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A map of the harm caused by covid “vaccines” if they are erroneously injected intravascularly

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Marc Girardot is in the process of writing a scientific paper outlining the Bolus Theory. The Bolus Theory details the mechanism of harm of inadvertently injecting a cytotoxic productvaccines, venoms, toxins etc – intravascularly rather than intramuscularly.

Accidental intravascular injections are well-documented and lead to numerous pathologies like gangrene, heart failure and blindness.  These are similar to many adverse effects we are witnessing today, even with other products, he said.

He gives an analogy for a Bolus as a “swarm of particles”, a particularly dense group of particles circulating through the vascular system and carpet-bombing blood cells’ linings before being diluted into the blood.

Ahead of his paper being released, he has published a diagram to explain how and why a Bolus of cytotoxic particles rampaging down one’s vascular system will trigger such dramatically different combinations of adverse effects.

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Marc Girardot is a strategy consultant and a contributor to Pandemics Analytics & Data (“PANDA”), an international think-tank bringing a science-based perspective on covid-19. He is part of the Steve Kirsch team, working alongside Jessica Rose, Kevin Mckernan, Byram Bridle and Stephanie Seneff.  Girardot has published multiple articles on covid, most notably ‘Natural Immunity versus Covid-19 Vaccine-induced Immunity’.

By mid-January 2022, having done a year-long deep-dive into the epidemiology and immunology of the SARS-Cov-2 epidemic, it was evident to Girardot that the covid injections were seriously hurting people.  So, he set to work: observing the data, questioning the facts, getting more data, drawing more hypotheses, and validating or invalidating them.

“That’s what I do for a living as a consultant, and here is where that process and hard work has brought me today. The understanding of how these vaccines are hurting people,” he wrote last year.

His Bolus Theory explains how it is that adverse effects are so diverse in severity, symptoms and location, and how “it is mostly physics – concentration, dose, time, location – that explains it all.”

He has undertaken a thorough root-cause analysis of vaccine harm and has come to the conclusion that 1 shot out of 20 goes intravascular. “That seems trivial,” he posted on Substack Notes, “but the vaccine injected [intravenously] carries a surface concentration that is 4,000 x [more] superior than the peak [intramuscular] infection. In other words, where the vaccine normally hits 1 cell, it now hits 4000 cells together…carpet-bombing the area. “

“This carries tremendous risks notably of arterial rupture, thrombosis, stroke, clotting, necrosis, organ failure and of endothelial permeability (which is tied to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Myocarditis and more).”

Below is Girardot’s map of the harm based on where the particles hit upstream, concentrated downstream and disseminated.  It “attempts to explain the variety of ways a bolus of vaccine particles can harm the body (read the endothelium) via varying journeys down the vascular system in the first-minute post-injection.”

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3 months ago

Any non-essential medicine being injected that has a potential serious health risk if accidentally being injected intravascular should NEVER get authorization.

So, only this aspect is already enough to reject these mRNA & DNA jabs.

Please note that vaccines are non-essential in all cases and hence demand the highest safety level for medicines.

Reply to  Petra
3 months ago

Makes sense to me. Great comment

3 months ago

It’s hard for me to believe that injection intravascularly v intramuscular makes any difference. I just think this is a red herring. It’s part of pretending that there was any virus in the first place, and that the shots were composed of mRNA. They weren’t. Covid mRNA is nothing more than small scale bio-nano machines. See the article by Professor Ian Akyildiz of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

3 months ago

[…] A map of the harm caused by covid “vaccines” if they are erroneously injected intravascularly. LINK […]

3 months ago

[…] A map of the harm caused by covid “vaccines” if they are erroneously injected intravascu… […]