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Fact-checking The Guardian’s claim that “covid ushered in a vaccines golden era”

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As it stands, ordinary people are facing the combined efforts of an international cartel of commercial interests – media giants, big pharma, agrichemical industries, food processors, governments, academia, medical and military authorities – all 100% united behind our biotechnology future, come what may. They are rushing to introduce a raft of new drugs and vaccines that are far more invasive, experimental, and dangerous than anything we have ever been exposed to before.

This is exemplified in two recent articles published by The Guardian and regurgitated by Medscape.  Yesterday we highlighted the article published by Medscape which appeared to be delighted by the news that Moderna was seeking to expand its mRNA injections to “all sorts of disease areas.”  Granted, Medscape was quoting an article in The Guardian, which we know is part of the propaganda machine and whose reputation is in tatters, but what is disappointing is that Medscape, a web resource for physicians and health professionals, simply regurgitated the propaganda without making even the slightest hint as to the harms caused by or the dangers mRNA injections pose to humanity. 

Much to Medscape’s shame, Dr. Guy Hatchard gives some insight into the links between the author of The Guardian articles and Bill Gates, and reviews The Guardian articles comparing them to the known facts.

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By Dr. Guy Hatchard

Two recent lead articles in the UK Guardian give an indication of what we collectively face over the next five to ten years. One was entitled ‘A silver lining’: how covid ushered in a vaccines golden era and the other Cancer and heart disease vaccines ‘ready by the end of the decade’.

Both articles were written by Linda Geddes, science correspondent of the Guardian. Dig a little and you discover that Geddes is also a consultant to GAVI, the Global Vaccine Alliance whose largest donor is the Gates Foundation. Two lead articles on the same day in a supposedly independent newspaper says a lot about the enormous reach of GAVI, Gates, and Big Pharma.

The articles promise to save millions of lives by 2030 through multiple mRNA jabs being developed by Moderna for conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, autoimmune disease, and rare diseases – just about a full house. Forgive me for being a party pooper, but aren’t these the same conditions now known to be caused or complicated by mRNA covid vaccines that we discuss in our reports every week? 

No worries though, Geddes interviews a number of vaccine scientists and reports: “Development and testing has advanced at an unprecedented pace since the arrival of covid-19, enabling technologies that might otherwise have taken another decade to undergo late-stage clinical testing, regulatory approval and manufacturing scale-up to prove their mettle [by simply administering them unproven] to millions of people.”

“Since then, the number of trials exploring mRNA vaccines for other diseases has exploded.” Some of these have now been granted “breakthrough therapy designation” by the US FDA, meaning that their regulatory approval will be fast tracked (and then administered to millions of unsuspecting human guinea pigs).

I can’t believe what I am reading here. It is now considered: 

  • A triumph that the Pfizer mRNA vaccinated trial group had a higher mortality than the control group, (results that were hidden and like other facts are still being obfuscated
  • A so-called advance for science that the vaccine safety trials were then cut short and the control groups injected when they were supposed to remain unvaccinated over the longer term to determine safety.

In The Guardian articles are a few simple diagrams which, for the benefit of lay persons, reduce the operation of tens of thousands of genes and millions of proteins in each of our 37 trillion cells to a simple magic jab and hey presto. They appear to be very similar to the diagrams that fooled us about the non-existent safety and effectiveness of mRNA covid vaccines. 

Have they forgotten what eminent award-winning research biologist Professor Brian J. Ford wrote in 2017 about the paucity of our knowledge of living systems and the danger of assuming we know more than we do, saying: 

“The unfathomable complexity of a living cell is not generally appreciated; even a simulation of the way a mitochondrion moves would be beyond our current conventions. Emulating fragments of our trivial understanding does not explain their intricacy, for cells are intelligent, and they live lives that we have hardly begun to address.” 

The Guardian articles mention two current trials of novel Moderna vaccines whose approval has just been fast-tracked by the FDA:

  • An experimental mRNA vaccine showed 83.7% effectiveness (??) against just two (??) symptoms of RSV (cough and fever) – RSV is generally a mild cold-like illness which can affect infants and older adults more seriously. 
  • A Melanoma skin cancer genetic vaccine trial with just 157 participants was reported to show 44% less death and recurrence of cancer when compared to treatment with the drug keytruda alone. 

The newspaper article does not provide the needed information to assess what the 83.7% and 44% could mean. In actuality, the five-year survival rates for all forms of melanoma combined using current treatments is very high at 94% and keytruda is not a stand-alone melanoma treatment, only an optional treatment for some advanced forms of melanoma. Against this background, the 44% figure is virtually meaningless and clearly a statistical sleight of hand intended to deceive the lay reader about overall efficacy.

