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Climate Related News: Eco-fascism is coming to the fore

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Finland has reminded us of the rise of eco-fascism as a Minister who called for “climate abortions” for African women four years ago is forced to resign.  This comes as the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and Bill Gates attempt to flood Africa with dangerous malaria “vaccines.” 

Meanwhile, birth rates continue to decline in Sweden and Australia because of “climate change,” so they say.  Talking of Australia, the ACMA proposed legislation aims to stop the public from talking about the climate scam, among other things.

As the German government begins to crack under the strain of “net zero” fanaticism, the NHS, proving that being a tool for Covidians was just the beginning, shows it is entering an era where it is being used as a tool for “net zero” zealots.

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Study Smarter, Eco Fascism, retrieved 8 July 2023

The following is a collection of articles published over the last week from a variety of sources.

“Climate abortions” for African women: For those who haven’t heard yet or only read/listen to corporate media, the climate crime – and there is no other term for it – has taken a new turn for the worse. On 30 June, the Finnish Minister for Economic Affairs, Mr. Vilhelm Junnila, had to resign over his “climate abortion” speech.

Some four years ago, as a Parliamentary Freshman, Mr. Junnila, recommended to the Finnish Parliament that his country sponsor “climate abortions” for African women to save the planet. Yes, you read correctly: climate abortions. This 4-year-old speech surfaced as “eco-fascism” takes ever more extreme forms throughout Europe.  Read more HERE.

Since the publication of the World Economic Forum’s (“WEF”) Great Reset and its parallel UN Agenda 2030, it is no longer a secret that the Decade of 2020-30 is not only called by WHO “The Decade of Vaccination”, it is an unbelievably horrendous plan for humanity.

Among the prime targets, it includes massive population reduction, by any means possible, including, coerced and WHO-mandated lethal “vaccinations”, forced sterilisation, wars, manufactured famine – and a myriad of other human-killing means. 

In addition, there is also WEF-invented technocratic “Fourth Industrial Revolution” – the fore total digitisation of everything, including transforming surviving humans into transhumans with the help of the deadly 5G ultra-microwaves, full digitisation of money via a novel concept of programmable Central Bank Digital Currency (“CBDC”) which by a digital process may be programmed to be turned on and off according to the controlling elite’s will.  Read more HERE.

Birth rates continue to decline in Australia and Sweden: Climate change is the main culprit, Australian “experts” say.  “Climate concerns” are anything but new. What is new is the “safe and effective” covid injections.  To distract from this, the Australian “expert” makes sure to point out that “anti-vaxxers” are cunningly trying to hijack this discussion and point out that covid injections are to blame.  Australia is not alone; Sweden is experiencing a similar birth decline.  Read more HERE.

WHO and Gates announce plans to flood Africa with ultra-dangerous malaria “vaccines”: The World Health Organisation and its partner organisation, the Bill Gates-controlled GAVI, announced Wednesday that they will be flooding Africa with 18 million doses of malaria vaccines. During a Wednesday press conference, WHO director Tedros Adhanom declared that 12 African countries will be receiving 18 million doses of malaria vaccine in the coming months, declaring that climate change is largely responsible for the continuing disease burden in the continent.  Read more HERE.

Climate change by flawed numbers: A widely known assertion (still promoted by NASA) that “97% of climate scientists agree that humans are causing global warming and climate change” was simply based on a flawed survey of authors of published papers and has been thoroughly debunked.

The case made for IPCC’s statement that “at least 95% degree of certainty that more than half the recent warming is man-made” is also flawed.  Professor Norman Fenton illustrates why.  Read more HERE.

2022 Nobel Prize winner says there is no climate crisis: John Clauser is an American theoretical and experimental physicist with a long and accomplished career, specialising in quantum mechanics.  At the ‘Quantum Korea 2023’ conference, Clauser voiced his concerns about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), accusing it of disseminating misinformation about the state of the planet’s climate. He said, “I don’t think there is a climate crisis…I think the key processes are exaggerated and misunderstood by a factor of about 200.”  Read more HERE.

