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Nick Hudson: The cult of “trust the science”

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How do you know that you are not dealing with the facts but with a scam?

Nick Hudson has a really simple answer: “If there are three things happening, then you know you are dealing with a scam. If something is presented as a global crisis, admitting only global solutions and in an environment where dissenting voices are cancelled. If those three things are present – global crisis, global solution, censorship of dissenting voices – then you are definitively dealing with a scam. No exceptions.”

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Nick Hudson, an investor and entrepreneur from South Africa, is an actuary by education and profession.   He is also a critical thinker with a large network of contacts, a wide readership and a wide range of interests.  Hudson is chairman of Pandemics Data & Analytics (“PANDA”) which was established in April 2020 as a fact-based analysis of policies imposed in response to the covid pandemic.  PANDA has since grown to become a research think tank that publishes on a broader range of topics – or exposes scams – that require public attention. 

Last week he appeared on the Freedom Research Podcast to discuss the similarities between the covid and climate change narratives, and to give his thoughts on modern-day fascism.

When the so-called Covid crisis began, he started to critically assess the related numbers as soon as in 2020. He told Hannes Sarv, host of Freedom Research Podcast, that looking at how national governments were responding to the disease outbreak, he felt something was terribly wrong.

“I was looking at the data and coming to a completely different conclusion from what was being said in the media, by the government and public health circles. And I was battling to sleep. It was weighing on me heavily and then a friend of mine said that as long as you stay silent you won’t be able to sleep. And then I decided to speak out,” he said.

Couldn’t he just “trust the science,” as many others were told to do and did? Hudson said that science has nothing to do with trust. Science is about hypothesising and making a critique of these hypotheses. It is about respecting differences of opinion and debate. If there is none, or if it is suppressed, it is not science, it is religion. Perhaps “trusting the science,” in his words, means something like this – participating in a religious cult.

Methods such as locking down the societies, and later similarly the vaccine and mask mandates used to combat the spread of the virus under the guise of “science” had nothing to do with science, Hudson pointed out.

“It was clear from the start that our public health people and the World Health Organisation and the Bill Gateses of the world were speaking absolute nonsense. They weren’t rooted in science; they weren’t rooted in the scientific method. They were propelling a narrative that suited them for a variety of reasons, both commercial and political,” he said.

On the other hand, most people still agreed with these totally unscientific methods, stripping them of their personal freedoms. Hudson is not very surprised. Propaganda has proved effective throughout our history, he said, and he doesn’t blame people for submitting to it.

“The majority of people just go along with what they’re told. A more interesting question is why did governments adopt a set of policies that were so obviously harmful at a population level. It was their decision to embark on the propaganda exercises and the behavioural science manipulations that they used to put people in this position of supporting lockdowns and mask mandates and injection mandates and all of this nonsense,” he said.

Hudson also discussed misinformation. “Misinformation doesn’t mean you say something false. It means that you say something that contradicts an authority, which is a fundamentally unscientific notion,” he said.  In other words, their idea of preventing “misinformation” is censorship.  Censorship which Hudson has experienced personally.

Regarding “climate change,” he said that we are being presented with simplistic models of global warming similar to the one used for covid. To take the notion of systems as complex as a society or the global climate being analysed using spreadsheets on rudimentary measurements seriously, and from that, build assumptions to control those systems and save us from some imagined disaster, requires enormous faith. “To me, it is manifestly clear from the structure of the discussion that the climate change crisis is a scam,” he said.

Crises presented as global with global solutions would not work without organisations seeking global control.  Although there are several forums which bring political and business “elites” together, the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) is particularly prominent in proposing these global solutions.  This intertwining of public and private institutions and organisations reminds Hudson of fascism.

“An important characteristic of fascism is integration between large corporations and the state. We had examples of this especially when it came to the pharmaceutical firms, but it is not limited to the pharmaceutical firms. If you look at what the WEF essentially is – it’s a meeting where oligarchs mingle with government leaders and craft policies that suit their mutual interests. That is fascism, it’s pure and simple as that,” he said.

You can read a more comprehensive write-up on Hudson’s interview on Freedom Research’s Substack page HERE and watch the 44-minute podcast HERE.

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Brin Jenkins
Brin Jenkins
2 months ago

I trust science, not “The Science”, but the scrupulously honest men I worked with as a physics lab assistant in the mid to late 1950’s.

Ideas bounced around, the hypothesis, experiments devised and results recorded. If these disproved ones ideas, change the hypothesis not the data. Thats the men of science I trust.

Never accept that the science is settled brigade.

Its OK to hold a different view, its OK to argue for your point of view. Those who deny or ignore verified data, are in short charlatans.

2 months ago

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2 months ago

The fraud of the Magna Carta.
The illegitimacy of Charles Windsor.

Chris C
Chris C
2 months ago

Thank you Rhoda and to Nick Hudson for highlighting in Plain English this crucial aspect of the “Great Reset”.

We The People of Planet Earth are at the bottom of the “power pyramid” anticipating a dystopian nightmare planned to be forced upon us by layers farther up, most intimately the ignorant subservient police-military-council complex that is intended to be fused into one including robo-cops and A.I making decisions about our lives.

The next level up are the national politicians, e.g. “right honourable” MP’s who are infiltrated by communo-fascists, a one-party government in the UK of lib/lab/con/green/SNP clones who are united in lying to the public about science facts.

We must stop registering to vote for any of these parties that are now servants only of the globalist WEF and WHO etc., who are higher up (and richer) in the pyramid of imposition-makers.
In turn at the very top strata of this structure are demonic shadowy figures (even richer) who are conduits for evil non-human quantum biofields.
Evil forces
Pyramid of Power> MP’s
We The People

The anti-science we are being force-fed by the Mainstream Media and government puppets comes from the top three layers of the pyramid.

When We The people go to police stations, councils or the legal profession to report the Crimes against Humanity, no action is taken, and reporting the Crimes against Creation to those higher up the pyramid has less effect the higher up we go.

Therefore my conclusion and that of many others is that the time to expect help from above is gone, and We The People must get together to build and develop a completely new world for ourselves, which is completely doable.

2 months ago

‘Gallilao the science is settled; the earth is flat.’