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AstraZeneca Boss kneels before The Great Reset King

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Last Wednesday, Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca was knighted by World Economic Forum and Great Reset King Charles III at Windsor Castle.

The two men and Covid profiteering are no strangers.  In November 2021, then Prince Charles opened a new AstraZeneca research centre. Charles saw an exhibit on the pandemic and a demonstration of how augmented reality headsets can help with laboratory work, before hearing about the company’s “net zero” targets. Soriot accompanied Charles on a tour through the new facility.

Seven months later, Soriot – born and raised in France, a citizen of Australia and a doctor of veterinary medicine – was awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2022 for services to UK life sciences and the response to Covid. Last week Charles dished out the honours. 

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CEO of AstraZeneca gets knighted and says Vaccine concerns were Overblown’ republished from Naked Emperor

The AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine was approved for use in the UK on 30 December 2020. On 7 February, South Africa suspended the use of the vaccine because they said it provided minimal protection to young people. Was that the only reason?

By the beginning of March, various European Union (“EU”) countries started suspending the use of the vaccine because of blood clots. However, they said no causal link with vaccination had been shown.

Fortunately, Full Fact were on the case to tell us that the vaccine hadn’t been banned, merely temporarily stopped whilst waiting for a review. However, reading the published material that was available, it was obvious to everyone why they had stopped using it.

On 11 March 2021, the European Medicines Agency said the vaccine wasn’t the cause of the observed clotting issues. A few days later the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”), in the UK, said the same thing and after a few more days the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) repeated the same lines. In the meantime, shots kept going in arms.

It wasn’t until early April that the MHRA announced that the AstraZeneca vaccine wouldn’t be given to under 30s due to strengthening evidence of blood clots. Since then, it has unceremoniously disappeared completely in the UK. Instead, it has been shipped off around the world and billions of doses have been administered.

One of the types of blood clots is known as a thrombo-embolic event and occurs together with low levels of platelets. Officially, in the UK, there have been 445 cases of this type of clot with an 18% fatality. 81 people died according to government statistics including 7 in 18-29 yr. olds, 10 in 30-39 yr. olds, 17 in 40-49 yr. olds, 21 in 50-59 yr. olds, 11 in 60-69 yr. olds and 15 in over 70s.

Up to 23 November 2022, looking at the Yellow Card reporting system, which is similar to the VAERS system in the US, there have been 246,866 reports of suspected adverse drug reactions (“ADRs”) with the AstraZeneca vaccine. These reports include 874,912 suspected reactions – a single report may contain more than one symptom.

So, what did Mr. Soriot have to say about these ADRs and deaths after his knighting ceremony? According to the Inverness Courier, he said these concerns were “overblown by the media.” Tell that to the victim’s families and see if they think they are overblown, Mr. Soriot.

“Since then, new concerns have emerged with other vaccines – heart inflammation, etcetera.” Well, that’s all right then, the more the merrier!

“All of those issues are extremely rare but of course when you vaccinate billions of people, you’re going to have a few issues.” I think Mr. Soriot needs a word with his PR team! Tip no 1 – don’t call people dying “a few issues.”

Now that Mr. Soriot has saved us from Covid, he is on to the next scam – climate change. After being knighted he discussed the issue with the WEF King. “Each time I meet the King we talk about forestry, we talk about climate change,” he said.

“I work with the King in the SMI (Sustainable Markets Initiative) on climate change and carbon reduction, so today I talked to him about our commitment to planting millions of trees in Rwanda and also Uganda.”

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Let’s for one moment pretend that Covid was fairly lethal to young people and the AstraZeneca vaccine did a great job at saving all those young people who would have died. But, as Mr. Soriot says, with millions of people getting vaccinated, some will die. Even if that was the case, now is not the time to be knighting the CEO.

Now is not the time because on the same day Mr. Soriot was getting knighted another coroner recorded the death of a 27-year-old man due to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Jack Last, 27, from Stowmarket, was vaccinated on 30 March 2021 and a week later was admitted to hospital after experiencing headaches and sickness.

A scan on 10 April revealed a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) and he died 10 days later.

Senior coroner Nigel Parsley recorded a narrative conclusion at Suffolk Coroner’s Court.

He said: “Jack Last died of a blood clot to the brain, caused as a direct result of his body’s reaction to the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccination which he had received on March 30, 2021.”

The hearing in Ipswich was told engineer Mr Last was otherwise a “fit and well” man.

There doesn’t seem to be any self-awareness with these people, firstly to even offer the knighthood at this point in time and secondly to accept it.

If I had done something, however great it was, that directly led to 81 deaths, I would be in jail but as for others, they get knighted instead.

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9 months ago

Rhoda Wilson’s article is an astounding expose of The King rewarding a maker of a deadly drug that kills the subjects of the land. All in the name of democide?

In line with The King’s in your face insult is the activity of the WEF touting its program to infiltrate governments worldwide in a plan to overthrow those which, unlike the U.K., are not under total control of Globalists already.

Every WEF-groomed ‘young’ global leader who has now penetrated an office of government with the INTENT and PLAN to disrupt and end that government’s sovereignty in order to elevate the WEF and its backers to sole GLOBAL ONE WORLD ORDER RULE — every one of them needs to be arrested for treason and tried for treason.

This film –about 30 minutes in duration — is a MUST SEE and makes one understand that the spider’s web of covert corruption must be cut to shredsand swept away:
The Origins of America’s Secret Police: Ancient Roots of Occult Societies & Intelligence Operations (

9 months ago

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9 months ago

charlie should just do one, not many people like him anyway. I wonder how many kickbacks have gone on. Who the hell do these people think they are ?? As for this great reset and global warming anyone who believes this needs their head read

9 months ago

I no longer support the monarchy in this country. I’d like to see the back of them.

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
9 months ago

I like the photo of Rothschild poking his index finger into Charles’ chest as if saying, “Dont let that crown go to your head, sonny. We are still in charge”.


9 months ago

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9 months ago

Of course King Charles benefitted greatly after his mother, Queen Elizabeth, died less than 2 years after her first astra-zeneca vaccine shot given in Jan 2021:

She was perfectly healthy before this series of life changing covid vaccinations despite being in her 90’s. Until nov 2021, she hadn’t spent a night in the hospital in 8 years.

A year earlier in Nov 2020, there was a concern that she should step aside to allow Charles to take the throne but that she felt just fine to continue as she had been doing.

So these new experimental mRNA injections are not prolonging life, but ending life albeit in slow motion.

9 months ago

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