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Matt Hancock Squirms, Runs & Hides when asked for Evidence for Asymptomatic Transmission and that Lockdowns work

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Matt Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, was confronted by Heiko Khoo on 12 July at the Royal Statistical Society, London. Khoo asked Hancock what evidence he based the narrative that asymptomatic transmission occurred and lockdowns slowed the spread of a virus:

“The entire principles you started the lockdowns with, the measures with, were based, effectively, on an unproven, at least that time, a totally unproven argument that asymptomatic infections were a significant factor driving transmission. And there was no evidence for that whatsoever. The only evidence was based on one German woman, sorry one Chinese woman in Germany, who was taking large amounts of ibuprofen in order for her to prevent her from having symptoms.  Now, I’m not saying that pre-symptomatic people who are just becoming ill couldn’t transmit, at least in that first phase. But there was actually no evidence backing that up.

“The second point … you mentioned the lockdown measures forecasts. You said there wasn’t 40 years of data, Neil Ferguson has been working on forecasting for decades and the fact of the matter is: all his epidemiological forecasts have been wrong – every single one of them. And not by a factor of one or two but by a factor of 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 … every single case he was vastly incorrect. And the argument that there would be 500,000 dead had there not been a lockdown has no basis in fact.  It’s pure speculation. But because you can compare it with other countries around the world you can see … there’s no evidence whatsoever that the lockdowns made any beneficial difference to the number of deaths.”

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After fudging answering the point about forecasts, Matt Hancock responded: “The second point, asymptomatic, is really important … there was not the formal evidence of asymptomatic transmission on a clinical trial basis and therefore it didn’t get into the formal advice to me.  But we knew there were a lot of, um, uh, there were a lot of stories of it happening.”

Click on the image below to watch the video on Odysee.

Subject #Access: Matt Hancock challenged by Heiko Khoo, 12 July 2022 (11 mins)

Khoo didn’t leave matters there.  He challenged Hancock after the meeting and continued to ask Hancock for evidence outside the Royal Statistical Society.  A second person pointed out to Hancock that medical coercion is in contravention of the Nuremberg Code.  Hancock ran away and hid.

GB Resistance: Matt Hancock Confronted with Nuremberg Code, 14 July 2022 (9 mins)

If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch the uncensored version on Odysee HERE.

Transcript for video outside the Royal Statistical Society (links are our own):

Woman Challenger: Are you aware that using medical coercion is against the Nuremberg Code, Matt Hancock?

The Nuremberg code says the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. this means that the person involved should have the legal capacity to give consent, should be situated as able to exercise free …

Mr Hancock, are you aware that using medical coercion is against the Nuremberg Code?

You used medical coercion, didn’t you?  You took away people’s jobs and their ability to feed their families.  And in the case of the care workers, you failed to sufficiently inform subjects of your experiment, of the risks, and you did not obtain a confirmed …

Hancock: Sorry we’re going in here. You’re not welcome in here. Thank you.

Woman Challenger: Matt Hancock …

Heiko Khoo: …proven … you claimed that asymptomatic transmission was proven in April. What was the document to prove that? what was the document that proved asymptomatic transmission? what was the document that approved asymptomatic transmission?

Woman Challenger: Do you believe that this natural law does not apply to you? The Nuremberg Code does that not apply to you?

Are you aware that it’s illegal to lock people up without judge, jury and [inaudible]?

Woman: No, you can’t go in there that’s a restricted area.

Man: It’s alright, I’m with Matt and James [inaudible].

Woman: Security there, please? Can you come over here, they’ve just walked into our building.

Man: I’m with them, you can ask them.

Woman Challenger: Have you got anything to say about what’s been said?

Heiko Khoo: Well effectively he was saying that they had atrocious, absolutely atrocious, internal data. Whereas they go on about the science – and we know about the science and we’re lining up on the science – well actually what his mission at that meeting was, was half an hour talk, he basically admitted they had no scientific data. They weren’t relying on scientific data. They just had a few goons within Whitehall. And even they won’t cooperate, even the NHS wasn’t providing the data.

Woman Challenger: So, you’re going to the statistical Royal Society but there were no statistics shown?

Heiko Khoo: All there was, was sycophantic hangers-on who of course think they’re going to get some money. There’s a paper I just read a minute ago – the Citation Mania, you know, by John Ioannidis. He’s the leading epidemiologist in the world – they don’t even know who these people are. You know. And yet they banned them …

Woman Challenger: Is that the paper you put in front of him?

Heiko Khoo: Well no. No. That, the book I put in front of him, is from Anthony Fauci. I’m becoming a bona fide reseller of this book from today. I just wrote to the Publishers and sending a number of copies.

This one here over is from John Ioannidis and he was recognised, internationally, until Covid-19, as the world’s leading, probably the world’s leading scientist but certainly the world’s leading epidemiologist. And he disproved every single argument that they’ve just made. You know.

There was no xxx.  There was no evidence that lockdowns reduce numbers. Neil Ferguson’s arguments have always been proven to be wrong. So, what does he have left to justify his arguments on? Nothing whatsoever.

