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Austria drops compulsory vaccination until 31 August, GAAC writes an open letter to Australia’s Civil Aviation Authority, corporate media covers a vaccine-injury story in Canada, the European Union extends the digital Covid certificate scheme, the French are asked to wear masks again, homoeopathy is being used to successfully treat vaccine-injured people in Ireland, Israel is experiencing a “sixth wave,” USA has an outbreak of meningococcal disease among gay men and Dr. Robert Malone prepares for a Texas Senate hearing.

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Health Minister Johannes Rauch announced in a press conference that the corona vaccination obligation in Austria would be dropped.

“Compulsory vaccination doesn’t get anyone to vaccinate,” said Rauch. You have also torn deep trenches in clubs, companies and families. The measure is currently suspended by regulation until 31 August.

Read more: Corona: The obligation to vaccinate in Austria is falling, K.AT, 23 June 2022


In an open letter to Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority, 13 GAAC members, led by Aussie Freedom Flyers, engage Australia’s aviation regulator, CASA, with essential questions around the safe conduct of flight operations in the context of Covid-19 policy.

Read more: GAAC’s open letter to Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition, 27 June 2022


Corporate media actually covered a vaccine injury story – and the Canadian Government actually admitted as much.

Kelowna, British Columbia resident and pilot Ross Wightman is the first Canadian to receive a letter from the Vaccine Injury Support Program (“VISP”), confirming what he suspected all along – that he was severely injured by his Covid injection.

In May 2021, Wightman took his first shot of AstraZeneca and had typical flu-like symptoms. Then, 10 days later, he suffered back pains, burning and stinging down into his hamstrings with severe back pain, resulting in three trips to the emergency room.

On his fourth trip to the emergency treatment room, he experienced tingling and facial paralysis. After a CT scan, blood work and a lumbar puncture, he learned about Guillain-Barre Syndrome [GBS].Eventually, Wightman was partially paralysed, unable to walk up stairs, drive, play with his young children and certainly unable to work as a pilot.

In Canada, CBC, Global, CTV and the National Post, to name a few of old legacy media have actually covered this story but in the same breath tell you that you need three shots to be considered fully vaccinated, in case you like playing Russian Roulette with your body.

Read more: Finally, Canada Admits Jab Damage, News Uncut, 27 June 2022

European Union

The European Parliament plenary has endorsed the deal with member states to extend the legal framework of the EU Digital Covid Certificate (“EUDCC”) for another 12 months.

The current rules, which were due to expire on 30 June 2022, will be valid until 30 June 2023.

Read more: EU Covid Certificate, MEPs approve one-year extension, European Parliament News, 23 June 2022

In March 2022, UK’s National Health Service (“NHS”) announced that the NHS Covid Pass can now be scanned to verify your COVID-19 vaccination status across venues and events in over 60 countries.

“The UK linked with the EU Gateway on 1 November [2021] … This agreement will now allow the UK and all EU member states to scan their respective citizens’ COVID vaccination status using the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC). It will make it easier for UK citizens to get into museums, restaurants and other venues requiring proof of vaccination across the EU and nearly 35 other countries.”

Read more: EU DCC (European Union Digital COVID Certificate), NHS, 1 March 2022

Did you think “keeping up to date with vaccinations,” for whichever and any number of diseases, was going away anytime soon?


French people should start wearing masks again in crowded areas, especially in public transport, as France has to deal with a new wave of Covid-19 infections fuelled by new variants of the disease, Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon said on Monday (June 27).

Read more: France asks citizens to wear masks again in public transport as Covid-19 cases rise, The Straits Times, 27 June 2022


Dr. Tess Lawrie talked with Janey Lavelle about restoring health with homeopathy.

Lavelle is a registered homeopath, originally from New Zealand and now resident in Ireland. In this conversation, Janey shares how homeopathy works and its applications, including how she and other homeopaths are using it to successfully treat vaccine injured people. At a time when allopathic medicine is struggling to find effective treatment for vaccine injury, homeopathy offers exciting possibilities.

