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Letter to the Editor: For Those Who Doubt the UK Government Would Deploy Chemtrails – They Have Form

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A reader writes to highlight to naysayers that the UK government, the UK Department of Defence and the Royal Air Force (“RAF”) have sprayed UK skies and modified the UK weather in the past. He points to the examples of Britain’s biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979, and ‘The Lynmouth Flood Disaster’ in 1952 that claimed 34 lives in Devon, England.

To The Exposé,


Just in case any readers are in doubt that the British government could engage in such acts, let me assure them that they have form. Experiments were conducted on the effectiveness of aerial dispersion of biological substances over several UK locations.  

Millions were in germ war tests, The Guardian, 21 April 2002

And also, the cataclysmic floods that ravaged Lynton and Lynmouth* were not an act of God. Rather, they were the direct result of covert cloud seeding experiments over Exmoor, though this was not admitted at the time.

So, a little bit of geoengineering now and then, all in the good cause of reducing global warming, is to be expected. Move along now.  Nothing to see here…


ReggV, United Kingdom

*Note from The Exposé: In memory of those who died in The Lynmouth Flood Disaster, Martin Hesp created a webpage on the North Devon Journal with photographs, videos and a list of those who died.  See his webpage HERE.

In the event the articles published by The Guardian and Devon Live referred to in the letter above are archived or removed from public view we have downloaded a copy of each and attached them below.

If you would like to publish a letter, please email it to addressed “Letter to the Editor.”  At the end of your email, please indicate the name or pseudonym you would like shown when we publish your letter.

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M. Dowrick
M. Dowrick
1 year ago

There is no doubt the weather is being manipulated right now. By whom? Why? May and June cloudy, minimal sun or rain. Today, the heavens opened up sporadically. We see chem trails over east Devon whenever the sky is clear. RAF, gov’t involvement? Food processing plants burned down in USA. Over 100 of them this past year. Avian flu and millions of chickens and turkeys culled in the USA. Farmers in the Uk paid to not grow crops. Boy, if you do not believe something horrible is afoot, you must not be witnessing what is in front of you. Ukraine, the bread basket for African nations and parts of Europe….no wheat because they are fighting a proxy war. Meanwhile leaders of all countries quiet as church mice. There was never a shortage of food In the world, but there was a big distribution problem. Now the shortages are ALL man made. What changed? Somebody trying to reset the world? Sure looks like it.💕💕

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
1 year ago

If, in the 1960s, someone said that the British government had carried out secret tests of chemical and biological weapons on the British public, they would have been called a conspiracy theorist, had the term been coined then, but they had other terms that would have been used. They meant the same. It has now been admitted. It happened. It was true.

See the news items on the secret spraying of chemicals into the London Underground and the spraying of viruses over Salisbury. It was worse than that, see –

See July, 2015, for “How British government carried out secret biological warfare tests on London Tube passengers in 1960s during Cold War”

I don’t have time to find the all links to these, but internet searches should find them –

See 9th June, 2019, for “How the British Government subjected thousands of people to chemical and biological warfare trials during Cold War”.

See 7th February, 2021, for “The day anthrax was released in a tunnel on the Northern Line – by scientists from Porton Down… and as ex-MP NORMAN BAKER reveals, it’s far from the only time they’ve used Britons as guinea pigs for experiments”.

“How millions in the UK have been exposed to germ warfare by our own government”

IT WAS ADMITTED IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS – it is recorded in Hansard –

“Germ Warfare Tests (West Country)
HC Deb 12 November 1997 vol 300 cc825-45”

“How the British Government subjected thousands of people to chemical and biological warfare trials during Cold War”

1 year ago

Sadly every mf day here in Chicago they spray and mostly at night while no sun is out so the goal of blocking out the sun to save us from cow farts is a lie and no joke it is sick and demonic and genocide to all life and all life wtf!Wake up people take to the streets and seek the scum who do this and kill them!cause they are no doubt trying to kill you!!us!and all life!! documentary titled dimming watch it share! The operations they are doing the military is called operation indigo skyfold!!look it up also look up operation popeye proof of more weather modification going on along time ago but much worse now!!

1 year ago

Wow sad world satan runs!

Nigel Watson
Nigel Watson
1 year ago

Chemtrails are just a small part of the depop agenda.


UK announces intention to mobilise its armed forces, including plans to conscript citizens into the British Army.

1 year ago

For background info, the US Defence/Attack doctrine, planning, posture and capabilities are collectively called Full Spectrum Domination, plenty of info out there! The other source of related info is also in the public domain…US and UK Patents, Weather Engineering. Even the UK Crown owns some! Dunn and Bradstreet and Hansard, House of Commons Library,etc,etc.

Long ago, the P Down (!) website was informative, maybe not today.
Associated folklore says that when a spokesperson there was asked about aerial spraying, the reply was We do not comment on Ongoing Operations! A classic PR blooper…. or a not too subtle hint?

Anyway since 1940s Norwich has been used as the target because it is relatively isolated and the prevailing Easterly wind helps prevent the evil load from spreading West to er, erm, Westminster!

Most spray tankers unload at 35,OOO feet+, sometimes seen but not heard. Ominously, Some big UK Holiday jet fleets have contracted to spray. Reading the BA staff NDA is interesing.

The US air bases in UK are major players. Picnics by the source of the Thames in the Cotswolds include viewing constant take offs and landings of totally unmarked white tankers. Apparently, UK air defence includes the automatic shootdown of any unmarked intruder, haha.

Other sources are recommended. Declassifieddotcom,Geoengineeringdotcom, and all the Public Domain websites, formal and informal, that monitor all airtraffic Airfield Start/Destination, ID and exact make/model timings and some even with Comments. Most are free! Strange to learn that Chinese and Russian aircraft are wandering across Europe in these troubled times. These sites can be addictive. The Public Domain website of that place in Cheltenham is quite informative. So is the Army Recruitment site, now that conscription is coming. Also in Public Domain, Kelvedon Hatch is not just a tourist attraction, it is kept fully tested and operational for Westminster and it is the home of the analogue Chickenwire switch, your investigative project for tonight??! PS if that goes down, it is back to pigeons, Mrs Queen has The Royal Flight doncha know….. just to let us plebs know that One is gorn and Chaz is it now?