UN “digital first responder” forms an addition to the now well-known “fact checker”: No matter what UN goal you scratch at, a questionable ideological foundation emerges from below its charitable surface. I can appreciate that people are deeply concerned about the environment (Goal 13), but that’s not the same thing as going along with an ecomodernist climate discourse. If Bill Gates wants to lower the Earth’s temperature by dispersing millions of tons of chalk dust into the atmosphere or by suspending technologically manipulable mirrors between the Earth and the sun, the ecomodernist remedy may well be more dangerous than the disease. Far more dangerous.  Read more HERE.

NHS guidance for developing a “greener practice”:  According to NHS England and NHS Improvement, “Climate change threatens the foundations of good health, with direct and immediate consequences for our patients, the public and the NHS.”

In October 2020, NHS England published ‘Delivering a “net zero” National Health Service‘, which outlined its ambition for the NHS to become the world’s first healthcare system to reach net-zero emissions – by 2040 for emissions controlled directly by the NHS, and by 2045 for emissions influenced by it. 

A key first step was for every trust and integrated care system across the country to develop and implement a Green Plan, describing any carbon-reduction initiatives already underway, and any plans for the subsequent 3 years. In 2021, the Greener NHS team launched the ‘Healthier planet, healthier people’ campaign to highlight how staff action is already making the NHS greener. In addition, in primary care, domains called ‘A Sustainable NHS’ and ‘Providing High Quality Care’ were incorporated into the Investment and Impact Fund incentive scheme in 2022 to help move NHS England towards its net-zero targets.  Read more on Medscape HERE.

[First Covid NHS now “Net Zero” NHS. Is the NHS becoming a danger to the public’s health?]

German political establishment begins to crack: As Greens double down on their politically suicidal climate agenda, the German political establishment begins to crack. Few are happy about the proposed changes to the Building Energy Act, or the Gebäudeenergiegesetz (“GEG”).   A recent survey shows that 74% of Germans believe “there are too many open questions” and that the legislation should be substantially delayed if not shelved. Majorities in all parties are opposed; even 51% of Green voters don’t want the GEG to pass right now. A substantial part of the establishment media has accordingly become openly critical of the Greens.  Read more HERE.

Biden approved the largest offshore wind project in the US to date: The Biden administration just approved the biggest offshore wind project in the US. Located about 13 nautical miles southeast of Atlantic City, the Ocean Wind 1 project offshore New Jersey. The project, which will be run by Denmark-based power company Ørstedt.  A non-exhaustive list of backlashes for Biden’s wind farms includes the impact on whales and the impact on fisheries.  Read more HERE.

White House wants to block sunlight to save the Planet from “global warming”:   Despite the European Commission’s recent warning that large-scale interventions such as solar engineering to reverse “climate change” could have “unintended consequences,” the White House published a new report Friday indicating that the Biden administration wants to manipulate planetary systems to block the sunlight to save the planet.  Read more HERE.

ACMA proposed legislation will suppress and oppress Australians: “According to the proposed [Australian Communications and Media Authority] ACMA legislation, every single thing I am saying in this post is illegal and will carry with it hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Come and get me Albo – I’ll be waiting,” writes Meryl Dorey.  Here are “seven statements that will soon be considered illegal if the Albo Govermaceutical Fascists get their way …”  The first in her list of soon to be banned topics is “human-caused climate change is a scam.”

We should be able to agree, disagree, fight with our words, and use our own minds to determine what we feel is right and what isn’t.  This legislation will remove all those rights. It will stifle, suppress and oppress Australians to the point where life won’t be worth living for many. Perhaps that’s the goal?  Read more HERE.

