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Open Letter to UK and Scottish Governments: Culpable by Commission and Omission

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Douglas Brodie’s open letter campaign to Scottish government officials continues unabated.  In his latest email titled ‘Culpable by Commission and Omission’ and addressed to Drew Hendry, Member of Parliament for Inverness and Nairn, he asks 20 questions.

Brodie has blind copied (Bcc.) us, his “family and friends; various,” into his correspondence:

“Sorry about the length (over 3,500 words), but we are living in the middle of a complex, mass murder global conspiracy being bizarrely played out with massive collateral damages over a respiratory virus which for nearly everyone is no more dangerous than ordinary flu.

“My twenty questions prove that the entire Covid narrative has been a pack of lies. No government could create such a calamitous mess just by being panicked, incompetent or stupid, never mind almost all governments all around the world acting in lockstep.” 

Below is the latest addition to Brodie’s campaign as published by Joel Smalley.

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Beginning with an explainer, for those who are not yet familiar with his efforts, Brodie wrote: 

My previous email has been posted online HERE (thanks Joel) and HERE (thanks Rosie) and it links back to the five prior emails in my “Family and Friends” series. 

This email differs from previous emails in the series in being addressed to my MP. He has been Bcc copied on all my previous emails but it’s now high time he was put on the spot. If he sticks to the official party line he will have to give demonstrably wrong answers to twenty carefully chosen questions. 

As usual, hardly any of the damning facts and figures in my email are reported in the corrupt, complicit mainstream media.  

This rebuttal of the official establishment narrative will hopefully help more family and friends to understand how they are being lied to and abused by the government. Sorry about the length (over 3,500 words), but we are living in the middle of a complex, mass murder global conspiracy being bizarrely played out with massive collateral damages over a respiratory virus which for nearly everyone is no more dangerous than ordinary flu. 

My email refers to the UK “government” and the Scottish “government” but neither are proper governments as both are mere puppets to the cabal of unaccountable WEF/UN/WHO/Big Money/Big Tech forces which calls the shots from behind the scenes. This cabal will clearly stop at nothing to preserve their wealth and power in the face of the looming mega-crisis caused by US government debt reaching an unsustainable $30 trillion and Europe unfunded public pension debt reaching €44 trillion. 

As health is a devolved issue, the Scottish government could have chosen to take a benign approach to Covid, like that successfully followed by Sweden whose constitution bars its politicians from abusing its peoples’ human rights, but Sturgeon chose to back the dark side. Our politicians serve as “useful idiots” to these dark forces, some more “useful” than others in the malign sense. For example, Sturgeon’s Scottish government applied more draconian Covid restrictions (to no useful effect) and has set a hairshirt target of 2045 to achieve Net Zero (as if). 

I challenge my pal Moix or anyone else to back up or retract the ad hom aspersions that I am “paranoid” and “down a rabbit hole”. Put up a reasoned argument against my email, if you can, and my colleague Joel Smalley might post it as an addendum.

Email to Drew Hendry, MP

To: Mr Drew Hendry, SNP MP for Inverness and Nairn 

Cc: Mr Fergus Ewing, SNP MSP for Inverness and Nairn 

Bcc: Family and friends; Various 

An open letter to my MP, culpable by commission and omission 

Dear Mr Hendry, 

My twenty questions to you (some of them multiple) are as follows: 

1.      Do you agree that governments here and all around the world lied to their people shamelessly and in pre-planned coordination when they imposed Covid lockdowns in March 2020?  

WEF puppet Boris Johnson said it would be for just three weeks to “flatten the curve” but it lasted off and on for more than a year, just as they had planned from the outset (as is obvious in hindsight), despite the UK so-called pandemic having statistically ended by June 2020.  

We know that the Covid pandemic had been globally pre-planned long in advance (hence the term “plandemic”) e.g. at the Event 201 planning meeting which took place in October 2019 coincidentally (?) just before SARS‑CoV‑2 started to spread. More detail is given in the book The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy Jnr. 

He relates that Event 201 was directed by Bill Gates with representatives from the WEF, WHO, the Chinese government, various media powerhouses and others. The theme of Event 201 was that a pandemic crisis would prove an opportunity to promote new vaccines and tighten information and behavioural controls through propaganda, censorship, and surveillance. 

