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Did you know that the IMF won’t give loans to African countries if they use fossil fuels?  Or that the BBC has suggested that planting trees can do more harm than good?

Dr. Vernon Coleman points out these and some other scary truths.  Links included in the article are our own.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

1. The International Monetary Fund won’t give loans to African countries if they use fossil fuels. The IMF is, instead, forcing developing countries to use solar and wind power (neither of which work). This nonsense will trap those countries in eternal poverty and produce massive starvation and millions of deaths. Wind turbines use more energy than they produce and solar panels are expensive to make and to install. They last around ten years and then have to be thrown away. Just what is going to happen to all that waste is still a mystery. Solar panels will never pay for their cost – either in energy or financial terms.

2. As I warned a long time ago, the winter of 2023/24 is going to be the difficult year for energy supplies. Those who thought we all escaped the energy problems which were caused by banning Russian oil are living in cloud cuckoo land. The problems will really become apparent in the autumn and winter of 2023/4. It might be wise to buy warm underwear.

3. I can’t keep up with the lies the climate change mythologists are telling. Here’s a headline from the BBC: ‘Planting new forests can do more harm than good.’ So, how do you fit that into the idea that we need more trees and should stop countries from chopping down their forests? The answer is that you can’t. And I doubt if the truth-denying climate change freaks know what they’re saying either. They’re all potty. I gather that their theory now is that the trees somehow make the environment worse. I think it’s something to do with them making too much noise or not turning off light bulbs when they go to bed.

4. Hundreds of psychopathic climate change nutters (all wearing cotton T-shirts with silly slogans on them, ill-fitting trousers, sandals and white socks) now want rice to be banned. They claim that rice produces too many emissions and that the flooded rice fields produce methane which is as bad for us as the stuff produced by farting cows. The proposal is very serious. I wonder if the enthusiasts promoting this latest aspect of climate genocide realise that rice is the main food source for 3.5 billion people and that banning rice will result in billions of deaths. The climate change freaks will presumably sip their camomile tea and munch their avocado on rye without a blink of compassion.

5. Californian electric companies want to introduce a fixed rate for electricity – so that punters pay according to their income. Hard-working, better-paid individuals will pay far more for their electricity than people who prefer to stay at home and watch TV all day. This, think the nutters, should make for a fairer and more productive world.

To find out what sort of crazy world they have planned for us please read Dr. Coleman’s book ‘They want your money and your life’. You can purchase a copy via the bookshop on his website. Alternatively, just put your head under the pillow and hope that when you emerge the world will have gone away.

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4 months ago

I planted a few hundred trees in the last 10 years.

I’m happy to feel I’m a bad person now. 😸

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
3 months ago

Regarding point 3 on the contradictory messages about trees. In the heatwave of 2018, Mary Creagh, chair of the House Of Commons Environmental Committee and a Labour bigwig, said that to prevent people from dying from extreme heat, we must stop insulating houses so well and stop putting large windows on south facing walls because they heat up rooms. At the same time Jeremy Corbyn, the then leader of the Labour Party and a colleague of Creagh’s was saying the exact opposite – we need better insulation in new houses.

As Dr. Coleman writes – “I doubt if the truth-denying climate change freaks know what they’re saying either. They’re all potty”.

3 months ago

Course They want a global total monopoly over energy They’ve INTENTIONALLY set up a dependency on electricity as the sole source of power that solar and wind will never be able to supply so they be the heroic saviours and use their Uranium to go nuclear. That’s what it’s all about Then they can Dimon nuclear waste into space and starting destroying the whole universe. That will make them happy.

Reply to  Anonymous
3 months ago

Dump nuclear waste I typed.

3 months ago

[…] – Scary Truths […]

3 months ago

Not a problem. China will lend to them through their Belt and Road Initiative, no strings attached. When they default, China will just figure out how much of their natural resources will be needed to pay off the loans.