The New Crypto Digital ID Data Steal

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The cryptocurrency project Worldcoin was launched on July 24th, 2023, by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman with the core offering of a World ID, in other words, a “digital passport.”

The company behind the project, Tools For Humanity, believes that it will be able to prove that its holder is a real human online and not an AI bot. This they say will be necessary in the age of generative AI chatbots like the popular ChatGPT, which produce remarkably humanlike language.

The company also distributes a crypto token, the Worldcoin (WLD), to people “just for being a unique individual” they say as Worldcoin will function differently from market leader’s Bitcoin or Ethereum by offering people a token of the future currency without requiring that they invest any funds.

The company’s website described Worldcoin as an Ethereum-based “new, collectively owned global currency that will be distributed fairly to as many people as possible.” Everyone in the world would get a free share, the company suggested—if they agreed to an iris scan with a specially designed device that resembles a decapitated robot head, which the company refers to as the “chrome orb.”

We know by now that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t we?

ChatGPT and OpenAI

Altman and OpenAI, who are in fact the startup behind ChatGPT, have been in the spotlight since late last year and with interest in artificial intelligence growing by leaps and bounds attracted significant investors’ interest. In June, Tools For Humanity raised $115 million in a Series C funding round led by Blockchain Capital and joined by a16z and other prominent investors from some of Silicon Valley’s biggest venture capital firms, including Andreessen Horowitz and Blockchain Capital.

Iris Scan

Undeterred customers who sign up and obtain a World ID, must do an in-person iris scan using Worldcoin’s ‘orb’, a silver ball approximately the size of a bowling ball. This scan is a way of ensuring that it is only humans that are able to sign up and once the person is verified by the orb’s iris scan their World ID is created (Source).

The Orb

“Worldcoin is mostly trying to innovate on the authentication side,” said Jeremy Clark from the Canada-based Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering.

Anyone can use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Clark explained, signing up with as many identities as they want, but Worldcoin is “trying to get one and only one (address) to basically everyone on the planet.”

The Crypto Coin

This, it seems, is going well too, as since its beta period, which started in 2019, the project has 2 million users who have perhaps been enticed by the “free” tokens, and the worry of total control over their finances with the soon to be launched Central Bank Digital Currency. The result is that those who sign up in certain countries and the crypto token Worldcoin is scaling up “orbing” operations to 35 cities in 20 countries since its launch on Monday.

Additionally, WLD’s price rose in early trading on Monday, peaking at $5,29 on the world’s largest exchange, Binance, and at 1000 GMT was at $2.49 from a starting price of $0.15, having seen $25.1 million of trading volume, according to Binance’s website  (Source).

However, the WLD token is subject to the same volatility as all other cryptocurrencies, and “there’s nothing to say that any company is going to accept this for payment or that you can do anything with it,” said Peter Howson, a crypto expert from Britain’s Northumbria University.

Altman and co-founder Alex Blania admited in a roll-out announcement that “Worldcoin is an attempt at global scale alignment, the journey will be challenging, and the outcome is uncertain.”

Universal Basic Income

The founders do, however, seem certain that they want the currency to act as a form of universal basic income that would allow more equitable access to the global economy. UBI social benefits program is usually run by governments where every individual is entitled to payments.

Yet he thought a world with UBI would be “very far in the future” and he did not have a “clear idea of what entity could dole out money.” He imagined that Worldcoin lays the groundwork for it to become a reality and believes that the reality could help to combat income inequality because AI “will do more and more of the work that people now do.”

Altman claims that Worldcoin can help address how the economy will be reshaped by generative AI “People will be supercharged by AI, which will have massive economic implications,” he said, and “We think that we need to start experimenting with things so we can figure out what to do,” he said.

Are we really going to fall for another experiment, this time for free crypto?

Biometric Data

However, this is not free “money” that is being doled out to individuals, by the issuing of these crypto tokens as each and every individual is giving the company access to their biometric data in return.

Despite Blainia’s claims that Blockchains can store the World IDs in a way that preserves privacy and can’t be controlled or shut down by any single entity, Worldcoin has drawn criticism from tech experts over perceived privacy risks.