Funeral director John O’Looney reports from 10:00 that his local NHS hospital had newly prepared for a pandemic by November 2019, backed up by serious construction, “because something horrible is coming”. How did they know that? 

2.      Do you agree that an essential element of the nefarious Covid “plandemic” was the deliberate banning of cheap, safe and effective Covid early treatment drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as a cruel ploy to pretend that the only way to get back to normal was to vaccinate the entire population, bans which led to large numbers of preventable Covid deaths?  

The giveaway that this was a ploy is that to make it legal, a week before lockdown they quietly and seemingly inexplicably downgraded Covid from its then-prevailing status of High Consequence Infectious Disease. The linked article explains why. 

Dr Peter McCullough’s book The Courage to Face Covid‑19 estimates that these bans caused a shocking 610,000 preventable deaths in the USA up to Christmas 2021.  

Do you agree that, contrary to the “official” trials on the use of these drugs for treating Covid which were deliberately designed to fail, they have been proved safe and effective on probably millions of Covid patients all around the world by many independent doctors, across the “rebel” state of Uttar Pradesh in India (pop. 250,000 million), by a lone GP in South Africa who successfully treated 10,000 patients without a single hospitalisation or death and by this new study

The fact that the Covid vaccines have themselves caused large numbers of deaths from day one is covered in later questions. 

3.      Do you agree that the globally-coordinated adoption of the mal-engineered Drosden PCR test which, by design, creates huge numbers of false positives was a deliberate globalist ploy to inflate Covid “case” numbers to create fear and panic among the general public? 

4.      Do you agree that the initial March/April 2020 spike in Covid-attributed deaths, mainly in old people with 82.4 the average age of UK 2020 Covid deaths, was to a large extent caused not by Covid but by the administration of toxic drugs such as midazolam (procured at up to 1,000% the normal rate says John O’Looney from 19:00), morphine and remdesivir or inappropriate ICU treatments or ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders? 

Ex-Pfizer vice president Dr Mike Yeadon confirms the O’Looney testimony on midazolam in this 5-minute video, saying he has proof that the NHS went through a huge supply of it in 2020 and bluntly asserting that patients were “murdered”. 

These heinous acts were perpetrated largely under cover of lockdown as testified by numerous whistleblowers, e.g. here (an earlier O’Looney testimony, shocking and very credible), herehere and here, with the resulting deaths fraudulently mis-attributed to Covid in order to crank up fear and panic among the general public. 

5.      Do you agree that the January/February 2021 spike in Covid-attributed deaths was to a large extent caused not by Covid but by fatal reactions to the experimental, untested Covid vaccines among mainly old and frail people with already weakened immune systems (John O’Looney elaborates from 16:00), with these deaths also fraudulently mis-attributed to Covid?  

For details see my earlier paper The Covid establishment has been getting away with murder.  

6.      Do you agree that governments here and all around the world have used the confected fear-mongering ploys listed above together with deeply unethical techniques in view of their duplicitous ulterior motive (see question 20) of psychological warfare (psy-ops), as described in Laura Dodsworth’s book A State of Fear, to subliminally brainwash the general public into compliance on taking the unnecessary and dangerous Covid vaccines?  

Do you agree that the bought-and-paid-for MSM and social media have been strongly complicit in this skulduggery, by pushing the establishment’s blatantly dishonest Covid narrative and by censoring anything that goes against that narrative? 

For details see my earlier paper How the general public was kept in the dark over Covid

7.      Are you aware that the Covid vaccines were debunked as being unsafe and ineffective well before the start of vaccine rollout by two eminent microbiologists (and others), Professor Sucharit Bhakti here and Professor Edward Steele here?  

Are you aware that ex-Pfizer scientific VP whistleblower Dr Mike Yeadon says that the Covid vaccines are “toxic by design”? 

These testimonies have been suppressed by the corrupt establishment and MSM in order to push their evil ulterior motive. 

