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The attack on freedom of speech and freedom of thought to forcibly shape society continues

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Last week, Ireland made it a crime to possess “hateful” content – legislation was passed that is intended to control people’s thoughts and words.

The week before, nine teachers in Belgium were suspended and are being investigated by police for “hateful” messages shared in a private WhatsApp group.

In the UK, internet users may not be able to access Wikipedia due to the proposed Online Safety Bill.

And in the USA, the big tech/corporate media/federal government propaganda machine is attacking the Supreme Court for being conservative. Meanwhile, AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton, who is stepping down from Google, tells MIT Technology Review why he’s now scared of the technology he helped to usher in.

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Ireland passes “hate speech” laws that will make possessing “hateful” content on your devices a jailable offense

By Gateway Pundit

Last week, lawmakers in Ireland passed legislation that will make it a crime to possess “hateful” content on your phone and computer devices which can result in prison time.  Of course, the bill does not define “hateful speech.”

Elaine Mullally tweeted: “Everyone needs to be aware that this legislation is wide open to interpretation, someone can end up in very deep water without ever intending. The legislation is intended to control people’s thoughts and words! It’s not a positive step for free speech!” Mullally has issued an invite to join her on Twitter Spaces:

Belgium: No one escapes the New Morality

By Mattias Desmet

Nine teachers of a Belgian sports school were suspended because they exchanged “homophobic, sexist and racist” messages in a private WhatsApp group. “Whistle-blowers” had complained to the school’s management that they shared such messages about colleagues and students. The teachers were immediately suspended and an investigation into inappropriate behaviour was launched.

I don’t really know how sexist and how racist those teachers truly are. If the headlines are to be believed, they are quite some monsters. Anyway, if I read the newspapers, then I myself am also a far-right ideologue of anti-government extremism. I didn’t know that myself until I read it in the papers.

What made me particularly frown is that I’m not entirely sure whether what those teachers say in a private WhatsApp group should actually be made the subject of scrutiny by anyone.

A few days later, I frowned even more. I then read in the newspapers that the police had visited some of those teachers to confiscate their mobile phones. Apparently, the public prosecutor’s office had also launched an investigation.

There are plenty of people applauding enthusiastically. Scum must be eradicated. No safe spaces or closed WhatsApp groups for that. The New Morality is one hundred percent correct – it should not be less ambitious. And the people who are satisfied that a gang of bastards have been exposed are, of course, pure to the core of their biochemistry.

I would just like to point out something: the dynamics that are going on now ultimately spare no one. No one has control over it. Not even those who enthusiastically go along with it. Before they know it, these people sometimes discover to their own astonishment, with or without some help from the police, that they themselves are a bit of scum in the depths of their own minds.

And also at their public execution, a mass of pure New Citizens will clap their hands in approval. The enthusiasm about the New Morality eventually becomes so great that anyone can bring anyone to the scaffold.

That is precisely the key characteristic of mass formation: it sucks all solidarity out of the bond between people and injects it all into the bond between man and collective (i.e., the state).

Wikipedia to be banned in the UK to push Online Safety Bill campaign

By Brit Max News

The organisation that runs the world’s most popular online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, has warned that it may be banned from the United Kingdom as a result of forthcoming censorship legislation.

The British government’s newest attempt to regulate the internet may result in the blocking of UK users and contributors to Wikipedia, with the hosting Wikimedia Foundation charity stating that it will not comply with certain of the diktats in the so-called Online Safety Bill.

USA: The very fabric of this Great Nation will be torn in ways that cannot be repaired

By Dr. Robert Malone

After the leak of Justice Alito’s opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organisation case, there has been an organised campaign to attack the Supreme Court’s legitimacy, which really began years ago. One could argue that for the most part, these attacks have come from almost all of the corporate media sources, not just the “left”.  One has to ask: Has there been some sort of organising element to these attacks on the Supreme Court?

Thanks to the Matt Taibbi’s Twitter Files and the Louisiana/Missouri lawsuits, we know much more about the censorship and propaganda during covid-19. There have also been various Epoch Times exposes and other FOIA documents (in particular thanks to Project Veritas and Judicial Watch), documenting that the Federal government has been involved in these types of propaganda campaigns for many years.

The extent of these operations has been vast, with billions of dollars funnelled into astroturf organisations and NGOs. The military, HHS, the White House, big pharma companies, and big tech have been partnering together to conduct these operations.

I know that the campaign to besmirch my reputation, including outright lies and malicious defamation written about me by the Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Rolling Stones, The Scientist and Business Insider, to name a few, was a coordinated campaign that has been led by the US government. My Wiki page was edited early on to make me look like a fraud and to limit my role. This editing came from one editor, tied to the UK government, operating under the sock puppet name of “Phillip Cross”.

I think we can all agree that something just isn’t “right” about the search algorithms these days. Yet, the subtle dent to the reputation of people by the skewed algorithms sticks in people’s minds; even if completely untrue. Modern psychology demonstrates that repeating a lie is an effective method for subconsciously programming people to accept and repeat falsehoods without examining the actual facts.

We know that the Federal government interfered with Hunter Biden’s laptop, when over 50 “ex” intelligence officials signed a letter stating that this was a fake story planted by Russia two weeks prior to the 2020 presidential election.

