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Infertility: What Was Done to Innocent People with Secret Ingredients in “Vaccines”

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Many of the organisations that promote vaccine administration around the world are linked with population control agendas says Dr. Sam Bailey, who in a short video highlights the history of anti-fertility vaccines.

Over her career and after much research Dr. Sam Bailey, a New Zealand medical author and health educator, has discovered that the vaccine model and Germ Theory itself has many flaws.

“Today, we’re going to cover an even shadier application of vaccines.  That is the use of them to reduce fertility and even cause permanent sterilisation,” Dr. Bailey said.

During her video she gave an overview of the philanthropical and health organisations that have been experimenting on humans with “secret ingredient vaccines” beginning with The Rockefeller Foundation which in its 1968 annual report, page 72, stated:

“Very little work is in progress on immunological methods, such as vaccines, to reduce fertility, and much more research is required if a solution is to be found here.”

·         1968 Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report

Follow the link to Dr. Bailey’s video by clicking on the words in image below:

Links to references relating to Dr. Bailey’s video:

David Rockefeller and Depopulation

“The result of these positive measures is that the world population that has risen during the same short period of time geometrically to almost 6 billion people, and can exceed easily 8 billion by the year 2020.

“The negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary eco-systems is becoming appallingly evident. The rapid growing exploitation of the world’s supply of energy and water is a matter of deep concern. And the toxic by-products of widespread industrialisation and increased atmospheric pollution to dangerous levels.

“Unless nations will agree to work together to tackle these cross-border challenges posed by population growth over consumption of resources and environmental degradation, prospects for a decent life on our planet will be threatened.” – David Rockefeller, Annual UN Ambassadors’ Dinner, 1994

Follow the link to the video of Rockefeller’s speech by clicking on the words in image below:

Germ Theory versus Terrain Theory

“Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity” – Ethel Douglas Hume, author of ‘Bechamp or Pasteur, A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology

The Covid “pandemic” has started a new era of revelations of monumental falsities in accepted science. From global warming and cosmology to vaccines and germ theory, the common theme appears to be the corruption of science in the service of a psychopathic globalist oligarchy.

In her video, Dr. Bailey mentioned the transmission of the spike protein from “vaccinated” to “unvaccinated” people and Terrain Theory as the reason this would not be possible. However, whatever the true nature of the particles called viruses, possibly the spike protein resulting from Covid injections does not behave like a virus as Dr. Bailey assumes.

The spike protein is not a virus but a portion of a virus. The mechanisms of how it is transmitted, or portions of it are transmitted within exosomes for example, may not yet be fully understood – but the phenomenon of “unvaccinated” people experiencing ill effects from being in close contact with “vaccinated” people cannot simply be brushed aside or ignored. It is worth keeping a curious mind and hearing what Dr. Bailey as well as those with different views have to say on the subject.

The World Doctors Alliance, for example, posted a link on Telegram to a scientific paper published in May 2021 in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research (“IJVTPR”).  The paper described in detail the technology underlying Covid injections.  Its authors then reviewed several aspects including the spike protein toxicity and “shedding” – the transmission of the protein from a “vaccinated” to an “unvaccinated” person resulting in symptoms induced in the “unvaccinated” – offering a plausible mechanism of transmission via exosomes.  You can read the paper HERE.

Setting aside whether the man-engineered spike protein is transmissible, it is with a curious mind we ask, what is Terrain Theory?

Germ theory argues germs are the enemy, to be directly attacked or avoided. Terrain theory is the opposite and argues that if the body is well and balanced then germs that are a natural part of life and the environment will be dealt with by the body without causing sickness. While some may argue for one theory or the other, others argue both theories are important and a blend between the two also exists: the idea that it’s both the health of the tissue, combined with the virulence of the bug, that determines illness.

Watch the video below about the origin of Germ Theory and Terrain Theory, conduct your own research and make up your own mind:

CynicalSkeptic: Rockefeller Funded Pasteur Germ Theory Pt.1. The Scam of The Century Goes Back to One Man

Further reading:

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1 year ago

You live with tetanus bacteria, but it does nothing, in the appendix. Bacteria is opportunistic and ‘shape-shifter’. While the whole germ theory is based on monomorphism, same shape, size, characteristic. In a case of a pneumonia to find bacteria they need to wait appx. 48 hours = bacteria is not the cause.
Dr Robert O Young has microscope’ recordings about how red blood cell transform to bacteria on his site. Bechamp couldn’t see them with that tech they had back then but he was right. The bacteria is not the problem, the problem is its waste product while working, poison.
The easiest way to think of them that ‘just another type of poisoning’.
Very liberating by the way, it so great not to be worried about viruses and less worried about bacteria.

