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A Destructive Plan to Transform the Global Financial System Under the Guise Of “Climate Change”

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We should be concerned about the “green” financial swindle that is underway right now.  It is not just a financial swindle but one of the largest natural land resource grabs in the history of our planet.  They are selling it to people with collectivist terminology and propaganda claiming that we all have to come together to save the planet.  But in reality, we’re not saving the planet.

“If we go along with this, we’re handing [the planet] on a silver platter to people that will destroy it and will destroy us as a species,” Whitney Webb told James Corbett in November 2021 when discussing her work on the “green” transformation of the global financial system.

“Essentially, we’re allowing the 1% to take complete ownership of the planet and do whatever they want with it … this is them trying to take ownership of all organic life … really, this a war against life itself,” she said.

In the video below Webb and Corbett discuss Natural Asset Corporations (“NACs”) and the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (“GFANZ”), breaking down the latest attempt to monopolise the world’s natural resources and how this financial scam represents the next step along the path to The Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Corbett Report: How Green Finance Is Monopolizing the Planet with Whitney Webb, 24 November 2021 (52 mins)

Read more: Interview 1676 – Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet (with show notes), The Corbett Report, 24 November 2021

Natural Asset Corporations (“NACs”)

The Rockefeller Foundation, played a pivotal role in the creation of NACs in September 2021. These NACs seek to create a new asset class that would put the natural world, as well as the ecological processes that underpin all life, up for sale under the guise of “protecting” them.

The creation and launch of NACs had been two years in the making and saw the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) team up with the Intrinsic Exchange Group (“IEG”), in which the NYSE itself holds a minority stake.

A NAC is the vehicle will allow for the formation of specialised corporations “that hold the rights to the ecosystem services produced on a given chunk of land, services like carbon sequestration or clean water.”

It is claimed that NACs “will use the funds to help preserve a rain forest or undertake other conservation efforts, like changing a farm’s conventional agricultural production practices.” Yet, even the creators of NACs admit that the ultimate goal is to extract near-infinite profits from the natural processes they seek to quantify and then monetise.

Following the launch of NACs NYSE COO Michael Blaugrund said: “Our hope is that owning a natural asset company is going to be a way that an increasingly broad range of investors have the ability to invest in something that’s intrinsically valuable, but, up to this point, was really excluded from the financial markets.”

Principals of GFANZ, including BlackRock’s Larry Fink, have long been enthusiastic about the prospects of NACs and other related efforts to financialise the natural world and he has also played a key role in marketing such financialisaton as necessary to combat climate change.

Fink, one of the world’s most powerful financial oligarchs, is and has long been a corporate raider, not an environmentalist, and his excitement about NACs should give even its most enthusiastic proponents pause if this endeavour was really about advancing conservation, as is being claimed.

The climate change panic that is now rising to the take the place of Covid-19 panic will surely be used to savvily market NACs and similar tactics as necessary to save the planet, but – rest assured – NACs are not a move to save the planet, but a move to enable the same interests responsible for the current environmental crises to usher in a new era where their predatory exploitation reaches new heights that were previously unimaginable.

Extracts from: Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class, Whitney Webb, 13 October 2021

Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (“GFANZ”)

At the COP26 conference held in November last year an “industry-led and UN-convened” alliance of private banking and financial institutions announced plans to overhaul the role of global and regional financial institutions, including the World Bank and IMF, as part of a broader plan to “transform” the global financial system.

This alliance called GFANZ is part of a broader plan to “transform” the global financial system and was launched in April 2021 by:

  • John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change;
  • Janet Yellen, US Secretary of the Treasury and former chair of the Federal Reserve; and
  • Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance and former chair of the Bank of England and Bank of Canada.  Carney, who was also the UK prime minister’s Finance Advisor for the COP26 conference, co-chairs the alliance with US billionaire and former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.

The officially stated purpose of this proposed overhaul is to promote the transition to a “net zero” economy. However, the group’s proposed “reimagining” of international financial institutions, according to their recently published “progress report,” would also:

  • move to merge these institutions with the private-banking interests that compose the alliance;
  • create a new system of “global financial governance”; and
  • erode national sovereignty among developing countries by forcing them to establish business environments deemed “friendly” to the interests of alliance members.

In other words, the powerful banking interests that compose this group are pushing to recreate the entire global financial system for their benefit under the guise of promoting sustainability.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson described GFANZ as “uniting the world’s banks and financial institutions behind the global transition to net zero,” while John Kerry noted that “the largest financial players in the world recognise energy transition represents a vast commercial opportunity.”

In analysing those two statements together, it seems clear that GFANZ has united the world’s most powerful private banks and financial institutions behind what it sees, first and foremost, as “a vast commercial opportunity,” the exploitation of which it is marketing as a “planetary imperative.”

GFANZ aims to also further “corporatise” multilateral development banks (“MDBs”) and development finance institutions (“DFIs”) in order to better fulfil the investment goals of alliance members.

Today, MDBs are used as “instruments of power” that utilise debt to force developing nations to implement policies that benefit foreign interests rather than their own national interests. If GFANZ gets its way, the MDBs of tomorrow will be used to essentially eliminate national sovereignty, privatise the “natural assets” (e.g., ecosystems, ecological processes) of the developing world, and force increasingly technocratic policies designed by global governance institutions and think tanks on ever more disenfranchised populations.

Though GFANZ has cloaked itself in lofty rhetoric of “saving the planet,” its plans ultimately amount to a corporate-led coup that will make the global financial system even more corrupt and predatory and further reduce the sovereignty of national governments in the developing world.

Extracts from: UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System, Whitney Webb, 5 November 2021

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A Destructive Plan to Transform the Global Financial System Under the Guise Of “Climate Change”
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4 months ago

In Schwab’s recently published book, ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset.’ [2020].He provides the following clue.

‘History shows that epidemics have been the great resetter of countries’ economy and social fabric. Why should it be different with COVID-19?’ [p. 31].

4 months ago

I must take issue with Whitney Webb’s outrageous propaganda statements that 1) the Globalist evil is “built on a foundation of white supremacy”, and 2) that “indigenous people represent 5% of the global population”.
These are blatant Communist lies.

It is The World’s Smallest Ethnic Group, Europeans = “white people”, that are the real target of Globalist genocide. The Globalists are stirring up 93% of humanity to hunt down and exterminate every last white man, woman & child, because Ethnic Europeans are the only thing standing in the way of the Globalist takeover of the planet and the total enslavement of all the remaining World Ethnic Groups.

In the 1950s, Ethnic Europeans= “whites” worldwide comprised 25% of all the people on the planet. Today we are down to 7%, falling to 5% within a decade, and TOTAL EXTINCTION after that. It is thanks to the efforts of Ethnic Europeans that indigenous peoples have PROSPERED and thrived for CENTURIES, by being given vast land areas, larger than some European countries, and huge donations of white taxpayers’ money.

It is Ethnic Europeans who are in desperate need of “safe havens” where they can live in PEACE among their own people, instead of worrying about the extinction of animal species. Get it right, Whitney Webb, and stop spouting genocidal Communist Globalist Propaganda!

3 months ago

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