8.      Do you agree that for some reason (see question 20), the UK MHRA so-called regulator, in reality a vaccine enabler working for Big Pharma, is unreasonably refusing to acknowledge Covid vaccine injuries and deaths, sweeping them under the carpet of their criminally dishonest “let’s pretend safe and effective“ mantra, cuttingly parodied by Mark Steyn

 The UK Yellow Card system of reported Covid vaccine adverse reactions is currently running at 2,200 dead and 460,000 injured, massively above the levels reported for previous vaccines over the last 30 years as illustrated by this histograph for the USA reporting system. By precedent, a vaccine will normally be withdrawn after about 50 death reports so do you agree that the deadly Covid vaccines should be withdrawn immediately? 

Are you aware that these very high numbers of adverse reactions are acknowledged to be hugely under-reported, possibly by a factor of 10 and maybe even 40?  

Are you further aware that these MHRA lunatics are gearing up to authorise new vaccines within 100 days of an alleged pandemic outbreak with callous disregard for public safety?  

It’s as if they think these highly complex mRNA gene therapy so-called vaccines can be released into the population as easily as installing a Bill Gates computer software update patch. 

Heads need to roll. 

9.      Do you agree with Dr Steve Kirsch that the establishment narrative that Covid vaccines are “safe and effective” is in tatters?  

He lists over 100 indicators showing to the contrary that the vaccines are “unsafe and ineffective”. He reports that doctors and scientists are quitting their public health authority jobs in droves because they are so disgusted with what is going on. Non-Covid excess deaths are rising all over the world. Heart disease in children is exploding. “Unknown cause” is now the leading cause of death in Alberta … and so his long list goes on. 

The ludicrous Bill Gates-funded claim that the Covid vaccines have saved millions of lives is debunked here. It is much more likely that the vaccines have had a net negative effect. 

10.   Widespread evidence shows that Covid is fast becoming a “pandemic of the boosted” and realisation of this disaster is approaching a tipping point. Are you aware that the UK government’s own data show that, on a percentage basis, more fully-vaccinated people are dying than unvaccinated?  

There have been over 10,000 excess non-Covid deaths in England and Wales over the last 12 weeks. Excess deaths are running at about 12% above the five-year average which now includes the first two years of the so-called “pandemic”.  

Anecdotally and from a respected medical journalist, cases of aggressive cancers, sudden adult deaths and a wide range of serious injuries are rising alarmingly. 

Government data show that the triple-vaccinated account for 91% of Covid deaths in England since the beginning of 2022, running at 94% in May. Do you agree that this demolishes the last remaining fiction claimed for the Covid vaccines, that they “prevent serious injury and death” (apart possibly for vulnerable elderly)? My colleague Joel Smalley comes to the same conclusion in his recent analysis of New South Wales data. 

For some reason (see question 20) the government shows no interest in investigating this disastrous situation. 

11.   Do you agree that the simple graph in Joel Smalley’s recent post of NHS Scotland hospital Covid admissions before and after rollout of the Covid so-called “vaccines” shows clearly that they aren’t working? 

Do you agree with retired Edinburgh professor Richard Ennos who says, as posted by Joel Smalley, that official data for 2021 and 2022 “provide very strong evidence for a causal relationship” between the Covid vaccinations and the huge number of excess deaths in Scotland, disgracefully covered up by the Scottish authorities?  

Professor Ennos notes that excess death began in different age classes of the Scottish population in a staggered manner, approximately 12 weeks after peak vaccination of that age class, starting in the elderly age groups then working through successively younger age groups in line with the vaccine rollout timeline. 

Professor Ennos discusses his damning analysis with Mark Steyn here

12.   Most children and young people are at negligible risk from Covid but for callous political, not health reasons, they are being coerced into taking the dangerous vaccines. Are you aware that the UK government’s own data show clearly that the Covid vaccines are injuring and killing our children, explained in further detail here? Analysis of the data shows that a triple-vaccinated 11‑14 year old is 45 times more likely to die than an unvaccinated child. Cases of myocarditis are also soaring. 

Have you heard reports that orders for child-sized coffins in North America are running massively above normal since the Covid vaccination programme started? Have you heard the testimony of funeral director John O’Looney that his local hospital is covering up unprecedented numbers of baby deaths by shipping them directly to crematorium? 