What makes you ill part: Dr Cowan has an excellent ‘theory’ in his new book, the water part. With that theory all of the natural healing ways we know as working can be explained, ALL of them.

This little Dr is great by the way, I saw a couple of her broadcasts.

The secret is somewhere around DNA, water in us and frequencies (or thoughts) we emit.

The natural cancer cures are based on depoisoning and juicing, Juicing means structured water and energy (to recharge cells). Another very old cure based on a chemical reaction to recharge the cells, to reach this reaction Dr Budwig mixed cottage cheese with linseed oil. It was I think something with sulphur, can’t recall precisely.

This is why wireless tech so bad and carcinogen. We are about 80% water we store in a structured form but that energy radiating us destroys it. (Very simplified sorry but this is the point.)
Pointless to reading after viruses, I know, I spent decades of it via fear back then.
Frequencies / EMFs, water, food (also coding) DNA, and out thoughts, believes.

Last edited 1 year ago by GundelP
Reply to  GundelP
1 year ago

It is necessary to make drinking water “alkaline”. Sodium bicarbonate is used to make water alkaline. It can be mixed with a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate per liter of water and drunk continuously.

1 year ago

Off: Rhoda pls watch the today’ very short video on orwell. Quite a wow. You see that there was a distribution in electricity / EMF and the man just dropped dead. This time the effect is visible, the camera which recorded it also ‘recorded’ the disruption.

Another, there is a video on SOTN, very young ppl / kids bleeding from the eyes and look really bad, recording looks real but no source and couldn’t identify the language. Another two, two different cases, smoke or rather steam? came from heads (eyes, ears). ‘Holy Moley!’
5G? Vax + 5G?
Getting worse every day. This nightmare must end. Or at least we should know how to efficiently protect ourselves if that’s even possible.

1 year ago

What an article! Wonderfully expressed and sums up my main fears for my beloved children. They were never going to provide with me grandchildren, who i would have loved, anyway.

I provided them with a decent, personal education, even from the 80’s on it was so obvious loads of shite was being foisted on us. That education wasn’t enough to protect them, sad to say 3 of my 4 adored children, who previously seemed powerful people, fell victim to the lies. What hurts most is one of the victims is my only, so loved daughter, my FireKitten who seemed indomitable, it breaks my heart.

Course it was the lockdowns which screwed up her mind, she went from so outgoing to scared to leave her home. What made it worse is when she really got caught up in the psychosis, she stopped her Friday night visits with me.

She and her hubby had their 3rd poison jab on the 5th, tried my best to engage her reason before hand, She is partially awake and has sworn to me she won’t have a 4th.

Totally agree with all the true experts analysis of that type of supposed medicine. Disagree very little can be done, I’m a decent, self taught practitioner of natural medicine, our bodies are amazing engines of health, personally think homoeopathy and essential oils etc can help a lot.

Reply to  Demeter
1 year ago

PS. NONE of my children were vaccinated when they were children, i knew they were poison. In the early ’90s an Asian Doctor visited cos my youngest son had slipped down the stairs and i wanted to make sure he hadn’t damaged himself much.

My son was fine, just sore but the Doctor asked why didn’t i allow vaccination. So i explained it was better living conditions which promoted health, not vaccinations. He just smiled and nodded his head.

Winston Smith
Winston Smith
1 year ago

Two years ago, I’d have thought the good doctor was nuts. I’m not thinking that any more.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

[…] 您可能对本次疫苗演示感兴趣:(30) Sam Bailey博士在一段短片中重点介绍了抗生育疫苗的历史。她说:“世界各地促进疫苗管理的许多组织都与人口控制议程有关。在她的职业生涯中,经过大量研究,新西兰医学作家和健康教育家Sam Bailey博士发现电影模型和细菌理论本身有很多缺陷。贝利博士说:“今天,我们将介绍一种更隐蔽的疫苗应用。即使用疫苗降低生育能力,甚至导致永久性绝育。”。 […]

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