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Covid Related News: Descent into Madness

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Births in New South Wales, Australia, continue to plummet and Wilson Sy’s recent analysis of death related to the covid injections in elderly Australians is so staggering it should lead to a Royal Commission.

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health has confirmed a decline in the cognitive abilities of many people.

Meanwhile, the demand for unvaccinated blood is on the rise.

CJ Hopkins is being investigated for disseminating “propaganda” because of the image on the cover of his book.  Heiko Schoening speaks out, again; Prof Carl Heneghan reveals the chilling effects of being monitored by the UK government’s Counter-Disinformation Unit; and Dr. My Le Trinh discussed tactics the Australian Medical Regulators used during the covid era to silence doctors.

James Corbett discussed the “dissent into madness” which poses some important questions about how we should respond to tyranny.

Finally, will Russia really take on the World Health Organisation as their response to a conservative family values advocacy group indicates?

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Births in NSW public hospitals continue to plummet in 2023: The Australian New South Wales Government’s Bureau of Health Information releases quarterly reports on a range of issues.  Man Down Under looks at the number of babies born. “We can clearly see the following: the period preceding covid is relatively stable; the covid era sees an initial drop, followed by a mini “baby bump”; and, then something else happens – we’re seeing the numbers of Babies Born plummet.” The vaccine rollout began in Q2 of 2021, and NSW was above the national average for vaccine uptake.  Read more HERE.

Disturbing rise in cognitive problems in 2023: Igor Chudov brings attention to a disturbing trend he’s noticed, which has just been confirmed by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health called RIVM.  The trend is a rapid decline in the cognitive abilities of many people.  Read more HERE.

Some sudden deaths were caused by covid vaccines, autopsies have confirmed: Eight people who died suddenly after receiving a messenger RNA (“mRNA”) injection died due to a type of vaccine-induced heart inflammation called myocarditis, South Korean authorities said after reviewing the autopsies. Read more HERE.

Collapse of the covid injection narrative: Wilson Sy has published a particularly erudite and comprehensive analysis of the high incidence of death related to the covid injections in elderly Australians. His findings are staggering and should lead to a Royal Commission into the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Provisional approval and release of the covid injections and the continued claims of safety and efficacy.  Read more HERE.

Analysis of Finland VAERS reports: From what Vaccine Data Science has seen, Finland’s VAERS reports have the highest signal-to-noise ratio. If you suppose all the reported deaths were caused by the vaccine, there are about 1.2-in-100K deaths (total deaths: 158, total doses in Finland: ~13 million). This is actually quite close to the estimate of 1-in-100K in the Qatar study.  There are severe adverse reactions in about 1-in-2000 doses.  A very high percentage of people did not recover from their vaccine injury at the time of reporting.  Read more HERE.

Covid Tyranny

Explosive short interview with Heiko Schoening: Heiko Schoening, a German medical doctor, was arrested at Hyde Park London on 26 September 2020 for talking about what he claimed was the planned origins of covid. Schoening told Norman Fenton that the reason given for his arrest was that he participated in a public event with more than 30 people and hence was in “breach of covid regulations” – for which there was supposed to be a £100 fine. But Heiko was taken to a police station and held in solitary confinement for 22 hours. This short, but explosive interview, gives a taster for his hypothesis about how covid was planned. Read more HERE and watch the interview on Rumble HERE.

How covid tyranny destroys society: The dark powers that control the world have used the fake covid “pandemic” to isolate people from one another and destroy social bonds. This isolation isn’t accidental but is the aim of these powers, to weaken resistance to their efforts to cement their dominance. All this is in addition to the death and destruction caused by the fake “vaccines.”  Read more HERE.

Secret UK government unit collected Telegram posts about covid policy critic: A secretive government unit collected posts from a secure messaging app about a scientist who questioned Number 10’s covid policies.  Prof Carl Heneghan reveals the chilling effects of being monitored by No 10’s Counter-Disinformation Unit.  Read more HERE.

Dr. My Le Trinh on The No Fly Zone with Greg Maybury: Dr. My Le Trinh, a Sydney, Australia, based general practitioner, was suspended 18 months ago for prescribing ivermectin for her patients. On this podcast, she discussed her suspension and the ongoing legal proceedings she is engaged in to have her license fully restored. She also discussed the tactics the Medical Regulators used during this pandemic to silence doctors and to punish those who did stand up for medical principles and ethics, in their patients’ best interests. Listen to the podcast HERE (55 mins).

Political Satirist under criminal investigation in Berlin: During the pandemic, C.J. Hopkins wrote the book ‘The Rise of The New Normal Reich’. This is a book freely available to buy on Amazon. CJ tweeted about his book which has caused the Berlin State Prosecutor’s Office to launch a criminal investigation. He has been charged with “disseminating propaganda, the contents of which are intended to further the aims of a former National Socialist organisation,” which is punishable by “imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine.” The “propaganda” in question is the image on the cover of his book.  Read more HERE.

