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Globalist scientists whose job is to control the “narrative” are named

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The covid narrative architects have surprisingly few “experts” on their team to push their “narrative.” That’s why they have to recycle them and use them over and over, writes Dr. Meryl Nass. On the plus side, “[it] allows us to see the game and the players.”

Three of the narrative “experts” Dr. Nass identifies also advised Sajid Javid, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer (2019-2020) and subsequently the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (2021-2022), regarding the response to the covid “pandemic.”

Although it’s not the subject of this article, it’s worth taking note of Javid’s career before politics. Before being first elected as Member of Parliament for Bromsgrove in 2010, he worked in business and finance. Aged 25, he became a Vice President at Chase Manhattan Bank, now JP Morgan Chase. He later moved to Deutsche Bank in London to help build its business in emerging market countries. Sajid left Deutsche Bank as a senior Managing Director in the summer of 2009 to “give something back through politics,” his website states

His ties with JP Morgan, where he started his career, have continued to this day.  Six months after quitting his position as UK Chancellor, Javid took up a role on JP Morgan’s advisory council for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”).

He is also a “digital member” of the World Economic Forum.  Despite then Prime Minister Boris Johnson banning ministers from attending, Javid attended WEF’s Davos 2020.

Although we do not explore the answer in the following article, the above raises an interesting question: To whom is Javid giving something back through politics?

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Mapping the small group of globalist “scientists” whose job is to control the narrative

By Dr. Meryl Nass

Maria van Kerkhove is an American expatriate who went to Europe to do postgraduate work for notorious professor Neil Ferguson – the disaster modeller for each pandemic over the past 20 years who never got it right – who never came home, finding work with the dark side instead. I wrote about Kerkhove 10 days ago HERE – she is in a network; a fixer, not a scientist.

Only 3 plus years too late, she represents the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) in calling for more data to be released on covid origins. Immediately! Can you imagine her stamping her foot?

Science magazine links to her other publications. So, I thought I would give them a look and see who her co-authors are. Mind you, there is no evidence any of these people actually wrote these articles, given the number of people in their agencies paid to do so. But they signed them, getting feathers in their caps but exposing their linkages.

#1 is just Maria.

#2 is Maria and her WHO governance buds Mike Ryan, physician from Ireland and Tedros, PhD from Ethiopia.

#3 gets interesting. Marc Lipsitch from Harvard, who has been toeing the narrative line. Arnold Monto, emeritus at the University of Michigan, who is the temporary dictatorial chair of the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee, pushing through covid vaccine approvals. The guy who cuts people off when they veer too close to a truth. Why is he writing a paper with Maria from Geneva? Neil Ferguson, her former boss from many years ago, who got in trouble for screwing his married lover when he was supposedly locked down, because he was a major voice in requiring the lockdown.

#4 includes William Hanage, Francois Balloux, Andrew Rambaut and Neil FergusonHanage was also an Imperial College student, now a Harvard professor and a predictable Henny Penny about covid restrictions, like FergusonBalloux is another Henny Penny who advised [Sajid Javid who later became] the Health Minister of the UK.

PROFILE: Prof. Francois Balloux… award-winning viral influencer?
Pandemic Accountability Index, 6 April 2023

Note that the letter that Maria and Francois Balloux co-authored was in 2009, and the technical comment she co-authored with Ferguson and Lipsitch was in 2012.

In 2020 MariaLipsitch and Balloux were 3 of the 4 “experts” advising the [future] UK Health Minister on how to conduct the pandemic response.

#5 (also from 2009) co-authors include, in addition to Maria, William Hanage, Francois BallouxNeil Ferguson and Andrew Rambaut. Rambaut was a co-author of the Nature Medicine coverup article.

See, if you play nice, you get to play on the big boys’ team. And you get to stay on it forever. You’re taken care of. You just have to do some funny stuff every so often. But really, it’s worth it.

But isn’t it strange how few players the big boys’ team has? They have to recycle them over and over. Which allows us to see the game and the players.

Dr. Nass invites readers to help identify the “experts” who are “on the dark side” in the comments section under her article HERE.

About the Author

Dr. Meryl Nass is an internal medicine physician and was the first person in the world to prove that an epidemic was due to biological warfare. She investigated the world’s largest anthrax epizootic in Zimbabwe and developed a model for analysing epidemics to assess whether they are natural or man-made. She has given 6 US Congressional testimonies regarding anthrax, biological warfare, Gulf War syndrome and vaccine safety, and has consulted for the Cuban Ministry of Health, the World Bank and the Director of National Intelligence. She regularly publishes articles on her Substack page HERE.

Dr. Nass’ medical license was suspended in January 2022 for providing early covid treatment and spreading vaccine “misinformation.” The Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine withdrew the accusations of “misinformation” on 26 September 2022, shortly before her first hearing date on 11 October 2022.  Hearings to determine whether Dr. Nass will be able to continue practising medicine are ongoing. 

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25 days ago

Has anyone else wondered why idiots like Sajid Javid, highly educated and with a brain in his skull firstly requires ‘advisers” to channel his thinking when appointed to a post about which he knows very little, when he has a cohort of Civil servants with years of knowledge he can tap and secondly demonstrates zero capacity to filter, assess and critically examine what these advisers tell him, “stuff” that represents “fact” for them but which falls apart on deeper scrutiny?

Brin Jenkins
Brin Jenkins
25 days ago

I want to see all of these professional deceivers and liars held to account with those who employed them.

24 days ago

Remember these names… There is bound to be another ‘engineered’ pandemic before 2035.

Reply to  Arron25
24 days ago

2035 is optimistic. They have 2025 in their sights, once the WHO Pandemic Treaty is implemented and the outrageous changes to the International Health Regulations ratified everywhere (if they’re even bothering to ratify them nationally – or even bothering to tell the population about them).

Catastrophic Contagion 2025 – Mark the Date, and Be Ready! – YouTube

In the meantime they are constantly trying to work up bird flu into a pandemic event, with their false PCR tests, and currently they’re trying to make Marburg a thing as well.

(100) Get Ready For a Big Marburg Scare (

Reply to  SheilaB
23 days ago

SEERS is planned for 2025

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
24 days ago

Bilderberg meeting on 20th of May.

Will you join the protest in your area?

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
24 days ago

Harvard was corrupted a long time ago.
E Michael Jones covered this.

24 days ago

Ring a ring of roses … nice game ,untill you realise you have been party to the genocide of an estimated 30 million souls ,and best guesses [ hopefully not ] around a billion final butchers bill . They would I suspect be safer in jail , there are quite a few not very nice people ,with ‘skills ‘that have lost loved ones ,and like the Jewish ‘Nazi hunters’ just won’t give up. Now too the ability to track goes down to the dna level , so surgery or even staying on this planet won’t help …

22 days ago

[…] Globalist scientists whose job is to control the “narrative” are named […]