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Dr Vernon Coleman: The Death of Free Health Care in Britain

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An old man in hospital had received no nursing care for a week. He wasn’t fed for three days. He asked a nurse if he could be bathed. She brought him a damp paper towel and told him to do it himself.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

A 92-year-old former ward sister was told that she had terminal liver failure. The doctor had apparently conducted an examination via a video link. A face to face visit was refused. Taken by a relative to the local A&E department, the woman was diagnosed with a simple infection – treated with antibiotics. Three days later she made a full recovery. (There had been a 12 hour wait on a ward trolley.)

A patient was admitted to hospital as an emergency had to wait 49 hours before a bed could be found for him.

A patient with a broken arm, in great pain, was told by an ambulance service that her condition wasn’t life threatening and that the wait would be eight hours.

An 89-year-old woman waited six hours for an ambulance and died.

It is now recognised that failing ambulance services are responsible for many deaths. In Northern Ireland ambulance delays were a contributory factor in 14 deaths. Ambulances spend 25% to 30% of their time waiting outside emergency departments.

An NHS boss who had a stroke was taken to hospital by her husband and recovered. She said it might have been different if she’d called 999.

Waiting times for ambulances have never been as long. The ambulance service is so bad that patients are told to call a taxi – it’ll be quicker.

Such stories now abound.

Hospitals are so badly run that millions of people would rather stay at home – even if that means dying alone and without medical care. Hospital staff have taken away dignity and hope – even these are among the most valuable things a doctor or nurse can offer. They have replaced hope and dignity with despair and disillusionment.

Seriously ill patients who visit Accident and Emergency units in hospitals must routinely wait ten hours for treatment. It is reported that 90% of patients who visit A&E go there because they cannot contact their GP. That’s not surprising. The average GP now works a three day week or less. Most made a fortune giving covid jabs and are trying to keep their tax bills down. Even those who work a full week manage less hours than a librarian – and never see emergencies. Many GPs stay at home and still refuse to see patients face to face. The evidence proves this is dangerous but it is, say doctors, the future. GPs claim they are overworked but the evidence proves the contrary.

Physiotherapy departments which shut in March 2020 are still shut. Physiotherapists work from home though no one explains how they manage this.

While patients are ignored, the NHS spends a fortune on hiring ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ administrators – though no one knows what these people are supposed to do or why they are considered necessary. Hospitals pay huge salaries to employees with jobs as bizarre as ‘Hard FM Commissioning Manager’ and ‘Portfolio Lead for People-Led Care’ – though no one seems to know what these titles mean. There’s a shortage of nurses and beds but ‘Equality chiefs’ are paid £90,387 a year and there are ‘diversity managers’ galore.

People who collapse at home or in the street are routinely tested for covid – even though the test that is used has been proved to be entirely useless. If they test positive they are put on a covid ward and forgotten. They receive no other tests and no treatment. This isn’t medicine – it is cultism.

Patients who complain are simply drugged and sent to sleep. There appears to be war on the elderly – with hospitals slapping Do Not Resuscitate notices on just about everyone over 60 (and a good many younger than that).

Everyone who falls ill is regarded by the NHS as a burden – a second class citizen. Everyone ill over 60 is a 3rd class citizen – not worth bothering with.

MPs have warned that there is no evidence that Britain’s appalling cancer care will catch up with other countries. Another 2.7 million have joined the cancer backlog waiting diagnosis and care. The number is increasing by 1,000 a day.

The driving forces of modern medicine are stupidity, greed, incompetence and ignorance. Doctors and nurses seem too busy or too uppity to do what they’re paid to do.

Doctors and hospitals who have been told to abandon crazy covid rules (masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing) are, like children holding onto comfort blankets, insisting on clinging to these insanities. It’s been proven that masks, sanitiser and social distancing did far more harm than good. But no one in health care understands science anymore.

Last year absurd new working rules meant that 2,000 dentists quit the NHS. Over four million patients now have no access to NHS dental care. Those who can find an NHS dentist are waiting three years for an appointment.

Hospitals have been told that it is illegal to prevent relatives or friends accompanying or visiting patients. But hospital staff break the law without caring.

