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Letter to the Editor: Notice of Liability Alfred Louis Cannan Regarding Toxic “Covid” Injections

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Courtenay from Rhumsaa (English: Ramsey) has served a Notice of Liability on the Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, Alfred Cannan.  A Covid “vaccination” bus is set to be launched on the Isle of Man to encourage more people to get injected and will be at various sites across the island from 28 June 2022.  It will be outside Manx Telecom today.

“As Alfred is doing business as ‘chief minister’ it is incumbent upon Alfred Louis Cannan to cease and desist this wilful ‘covid’ jab carnage immediately,” he wrote to the Chief Minister and cc’d other Manx officials, police and Manx Telecom.

Courtenay has requested The Exposé publish his Notice to Cannan.  Below is his covering email with the Notice, dated 6 June 2022, attached.

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Attention: Alfred Louis Cannan

Notice of Liability 

Dear Alfred,

Please watch this video by embalmer Dr Richard Hirschman as it concerns post covid jab autopsies. To date, 1,012 Manx people are officially listed by the MHRA as harmed post ‘covid’ jab. Undoubtedly some have died here due to the ‘covid’ jab – despite there being no proven SARS-CoV-2 ‘virus’…

[In his email, Courtney simply included a link and video description.  For the benefit of our readers, we have added an image. Click on the image below to watch the video on Bitchute.]

Fibrous Like Clots and Bio-Structures in Vaxxed – Mike Adams w/ Mortician Richard Hirschman,
First published at 13:13 UTC on June 25th, 2022

Should Alfred Cannan permit the covid bus outside Manx Telecom on Tuesday 28th  June 2022 Alfred will have legal and financial liability for harms induced by these highly toxic, proven poisonous, experimental jabs. In short, state-sanctioned genocide due to happen outside Manx Telecom HQ. 

As per the attached two-page ‘No Virus Mann’ (a film of the same name is to follow). Alfred cannot say he was not informed nor was simply “following orders”.

I have made my concerns widely known to: Tim Crookall, Tim Glover, Stu Peters, Jason Moorhouse, Laurence Skelly, Juan Watterson, Sarah Maltby, Ann Corlett, Claire Christian, Jonathan King, Joney Faragher, Alex Allinson, Lawrie Hooper, Jane Poole-Wilson, Tanya August-Hanson, Henrietta Ewart, Julie Edge, David Ashford, Gary Roberts, Rob Fletcher, Leigh Ann-Edge, Rebecca Cowin, Joshua Dixon, Stephen Hall, Andrew Lee, Daniel Joyce, Richard Cubbon, Rebekah Ringham, Emily Perkins,  Michelle McKillop, Mark Newey, Matt Davison, Mark Hempsall, Gavin Callow, Nigel Taylor, Doug Stewart, Eric Anglin, Stuart Gale, Lord Edward Garnier, Oliver Segal, Lynne Hulme, Helen Freer, Paul Hardman, Beth Espey, Paul Moulton, and Rachel Glover… amongst others on Island.

As Alfred is doing business as ‘chief minister’ it is incumbent upon Alfred Louis Cannan to cease and desist this wilful ‘covid’ jab carnage immediately.

Kind regards,

Courtenay of Rhumsaa 

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raj patel
raj patel
1 year ago

This will be interesting to follow as to date nobody has been arrested for Convid jab harms.

1 year ago

Big pharma and NIH push Remdesivir as treatment while killing patients with this drug. Dr Harvy Risch stated HCQ and Ivermectin have similar results and government and corporate corruption illegitimately cut it off from treament protocols. Dr Richard Urso also stated that even if HCQ and Ivermectin are blocked from doctors to use these medicines as treatment for Covid. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!