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China: How Sharing Images of Freedom Protests on Social Media Blocks Health QR Codes

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On the popular Chinese social media platform, Weibo, hundreds of desperate users were writing “confession letters” this past week.  They are urgent pleas from people who have been banned from the Tencent-owned super app WeChat – begging representatives to restore their accounts on a service that has become an almost indispensable part of life in China.

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“I have been in a terrible mental state due to the massive pressure from recent pandemic prevention measures. I lost my control, and sent sensitive statements in a group chat with six people,” one user wrote. “I have profoundly realised my mistake. I hope Tencent can give me a chance to start with a clean slate. I won’t let down the party and the country.” The message was posted with a special hashtag for “Tencent Customer Service.”

Messages like this, which surged on Thursday, vary in substance but share urgent pleas from users who have been banned from the Tencent-owned super app WeChat – begging company representatives to restore their social accounts on a service that has become an almost indispensable part of life in China. While the hashtags themselves aren’t new, they were flooded late in the week after WeChat reportedly banned a large number of users. Those affected believe it was because they had discussed a rare political protest in Beijing ahead of the historic 20th Communist Party Congress, which started on Sunday.

It all started on Thursday afternoon, two days before the high-profile Communist Party Congress. when a protester hung banners on an overpass in the capital city that called for removing pandemic control measures and instating democratic reforms. “Say no to Covid test, yes to food. No to lockdown, yes to freedom,” part of one banner reads. “Go on strike, remove the dictator and national traitor Xi Jinping,” reads another.

WION: China censors Beijing from social media, banners calling the President a dictator go viral online,
15 October 2022 (6 mins)


The timing right before the party congress – as well as the highly sensitive act of mentioning the name of the Chinese president, who was expected to clinch an unprecedented third term at the meeting – has made discussion of the event tightly censored on Chinese social media.

On Weibo, any user content that includes words like “Beijing,” “bridge,” and “brave” are restricted from being searched. Apple Music’s Chinese version removed a song named “Sitong Bridge,” presumably only because the name refers to the place where the protest happened.

This censorship extends to WeChat, the dominant messaging app with over 1.2 billion global users, the majority of whom live in China. Users soon realised that just posting a picture of the event, even in a private group chat, could cause their accounts to be permanently banned.

Being banned from WeChat isn’t exactly a trivial matter. It has a significant practical impact on individuals, as they are now blocked from using the many digital services tied to their accounts, from health QR codes to online subscriptions. It takes days, if not weeks, to re-establish their digital connections with a new account. By holding people’s access to digital services hostage, the government was able to obstruct the spread of information and increase its control.

The mass suspension also has an effect on society as a whole: the latest example of how swiftly China’s censorship machine works to silence dissent will only further chill these voices in the future. Protests like the latest one are already rare in China today, and many people won’t ever learn it happened.

Read the full article on Up My Tech HERE.

Featured image: Anger at China’s zero-Covid policy is rising, but Beijing refuses to change course, CNN

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M. Dowrick
M. Dowrick
11 months ago

It wouldn’t’ take much for the dark web, the dark forces to undermine the Chinese regime. Question is why aren’t they? Every country sitting on the sidelines witnessing the mandatory brutal lock up of millions of Chinese. Not one word of criticism from anyone. Hmmmm I can see just how benevolent places like the USA, UK and the EU really are. But here in the UK the people and gov’t are falling over themselves to send weapons, and cash to our “friends” in the Ukraine. The Ukraine? The third most corrupt country in the world after the USA and the UK😂😂

Reply to  M. Dowrick
11 months ago

Most people are still not realising that China, Russia, US, EU etc are not enemies as far as their respective governments are concerned. They are all ruled by the same globalists. It’s all theatre and eventually they will succeed bringing the entire world’s population together under one tyrannical rule if people don’t wake up. Have it not occurred to people that China is communists as is Russia, EU and US? It’s glaringly obvious what they are doing for decades. The globalists are descendants of Phoenicians btw. They never went extinct.

raj patel
raj patel
Reply to  Names
11 months ago

That makes sense – it’s all theatre to keep the world’s population divided and easier to control. The good news is that since the plandemic hundreds of millions of people globally, now realise what is at stake and the push back has started and is gaining momentum daily.

Reply to  raj patel
11 months ago

As long as humans fight each others – Christians against Muslims against Jews, or black against white, or Americans against Russians –
they leave those alone who are the real culprits, who are controlling the puppets, who instigate the masses.
These are dark demonic forces, aliens that have come to this planet thousands of years ago, and who have secretely infiltrated all levels of society, and who serve their dark overlord Satan.
They hate humans, they hate the entire creation on this planet. They are the masterminds behind the plandemic and the vaccinations, behind transhumanism, 5G, chemtrails and all.
Not Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab, who are far too dumb for that.
The evilness behind these plans far exceeds anything that a human would be capable of.

These alien entities are the ones we must identify and fight.

Jayna Dinnyes
Jayna Dinnyes
Reply to  Aluna
11 months ago

No. No aiens from other planets! Possibly evil angels who fell with Lucifer to earth roughly 6000 years ago. Please “connect the dots!” It’s the evil Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy causing the wars, plagues, and much disaster in this world. I post publicly and freely on MeWe.

A Picture of The Vatican
Reply to  Jayna Dinnyes
11 months ago

Where is the difference ? Whether you call them demons, fallen angels or evil aliens, it’s the same.
And who says that in the evil dimensions there are not planets or stars.
Just look at Saturn and its storm at the North Pole. That is one planet with a very evil frequency.

11 months ago

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