A letter with a large number of expert signatories has been drafted by the Children’s Covid Vaccine Advisory Council appealing to the next Prime Minister to pause the vaccine rollout for children

13.   Are you aware of the huge numbers of injuries and deaths among athletes after they took the Covid vaccine, also covered by Joel Smalley

14.   Can you hazard a guess as to why in three small Scandinavian countries, almost 8,000 people have suffered disastrous neurological events within 28 days of receiving the Covid vaccine? 

15.   Do you agree that it is nothing short of criminal that the UK and Scottish governments are planning an autumn programme of Covid vaccinations for the over-50s and others despite all the clear evidence that the vaccines are unsafe and ineffective? 

As a politician of the SNP party which allows no dissent from the party line, in this case of pushing for never-ending mass vaccinations of the population with experimental, untested, dangerous and unnecessary vaccines, are you sure that you are not peronally enabling and endorsing a form of genocide, for all we know even mass sterilisation

See the shocking letter in this Joel Smalley post from an NHS whistleblower expressing grave concerns on this programme, opening with “There is now ample evidence that these vaccines have not worked from day one … people have died and many have been seriously injured by these experimental injections that were only ever approved for emergency use” and continuing in the same devastating vein. 

Data from Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials show that taking a booster raises rather than lowers the risk of Covid reinfection. This tallies with the recurring Covid infections I see among family and friends who are already boosted up to the eyeballs (ditto Covid tyrants Biden and Trudeau).  

By November 2021 I had concluded that the Covid vaccines were far too dangerous, as recorded in this slightly mis-edited paper. Many others are equally “hesitant” despite all the establishment propaganda and peer pressure to conform. The propagandist BBC recently claimed that only 8% of people were unvaccinated until Professor Norman Fenton proved that the figure was much higher, at the same time debunking various other aspects of the dishonest “plandemic” narrative. 

Our evil governments are facing the public with the unpalatable choice of potential serious injury or death from a dangerous and ineffective “booster” and the callous continuing ban on safe and effective early Covid treatments which could condemn yet more Covid sufferers to preventable death, with the twist that the vaccinated are now more likely to catch Covid than the unvaccinated. New health secretary Steve Barclay has already proved himself just as bad as his predecessors. 

Sadly, many of the general public still believe the government lies although there are signs that people are starting to vote with their feet to shun the vaccines. 

Our tyrannical governments have kept their technocratic vaccine passport systems at the ready to impose further coercion. If they were on the side of the people rather than of their globalist overlords they could end the “pandemic” very quickly if they really wanted to, but they obviously don’t want to. 

We need to stop complying! We need to resist unlawful coercions against our inalienable rights. The link is to a 16‑minute scientific demolition of the establishment’s Covid narrative by Dr Dolores Cahill which I believe gives “connect the dots” support to the questions I have posed. 

16.   Have you heard reports, e.g. here and here, that insurance companies may decline cover to airline pilots who have taken the Covid vaccine? This seems quite plausible in view of the risk of sudden collapse or death in mid-flight, as with footballers nowadays collapsing on the pitch. Quantas recently admitted (question 8 parody) that their schedule disruptions are because sickness among their pilots is double what it was pre-Covid. They were forced to take the Covid vaccine to keep their jobs. 

Isn’t it telling that four healthy BA pilots died in one week in June 2021 in mid-vaccine rollout? Do you agree it is clear evidence of global conspiracy that this and such shocking news that the number of airline pilot deaths has increased massively since 2020 has not been reported by the MSM? 

17.   Do you agree that WEF boss Klaus Schwab is a liar when he blatantly asserts in broken English, amusingly parodied by Mark Steyn, that “Nobody will be safe if not everybody is vaccinated“? Mark Steyn’s stats man agrees that Schwab is talking nonsense. Needless to say, Schwab is also a climate change fanatic. He wants to phase out private car ownership and force gasoline (petrol) prices even higher. 