A Japanese airline would rather have you rent clothes than deal with your bag: An initiative by Japan Airlines Co. and Sumitomo Corp. will soon offer rental clothing for tourists and business travellers during their visit to Japan. Japan Airlines will calculate the reduction in carbon emissions based on saved aircraft weight, and inform customers. Read more HERE.

This idea is an extension of the ‘The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World’ report published by C40 Cities and Arup which, among others, aims to limit the number of new items of clothing per year to 3 per person. Read more HERE.

It also dovetails into the World Economic Forum’s infamous strapline: “You will own nothing” and, by implication, you will rent everything from those who own everything.

Featured image: The crimes of eco-fascism, The Spectator Australia, 31 December 2022

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Gw Wells
Gw Wells
2 months ago

IF HE had said abortions for white woman needed to happen due to climate he would have been applauded and his position secured

2 months ago

It all comes from the City actually via the Liveries all 108 of them that run the planet really despite their innocent sounding names and quaint images .They run everything together with the Imperial or Royal College .It is the centre of the world’s commerce ,law and power .And the Mayor us elected by 80% corporations from within the City
And it’s been that way for over a thousand years .It’s the original fascist democratic Empire state .It seems imo .

Brin Jenkins
Brin Jenkins
2 months ago

These charlatans need to be curtailed for global good.

Reply to  Brin Jenkins
2 months ago

And I think so.

Russia has invited the member countries of the Group of Twenty to join scientific projects

July 5, 2023/ Russia opposes the politicization of the scientific agenda and invites the constructively minded countries of the Group of Twenty to participate in joint activities. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Airat Gatiyatov at the meeting of G20 Ministers of Research and Innovation in the Republic of India.

This year, the Indian side, which chairs the Group of Twenty, promoted a broad research agenda, in particular, it dealt with the issues of the blue economy, sustainable energy, biodiversity, bioeconomics, eco-innovations for the energy transition.

Ayrat Gatiyatov appealed to the constructively minded states of the “twenty” and invited them to join the project being implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia to create carbon landfills.

“We are convinced that big science should be implemented in accordance with the modern multipolar world order. At the same time, we strongly oppose the politicization of the traditionally neutral scientific sphere through the G20. Since global science is impossible without Russia, we are ready to contribute to this common work,” said Airat Gatiyatov.

G20 consists of 19 countries: Russia, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA, France, South Korea, South Africa, Japan, and the European Union.The chair country of the forum sets priorities and topics of work for the year, draws up a calendar of events, prepares basic documentation and organizes negotiation processes. Decisions in the Group of Twenty are made by consensus. This year, India is the chairman, Brazil will take over the baton in 2024, and South Africa in 2025.”

Reply to  UkroCovId
2 months ago

https :// vigilantcitizenforums. com/threads/russia-through-the-hidden-eye-continuation.10926/post-563164

Reply to  Brin Jenkins
2 months ago

And I still think so.

From “Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on Deepening Comprehensive Partnership and Strategic Cooperation, Entering a New Era”
March 21, 2023.
Russian-Chinese relations are mature, stable, self-sufficient and strong, have passed the test for the COVID-19 pandemic and the turbulent international situation, are not subject to external influence and demonstrate vitality and positive energy.

The parties…
will gradually encourage investment cooperation in various fields, improve the business environment and legal support, introduce innovative forms of interaction, deepen cooperation in the digital economy and sustainable development, including ecology development.
…as well as initiatives that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including those related to the use of low-emission and renewable energy sources.
…promote equitable energy transitions and low-carbon development, taking into account the principle of technological neutrality, and will jointly contribute to the long-term, healthy and stable development of the global energy market.
…direct their efforts to conduct joint revolutionary research in advanced fields of science and technology and on global issues of global development, including related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, He will present new models of cooperation in such technological and industrial fields as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, fifth-generation communication networks, digital and low-carbon economies.

will deepen cooperation in the field of healthcare[…]to strengthen relevant work within such multilateral platforms as WHO, BRICS, SCO, G20, APEC.

support the construction of an open world economy, support the multilateral trading system in which the World Trade Organization plays a central role

The Russian side positively assesses the global development initiative and will continue to participate in the work of the group of friends in support of it. The parties will continue to encourage the international community to focus on development issues and increase its contribution to it, jointly contributing to the success of the UN Summit for Sustainable Development, ensuring early implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Program by 2030.