Both US Government and corporate media also actively interfered with investigations of the funding by HHS and DTRA/DoD, State Department and USAID of the gain of function research that creating SARS-CoV-2-WIV.

The government censored and harassed the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration – again having negative and defamatory hit pieces placed in corporate media attacking the authors.

Thanks for investigative reporting from Epoch Times and at least one unnamed whistle-blower, we have learned that the US Government, through their non-profit the CDC Foundation, hired third parties to censor, defame, cyber-stalk and gang-stalk myself and others who spoke out about the safety and efficacy of the pseudo-mRNA “vaccines”. The irony being that cyberstalking is a federal crime.

Interestingly enough, the 2023 Congress has not investigated the censorship, propaganda and harassment of physicians and scientists who have questioned the mRNA injections or early treatment, only those who advocated other public policy stances against masks and lockdowns have been asked as witnesses.

There is a clear and compelling case to be made that when the corporate media attacks in a systemic fashion and is acting in coordination with each other, that the Federal government must be suspected in leading that attack.

We must consider that the conservative court and justices are being targeted by the Federal Government propaganda machine. Why? Because these attacks in the corporate media and big tech are occurring in a systemic fashion and in coordination with corporate media and big tech. This means that this propaganda attack may be being coordinated at the highest levels by the Federal government.

AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton tells us why he’s now scared of the tech he helped build

By MIT Technology Review

Geoffrey Hinton is a pioneer of deep learning who helped develop some of the most important techniques at the heart of modern artificial intelligence (“AI”). But after a decade at Google, he is stepping down to focus on new concerns he now has about AI.

Leaving Google will let him speak his mind, without the self-censorship a Google executive must engage in. “I want to talk about AI safety issues without having to worry about how it interacts with Google’s business,” he says. “As long as I’m paid by Google, I can’t do that.”

Stunned by the capabilities of new large language models like GPT-4, Hinton wants to raise public awareness of the serious risks that he now believes may accompany the technology he ushered in.

Will Douglas Heaven, MIT’s senior AI editor, sat down with Hinton at his north London home just four days before the bombshell announcement of his departure. Hinton explained his belief that machines are on track to be a lot smarter than he thought they’d be – and why he’s scared about how that might play out.

Hinton fears that these tools are capable of figuring out ways to manipulate or kill humans who aren’t prepared for the new technology.

One of Hinton’s priorities is to try to work with leaders in the technology industry to see if they can come together and agree on what the risks are and what to do about them. He thinks the international ban on chemical weapons might be one model of how to go about curbing the development and use of dangerous AI. “It wasn’t fool proof, but on the whole people don’t use chemical weapons,” he says.

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7 months ago

Sick and tired of tacit “acceptance creep”; this guy falls into the trap set by those who seek to exercise 24/7 Orwellian control. If you accept the unfettered right to free speech, for which there exists legal oversight in case someone oversteps time honoured boundaries, why give the meme of “hate speech” any time? Who, how, by what measure does someone’s definition of this disgraceful term sit above another person expressing themselves? By not dismissing that quack control freakery outright, accepting that there are legal means of redress, the starting point of the argument is nudged (and I use that term very purposely) forward and “creep” happens.

Just as the rubbish spouted by AWG/CC freaks is hardly ever countered by asking why a pan species, fauna and flora, life giving gas is demonised as a pollutant, unless this is subject to the most robust, fact heavy counter attack, it just gets harder for ordinary people like me to retain any degree of sanity when utter rubbish is allowed traction; and imho, that is why ER and JSO develop their idiotic tactics – the Police seemingly consider their rights to protest (which clearly involve criminality) trump the rights of everyone else to go about their lawful, non criminal business. Do we really live in a parallel universe?

7 months ago

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raj patel
raj patel
7 months ago

He thinks the international ban on chemical weapons might be one model of how to go about curbing the development and use of dangerous AI. “It wasn’t fool proof, but on the whole people don’t use chemical weapons,” he says.
Unless they are called vaccines…

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  raj patel
7 months ago

Hi raj patel,
Whilst on the subject of chemical weapons.
Today over Yorkshire UK, I have counted over 50 chemtrail planes flying over.
They have been spraying all day, in the matrix pattern.
Never seen so many in one day ?
We are not even on a flight path where I live.
My MP Ed Miliband, will not answer any emails about the subject.
What are they spraying us with and why ?

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  Dave Owen
7 months ago

THEY ARE SPRAYING US LIKE BUGS (and how to stop it) (video)
Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Thursday, 4-May-2023 12:25:14

7 months ago


Ireland needs to RIOT or for the Religious to unite to FIGHT THE SATANIC GOVT. SEEKING TO ROT THEIR MINDS AND DESTROY FAITH.

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
7 months ago

The Irish used to “call a spade, a spade”.

Did the mRNA make them compliant sheep?

One protest voice had his bank account cancelled and his wife was similarly attacked.

7 months ago

This might well be the return to the printing press, secret societies and handshakes or the dawn of a new fascist/communist era worldwide. The only possible good could be the demise of instagram/tiktok/facetube bullying and ones self-esteem and a return to solely verbal communication. How very human of us.

6 months ago

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6 months ago

[…] Angrebet på ytringsfriheden og tankefriheden for at tvangsforme samfundet fortsætter – The Expos… […]

5 months ago

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