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A Reality Check of Climate Feedback’s “Fact Check” Shows How Detached from Reality Supporters of Thermogeddon Have Become

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The Daily Sceptic‘s recent article on the World Climate Declaration (“WCD”) attracted a green-activist “fact check,” and on that flimsy basis was labelled “false information” by Facebook.

In that article, The Daily Sceptic reported that scientists across the world had declared there was no climate emergency.  Adding that the assertions that humans cause most or all climate change and that the science behind this claim is “settled” have been dealt a savage blow by the WCD.

“Our story on the WCD went viral on social media, and is one of the most widely read articles we have ever published,” The Daily Sceptic wrote in a follow-up article.

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Both The Daily Sceptic’s article and the WCD have now been branded “incorrect” by the green activist blog Climate Feedback.  Despite the lead signatory of the WCD being Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever who is followed by over 1,100 scientists and professionals.  And despite no fewer than 235 professors signing the Declaration.

Just one of the ludicrous claims made by the Climate Feedback blog’s guest editor, John Doherty, was: “Natural (non-human) drivers of climate change have been mostly stable since the onset of modern warming and all the available scientific evidence implicates human greenhouse gas emissions as the primary culprit.”

To claim that the climate has not undergone any natural change for almost 200 years is nonsense, wrote The Daily Sceptic. Not a scrap of evidence can be submitted to back up this proposition, and it flies in the face of all climate science. The climate has changed on Earth since gas first made an appearance in the atmosphere. Climate Feedback’s claim is in fact a denial of climate change.

As is true with all activists, when the message cannot be truthfully debunked then “attack the messenger” is one of their go-to tactics.  And so, a great deal of social media criticism of the WCD is reserved for the signatories. However, the signatories’ skills and interests range over many disciplines including pure science, such as chemistry and physics, along with useful related fields such as geology and paleoclimatology. As The Daily Sceptic clearly demonstrates in their article, these attempted slurs have backfired.

Finally, the “fact check” blog disputes the statement in the WCD that there is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying weather events as it is at odds with the most recent IPCC report.

However, The Daily Sceptic points out that the IPCC summary for policymakers has recently been criticised as “government-dictated findings”. Professors William Happer and Richard Lindzen of Princeton and MIT respectively, laid that charge, noting that an IPCC rule states that all summaries must be approved by governments. “Climate science is awash with manipulated data, which provides no reliable scientific evidence,” they said.

Academics around the world are becoming increasingly frustrated and angry at the politicisation of science in the interest of promoting the command-and-control Net Zero agenda. The science is not settled – far from it. The WCD is a powerful fightback and is attracting worldwide interest and debate. This latest so-called fact check from Climate Feedback is just a recitation of a political narrative.

Read the full article, ‘Bizarre ‘Fact Check’ of World Climate Declaration Claims No Natural Climate Change For Almost 200 Years’ published in The Daily Sceptic HERE.

Who is Climate Feedback?

Science Feedback is a non-profit organisation registered in France.  It encompasses Climate Feedback and Health Feedback.

Health Feedback is a member of the World Health Organisation’s Vaccine Safety Net.  While Science Feedback’s partners are Facebook and Tiktok.

Science Feedback received funding from Google News Initiative in 2020 to build a database of “fact-checks” and of websites that spread misinformation the most.  The reality is: Climate Feedback, if Doherty’s blog is anything to go by, should be one of the first listed in their database.

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5 months ago

[…] The Daily Sceptic‘s recent article on the World Climate Declaration (“WCD”) attracted a green-activist “fact check,” and on that flimsy basis was labelled “false information” by Facebook. In that article, The Daily […] Source link […]

4 months ago

policy based evidence making (great reset)
evidence based policy making (Enlightenment)

4 months ago

Of course those who are informed know Facebook’s supposed ‘Fact-Checkers’ are only opinion, admitted by none other than.. themselves – in court (Stossel’s lawsuit) but unfortunately many will accept their “debunking” of a particular post and its containing statements.. as FACTUAL. Though the fact ‘climate change’ has become a synonym for.. “fossil fuels & humans are a plague and must be irradiated to save the planet” I guess there’s little point in arguing over whether “climate change” is real. In the real world it’s called.. weather.

Reply to  Lancer
4 months ago

“irradiated”? Freidan slip there. Perhaps that’s what they’d like to do in eradicating us.

Reply to  Lancer
4 months ago

Can’t even spell Freudian either by the looks 😉

Barbara H
Barbara H
4 months ago

The gov’t does not “follow the science” , it makes up its own science & or changes definitions to suit its own narrative & agenda. Fake news follows their que & social media censors for them to bury the truth. They are not fact checkers, just paid opinionated puppets