Waiting lists are now so long that most patients will die before they are treated. Private health care services cannot cope with the sudden rise in demand. A third of 18-34 year olds are considering funding their own private care and 85% of patients on NHS waiting lists have paid for or are considering private treatment. Consultants are making a fortune.

The NHS has more money than it needs. But most of the money is wasted on administrators. There are more of those than there are beds or nurses!

If the NHS were closed down and the money shared out, every one in Britain would be able to afford excellent private medical care.

The NHS is dead. Let’s bury it.

Please share this article with everyone you know who can read.

We have the power to change things.

No one else will do it for us.

Vernon Coleman’s book Why and How Doctors Kill more People than Cancer is available as a paperback and an eBook.

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1 year ago

Dear Dr Coleman, it was dead even 15 years ago. People coming from other countries with ‘free health care’ could see it well. Despite that those free health care countries were not so free- you had to pay for a better dentist, or to be at the beginning of a list of a certain surgery if there was a queue – but even with that – you were treated no matter what and it was rather good in most of the time.

The base of the difference was that those docs were not overpaid to become silent priests of a new religion – means they had to spent many years with education (free but you had to be very good at with your exams to be able to being admitted to a university) and at the end they were hardly (if at all) better paid than anyone else with another kind of university diploma while they had to stay in their office as long as even one sick were outside waiting to be examined. Because of it, people chose the profession because of interested in healing, enthusiastically, but because of earning a lot with little work and fast.

They had ‘free hands’ when curing, there was no regulations on what kind of drug they could use to treat and in what order.

There was no google or similar to ‘help’ them to make diagnoses (have you seen the movie Idiocracy? not a big difference). But they were let on their own – due to this they were real professionals but pharma’ snake oil men. While to ‘sue for everything possible’ was unheard of, I personally knew a doc who was sent to jail because he refused a night visit to an alcoholic who had called him regularly at nights, unluckily, that night the man died.

The problem is not the free health care, it should stay – the problem is their extremely poor, pharma’ dictated education and their lack of interest to really know their profession and be able to help.

Sadly by now it changed in those countries, too. Happened when the pharma’ visitors started to visit the GP’s on regular basis to persuade them to use this or that (poorly tested) drugs and they were honored for using them. That was the point when things started to rot there, too.

Ironically the vets had to stay better professionals and here we arrived to the overpriced medical equipment as to blame for the costs. My vet had x-ray in her small clinic, ultrasound and could perform a surgery in the room used for examinations and she did it extremely well and with success while the bill was a small fraction of a bill you could pay here for the same surgery or else. How they could solve it but can’t be solve here?

‘Fish starts to rot from the head.’ Change the head and heal the NHS, people would need it badly.

1 year ago

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

NHS is still actively hiring foreign nurses and care givers, many for care homes. These nurses are from commonwealth countries most have been vaccinated but have no real concern about it one way or another. That is, they will do whatever they are told. And they are eager to get hired. As many come from places where their healthcare let people die during covid because they simply did not want to work (the service before c19 was already poor) then these nurses will not bat an eyelash when they see UK citizens (especially the elderly) suffer and die. And no one will hold them accountable.

1 year ago

Our healthcare system is about to experience a tsunami! Potential side effects of jabs include chronic inflammation, because the vaccine continuously stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies. Other concerns include the possible integration of plasmid DNA into the body’s host genome, resulting in mutations, problems with DNA replication, triggering of autoimmune responses, and activation of cancer-causing genes. Alternative COVID cures EXIST. Ivermectin is one of them. While Ivermectin is very effective curing COVID symptoms, it has also been shown to eliminate certain cancers. Do not get the poison jab. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!

1 year ago

What a ridiculous article, the globalists want the NHS closed down or privatised. Firstly they want to do away with the one organisation that can reign in big pharmaceutical companies from over inflating their prices, because the NHS sets fair benchmark prices that the rest of the world follows. How does Dr. Coleman not know this? Why is he promoting this idea when he must know that the NHS is being purposely mismanaged and underfunded so people can say the exact things he’s saying to justify privatising it. Just like they did with the trains and water. Kinda makes you wonder whose side he’s on.

1 year ago

Not entirely accurate as physios are working right through covid in my city I know this as a relative works there!