Watch: Tess Talks with Janey Lavelle, 26 June 2022 (60 mins)


On Sunday, 11,438 people tested positive for coronavirus, and 68,000 tested positive over the past seven days, the Health Ministry reported Monday. At last count, 53,828 people had an active infection, most of them with the BA5 subtype of the Omicron variant.

“If the criteria for being in another COVID-19 wave is an extreme increase in the number of positive tests, then we are in the midst of a wave.” said Dr. Nadav Sorek, director of the infectious disease lab at Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital. On Monday he said 25% of antigen tests for coronavirus were now positive, compared with 10% last month.

Read more: COVID-19’s 6th wave begins, with more seriously ill and more deaths, The Jerusalem Post, 27 June 2022

United States of America

The worst outbreak of meningococcal disease in US history

The CDC’s been trying to warn men in Florida or travelling to Florida, particularly those who identify as gay, bisexual, queer or trans, that they need to get a vaccine that can prevent them from getting meningococcal disease.

There is an ongoing outbreak in Florida in what the CDC describes as “one of the worst outbreaks of meningococcal disease among gay and bisexual men in U.S. history.”

Read more: CDC says gay and bi men in Florida need the meningococcal vaccine, to keep them safe in ‘worst’ outbreak in US history, CNN, 24 June 2022

I warned you, the Covid injections damage, wrote Dr. Paul Alexander.

“Anyone who has taken the Covid injections are immune compromised … We are at risk, those vaccinated, to a slew of acute infections now having been Covid injected, to e.g. seasonal Flu, RSV and even pandemics of vaccine-preventable diseases; chronic inf. dis.: herpetic diseases, CMV, EBV, TB, HIV,..). This includes monkeypox and Avian influenza.”

Read more: Meningitis in the GAY community: ‘CDC says gay and bi men in Florida need the meningococcal vaccine, to keep them safe in ‘worst’ outbreak in US history’, Dr. Paul Alexander, 27 June 2022

WHO is orchestrating FDA’s scheme to skip all future clinical trials for Covid injections

Late Friday afternoon, the FDA released its agenda for the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (“VRBPAC”) meeting that will vote on the Orwellian “Future Framework” on Tuesday 28 June. Then on Saturday morning the FDA released a briefing document in connection with this scheme to end science as we know it in connection with future Covid-19 injections.

Toby Rogers explains what is in the briefing document, what is likely to happen at the meeting, and what can be done about it.

Read more: Newly released documents show that the W.H.O. is orchestrating the FDA’s scheme to skip all future clinical trials for Covid-19 shots, Toby Rogers, 27 June 2022

In a follow up article Rogers said that “ahead of the meeting tomorrow of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), the FDA and Pharma are leaking their preferred narratives about the proposed “Future Framework” to Sharon LaFraniere at the NY Times. But cracks are appearing in the FDA’s usually well-scripted plan. Ms. LaFraniere quotes three people as voicing doubts about the viability and advisability of reformulated Covid-19 shots. Even though the NY Times does its usual Pharma cheerleading, there is an undercurrent of concern that runs throughout the piece.”

Read more: Cracks develop in the FDA’s “Future Framework” narrative, Toby Rogers, 27 June 2022

Preparing for a Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing on 27 June 2022

Dr. Robert Malone published his testimony and remarks ahead of the Texas Senate hearings:

“In my professional experience, during all prior outbreaks and vaccine development programs, risks and benefits have always been evaluated and stratified by risk group, and public health recommendations have been tailored to account for differences in risk/benefit ratios (often adjusted based on actuarial “quality adjusted life year” calculus).

“This approach has not been implemented curing the COVID crisis. During the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 outbreak, new policies and practices have been implemented.

“The NIH (and particularly) NIAID have developed and propagated treatment protocols throughout the United States.  These protocols have been developed in a non-transparent manner without hearings or significant public comment or independent practicing physician input, apparently largely under the strong influence and oversight of a small number of government officials (predominantly Dr. Anthony Fauci and his former trainee Dr. Deborah Birx).”

Read more: Testimony and Remarks, Pandemic Response, Dr. Robert Malone, 26 June 2022

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