The Guardian articles raise more serious questions than answers, unbelievably for example there is no mention of adverse effects except to say that some (???) people have felt a bit rough after covid 19 vaccination, which according to Prof. Robin Shattock, who leads the Future Vaccine Manufacturing Research Hub at Imperial College London, might mistakenly lead some people to vaccine hesitancy. Why hasn’t Professor Shattock been able to appreciate that the number of reports of vaccine harm from covid-19 vaccines exceeds those from all other previous flu vaccines combined by a massive factor?

Dr. Paul Burton, Chief Medical Officer at Moderna believes that among other miracles Moderna will shortly develop a one stop shot for all respiratory illness. Neither of the two cited Moderna trial results are as game-changing as he and the articles try to suggest to uncritical readers. Neither justifies in any way whatsoever the suggestion most illnesses will be cured in 5 to 10 years. Nor does Dr. Bruton want to tell us about the known fact that viral vaccines can promote other respiratory conditions, known as viral interference, something that can also result from combining vaccine types.

So, what is Moderna actually hoping for? Apparently another 100-billion-dollar payday.  Geddes interviews a number of leading vaccine scientists who profusely thank governments for their political power and funding which they say has helped the process of rolling this out to hundreds of millions of people [before safety research has been done]. The UK, US, and Norway are the top governmental donors to GAVI. 

The scientists’ principle worry appears to be that their research funds will be diverted to pay for the war in Ukraine and so they sound a note of warning “that the accelerated progress, which has surged ‘by an order of magnitude’ in the past three years, will be wasted if a high level of investment is not maintained.”

We are not fooled by this sort of childishly transparent public relations hyperbole and propaganda, are we? Extremely well-connected and highly funded people are planning the “sharp end” of our medical future as compliant lab rats and they fully expect that governments will not be giving us any opt-out choices while compliant legislators and courts will be granting them immunity. In other words, business as usual, but with new more deadly toys.

To help these scientists out, mainstream publications like Scientific American and many others are publishing articles about strategies to close down debate before it even begins. The two articles in The Guardian are prime examples of a pre-emptive strike against what are wrongly termed conspiracy theories and in actuality are sensible questions. Since when did science exclude rational debate and open information? It is happening here in New Zealand, watch this revealing piece on Dr. Sanjaya Hattotuwa, leader of the The Disinformation Project.

As it stands, ordinary people are facing the combined efforts of an international cartel of commercial interests – media giants, big pharma, agrichemical industries, food processors, governments, academia, medical and military authorities – all 100% united behind our biotechnology future, come what may. They are rushing to introduce a raft of new drugs and vaccines that are far more invasive, experimental, and dangerous than anything we have ever been exposed to before. More worryingly, because they contain active synthetic genetic instructions, once implemented their unpredictable effects can’t be recalled. They will remain with us for generations.

We are at the start of a slow-moving catastrophe beginning to engulf mankind

Just how frightening this prospect may be, was underlined last week with the publication of a paper entitled “SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Accumulation in the Skull-Meninges- Brain Axis: Potential Implications for Long-Term Neurological Complications in post-covid-19“. There are two sources of the covid spike protein – covid infection and vaccination. The second being the more persistent and quantitatively larger source. The study’s results, based on autopsies and animal experiments, suggest that the spike protein could have a long lifetime in the body whereby it could continue to cause cell death in the brain and consequent long-term neurological damage.

It is not hard to imagine that this is already happening when we look around us and digest the rising levels of serious crime, the overflowing hospitals, the excess deaths, economic chaos, gender rage, family violence and youth suicide.

Those promoting biotech medicine are highly organised. Rubber stamp policies are fed directly into government databases and appear ready-made on the computers of lawmakers and media in countries around the world, all funded and controlled by Big Pharma. Our children are being trained for a compliant future as they line up to receive their shots mandated by their educational institutions and paid for by our own tax dollars. 

This level of organised and coordinated manipulation cannot be effectively countered by individuals hiding or even by those speaking up in isolation. Voices like those of eminent UK Professor of Oncology Angus Dalgleish or cardiologist Professors Aseem Malhotra and Peter McCollough are being ignored and cancelled almost with impunity.

Thinking that normality will return automatically is a pipedream. In 1944 Helene Berr refused to heed friends in Paris who urged her to go underground or flee the city. She decided to continue as usual in the hope that sanity would reassert itself as the allied invasion of Normandy closed in on Paris. Confronted by reports of Nazi raids and arrests she wrote in her diary: “What a shame that one half of humanity is manufacturing evil and a tiny minority is trying to put it right.”Helene was arrested and died in Belsen on 14 April 1945 following a severe beating by a guard just two weeks before Hitler committed suicide. 

Reasserting normality, rational thought, freedom of information and public debate, medical choice and informed consent, is not something that can be left to others. The whole world – left and right, white and black, man and woman, east and west – are slowly being engulfed by a tidal wave of harm.