Don’t Catalogue Eyeballs

It has even drawn criticism over its handling of biometric data from former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden when the project was first introduced in 2021 in a tweet and Snowden tweeted the response “Don’t catalogue eyeballs.”

Snowden’s tweets continued “Don’t use biometrics for anti-fraud. In fact, don’t use biometrics for anything.” (source) Snowden quoted Altman “We use ZK-proofs!” and said, “Great, clever. Still bad. The human body is not a ticket-punch”.

MIT Technology Review

Concerns were also raised in an investigation by MIT Technology Review who also picked up on the company’s failure to destroy data despite saying “To ensure users’ privacy, once its systems are optimised, it will anonymize and destroy users’ biometric data.”

Even though it has recorded and stored thousands of iris scans to train its algorithms the company admits that “biometric information remains on the orb and is deleted once uploaded—or at least it will be one day, once the company has finished training its AI neural network to recognize irises and detect fraud” (source).

In the meantime, valuable data was not receiving privacy at all.

Deception, exploited workers, and cash handouts

The MIT review also voiced concerns over Worldcoin’s method of collecting biometric data from developing countries, such as Indonesia, Kenya, and Colombia during the testing of the project. The MIT researchers revealed that “the high-tech orb itself, armed with advanced cameras and sensors that not only scanned irises but took high-resolution images of “users’ body, face, and eyes, including users’ irises,” according to the company’s descriptions in a blog post.

“Worldcoin representatives were showing up for a day or two and collecting biometric data. In return, they were known to offer everything from free cash (often local currency as well as Worldcoin tokens) to Airpods to promises of future wealth. In some cases they also made payments to local government officials. What they were not providing was much information on their real intentions.”  The incentive for these individuals was a mere $20 worth of WLD tokens, at the rate of $2.50 per week for some and the currency had not even launched, “the company “do[es] not yet know how many WLD tokens would be equivalent to USD $20,” said MIT.

“The testing conducted in developing countries is “emblematic of a practice in the tech industry to experiment on communities that don’t have as much agency and might be more easily coerced into engaging in the project.”Molly White a crypto researcher from the website Web3 is Going Just Great.

MIT researchers argue that “it’s unclear how this data is being handled” The company has yet to provide a deadline for deleting data.” in the meantime all data is at risk of falling into the wrong hands. (source).

Our data is very much sought after and we are fast becoming a data colony and it can be used both covertly and efficiently to gain total control over us all. Due to advances in computer science, machine learning, and AI, those monitoring the data will have the ability to know us better than we know ourselves, according to historian Professor Yuval Noah Harari

Advisor to Klaus Schwab and the WEF, Harari warned us in 2018  that there will be no hiding from the technology, nor will we as individuals have any say whatsoever about refusing it (source). It is our data that our enemy will use to further enslave us and strip away our human rights. Let’s not be tempted by their child-snatcher tactics, hey?

Altman – Would you trust this man?

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2 months ago

“Access to the global economy” bullshit equitable. Do they think that we are stupid? Yes, they do and not for nothing, those millions means something. Today few millions, tomorrow few billions, the mother of stupids will never die.

2 months ago

There are no free lunches in this world. But I am sure many will fall for this trap.

2 months ago

This Worldcoin Scam is beyond palatable…

Nichole C
Nichole C
2 months ago

Am i the only person who sees the fuI picture of what they have already put in place, most of the technology was being put in place during Covid to make all this possible and potentially why they are as arrogant as they are. I find this to be more horrible than any scifi novel or film could ever have predicted. Just think about it for a second that they have been most likely gathering our biometric data unlawfully and non-consensually since most of this has been at self checkouts where most of these were set up all over the place supposedly to meet the needs of customers during Covid, but notice during that time how they insisted that there was no money or there was a limited money supply and we were forced into using our cards most of the time, they were already limiting it in order to advance this. The cameras in many stores were then switched out during Covid’ in many Walmart stores they were switched out with Microsoft technology and we know what was going on with that don’t we and how they were allowing NSA to have backdoors into their computers, well because Bill Gates is heavily invested in Walmart those Operating systems were put there probably secretly taking our biometric data. Notice they already had the ability to manipulate the supply chain too and well that connected to Bill Gates too by way of Warren Buffet, something they knew they needed to control was the supply chain to manipulate the public into accepting all these things.

