, the truth will become common knowledge and everyone will recognize the fatal harm inflicted by pushing the use of this experimental gene transfer technology. Mockery probably won’t be the extent to the punishment dished out once that critical mass awakening happens.

In Some, the Hypnotic Trance Is Still Deep

Some, like Dunham, recognize the fallacy in their thinking and call for change. Others, like Hiltzik, have been so deeply brainwashed by the fearporn, they really cannot connect the dots and see that a “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent infection or spread can never protect others.

Hence, those who get the jab are no more considerate to others than those who don’t. Both pose the same risk to others. And, if both pose the same risk, why target one for derision and not the other? It’s beyond irrational, but such is the mind of those under the hypnotic spell of mass formation. They’re incapacitated in the worst of ways, unable to see reality.

Scottish journalist Andrew Neil is another one seemingly caught in the myopic focus of mass formation. In December 2021, he riled against Britain’s “five million vaccine refuseniks,” saying “They put us all at risk of more restrictions.”14

He went on to describe how quick and easy it was to pull out his vaccine passport at a restaurant. Seconds, really. “A very minor inconvenience,” he said, adding “There was a sense of safety in knowing that all the other diners had proved themselves to be fully vaccinated, or had very recently tested negative, or had contracted the virus and recovered.”

He felt safe, having undergone this completely useless ritual, despite recognizing that the shot is “not foolproof,” and that “People who have been vaccinated can still contract and pass on the virus.” That’s the power of hypnosis. Even when seeing the dots, he couldn’t connect them to draw a rational conclusion.

New Norm: Fighting ‘Misinformation’ With Misinformation

The propaganda and false information we’ve been bombarded with over the past two and a half years is truly unprecedented. Now, barely a day goes by that isn’t near-identical to the storyline in Orwell’s dystopian novel, “1984.” One of the latest examples of the media’s hypocrisy and false narratives is The Associated Press’ “Conspiracy Theorists Flock to Bird Flu, Hatch Lies” article,15 published May 17, 2022. The AP specifically targets me, stating:16

“While the details may vary, the conspiracy theories about avian flu all speak to a distrust of authority and institutions, and a suspicion that millions of doctors, scientists, veterinarians, journalists and elected officials around the world can no longer be trusted.

‘Americans clearly understand that the federal government and major media have lied to them repeatedly, and are completely corrupted by the pharmaceutical companies,’ said Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopath whose discredited claims about vaccines, masks and the coronavirus made him a prominent source of COVID-19 misinformation.

Mercola’s interest in the bird flu dates back years A 2009 book for sale on his website, which Mercola uses to sell unproven natural health remedies, is titled ‘The Great Bird Flu Hoax.’”

The hyperlinked “fact check” provided to prove I’ve published “discredited claims about vaccines” is a rebuttal to my statement that “People may be more susceptible to serious COVID-19 illness after they have been vaccinated.”

The fact check claims that “Research has shown that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been proven to be 95% effective in preventing COVID-19 illness,” and that “Experts say there is ‘abundant’ evidence that people who get shots will not become more sick should they later get the virus.”

First of all, no expert sources are actually referenced, so what “abundant evidence” proves you won’t be more susceptible to severe infection post-jab is anyone’s guess. Secondly, and more importantly, everyone now knows the shots are nowhere near 95% effective. Even mainstream media and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have admitted the effectiveness was exaggerated and rapidly dwindles.

Truth May Be Slow, but It Will Win

At best, Moderna’s shot was 94.5% effective against symptomatic Delta infection FOR TWO WEEKS, before dropping off.17 Pfizer’s effectiveness against Delta was lower to start and fell more precipitously. Against Omicron, the Pfizer jab is 65.5% protective between weeks 2 and 4 after the second dose, and only 8.8% effective at week 25. Moderna’s shot starts out at 75.1% at weeks 2 to 4, and then falls off to 14.9% at week 25.

Yet the AP has no qualms about referring back to what is now well-recognized misinformation to “prove” that I’ve been discredited and that they are “correct.” In reality, the fact check they link to only proves they’re using misinformation to combat truth.

That’s bad enough, but these fabrications are then used to brainwash the public into hating the truth-tellers and anyone who so much as points out discrepancies in the narrative. It’s a dangerous path, and we’re still on it.

Similarly, when the facts finally overwhelm authorities who have been spreading unscientific propaganda, the canned response is that “science is evolving and we’re following the science.” In reality, however, they were proven wrong, but they refuse to admit it. So, they “blame” it on “evolving science,” without ever explaining how “misinformation spreaders” had these supposedly brand-new data months — or years — ago.

