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“Empty Hospitals, Overstaffed, Not Treating Patients” – NHS Whistleblower confirms you’ve been lied to

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An NHS Doctor turned whistleblower has come forward to tell the truth about what is happening in hospitals. They’re empty, overstaffed and have hardly any patients.

Dr “John” also shards stories of people too scared to go to hospital for fear of catching the virus, and an elderly woman left sitting in her own faeces after a lack of treatment following a hip replacement operation.

‘Denty and Shaz‘ run through the whistleblowing NHS Doctors eye opening revelations in the video below…

ou can find more great videos from ‘Denty and Shaz‘ via their Twitter page here.

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Dave Brown M.D.
Dave Brown M.D.
1 year ago

Denty and Shaz…..2 more extremely ordinary hard working people……commendable video presentation .

The cartels are being dismantled. Their lying their asses off , and their special kind of stupid , are being exposed …..The empire is running into significant headwinds .Thank you both !

1 year ago

covid1984 = global fraud. FACT