Do you agree that vaccine fanatic pants on fire” Bill Gates is a liar when he asserts that “the shots are safe”? Joel Smalley certainly agrees. Needless to say, Gates is also a climate change fanatic

Near unlimited wealth seems to have turned multi-billionaire Gates into a psychopath. Do you not worry that he and his creepy wife (now ex-wife, maybe after she found out about his dealings with Epstein) appear to be planning to unleash something much worse than Covid on us – he has genocidal history on vaccines – when he says with a smirk “We have to prepare for the next pandemic, that one will certainly get the attention”? This from a man who can’t even look after his own health.  

Do you agree that the power and influence of these unaccountable, unqualified psychopaths (e.g. funding the corrupt WHO, the censoring media, the stonewalling MHRA, vaccine-promoting GAVI, fear-mongering Neil Ferguson, biased “fact checkers” …) needs to be drastically curtailed, preferably by locking them up in jail for crimes against humanity? 

18.   Do you accept that the needless, pointless, dangerous and self-harming war of distraction in Ukraine being pushed by the deranged Biden and his globalist backers is a disaster and that peace negotiations should be started as soon as possible? 

19.   Do you accept that the recent hysteria over a couple of days of localised hot weather in mid-summer is a clear sign that the bought-and-paid-for MSM, the Met Office and other “climate change” fanatics know that their precious Net Zero is facing a long-overdue comeuppance from the general public? 

Are you aware of the recent GWPF analysis warning that pursuing Net Zero will turn Europe including the UK into “a trivial and incapable backwater”? See also the lunacy of National Grid’s wishful thinking.  

I easily debunked the climate change scam with a few simple facts in this recent paper. Do you accept that you have barely scratched the surface of your pointless unilateral attempt to “tackle climate change”, never mind Net Zero by 2045, at the horrendous cost of a pending UK energy price cap rise to about £2,000 a year more than the already-high 2019 level?  

The last time I checked, in another open letter sent last January to you and others, fuel poverty here in relatively chilly Highland region was a shocking 33%. I hate to think what the level will be by next winter, coupled with inflation now approaching 10%.  

Do you agree that failure to abandon lunatic Net Zero, which now includes attacks on farmers to create deliberate food shortages, see hereherehere and here, will confirm that it is a wilful Malthusian plot (ref. Club of Rome 1991: “the real enemy is humanity itself”) to impoverish, de-industrialise and de-populate, being pushed through by “useful idiot” puppet politicians on behalf of their psychopathic globalist overlords? 

20.   Finally, the question at the nub of the above skulduggeries. Do you agree that you and the entire political class have, at callously-disregarded massive collateral damage cost, dragged out the Covid scare since summer 2020 when UK Covid deaths all but disappeared in order to try to administer the unnecessary and dangerous Covid vaccines to the entire population? 

That mass vaccination was purportedly done as a public health measure but “plandemically” it was done for the population-enslaving ulterior motive explained by Reiner Fuellmich in his “crimes against humanity” mock trial to get everyone hooked on vaccine passports which will morph into social credit digital IDs ready for the WEF/UN/Big Money “Great Reset”. 


My twenty questions prove that the entire Covid narrative has been a pack of lies. No government could create such a calamitous mess just by being panicked, incompetent or stupid, never mind almost all governments all around the world acting in lockstep.  

I stand to be corrected on this but you and most of your politician colleagues are complicit (here is a rare exception) in the terrible abuse inflicted on the general public as asserted by the above questions, either by directly voting for these irresponsible and often criminal measures or by neglecting to speak out against them. According to the Nuremberg Code, failure to speak out to prevent harm is no different from actually committing harm. 

You were wrong on Covid, wrong on climate change and wrong on the war in Ukraine, all three issues weaponised by the globalist establishment in pursuit of their evil anti-human agenda (a Neil Oliver monologue). As an SNP MP you have also been tiresomely wrong on your puerile Scottish independence “neverendum”, inflicted on us by Cameron’s folly. You should be ashamed of yourself and your fellow politicians for the damage you have done to the country. 

Our craven, treasonous politicians are waging an undeclared war against the general public on behalf of their globalist overlords, including Orwellian powers of repression and control via a swath of new legislation. We are facing unprecedented political tyranny and Malthusian oppression but sadly many people are still not even aware of this. Hopefully this email will help to open a few more eyes before our lives are totally wrecked. 