The parties have established effective cooperation in a bilateral and multilateral format to combat the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19, protecting the life and health of the population of both countries and peoples of the world. The parties support deepening the exchange of information on the COVID-19 pandemic and strengthening coordination of interaction on platforms such as WHO. The parties jointly oppose plans and attempts to politicize the issue of the origin of the virus.

The parties attach great importance to the issue of artificial intelligence regulation and are ready to increase exchange and cooperation on this topic.

The Parties take effective measures, develop cooperation and make an important contribution to the prevention and adaptation to climate change, the organization and functioning of carbon asset trading systems, the implementation of voluntary climate projects, the exchange of experience at the national and regional levels to reduce global warming and adapt to it.

The Parties reaffirm their commitment to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, as well as the goals, principles and provisions of the Paris Agreement, in particular the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, adhere to a genuine multilateral approach, and contribute to the full and effective application of the Paris Agreement.

The Parties assess the results achieved at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, chaired by the People’s Republic of China, and express the hope that they will make a positive contribution to the progress of the process of global biodiversity management. The parties constantly encourage international cooperation and exchange in the field of biodiversity, actively implement the goals of the Kunming-Montreal Global biodiversity Framework, jointly promote the harmonious development of man and nature and contribute to global sustainable development.
…joint efforts to form a community with a common destiny for humanity.”
https : // vigilantcitizenforums. com/threads/russia-through-the-hidden-eye.10549/post-548371

2 months ago

[…] Climate Related News: Eco-fascism is coming to the fore. LINK […]

2 months ago


Reply to  Robbi
2 months ago

Government of the Russian Federation
http :// government .ru/news/46939/
November 1, 2022
The Government has approved an innovative project to create a national monitoring system for climatically active substances


Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed an order approving the innovative project “Unified National Monitoring System of Climatically active substances”. Its implementation will help prevent the negative impact of climate change on all sectors of the economy and the quality of life of citizens.

The national monitoring system will provide independent climate forecasts and information on the causes of climate change. Scientifically based data and environmental monitoring will become the basis for making management decisions in the field of limiting greenhouse gas emissions and adapting the Russian economy to global climate change. This will increase the effectiveness of the measures taken by the state in the field of climate policy.

Dozens of scientific institutions across the country will take part in carrying out the necessary research and development. With their help, a physical and mathematical model of the Earth will be created, various climatic processes will be monitored, scenarios for decarbonization of economic sectors will be developed. In addition, scientists will create systems for monitoring the melting of permafrost. Action programmes to combat desertification will also be developed for 13 regions of the country.

The innovative project will be implemented in two stages. The first one will last until the end of 2024. By this date, the scientific, legal and personnel conditions for the functioning of the new system will be prepared. A methodological basis will also be formed for the ecological transformation of economic sectors. As part of the second stage, the formation of these conditions will be completed, and the system will begin to function in full. The Ministry of Economic Development will be responsible for the implementation of the project together with the federal authorities responsible for this or that event.

In September, more than 1.5 billion rubles were allocated for the implementation of the innovative project. Its further financing will be provided within the framework of the federal project “Low-carbon Development Policy” and at the expense of extra-budgetary sources.”

And more: https :// vigilantcitizenforums. com/threads/russia-through-the-hidden-eye.10549/post-531492

2 months ago

Why is adrenochrome so important? Apart from monarchies, MP’s, actors/actresses, [EL]ites, who or what else craves it in its most purest form?

2 months ago

[…] – Climate Related News: Eco-fascism is coming to the fore […]

2 months ago

[…] Climate Related News: Eco-fascism is coming to the fore […]