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Things You Should Know about Traditional Vaccines

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Things you should know about vaccination – all vaccinations, before the onslaught of experimental Covid gene therapy drugs misbranded as “vaccines”: some traditional vaccinations kill and maim more people than the diseases they are supposed to prevent; essential research into vaccine safety is not done; many vaccines are woefully ineffective; doctors who speak out against vaccination are struck off the medical register; and, corporate media and their internet allies will not allow debates about vaccination.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

You should know these things about vaccination:

  1. No one else will tell you this, but some traditional vaccinations kill and maim more people than the diseases they are supposed to prevent. Historically, the evidence is clear (as I have shown in my books). American statistics also prove this. In some cases, illnesses were conquered by other means (e.g., better living conditions) before vaccines became available.
  2. Essential research into vaccine safety is not done. No tests are done to see how different vaccines inter-react – or may inter-react with prescription medicines or medicines bought from the pharmacy. No one knows just how much damage is done by vaccination programmes.
  3. Billions of dollars have been paid out to patients who have been injured by vaccines. And yet doctors and politicians claim that vaccines are perfectly safe.
  4. Many vaccines are woefully ineffective – in addition to producing side effects. When I was a GP I never met a doctor who had the annual flu jab.
  5. Every doctor I know of who has spoken out against vaccination has been struck off the medical register – usually for doubtful reasons. (I have not been struck off but I am retired.) There is nothing more likely to result in a doctor’s professional ruin than speaking out against vaccination. The profession will forgive doctors who sleep with their patients, who abuse alcohol or drugs or who prescribe in a dangerous way. But those who question vaccination (particularly childhood vaccination programmes) are never forgiven.
  6. The media (including the internet) has been instructed not to allow any debate or discussion of vaccination side effects, dangers or shortcomings. No one will debate vaccination with me anymore. The BBC refuses to allow any discussion of vaccination and will not allow anyone questioning vaccination onto its programmes ‘whether they are right or wrong’. On the internet, articles questioning the effectiveness or safety of vaccination are suppressed. I’m a Sunday Times bestselling author with over two million books sold in the UK and books translated into 25 languages. But when over 600 copies of my book on vaccination (Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying) were sent out to newspapers and magazines, not one review was ever published. Some publications were so terrified by the book that instead of selling it (as is customary with review copies) they sent it back to me.
  7. I have been threatened, lied about and fired because of my campaigning. My phones are tapped. My website has been hacked into on many occasions (one website alone is hacked over 3,000 times a month) and destroyed twice. I’ve been threatened with lawsuits more times than I can remember. I’ve had private detectives nosing into my life and process servers banging on my door. One writ server from drug companies brought so much paperwork he had to put it through the cat flap – it wouldn’t go through the letter box. And there was one threatened `hit’ which Interpol thought serious enough to merit investigation. There is an old Japanese saying: “The nail that sticks out gets pounded down” which seems appropriate.

Vernon Coleman’s book ‘Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying’ is available as a paperback and an eBook.

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1 year ago

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Jayna Dinnyes
Jayna Dinnyes
1 year ago

They have been reported as being responsible for causing “crib death”
and autism. SHAME ON BIG PHARMA and their Nazi-style poisons!
Survive and stay well naturally! I post publicly and freely on MeWe.

A Truth About Vaccines.png
1 year ago

Agree with you, except for one point. Are you aware of the technique to “isolate” these so called pathogenic viruses? How can one isolate the pathological element by mixing it with a soup of bovine calf serum,antibiotics,green monkey kidney cells etc? Koch and Rivers were no fools. And yet there is not one virus isolated as to the general term “isolation”. I guess I have the advantage of not being educated (indoctrinated) by formal med school.
No offence intended. Illness can come from many angles. RF is another.
BTW, Dr. Mike Yeadon has recently jumped from the germ theory ship, I ascertain from his recent comment that he is unsure of the existence of any respiratory virus.
I did not come to join, but to divide.(tares from the wheat) Pretty sure that was God talking.

1 year ago

I read somewhere a few years ago that the diseases that vaccines were ‘designed’ to protect you from were deliberately created and released to create a market demand for the vaccines. I would suspect this is probably not untrue.

9 months ago

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