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Young children should not be vaccinated with any type of smallpox vaccine, says Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

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Vaccination of vulnerable groups (sexual minority communities) against monkeypox is likely to accelerate the adaptive evolution of monkeypox in highly Covid vaccinated populations. It could thereby raise the incidence of (severe) monkeypox disease in vulnerable subsets of non-Covid vaccinated individuals and ignite multi-country epidemics of monkeypox in non-Covid vaccinated animal and human populations that are immunologically naïve to orthopoxvirus, wrote Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. 

Additionally, no child should be vaccinated with any of the current Covid “vaccines” and no young child should be vaccinated with any type of smallpox vaccine.

“The current monkeypox pandemic is to be considered an indirect consequence of the unfortunate Covid mass vaccination program and does not yet constitute a public health emergency of international concern … The monkeypox vaccination campaigns that are currently kicked off are not only likely to have a detrimental impact on individual health (particularly in Covid unvaccinated children and vulnerable people) but should also be considered at risk of provoking a true public health emergency of international concern.”

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Monkeypox, 5 August 2022

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The text below has been extracted from a much lengthier article written by Dr. Vanden Bossche simply titled ‘Monkeypox’.  Read the full article HERE.

Pandemics typically occur with pathogens that cause so-called acute self-limiting infection, meaning that they have the potential to spread asymptomatically before inducing a type of natural immunity that prevents productive infection upon subsequent exposure and, therefore, generates herd immunity.

As the spread of monkeypox is now particularly expanding in countries with high Covid vaccine coverage rate and as acute self-limiting viral disease-enabling viruses that are predominantly transmitted through close contact do not spread rapidly, there must be a link between the type of population-level immunity in highly Covid vaccinated populations and the rapid expansion in the prevalence of monkeypox cases.

It’s also important to note that—so far— monkeypox disease symptoms in these populations have been rather ‘mild’ and predominantly manifest in individuals from the gay and bisexual male community. This already suggests that sexual contact, especially when the latter is at risk of traumatising the skin or mucosa (e.g., in case of anogenital intercourses), facilitates symptomatic monkeypox infection.

Replication-competent versus replication-incompetent vaccines

Populations aged under 50 years old have not been vaccinated in the past against smallpox. This smallpox vaccine uses live attenuated, replication-competent cowpox (vaccinia) virus and largely protects against monkeypox disease.

Several countries are now about to start vaccination campaigns targeted at people who are at risk of contracting monkeypox disease using live attenuated, replication-incompetent smallpox vaccine. Both, individuals from sexual minority communities engaging in high-risk sexual behaviours for monkeypox infection and close contacts of monkeypox cases (including very young children, pregnant women, elderly or immunocompromised individuals) are eligible for monkeypox vaccination.

Read more: Monkeypox multi-country outbreak, Rapid Risk Assessment, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 23 May 2022

Live attenuated, replication-incompetent orthopox (e.g., smallpox) vaccines prime virus-neutralising antibodies in the vast majority of both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals (i.e., individuals under 50 years old).  However, unlike live attenuated replication-competent orthopox vaccines, they do not train cell-based innate immunity. There can be no doubt that vaccination in the context of more infectious circulating monkeypox variants will further promote natural selection and dominant propagation of even more infectious immune escape variants and thereby allow monkeypox to evolve into a human pathogen exhibiting an even higher level of infectiousness (comparable to smallpox?).  This situation is reminiscent of that which has been responsible for driving the adaptative evolution of more infectious SARS-CoV-2 variants following Covid mass vaccination campaigns.

The evolutionary dynamics of monkeypox will only be expedited when vaccine coverage rates grow; they could eventually modify the current mode and course of chain of monkeypox transmission such as to asymptomatically spread to all parts of a homogenously mixed, highly Covid vaccinated population. This would increase the risk of Covid unvaccinated subjects contracting monkeypox disease. Because of asymptomatic transmission, highly Covid vaccinated populations would serve as a human reservoir of more infectious monkeypox immune escape variants.