Oh, and then he said ‘oh, we don’t know about … we knew who had died because of PCR tests’. You know who died from what from autopsies.  From back in March / April 2020 …

Woman Challenger: It’s not the test that can determine anything.

Heiko Khoo: No. But Dr Klaus Puschel in March / April 2020 carried out autopsies and everyone who died from or with Covid. And he said, they all died, they were all in such a moribund state that any agent would have killed them. And so, that destroys the whole argument. And that’s still available on YouTube, that stuff, it wasn’t forbidden at the time. But they forbade autopsies.

Woman Challenger: And when was this, when it was forbidden online?

Heiko Khoo: In 2020.

Woman Challenger: 2020 you say? Yeah. In 2020 you had like, a window of …

Heiko Khoo: Yes. In Germany, the medical authorities are localised and the national government couldn’t impose upon them the restrictions in the same way they did in Britain. The consequence of that was Klaus Puschel – against advice from the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, which is the leading medical institute in Germany – he carried out autopsies anyway. He carried out 300 autopsies in Hamburg. And he was on television and he said ‘I’m sorry there’s no reason for any of these lockdown measures, no reason to stop me from seeing my grandchildren, no reason to make us stop making contact with each other and the fact is that all the people who died were in such moribund state they would have died anyway’.  Of almost any external agent or illness affecting them. And so, he said ‘well this is just all a vast exaggeration’. And of course, that’s what it is.

But these people are unwilling to discuss the consequences of their measures, even though they were catastrophic not only for the people in Britain but for millions, billions of people around the world. And then when you ask them some questions, they run away and hide behind security guards. That’s the truth, you know.

And every time we’ve gone to these meetings and asked them questions, they suddenly go online – all the future means are online. And I doubt very much whether Matt Hancock will be holding many – even though he’s launching a new book, I doubt very much …

Woman Challenger: Is he? Matt Hancock?

Heiko Khoo: He’s got a book coming out about the pandemic and his role.

Woman Challenger: I wasn’t aware of that.

Heiko Khoo:  I doubt very much they’re going to be holding many more public meetings.  Why are they so scared?

Woman Challenger: I could tell. I wasn’t being let in because that was a few minutes late so they said I had to wait until three o’clock. But basically, I did see a tiny bit of the live stream of Subject Access. But what I could tell was that he was very uncomfortable. His whole body language was like a little girl that wants to run away. He’s like ‘aaaaaah’.

Heiko Khoo: yeah, and you’re only supposed to ask, you see, one question.  You’re supposed to politely sit in the corner asking one question that he can respond to in such a way that he escapes, you know …

Woman Challenger: Yeah, with the wording …

Heiko Khoo: And only one specific type of question, about one specific issue.  And if you generalise and explain about the totality of what’s happened, they freak out and run away like a little mouse with a couple of guards to defend him.

Woman Challenger: Because he knows someone’s figured something out.

Heiko Khoo: Of course there’s someone. This is a huge swathe of the population and they think we’re all fools.  You know, they treat us with contempt.

Woman Challenger: Yep absolutely.

Heiko Khoo: It’s all madness.

Woman Challenger: Well, thank you for that

Heiko Khoo: You’re welcome.

Another man Challenger: They couldn’t actually provide that, you’re asking simple questions, they should be able. You’ve got the evidence. Where’s the link …

Heiko Khoo: Yeah, where’s the evidence, what is it?

Another man Challenger: Do you have a link? Do you have a website?

Heiko Khoo: Yeah, where is it?

Another man Challenger: You could not provide it, he was bundled in and he couldn’t even, the NHS couldn’t even provide how many beds they have …

Heiko Khoo: That’s right. Probably someone told him that asymptomatic is now a sort of a show.

Another man Challenger: He had said hearsay …

Heiko Khoo: That’s right, he said up until April hearsay. So, they based the lockdown on hearsay.  That’s what he said.

Woman Challenger: Did they say that inside like someone asked the question and they said ‘hearsay’?

Heiko Khoo: He said, asymptomatic transmission, when I asked him about it, ‘well, it was all based on hearsay initially but in April we had the evidence’. So, I said ‘what is the evidence’?  He said ‘oh, shut up’.

Clip inserted:

Matt Hancock: And it didn’t become a formal finding until the sort of, April.  Yet we were worried about it happening before that and so making decisions in the face of that uncertainty was one of the challenges with the evidence.

Heiko Khoo: So, what was the evidential paper that showed that? What was the paper that showed that? What paper showed that? He just said he was provided with evidence in April. What paper showed it?

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8 months ago

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8 months ago

I hope you have capital punishment in the UK for when you will have these corrupt people judged.

Mark Deacon
Mark Deacon
Reply to  aida
8 months ago

IMHO it has to be done personally, no judge or court would ever convict by loved ones who lost family.

My family there is massive like way over 100 … just watching how it unfolds.

Paul Watson
Paul Watson
8 months ago

Hancock murdered old folk with Midazolam.
Those who administerd it were complicit.
Prove me wrong..

Mark Deacon
Mark Deacon
Reply to  Paul Watson
8 months ago

Anybody supporting the whole pandemic is guilty of being complicit in this. The NHS especially ill have known what happened and by who and they did nothing.

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