While the war we’re currently in uses information instead of conventional munitions, lives are still at stake. People are losing their lives because lies about health are often lethal. In the end, I believe the truth will win, because the lies currently told are simply too destructive.

Sources and References

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28 days ago

1. No one cares about anyone else. If you claim otherwise show some evidence of anyone helping anyone else ever.
2. You’ve already forgotten about the 100,000 old people offed in the ‘care’ homes and the 1,000,000 people killed in iraq, syria, etc, all for profit.
3. You’ve already forgotten about julian assange and all that he told you.
4. You never speak about pulling anyone down, just endless airy fairy statements about ‘justice’.
5. You can’t ever have justice when the entire system is owned by the dictators. How many of you want to fund perversion, immigrants and a nazi government pretending to fight the russians? How many have done anything to fight back?

Reply to  jane
28 days ago

One last question. What is the point of this comment?

Reply to  mcc
28 days ago

Another question: what is the point of your comment? The OP merely stated that the article is nonsense (which it is). It rattles on about “doing something about it”, which we all know will never happen. Your sideswipe highlights that fact by dismissing anyone’s opinion but your own.

28 days ago

i was just thiking this. Just because its not mentioned on tv its not over as families and friends made their views about us very clear and that hurt should not be forgotten. How quickly people turned on each other shoud and will never be forgotten by me and im sure many others as a “minority” – an unvaxed person. It was truly terrifying and has made me fear society and the media more thn i already did. i dont know what can be done about it but be very wary.

Reply to  ali
28 days ago

It’s all going to plan then. Divide and conquer. You’re now officially defeated, because you’ll never stand up with your friends, family and neighbours to pull down the dictators in “parliament” (but you’d never have done that anyway right?).

28 days ago

[…] Haatzaaien is een werktuig van tirannen, en de afgelopen twee jaar hebben politieke leiders, hoofden van agentschappen, academici, medische professionals en mediapersoonlijkheden in het openbaar haat en geweld aangemoedigd en de pijnlijke dood gewenst van iedereen die niet mee wilde doen aan het medische experiment dat de COVID-prikken zijn, schrijft Dr. J Mercola. […]

Iyra stewart
Iyra stewart
28 days ago

not likely I will forget….unvaccinated, presently in exile, expecting to lose my beautiful home and greenhouse farm, and very successful fairtrade business

hrh prince pedo
hrh prince pedo
Reply to  Iyra stewart
28 days ago

Ah yes, fairtrade. Where you pay the peasants peanuts and you become a millionaire.

Tori_Detroit on Rumble
Tori_Detroit on Rumble
Reply to  Iyra stewart
27 days ago

Iyra, i am in the same boat. Disowned by vaccinated and boosted family (most of whom are now very sick with unexpected freak illnesses). I’ve been Uninvited to events. My own primary doctor cannot get my injury x-rays from a big-name hospital because of my vaxx status (the refuse to send them) therefore I’ve been living with an Injured arm since Feb 2022. It is now June.
I’ve been to 4 vaxxed funerals in the past 3 weeks and 2 more on the way.
Somehow we WILL get through this. Stay strong!

Joan C
Joan C
28 days ago

I will never forget being labeled unloving and uncaring for not getting vaxxed by a friend whose brother suffered a stroke after the vax. Those pro-vaxxers never admit they were wrong.

Reply to  Joan C
28 days ago

If only you’d never forget who was responsible, march to “parliament” with a gun and shoot them (instead of whining on this third rate webshite).

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
27 days ago

I’ll never let those dupes forget 1) massive debt, 2) a surveillance ID system, and 3) massive medical costs.

All because they believed the TV.

27 days ago

[…] – The War Against the Unvaxxed Will Not Be Forgotten […]

AUssie pub` crawler
AUssie pub` crawler
27 days ago

the UN-Vₓₓ`d shall inherit the Earth;
the Vₓₓ’d shall inherit… a hole-in-the-ground…
enjoy … youse deluded dupes….
how sad 🙁

27 days ago

Dont Worry i have not forgotten! Making us feel Bad and Discriminating us for 2 .5 years .. and they still are doing it , and pushing the Boosters and not warning the Idiots of the dangers of taking it !
making excuses why the Hospitals are now overloaded and we have more cases than ever before .. the Injected were told you wont go to Hospital you are protected, wow we have more propblems now!
Gov Media never give a thought to mention the V word.. Really strange
they are supose to be journalists..Amazing and i know Bill Gates has paid them off..