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 30 July 2022 

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M. Davies
M. Davies
8 days ago

WOW! Absolutely brilliant.

Gerald Shaw
Gerald Shaw
8 days ago

BRAVO! Mr. Brodie. Your tenacity, moral courage and uprightness are second to none Sir. You remind me of the Late Robin Cook, and all without once mentioning the word “immigrant” much to the chagrin of Douglass Ross no doubt.

8 days ago

What can one say?
It was from my understanding of Bible prophecy that I learned democracy would bring about the wicked people in power up here in Scotland, and for that matter, the rest of the corrupt western democracies.
The last time I voted was over 20 years ago, my God given conscience wouldn’t allow me back then, and how much worse have things got since?
These evil western democratic despots will have to face their Maker one day-be assured of that!
Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, saith the Lord. Romans 12:19.

Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918) Ex head of Scotland Yard said it right; “The full and final development of democracy will be despotism.”

We are in those days.

8 days ago

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Geoff Wethersett
Geoff Wethersett
7 days ago

Excellent letter ! 100% correct and well composed ! There has been mind boggling behavior of the worst kind from all these politicians and individuals like GATES, BORLA, SWABB, FAUCI, SOROS ETC. A trail of lies, deceit, misrepresentation, coercion ,huge Pharma and MSM corruption and corporate profit. We are drowning in a sea of disgusting EVIL INTENT with DEPOPULATION and technologic control and the dismantling of NATURE as main objectives. I still cringe when I keep seeing the use of this word “VACCINE”. I know that it is convenient but remains extremely misleading and WRONG ! We need to replace it permanently ( in the case of covid anyway) with a term or phrase that unmistakable conveys it’s true nature. How about the Gates Poison or The Covid Depopulator or how about the DEVIL ‘s JUICE ?

kriss P Bacon
kriss P Bacon
7 days ago

Thank you

kriss P Bacon
kriss P Bacon
7 days ago

Thank-you Douglas Brodie. You have crystalized the concerns that so many of have had since the very beginning of this “pandemic”. Of greatest concern is the statistics provided by PHScotland on “Excess Mortality”
Never- the -less lets not worry  My recollection is that Professor Jason Leitch our National Clinical Director, who is not a doctor by the way, his advice was, if you have an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccine (if my memory serves me right), “to take two paracetamol, a fish supper, give it a rub and you’d be ok in the morning”.
The Professor’s advice has shown to be very efficacious and we should adhere to his sage like advice.
Good luck.

Reply to  kriss P Bacon
7 days ago

Jason Leitch may well have given that advice after the jab, but Boy! wasn’t he was instrumental in getting us all jabbed, including pregnant women, babies…a truly wicked man!

7 days ago

Been sending emails like this to my MP for two years….result…they are not bothered. When the push comes they will round us up and put us in the 5 new prison re-education centres around the UK. At some point I fully expect them to show their true colours. Democracy is dead.

Paul Prichard
Paul Prichard
7 days ago

Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2022-07-27. Fully jabbed 94% of COVID-19 Deaths in May. Nano metamaterial antennas. Inoculated against group think (blog, gab, tweet).

John Blundell
John Blundell
7 days ago

Forwarded to my MP Guy Opperman

7 days ago

People such as myself love being vindicated by articles like this intelligent/aware Rhoda, however, think so many people are now awake to this stuff, we need to move on to the true agenda.

Don’t think i’ve posted a link to the New Dawn magazine before, i discovered it at the library back in ’93, it’s a serious truth forum for many perspectives. All their back issue articles are available in topics for free, they post n change links on their front page to useful stuff frequently.

I am a paid subscriber to them as they post crucial stuff regularly. Here’s a link:

Reply to  Demeter02
7 days ago

Also, what i think is crucial, they are cookie free too. A real search for truth site.

Reply to  Demeter02
7 days ago

Why i’m a strong vegetarian who believes causing harm, let alone unnecessary death against good principles, is i’ve experienced *pets* who are obviously true living souls.

Undoubtedly most perceived animals are just artifacts of the simulation i think we live in but many are true living souls who chose to experience something different.

