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It is a Lie to Say that Dementia Cannot Be Cured

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In recent days corporate media has been awash with the announcement of a new drug, lecanemab, to treat Alzheimer’s.  Yet again, corporate media are confused about dementia, Dr. Vernon Coleman said. This is because they get their information from drug companies. And, “it is a lie to say that dementia cannot be cured,” he said.

On Wednesday, The Guardian reported:

It is 20 years since the last drug for Alzheimer’s was licensed in the UK.

Alzheimer’s Research UK puts the cost of caring for people with dementia at more than £25bn a year. As the population ages, those numbers will increase. In the UK alone, estimates suggest that about 1.6 million people will be affected by dementia by 2050. [emphasis our own]

On the same day, the BBC reported: “The research breakthrough ends decades of failure and shows a new era of drugs to treat Alzheimer’s – the most common form of dementia – is possible.”

And, of course, corporate media’s marketing campaign would not be complete without the help of television personality Dr. Hillary Jones:

But not everyone hails lecanemab as the new “wonder drug.”  American website raised concerns that, apart from being very expensive, although the experimental dementia drug showed promise in a new trial it also raised concerns about safety and efficacy:

  • At 18 months, lecanemab helped clear more amyloid proteins and reduce cognitive and functional decline by 27 per cent.
  • However, the drug carried a far higher risk of adverse events such as brain swelling and brain bleeds.
  • The drug is up for FDA approval in early 2023. If approved it could cost between $9,249 and $35,605 per unit.

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Dementia is not the same as Alzheimer’s

By Vernon Coleman

Publicity for a new drug treatment for Alzheimer’s means that many in the mainstream media are again confused about dementia.

Because they get their information from drug companies, mainstream media journalists frequently make huge errors when writing or talking about medicine, diseases and drugs.

There are said to be 50 million people suffering from dementia worldwide. Half of all the patients admitted to nursing homes are said to be suffering from dementia.

But wrongly, the default diagnosis for dementia sufferers is Alzheimer’s.

Even the NHS has provided inaccurate information about dementia.

It is a lie to say that dementia cannot be cured.

In my book The Dementia Myth I point out that at least half the patients with dementia could be cured in a week or two. There are other important causes of dementia as well as Alzheimer’s.

My book The Dementia Myth is available via the bookshop.

I think you will find it helpful if anyone you know is suffering from dementia.

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6 months ago

Excellent article, thank you.

Jimmy Jukebox
Jimmy Jukebox
6 months ago

Not to be Nit Picky but I heard there are 4 stages of dementia / Alzheimer’s and curing it all depends on what stage you stage combating it.
I have read about the false hoods of how ya get diabetes and technically I heard diabetes is actually from a lack of sleep like around 4 to 5 hours a night.
And it has nothing at all to do with food.
The theory is by not getting enough sleep the body doesn’t make or produce serotonin and other vital stuff that the body needs to function.
I tested my theory by always asking a dieabetic how much sleep they get.
I’m just an average Joe not a Dr,
But so far every dieabetic I have asked always said they barely sleep or are lucky if they get 5 hours sleep.
Something to think about.

Philosopher Newport
Philosopher Newport
6 months ago

Coleman still perpetuates the Germ Theory fraud — still thinks bacteria are not janitors — still thinks viruses exist — still thinks symptoms are contagious. With that amount of idiocy, nothing he says is worth taking seriously. He is a professional fearmonger — that’s all he has ever been.

Philosopher Newport
Philosopher Newport
Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
6 months ago

Need I repeat myself? He perpetuates the heinous lie that viruses exist, and illnesses are contagious, do you dispute this? He perpetuates the Germ Theory. He perpetuates the vile LIE that synthetic chemicals called “medicines” are not toxic to biological bodies. Have you done ZERO research into health & medicines? Synthetic chemicals have NEVER been beneficial to biological bodies made with earth, water and sunshine. You obviously have no clue how badly we’ve been lied to by the medical industry and Big Pharma. Not even close. How long would it take you to watch a Dr. Tom Cowan video? Or a couple by Dr. Sam Bailey? Stefan Lanka? Andrew Kaufman? Amandha Vollmer? Can’t be bothered?

Katherine Hine
Katherine Hine
Reply to  Philosopher Newport
6 months ago

I tended to like Dr. Vernon, who always SEEMED sincere but I didn’t know about his ignoring the insane hyping of the germ theory,to which most people fall prey. However, to add to what you have already said, Philospher Newport, I would add the following: Every single one of the respondents who were served Notices last year containing verified statements that the germ theory had already been disproven by 19th century scientists and then, empirically by 20th century scientists, admitted to the truth of those statements even though they were admitting their own liabilities: – See the first Notice attached to the petition in Plaster v.DeWine. Approved opposition I fear will be our downfall.

6 months ago

My mother has dementia and I urged dad to ask if the tests were done. He doesn’t know and he doesn’t ask. Very hard to get the medical world to do all the necessary testing.

6 months ago

[…]  2. Prosince 2022 […]

Bill Brick
Bill Brick
6 months ago

The cure or shall I say preventative cure is fasting and just having lunch and an evening meal missing out breakfast which works for cancer prevention as well in at least 80%+ of cases.The only reason people in the Middle East have both these diseases although far lower than the Western civilisation is because they eat a lot of sugar

5 months ago

Thank you for exposing all the lies of the Elites. I cared for my Mum , who had alzheimer’s for 6 yrs and was put under a lot of pressure and criticism of my care because I found serious issues re medical advice. I feel I managed to slow down the progression of the disease, better than the claims of these new so called wonder drugs, and also got rid of four other diagnosed diseases with NO pharmaceuticals, including osteoporosis. The secret was bio-identical hormone supplements, exercise, company and a really health diet. Sadly, I lost care of Mum and, once back on conventional treatment, she went down hill quickly and died within 7 months from complications of a broken hip from falling out of bed.