Previous vaccination with smallpox (i.e., cowpox) vaccines will likely improve protection from monkeypox disease in the non-Covid-vaccinated but not in the Covid vaccinated

While recall of antibodies induced by vaccination against smallpox virus in the past will provide an additional layer of natural immunity in the unvaccinated, repetitive recall of spike-specific infection-enhancing antibodies in Covid vaccinated individuals by circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants will allow the latter to outcompete other glycosylated pathogens for internalisation into mucosa-resident dendritic cells, thereby reducing or potentially even preventing recall of previously smallpox vaccine-induced antibodies.

This would imply that older (over 45-50 years old) Covid unvaccinated individuals are likely to benefit from their smallpox vaccination in the past whereas their Covid vaccinated peers may not. However, as already mentioned, the infection can be expected to be largely asymptomatic/ mild in the vast majority of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in highly Covid-vaccinated populations, even in the absence of previous smallpox vaccination.

No child should be vaccinated against monkeypox during this Covid pandemic

Vaccination with replication-incompetent orthopoxvirus-based vaccines of highly Covid vaccinated (sub)populations is not only going to drive the expansion of more infectious monkeypox variants but will also have the same detrimental effect as Covid vaccines in children: the continuous recall of vaccinal anti-monkeypox antibodies (by circulating, more infectious monkeypox variants) will keep the innate antibodies on the sideline and could thereby predispose the child to immunopathologies.

But even replication-competent smallpox vaccines can put the child’s health at risk. Akin to all other live attenuated, replication-competent vaccines (e.g., childhood vaccines), these vaccines are known to come with a risk of side effects: 

Health complications can occur after receiving the vaccine, and the risk of experiencing serious side effects must be weighed against the risk of experiencing a potentially fatal smallpox infection.

The vaccine may cause myocarditis and pericarditis, which are inflammation and swelling of the heart and surrounding tissues and can be very serious. Based on clinical studies, myocarditis and/or pericarditis occur in 1 in 175 adults who get the vaccine for the first time.

ACAM2000 (Smallpox Vaccine) Questions and Answers, US Food and Drug Administration

In the past, between 14 and 52 people out of every 1 million people vaccinated for the first time experienced potentially life-threatening reactions.

it is estimated that 1 to 2 people out of every 1 million people vaccinated could die as a result of life-threatening reactions to the vaccine.

Side Effects of Smallpox Vaccination, US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

The risk of severe disease may significantly increase when these live attenuated, replication-competent orthopoxvirus-based vaccines are administered to Covid-vaccinated children. Spike-directed antibodies are thought to sideline the child’s innate immune antibodies and thereby prevent NK cell-mediated innate immune recognition of host cells infected by glycosylated viruses (including pox viruses). This may enable live attenuated, replication-competent orthopoxvirus (e.g., vaccinia virus) comprised within the vaccine to blow through the child’s first line of immune defence and cause (severe) monkeypox disease.

Stated bluntly, vaccination of young children against monkeypox is at risk of provoking life-threatening disease.

No child should be vaccinated with any of the current Covid vaccines and no non-Covid-vaccinated young child should be vaccinated with any type of smallpox vaccine. This is because the replication-competent vaccines may cause (severe) monkeypox disease in these young children whereas the replication-incompetent vaccines put them at risk of contracting immunopathologies.

In the video below, Dr. Vanden Bossche and Dr. Paul Elias Alexander discuss the Covid injections, monkeypox vaccines, innate immunity in children and why Covid injections must not be given to children.

Click on the image below to watch the video on Rumble.

Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche:
Covid and monkeypox vaccines, innate immunity and why children shouldn’t get Covid vaccines, 17 August 2022 (36 mins)
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Jayna Dinnyes
Jayna Dinnyes
1 year ago

IMPO (In My Prayerful Opinion!) no child or adult should
now be vaccinated ever. STAY WELL NATURALLY!
I post publicly and freely on MeWe.

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1 year ago

[…] – Young children should not be vaccinated with any type of smallpox vaccine, says Dr. Geert Vanden Bos… […]