Anything that causes unnecessary suffering or death, should be anathema to true humanity in my opinion.

Reply to  Demeter02
7 days ago

P.S My term for collective existence is PlanetMates, whether or not people believe in a global or flat earth.

Personally don’t believe either is true, just makes it easier for for most people to understand.

Reply to  Demeter02
7 days ago

Sad to say the vast majority of people want answers to be simple, which is what the filth live for.

The truth is complex and needs to be learned, sadly the majority of people have been dumbed down, hopefully not to the point of uselessness. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings n i ain’t even warming up!

Reply to  Demeter02
6 days ago

Blow it! My last 3 comments were relevant to another article, mistakenly put them here. Apologies, this is a great article and obviously you must frequently post articles covering familiar terrain to seasoned users, they might be important discoveries for newbies.

Glen Garry
Glen Garry
7 days ago

What outcome are you anticipating? We need to stop bleating like sheep coralled in a pen outside the abattoir and collectively take positive action such as a legal challenge through the Scottish/UK/European/Supreme Court (Nuremberg 2); if nothing else this will expose the Court as a complicit agent of crime against humanity. Short of a full scale rebellion “Just say No” – little is going to change. We know who the cabal are but we are fearful and scared of outing them – they’ve been orchestrating the show for centuries and we’ve all danced to their tune – we still are.

Reply to  Glen Garry
6 days ago

You have nailed it bang on! Indeed, that is a masterpiece! We are, to all intents and purposes “bleating like sheep corralled in a pen outside the abattoir”! A very apt and prophetic statement!
If you would look around on this ere site (and others) you would soon learn that “we the people” (Oh how I hate that mantra!) are in great disunity so how does a disorganised “we the people” fight against a cabal that is fully united and organised in its satanic endeavours? I would sure like to know!
As for Nuremberg 2, Scottish/UK/European/Supreme courts, have you not heard that there is such a thing as an “unjust judge” Luke 18. The courts are absolutely full of them!

Ferd III
Ferd III
6 days ago

Sent many similar letters to my MP, and others – result. Nothing. They don’t care. They follow ‘the science’ itself fake and fraudulent like everything about Rona. My MP has threatened me for being ‘anti-vaxx’ a position she ‘will not tolerate’ (she stated this in writing). Pharma bought many of them as well as the MHRA, NHS, Fake News etc etc. The Convict Gov’t of idiot boy Doris Johnson and his WEF replacement cannot possible criticise the Stab rollouts given that they trumpet this as their most important legacy. LDs won’t be criticised by the same Convict party for obvious political reasons. Few in the Convict party opposed LDs or the Stabs. They are now rolling out Jag #5….and stabbing the children for Christ sake. Church of the Covidiots applaud.

Until the mass of the population recovers their senses (unlikely), until the unibrow Totalitarians in the Convict and Labtard parties are destroyed in elections (unlikely), until millions hit the streets as we did in April/May 2021 in London (unlikely), until millions stop paying their taxes, their El Beeb license (unlikely) and until 35 million or more decide never to comply again (possible, but once the fear porn starts, unlikely), than this shit show never ends (mutates by random chance into climate etc etc).

What Rona should teach you is 1-60% or more of the population is just f*ing stupid and selfish (they jab to travel, to go to events etc etc not to save Granny) and 2-The State is a totalitarian melange of undemocratic, globalist interests who would dearly love to depop the globe.

Reply to  Ferd III
5 days ago

Keep the faith Ferd III, doubt things have ever looked more dire but the amazing amount of people i see opening their eyes at last, heartens me.

This great ‘Awakening’ is what’s making the filth go for broke as they’re in panic mode. They wanted to do the boiling frog approach and acclimatise us to their system, which is a fate worse than death but the awakening of so many has made them turn kamikaze.

The inhumanity and sheer ugliness of what they want to impose could well be their undoing in my opinion. So much suffering and death is still nearly inevitable but the evil system that was prior to the fakedemic is gone, no going back to it. Truly hard on us living through it but it had to be destroyed, one way or another. I believe we live in a simulation/rpg where our choices are crucial, if enough of us shout No! It’s game over. Others view it differently but think we hope for a similar outcome.