There is at this point a pressing need to set up independent institutions of health and learning that offer educational programmes unbiased by commercial interests. Otherwise, the future leaders of society, the next generation will grow up misinformed and misled, their heads stuffed with the wild imaginings of mad scientists who want to play god with us all.

About the Author

Guy Hatchard, PhD, was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email. GLOBE.GLOBAL is a website dedicated to providing information about the dangers of biotechnology.

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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
7 months ago

Genetics is the study of genes and tries to explain what they are and how they work. Genes are how living organisms inherit features or traits from their ancestors; for example, children usually look like their parents because they have inherited their parents’ genes.
Genetics tries to identify which traits are inherited and to explain how these traits are passed from generation to generation.
In December 2013, scientists first sequenced the entire genome of a Neanderthal, “an extinct species of humans”. The genome was extracted from the toe bone of a 130,000-year-old Neanderthal found in a Siberian cave.[16][17]
So humans have been in existence for at least 130,000 years, for there to be a previously extinct species of us, not just the last 4,000 years or so and in that 130,000 years, not one monkey has evolved into a human.
The geneticists and the chemical scientists have evolved from playing with viruses to playing with the genetic makeup of our “human” species and if their motivations were suspect before, then they have now progressed to downright dangerous, now that they are playing around with a synthetic mRNA genome and trying to make it into something else – not their genome. but yours, which you foolishly volunteered, for them to do.
So when someone has a vaccine, the synthetic mRNA changes the genetic footprint and they cease to be human, because their parents’ inherited genes are lost and they become some other type of life form, previously not in existence, on this planet, trans human (transitional human), their new DNA and genome created in a laboratory.
Because the vaccinated now transmit a telephone number, after nanotechnology “improvements”, which can be picked up on Android phones, the assumption is that control by 5G is viable, although not proven, because it is NOT for public knowledge.
Our species has evolved by control, of a few over the many and a transitional human would be of no value, if it, in itself, could not be controlled, so the synthetic mRNA provides that control, by 5G through the graphene oxide nanotubes in the particles, otherwise, what would be the point of a transitional human, in the first place, if it can’t be controlled by 5G, at will.
The new mRNA vaccines are an untested technology and lots of volunteers need to be resourced for that to evolve and with synthetic mRNA factories being built at universities around the world and a never ending supply, now, of volunteers to be practiced on and zero human rights after vaccination, any mistakes which are made won’t matter and with babies 6 months old and up, now being vaccinated too, what could possibly go wrong?
The human race has evolved as far as it can genetically, unaided and the new synthetic mRNA vaccines will push our species to new levels of technological ability and superiority – or as non humans, after vaccination, they will die trying, just the same as in any war.
I am so convinced that I have had ZERO vaccines and won’t ever subscribe to having them in my body.
So you get a Coronavirus in the nasal passages of your head and you have a synthetic mRNA vaccine in your arm to clear it – yes sure.
My free salt water nasal flush cure for all viruses has kept me virus free and never ill for over 30 years – do you see where I am coming from?

Reply to  Richard Noakes
7 months ago

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1.

And this a mere 6000 years ago.

7 months ago

Until the Guardian clambered on to the vax gravy train, it was on the skids, constantly pushing the begging bowl in front of its rapidly and deservedly dwindling readership.
Then came COVID – and unexpected life support in the form of pro-vax advertising and sponsorship from Big Pharma and its big-spending captured government agencies.
Money talks – and no more loudly than in the case of the poor old Grauniad, selling the remnants of its liberal soul for a handful of tainted silver.

7 months ago

Of course it’s the golden age for these ghouls. They never in their wildest dreams did they think they would have such a willing group of idiots to usher in this new era of genocide.

7 months ago

When I read this actual article in the Graun, I was so disgusted I sent the author a list of 1000 scientific papers on covid injection deaths and injuries (from Dr Paul Alexander’s Substack). These people are shameless.

Reply to  SheilaB
7 months ago

I hear ya. It’s really better off not reading or watching the government sponsored media. Although it can be comically insane it can also infuriate you.

7 months ago

Going to continue until WE TAKE THEM OUT…Indictment, Trial and Punishment to the fullest extent of the law for the TREASONOUS and CRIMINALS AGAINST HUMANITY AND THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS.

THEY enjoy all immunity from prosecution or to even to suffer Customs Checks upon entering into the U.S. and other countries and Agencies in the World.
REMOVE THE REGULATIONS OVERRIDING The Constitution of the United States to re-enforce and regain equal ‘law and order’ OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.

TIME TO REMOVE ALL IMMUNITY AND PROSECUTE the Psycho/Sociopathic Predators…All with their family members need to lose all family wealth before execution…Fairly administered following Trial. The families TEACH THEIR CHILDREN TO BE EVIL Psycho/Sociopaths as themselves…Eradication is the only answer.

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
7 months ago

Gates the Goblin and his Gold.