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Australia eases draconian restrictions on prescriptions for ivermectin

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Yesterday, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) announced it was removing the restrictions imposed on general practitioners to prescribe ivermectin.  The bad news is they are removing the restrictions, not immediately, but from 1 June 2023.

“In its final decision published [on 3 May], the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has removed the restriction through its scheduling in the Poisons Standard because there is sufficient evidence that the safety risks to individuals and public health is low when prescribed by a general practitioner in the current health climate,” the TGA said.

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Ivermectin the Wonder Drug

Ivermectin is an inexpensive, safe medication that’s on the World Health Organisation’s List of Essential Medicines.  It has saved countless lives globally in its use as an anti-parasitic but in addition to that, its other diverse therapeutic effects, including broad antiviral activity, have helped solidify its reputation as a “wonder drug.” It has continually proved to be astonishingly safe for human use.

By early 2021, there were ample peer-reviewed, randomised controlled trials that provided strong evidence of ivermectin’s efficacy as a treatment for covid in every disease phase.  Over the last few years, there have been many doctors and scientists who have relentlessly called for ivermectin to be used in the treatment for covid but authorities have declared war on ivermectin and calls to make the life-saving drug widely available have not only been ignored but censored and vilified. Why? 

Because, if there was an effective treatment for covid, the “vaccines” would not have been able to obtain emergency use authorisation.  Due to the blatant and extraordinary corporate/state-sponsored propaganda and censorship, many have concluded that ivermectin was demonised simply so that covid “vaccines” could obtain emergency use authorisation and populations could be frightened and coerced into being injected with known to be harmful “vaccines” for a disease for which, they claimed, there was no treatment. 

There are countless resources available on the internet and in independent media relating to the wonder drug that is ivermectin.  If you haven’t already done so, a good place to start researching would be:

  • The British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD Group) website, HERE.
  • Dr. Tess Lawrie’s Substack, HERE.
  • Dr. Pierre Kory’s Substack, HERE.  

Also, we have previously published several articles which you can find HERE.

Restrictions on Ivermectin in Australia

Currently, in Australia, ivermectin can only be prescribed by specialists such as dermatologists, gastroenterologists and infectious diseases specialists.  Restrictions on ivermectin prescriptions were imposed on 10 September 2021.  The TGA claimed the restrictions had been introduced because of “concerns with the prescribing of oral ivermectin for the claimed prevention or treatment of covid-19.”  However, prescriptions for ivermectin for other “unapproved indications” were still permissible:

General practitioners are now only able to prescribe ivermectin for TGA-approved conditions (indications) – scabies and certain parasitic infections. Certain specialists including infectious disease physicians, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and hepatologists (liver disease specialists) will be permitted to prescribe ivermectin for other unapproved indications if they believe it is appropriate for a particular patient.

All medical practitioners can continue to prescribe oral ivermectin for the approved indications. However, prescribing of oral ivermectin for indications that are not approved is now limited to certain specialists.

New restrictions on prescribing ivermectin for covid-19, Therapeutic Goods Administration, 10 September 2021

In September 2021, the TGA gave three reasons for restricting the use of ivermectin to treat covid:

  • Firstly, there are a number of significant public health risks associated with taking ivermectin in an attempt to prevent covid-19 infection rather than getting vaccinated.
  • Secondly, the doses of ivermectin that are being advocated for use in unreliable social media posts and other sources for covid-19 are significantly higher than those approved and found safe for scabies or parasite treatment.
  • Thirdly, there had been a 3-4-fold increased dispensing of ivermectin prescriptions in months leading up to the restriction being imposed, leading to national and local shortages for those who needed the medicine for scabies and parasite infections.

The first reason is a marketing slogan for covid “vaccines.”  Regarding their second reason, why didn’t the TGA try to establish a dosage?  Thirdly, why did the Australian authorities put seemingly limitless resources into ensuring supplies of “vaccines” but no resources into ensuring adequate supplies of ivermectin?

While easing the restrictions yesterday the TGA took the opportunity to again promote known-to-be harmful covid injections – which do not stop transmission or prevent someone from becoming ill – over ivermectin.  Gautam Goswami highlighted on Twitter that the TGA’s ‘Notice of final decision’ document strongly discourages using ivermectin as a prophylaxis or treatment for covid and instead, encourages covid “vaccines” and TGA-approved treatments.

Notice of final decisions to amend (or not amend) the current Poisons Standard, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australian Department of Health and Aged Care, 3 May 2023, pg. 16
Notice of final decisions to amend (or not amend) the current Poisons Standard, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australian Department of Health and Aged Care, 3 May 2023, pg. 17

It’s not only the TGA promoting known to be harmful injections in favour of a cheap, safe and effective treatment.  In its final decision, the TGA noted that the Pharmacy Guild of Australia requested the restrictions on ivermectin remain in place “to ensure patients continue to utilise vaccination for the prevention of covid-19 infection and access covid-19 treatments that are safe and effective.”

When the TGA or the Pharmacy Guild say “treatments that are safe and effective” read “treatments that have been TGA-approved.” 

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is a national employer’s organisation representing community pharmacy proprietors in Australia.  The majority of the proprietors around Australia are direct Members of the Guild, with most of the remainder affiliated through the services that are provided by the Guild and its companies. The companies the Guild owns include Guild Group (insurance, superannuation, legal, health care industry software solutions) and Gold Cross (products and services). Additionally, the Guild is part owner of FRED IT (dispensing, point-of-sale, prescription exchange).

“The Guild has always seen pharmacist vaccination as an opportunity for innovation in community pharmacy health service delivery,” its website states. Between July and November 2021, community pharmacies across Australia had administered more than two million doses of Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer covid “vaccines.”

The Guild also offers a corporate vaccination programme through which more than 22,000 vaccines were administered to employees of participating organisations in 2021, with an additional revenue across all stores of close to A$500,000 – A$22.73 per dose.

The Guild “collaborates and partners with other health providers, local health networks, medicines companies, researchers and the Government.”  It could prove interesting to find out which medicines companies the Guild collaborates or partners with, what the arrangements are and whether influential amounts of money are involved.  The money involved would appear to be influential for community pharmacies.  Based on the additional revenue earned from the corporate vaccination programme, the two million doses administered between July and November 2021, would have added more than A$45.4 million to community pharmacies’ revenue – and that’s just in 4.5 months.

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