WHO adopts European-style covid-19 vaccine passports as part of new Global Digital Health Certificate: The WHO said in a June 5 statement that it had entered into a “landmark digital health partnership” with the European Commission (EC), the European Union’s executive body. As part of this new joint venture, Europe’s existing framework of digital vaccine passports will serve as the first building block of a global network of digital health products. Read more HERE.

The Russians vs. the WHO: Good news, finally? Two weeks ago, the Public Commissioner for the Protection of the Family (“OUZS”), a conservative family values advocacy group, sent a request to the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutor General’s Office, asking about the possibility of recognising the World Health Organisation as an undesirable organisation in Russia. In response, the Prosecutor General’s Office informed OUZS that “If there are grounds, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation will take prosecutorial response measures.”  Read more HERE.

Is the plan to impose a public-health technocracy faltering? There was “a very significant watering down of language in this draft [Pandemic Treaty] compared to previous drafts.”  The earlier, more ambitious version described how countries should respond to a future pandemic by frequently using words such as “shall” and “will” — but now some of those have shifted to “urge” and “support.”  Read more HERE.

Dissent into madness: James Corbett joins The Subtlecain Podcast to discuss his recent series of articles, ‘Dissent into Madness’. Psychology is a fascinating field of study. It has helped us to understand some of the complexities of the human mind. However, what can be used for good can also be used for evil. In his Dissent into Madness articles, James shares some cautionary tales of political dissidents who were labelled as mentally ill and poses some important questions about how we should respond to tyranny.  Listen to the podcast HERE (57 mins)

Other Covid News

The demand for unvaccinated blood is on the rise, a blood products and services provider said: Kirby Winn, public relations manager of ImpactLife which provides blood products and services to more than 120 hospitals in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin, says that while the hospitals his company serves have not expressed any interest in receiving unvaccinated blood, he has noticed the demand for “pure blood” rising from the general population. Read more HERE.

The Daily Sceptic failed to address our evidence: In response to Where are the Numbers? latest flu article The Daily Sceptic has published an article contradicting their claims about the vanishing flu. “The Daily Sceptic article has made no attempt to comprehensively take on the totality of our evidence against the claim that flu vanished and unfortunately has instead simply ignored much of the evidence we have mustered.” Read more HERE.

HIV and hepatitis testing in the UK identified thousands of new cases: [This article is not related to covid, but we know that the spike protein encoded in the covid injections has a portion of the HIV genetic code (see HERE and HERE) and last year hepatitis in children was suspected as caused by covid injections (see HERE and HERE), so we’re making note of this article.]  The first year of a £20 million 3-year programme to roll out opt-out HIV testing in emergency departments in the areas in England of highest diagnosed HIV prevalence identified almost 2000 people with HIV or hepatitis who were previously undiagnosed, according to NHS England. Under the pilot scheme, people presenting to A&E and having blood tests as part of their visit had an extra aliquot taken for HIV, and often also for hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV) screening.  Read more HERE.

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Cor Scorpionis
Cor Scorpionis
3 months ago

Those who clearly saw right through the entirely artificially engineered contrivance of the scam/sham/spam/flim-flamdemic/ “damn-panic”, had ALREADY, as far back as MID-2020, seen both the laws & mechanism of psychiatric diagnoses changed to state that faux-vid state “narrative denial” were, by the mere fact of denial alone, “psychotic”, & even “psychopathic”, & on the “say so” of a SINGLE doctor, who had never previously MET them, or knew ANYTHING about their prior medical history, could be sectioned/5150’d/ DETAINED in a mental institution AGAINST their will. Lurking “laws” are also afoot to imprison or “detain” such people, on the grounds of their posing a “clear & present danger” to the heath, wellbeing and “safety” of their community,
by having “actively worked to impede the state’s ‘public health response’ & thus ENDANGERING others through their egregious falsehoods and medical misinformation that others may be ‘deceived’ by”!!! (or some such, I’m paraphrasing). SOOooo…….to attempt to wilfully oppose the ludicrously fallacious & transparent, infantile propaganda and psychological conditioning/warfare & rabid, jingoistic sloganeering of the presstitutes and ooze-papers & entirely impartial & objective “Brought to you by Pfizer!” TV 📺 presenters, were either to be regarded as psychotics, suffering from delusions & antisocial personality disorder, or borderline psychopaths and far-right/ANTI-“science”/Russian disinformation “assets”/dangerous conspiracy theorists!!?? MORE plots, plans, scams, and LAWS have now been tweaked to apply the categorisation of “mentally ill” to those who disbelieve &/or oppose ANY part of ANY erroneous, see-through, propagandist state narratives, on ANY subject, forum or sphere!!? THAT’S where we ARE now, FFS!! This is
FAST becoming an abhorrent, insane NIGHTMARE world (or, at least, a now global, overt & indisputable one, for EVERYONE!). Thanks for THAT one, complacent, compliant, complicit sheeple 🐑, good job, collaborators & capitulators!

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[…] Covid Related News: Descent into MadnessBirths in New South Wales, Australia, continue to plummet and Wilson Sy’s recent analysis of death related to the covid injections in elderly Australians is so staggering it should lead to a Royal Commission. […]

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