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Unprecedented Number of Women Experience Rare Gynaecological Event

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Over more than 100 years, fewer than 40 cases of decidual cast shedding — during which the uterus’ thick mucous lining is shed, intact — have been reported. But over a 7.5 month period in 2021, 292 women experienced it, raising questions about whether Covid-19 vaccines could be to blame.

Decidual cast shedding – clinically known as membranous dysmenorrhea – is so rare that most people have never heard of it, including most health care workers.[i] It describes a gynaecological event during which the decidua, or the thick mucous membrane that lines the uterus, is shed in full, intact form.

The “cast” that is shed from the vagina is fleshy and red or pink in colour, typically with a triangular shape that mirrors the internal shape of the uterine cavity. Over the last 109 years, fewer than 40 cases of decidual cast shedding (“DCS”) have been reported in the medical literature[ii] – until now.

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By GreenMedInfo Research Group, 25 April 2022

Nearly 300 Women Experienced DCS Over 7.5 Months in 2021

The MyCycleStory survey was distributed via social media from May 16, 2021, to December 31, 2021. Menstrual abnormalities have become commonplace following the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines,[iii] and the 91-question survey targeted women aged 18 and over who were experiencing menstrual anomalies. Of the 6,049 women who responded, 292, or 4.83%, reported experiencing a DCS incident during the 7.5 month data collection period.[iv]

Of this group, 96.2% also said they had experienced health problems or menstrual irregularities since January 2021 — coinciding with Covid-19 vaccines being released in the US. According to the study, which was published in The Gazette of Medical Sciences in April 2022:[v]

“Undoubtedly, this is a significant surge in DCS events. Given the contemporaneous occurrence of the pandemic and the menstrual irregularities, one can only speculate as to the exact aetiology of the DCS events among the survey respondents.

Normal ovulatory menstrual cycles should not result in DCS but rather in normal organised menstruation. The temporal relationship of the rapid increase in DCS with the pandemic begs the question of a relationship to other factors such as stress, spike protein exposure (from Covid-19 or vaccination), or other factors.”

It’s been suggested that ectopic pregnancy and hormonal contraceptives may be associated with DCS, however, the study data suggested there was no correlation between the increase in DCS cases and stress or the use of hormonal contraceptives or other hormonal therapies.[vi]

Google Searches for ‘Decidual Cast’ Increase 2,000%

The study also monitored trends in the Google search terms “decidual cast” and “decidual cast covid vaccine” from September 2020 to March 2022. Remember, “decidual cast” is an obscure term that few are aware of, but the researchers revealed a small increase in searches in January and February 2021, when Covid-19 vaccines were rolling out.

Dramatic increases then occurred in April 2021 and June 2021, representing a more than 2,000% increase from prior and subsequent months. The researchers speculate that the June 2021 peak may have been related to their survey, as the majority of data was collected in May to July 2021. It’s likely that those responding to the survey may have Googled “decidual cast” to find out what it was before answering related questions.

However, the April spike occurred before the survey was distributed, during the time when word was starting to get out about menstrual irregularities following Covid-19 shots. According to the researchers, who include Christiane Northrup, former fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology:[vii]

“We speculate that individuals were researching their own abnormal experience to better understand the phenomenon, prior to being exposed to our survey. These timeframes also align with the onset of widespread Covid-19 vaccine distribution.”

Are Covid-19 Vaccines Associated with the Surge in DCS?

While the study cannot determine the cause of the DCS surge uncovered by the survey, the researchers believe a hypercoagulable state induced by the shots could lead to a fibrin structure that resembles DCS.[viii] Embalmers have also come forward to disclose strange fibrous clots that they have removed post-mortem during the embalming process — unique clots they have not seen prior to the pandemic.

One embalmer who found multiple such clots described the blood as “‘abnormally thickened and sticky’ and difficult to wipe off gloves or the embalming table,” and noted that the clots were “difficult to break up.”[ix] Given that “Covid-19 vaccination is associated with both micro- and macro-arterial and venous thromboembolism,” and embalmers are also finding durable white clots in bodies that began to appear during the pandemic, the researchers suggested:[x]

“We speculate that one potential explanation of the surge in reports of decidual cast shedding could represent a similar appearing tissue-like substance that is composed of fibrin-laden clot rather than a simple decidual cast.”

Covid-19 vaccine documents also show that nano lipid particles and mRNA cargo from the shots accumulate in the ovaries. This can lead to an inflammatory response or other changes that could be triggering menstrual irregularities. Thus, another hypothesis behind the spike in DCS cases, they noted, could be that “the Covid-19 vaccine interrupts the complex balance of ovulation orchestrated by the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis and thus produces anovulatory bleeding disorders.”[xi]

It’s important to understand that Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials did not look into the shots’ potential effects on women’s reproductive systems.[xii]There’s an urgent need for further investigation into what caused the significant spike in DCS cases in 2021 and monitoring to determine whether the number of cases is still increasing.[xiii]

To read the study for yourself, visit the following link:


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1 year ago

[…] ! Unprecedented Number of Women Experience Rare Gynaecological Event   BY RHODA […]

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[…] – Unprecedented Number of Women Experience Rare Gynaecological Event […]

Paul Watson
Paul Watson
1 year ago

Safe and effective.
Sheep can’t wait for number 4…

Владимир Жириновский
Владимир Жириновский
1 year ago

Not sure how closely related this is to the strange clotting reported by embalmers, but my wife reports unusual, long, stringy clots when removing IVs from her rehab patients. She’s been a neuro/trauma rehab nurse for over a dozen years, cancer & med-surgical nurse before that (since the early 90s) and she and her co-workers don’t recall seeing such IV clotting ever before.

Also, the number of stroke and heart patients is dramatically increased in the last few years, and the age of these strokes/heart attack patients is much younger.

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[…] to research from the GreenMedInfo Research Group (2022), fewer than 40 cases of decidual cast shedding were […]

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[…] to research from the GreenMedInfo Research Group (2022), fewer than 40 cases of decidual cast shedding were […]

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[…] to research from the GreenMedInfo Research Group (2022), fewer than 40 cases of decidual cast shedding were […]