26 days ago

They are trying to jab as many people as possible so that their great reset aka depopulation plan work. If I get sick I will take my Ivermectin that I stashed just in case and leave rest to God. When i searched where I can get ivm on google I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Every search query was censored. If I can save 1 person that will use this product instead of going to icu and plugged into ventilators that will burst her/his lungs. that is enough for me. I feel good when I put a spoke in big pharma’s wheel. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

24 days ago

[…] (Article republished from […]

19 days ago

RE “mass formation”

The official framing of this “phenomenon” is misleading and wrong. The false hope-addicted psychologists and their acolytes want you to believe this is “just some temporary occasional” madness by the masses that has been going on for a couple of centuries when it is but a spike of a CHRONIC madness going on for aeons with “civilized” people — read The Two Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room

One of these mainstream psychologists who have been spreading this whitewashed reality, Dr. Desmet, also fails to see that the PLANNED Covid Psyop is a TOTALLY deliberate ploy because he doesn’t think (after more than 1 year, even 2 years, into this total PLANNED scam!) it’s ALL intentionally sinister as he stated in a prior podcast (this makes him witting or unwitting controlled opposition).

In the May of 2022 podcast with James Corbett he stated that “some people tend to overestimate the degree of planning and intentions” (behind the COUNTLESS, VERIFIABLE, FULLY INTENTIONAL, FULLY PLANNED atrocities by the ruling tribe of psychopaths over the last century alone) and see all of it as being planned which Desmet called “an extreme position” … Sound logical thinking is “extreme” and therefore false and sick in his demented delusional view!!!

In his overpriced misleading whitewashing old material regurgitated book the psychology of totalitarianism he too states that “There are countless … examples that seem to point in the direction of a plan being implemented, such as the fact that the definition of ‘pandemic’ was adjusted shortly before the coronavirus crisis; that the definition of ‘herd immunity’ was changed during the crisis, implying that only vaccines can achieve it … [he continuous with several other obvious facts of an ENTIRELY PLANNED event, especially discerned through the totality of all these facts].” “SEEM to point in the direction of a plan”??? No! They most evidently, clearly, and irrefutably DO demonstrate and prove it IS a COMPLETELY AND FULLY DELIBERATE PlanDemic! A big scam. An Entirely Planned Holocaust against the non-ruling herd of people (see cited link above). A coherent 12-year old kid can figure that out.

It clearly shows Desmet’s own complete lunacy. But because almost everyone in the culture is a member of mass formation (madness), including the “woke” people of the alternative media domain, hardly anyone recognizes Desmet’s lunacy. Not surprising that he has even become some type of popular “guru” among the adherents of the alternative media landscape.

With his false use of language Desmet obscures or hides the true reality instead of directly and uncompromising exposing it — aiding the obfuscation of the vital reality of what the ruling authorities really are. He does the same thing when he speaks of ‘the elite’ (as he does in a number of podcasts) when, in reality, they are THE SCUM OF HUMANS because they are REALITY-VERIFIED PSYCHOPATHS (see referenced source above). Yet in the Corbett podcast he “teaches” us that we, the masses, need to start thinking differently. Right… how about YOU start with sane instead of insane thinking/talking/”teaching”/etc, Dr. Desmet?

How do self-styled “truth-tellers” wake up the masses to the so-called truth when they THEMSELVES use lies with their deceitful fake language???
No one is “teaching” or “waking up” the ignorant masses to the CORE truths with lies, with the official “language of lies” (see cited source above).

This all means Desmet is ALSO a member of the masses of lunatics, an ACTIVE CARD-CARRYING MEMBER of mass formation!!! When, if at all, will he wake up from his state of mass psychosis? When, if at all, will he face the TRUE and FULL reality instead of hiding behind fantasies such as his whitewashed “reality” of human civilization?

It shows we live in a global mental asylum with criminal and/or delusional mainstream psychologists, scientists, and docs as the guards, “teachers” and “therapists” … The blind/criminal/mad leading the blind/criminal/mad; the blind/criminal/mad adhere to the blind/criminal/mad = the human madhouse.

Worst of all, perhaps, the mass formation/mass psychosis notion frames the problem as the public being a mere unaccountable non-culpable victim in this phenomenon (the gist of the circular argument is: the masses should change their thinking but they got brainwashed so they’re victims). Nothing could be further from the truth (see referenced source above).

Desmet is right in that truth-activists must fight against mass formation psychosis (human madness). That also means exposing HIS deeply destructive mad part of it. This comment serves, in part, that objective.