So, at every store those theft prevention measures were not actually preventing theft at all only targeting our biometric information without our consent, they do not care at all about theft because this is more important to them and more profitable, they probably just write it all off anyway, it was really all about our facial recognition data. Then, of course those 3 and 4 camera phones that most people stare at all day also are and were gathering our facial data in the background secretly because they rarely tell us everything until they get caught, right? So, when someone like Noah Yuval Harari says that we will not have a choice, he knows exactly that we will not be allowed one because they already have everyone’s data anyway. REAL ID will be used along with digital IDs and Passports and the way that it will be done will be like how it was done during Covid but worse probably, they already have the banks, stores, government buildings and airports all ready to stop us from getting into buildings and onto planes if we do not comply with this, they have already been testing this whole system on certain targeted persons, who already are blacklisted so they could see how this could work on every person. The people who have been calling on their governments to do something about being targeted with patented but not fully disclosed weapons along with harassment, these people were having their job opportunities destroyed, they are being bullied every place they go, and disallowed from accessing certain services, these people were all beta tests for this evil program if any person does not know what I am referring to, well sadly this was being done to many thousands probably millions of targeted persons who were most likely years ago selected to test this sophisticated program out on them, some have been seeking justice on this going back to the early 1980s.

They can already shut down any account, have any person followed, stalked, harassed, and that person will not be allowed entry if for some reason that person has had their status moved up in terms of how they will be treated in their life, they will cease to be allowed to access services. This means that they cannot get access to their bank accounts, their car may be disabled, they might not be allowed to pump gas or enter a building, they already have said no REAL ID no plane or government building, so that is already set up in advance for this. Bill Gates like he always does since he basically is the most evil man on the planet apparently he has a patent already set up to profit even more than he already has in his life from this new form of digital transhuman tyranny. People have been warning the public about this for some time, many have been saying that they are being targeted with electromagnetic, neuro/cognitive, psychotronic weapons that can track that person and basically traffic them because there are people whose entire lives revolve around that person, watching them, mocking them, following them, sabotaging them, making sure that they never have any peace and ensuring that no matter what they do everything they attempt to do will be derailed. Just think of the Nazi Brown Shirts/Zerzestung, the FBI’s Co-intelpro or the CIA’s Phoenix Program because that is what these people have been describing but no one would listen, and now it is beginning to reach a point that they are bringing all of this all together for a very sinister plot to submit all of us to this horror where we can own nothing, we may even not be allowed to have a job, they may limit what we can consume by way of Universal Basic Income, they want all money digitized and they have shown they will just say they have run out of supply, they keep on doing this. They are completely capable of making sure that any person not in compliance will not be able to drive their car, get access to vehicle maintenance services, etc. this has been described by those who understand that our vehicles can be hacked, they can essentially put a halt to anything even a gas pump. They can actually shut down the entire street light system, they can shut down an entire city rather quickly, so if any person thinks that this is far off into the future, I suggest doing a bit more research, the digital money and digital IDs really are just the last thing on their list. If they can take over currency then really what is to stop them from taking our money on the basis that it is no longer ours to have it is the collective if they see it this way and it appears they do. They think it is perfectly within their rights to do all that they do with no one stopping them evidently.

Aren’t we all just so tired of these people and hearing the same names come up, aren’t we all just so fed up with this, how long are these people going to be allowed to continue doing this, at what point do we all step up arm in arm every one of us and just say no you will not be doing this, sorry but no.

2 months ago

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1 month ago

[…] The New Crypto Digital ID Data Steal. The cryptocurrency project Worldcoin was launched on July 24th, 2023, by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman with the core offering of a World ID, in other words, a “digital passport.” Advisor to Klaus Schwab and the WEF, Harari warned us in 2018  that there will be no hiding from the technology, nor will we as individuals have any say whatsoever about refusing it…  The Expose […]