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GAAC Open Letter to UK Civil Aviation Authority

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On Thursday Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition (GAAC”) wrote an open letter to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (“CAA”). 

GAAC comprises international aviation professionals, medical and scientific expert groups from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland, as well as passengers.

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Representing international aircrew and citizens who fly within and through UK airspace and on UK carriers, GAAC asked CAA the following questions:

  1. An explanation of how CAA assesses Covid-19 vaccines’ suitability for pilots.
  2. Whether CAA collect reports of Covid-19 vaccine effects, side effects and severe adverse events.
  3. If CCA is aware of any Covid-19 vaccine-induced adverse events in any UK pilot. If so, how many? And, how does CAA categorise the severity of adverse events?
  4. Whether in any given year CAA maintains data relating to pilots’ medical certificates that are held, temporarily suspended and permanently suspended. If so, how many years’ data does CAA hold?
  5. In the event pilots do not self-report medical issues, how and when does CAA, via its medical system, become aware of pilots’ medical issues?
  6. What proportion of all flights that CAA is responsible for regulating within UK airspace are conducted by multi-person crews and what proportion are conducted by a single pilot?
  7. Does CAA hold data documenting passenger and crew incidents, accidents and diversions of any aircraft inside UK airspace and/or on G-registered aircraft globally?
  8. How many pilots have the CAA authorised to engage in any phase of clinical trials for any Covid-19 drug, treatment, therapy, protocol or vaccine; and/or any form of trial, protocol or evaluation of “mix-and-match” Covid-19 boosters use e.g., Pfizer vaccination followed by another manufacturer’s vaccine?

GAAC confirmed yesterday that CAA had acknowledged receipt of their letter and will reply in due course.

Read GAAC’s open letter in full HERE.

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1 year ago

I was a passenger on a 4000 mile trip recently and these health impacts on the crew did concern me.

Barry Varkel
Barry Varkel
Reply to  Steve
1 year ago

Hi Steve,

Being uninjected I can’t really fly – well I suppose I could if I really wanted to – if I was into being poked and prodded that way; but I don’t want to fly, because I’m all travelled out. But yes I would tend to agree with you here about exploding broken hearts.

The entire plane could resemble the build up scene to a Nat Geo airplane disasters mega-episode.

Just imagine if all injected cabin and crew members keeled over at a certain altitude – that would be a put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye moment – petrifying stuff.

Here’re a few further general Q’s for the UK Aviation authorities’ consideration:

1. Would the mile high club add a new risky edge for an injected person?
2. How many covid jabs could increase this edgy risk to logarithmic proportions?
3. Would taking plastic bags and oranges into mile high in-flight venues be considered potential self-harm items?

Perhaps the Expose can address these pressing issues.

A good weekend to you Steve ;))


1 year ago

The have also neutered the military pilots. I read that some carriers now have 3 in the cockpit now. It should be clear to even the most brainwashed by now that this is all by design- to destroy civilization. The psychopath Billionaires like Klaus Schwab, Gates, and the rest of the so-called “world leaders”. These scum believe that the entire earth is theirs for the taking once thy have killed off most of the people and enslaved the rest with central bank digital currency

Barry Varkel
Barry Varkel
Reply to  Nigel
1 year ago

Dear Nigel,

We’re all together here in this fight – and there are billions of us – against our tag-along fellow injected transhumanism humans and the diabolical and shrewd forces of evil corporate gangsters running the show, who are also weak when the rest of society finally turns on them.

The planet can sustain 20 bn people; however there just won’t be enough food and resources to keep it all going.

Kill Bill and his mates will try their well best, but they will fail. Mankind will always endure. It has got this far despite all the survival odds stacked against it.

Don’t lose your resolve, nerve or faith.