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Austria: Minister of Health Says Doctors Have a Legal Duty to Give Sufficient Information Regarding Risks of Covid Injections for Informed Consent

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In Austria, the massive harm done to human life and health done by the Covid “vaccines” has resulted in the Austrian Minister of Health shifting responsibility to doctors who betrayed their medical responsibility to inform patients of the risks of the vaccine.

Of course, had doctors done so, they would have been punished for “spreading misinformation.” It was the Austrian government that tried to mandate coercive vaccination of every Austrian.

Read more: Austrian Health Minister and Medical Profession Dispute Responsibility for Massive Covid “Vaccine” Deaths and Health Damage, Institute for Political Economy, 1 July 2022

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As reported by Global News, on 19 November 2021, Austria was to become the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full Covid lockdown. In addition to lockdown, it would require the whole population to be vaccinated from 1 February 2022.  On 8 November Austria had imposed a lockdown on people who had not been vaccinated.

Less than seven months later, in a ten-page answer to written parliamentary questions from MP Mag. Gerald Hauser about liability for the Covid injections, it has become clear: Minister of Health Johannes Rauch apparently gets scared and brushes himself off at the vaccinators.

Doctors would have to provide sufficient information about the benefits and risks of the treatment in advance so that the person concerned can make an informed and free decision.

Question 1: What does the vaccinating doctor have to explain to the patient? Rauch’s answer stated:

“According to the settled case law of the Supreme Court, the treatment contract concluded with the doctor includes the obligation to inform patients about the possible dangers and harmful consequences of the treatment. This obligation to provide information also applies to vaccinations.

“The function of the information is to protect the freedom of choice of the person concerned. The person to be informed should be given the information he or she needs to understand the nature, significance and scope of a medical measure. Information about the benefits and risks should therefore be given to the extent that the person concerned needs help in making a decision.”

Answers to Written Parliamentary Questions, John Rauch, 3 June 2022

The consequences for doctors are also mentioned in the answer to Question 2: What are the consequences for a doctor if the patients not objective and unsatisfactory be enlightened?

“… inadequate information that does not correspond to the state of medical science is a violation of medical professional duties. This can be punished under administrative and/or disciplinary law as well as have consequences under liability law.”

Answers to Written Parliamentary Questions, John Rauch, 3 June 2022

Responding to Question 18d regarding the consequences if a person, who has the legal obligation to report the lack of effect (vaccine breakthrough) of a medicine, repeatedly fails to do so, Rauch answers:

“The relevant sanction standard can be found in § 83 para. 1 no. 14 of the Medicines Act, according to which the person who violates their reporting obligation pursuant to §§ 75g (75n or 75q) if the act does not constitute a criminal offence falling within the jurisdiction of the courts is guilty of an administrative offence and is to be punished with a fine of up to 7,500 euros, or up to 14,000 euros in the event of a recurrence.”

Answers to Written Parliamentary Questions, John Rauch, 3 June 2022

Read more: Liability hammer: Minister of Health confirms – doctors responsible for vaccine damage, Wochenblick, 22 June 2022

The parliamentary questions and answers are in German.  We have translated them into English using Google translate and attached the English version below.

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