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The Mainstream Media has committed Suicide with its COVID-19 Lies

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By Dr Vernon Coleman

New Rules about Protests and Demonstrations in the UK

These are the new rules about protesting or demonstrating in the UK.

If your protest is designed to support myths proposed by the conspirators (such as the global warming myth) and is likely to cause delays, disruption and economic harm to a large number of people then the police will be instructed to protect and defend your right to protest. If you want to glue yourself to a road or an ambulance the police will be told to provide you with whatever help you need; they will probably squeeze out the glue for you if you ask them nicely. And if you want to drive along a motorway at 5 mph the police will probably give you an escort and join in fore and aft. Slow moving convoys help use up nasty fossil fuels, keep the air rich in poisonous vapours, wreck the economy by interfering with productivity and push up prices.

If, however, your protest is a peaceful one, which does not inconvenience the public but which airs truths about the conspirators’ lies, covid frauds, vaccine dangers and so on then the police will be present in large numbers, and organisers and demonstrators will be harassed, frightened and arrested.

There, that’s simple enough, isn’t it?

Now we all know where we are.

Vernon Coleman’s latest book Social Credit: Nightmare on your Street explains what social credit is – and why you should be very afraid. `Social Credit: Nightmare on your Street’ is available as a hardcover book and as a paperback.

Covid-19: Exposing the Lies

I’ve had trouble with the censors and the crooked media for a long time – many decades – but things got a little hotter in the last two and a half years.

In that time I’ve been attacked by most of the mainstream media – television and newspapers. I’ve been libelled on the internet – mainly by big, powerful sites that work with and for the conspirators but also by a small army of trolls doubtless hired by the security services and drug companies, and I’ve been banned by YouTube – which erased over 100 videos and even banned me from accessing or using YouTube at all – and I’ve been banned by every social media outlet I’m aware of. Early in 2020, when I tried to join Facebook, I was told that I was a danger to their community though personally I would have thought that Mark Zuckerberg was a much greater threat to their `community’ than an old man in a chair could ever be.

I was even expelled from the Royal Society of Arts for daring to tell the truth – of which various governments and the BBC no doubt heartily disapproved, of course. And fake sites in my name have popped up all over the place.

And I’ve had books banned left, right and centre.

My book Covid-19: Exposing the Lies has, at last, been published by Korsgaard Publishing. I won’t tell you where the publisher is based – I don’t want to make things easy for the conspirators – but it’s not the US, the UK or mainland Europe.

The conspirators watch everything I do with malice aforethought. When Korsgaard Publishing recently published Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History the publishers had their PayPal account closed within a couple of hours. A second account was set up with a different finance company. That was closed almost as quickly. But they’re still going!

My brand new book, which is called Covid-19: Exposing the Lies, contains the transcripts of all my videos made between January 2021 and May 2021, together with articles from The Light paper and elsewhere. Many of the videos were individually banned and deleted by YouTube. Later YouTube banned my channel and, uniquely, banned me from having a channel again or even accessing other videos on YouTube. (I didn’t much mind being banned from using YouTube, to be honest, since I don’t know anyone in the Resistance or Truth movement who still has a channel there.)

The transcripts in this book describe in detail the dangers of the covid-19 jabs and the very real dangers faced by patients.

There are transcript articles explaining that the lockdowns killed 91,000 people in the UK in 2020 alone, articles offering startling facts about covid and the flu and pointing out why the PCR test is useless. There are transcripts on the horrors of social credit and why the elderly are deliberately being forgotten.

All that appeared in the first six months of 2021 but it’s all still valid and it shows just how long the conspirators have known about the dangers of the covid jab and how successful they’ve been at damaging and killing the innocent, the naïve and the fearful.

If you’d like to buy a copy of Covid-19 Exposing the Lies, the link below will take you directly to the publisher’s website.

Go to the Publisher’s Website Here

Mainstream Media has Committed Suicide

Newspaper circulations have been falling for years. In 2003 I resigned as a columnist on The Sunday People newspaper after the editor refused to print a column I had written criticising the Iraq War. The circulation then was 1.4 million. Recent figures show that the circulation has fallen to 87,000 though it’s probably lower than that now.

Britain’s other newspapers have also seen their circulations fall.

And the collapse has been dramatic in the last two years – since the newspapers betrayed the public and sold their integrity for money from the Government and in some cases for a `financial relationship’ the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Today the national press has remarkably little influence.

In the two years from 2020 this is what has happened to newspaper circulations:

The Daily Mail fell from 1,169,000 to 862,000.

The Daily Mirror fell from 451,000 to 313,000

The Express fell from 296,000 to 205,000

The Star fell from 277,000 to 185,000

The i fell from 217,000 to 137,000

The Financial Times fell from 157,000 to 113,000

The Guardian now keeps its circulation secret. I don’t blame them. In July 2021 The Guardian circulation was 105,135. I would be surprised if it were not under 100,000 today. Other papers, such as The Sun, also keep their circulations private.

Television programmes aren’t doing too well either.

The awful Piers Morgan’s new TV show had a viewing audience of 32,000 the last time I looked. Nigel Farage on GB News managed 74,000.

To put these figures in perspective, my last video (‘Ready for the BIG KILL’) had viewing figures of 121,000 on BrandNewTube and BitChute.

And for the record the latest, official global traffic to my website was 3,020,793. (It used to be three or four times higher but I have been suppressed and banned in many countries.) My other website has similar figures.

Vernon Coleman’s book Coming Apocalypse was published in April 2020 – over two years ago. It was the first book to explain the truth of what was happening –and how the coronavirus hoax was being controlled.

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Paul Watson
Paul Watson
1 year ago

We appreciate your courage, honesty and integrity Dr C.
We live in a cesspit of lies, corruption, depravity and mass murder…

1 year ago

The facts are that the Globalist agenda will be well in force by the time the majority realise.

raj patel
raj patel
Reply to  xzanadu
1 year ago

Only if we let it and we don’t need the majority of sheep. The sheep have never been the deciding factor in these situations and there are enough determined individuals to turn this around. A third of UK and USA have not had a jab and over 50% have only 1 jab – these are the people that will make a difference.

1 year ago

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Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

More accurately, MSM has committed Murder/Suicide with its suppression of truth and pro-Pharma/Globalist propaganda.

Jayna Dinnyes
Jayna Dinnyes
1 year ago

I don’t know about THAT. I do believe that victims are
possibly committing suicide by taking the quackcine jabs!
DON’T! I post publicly on MeWe.

A Nation of Sheep.jpg
1 year ago

MSM is trying to make fun of people wanting to protect themselves with cheap and proven drugs. Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. It also beats Pfizer’s new wonder drug hands down, and costs next to nothing. Ivermectin doesn’t make tons of money. So they know the Covid shot is on its final gasp, so they take it add something different to it, rebrand under another name and charge 20 times what they would for ivermectin. I cannot wrap my head around this nonsense. When I explain this to my relatives they label me as crazy and ask me if I know better than science. I don’t make up these information out of my ass. All this information is true and proven. For some people it is near impossible for them to wake up. They are comfortable in their clown world life. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

Paul Prichard
Paul Prichard
1 year ago

Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2022-07-25. Biggest scandal in medical history. 74% miscarriage. Hypochondria. WEF not fit 4 purpose. What Is A Woman (blog, gab, tweet).

1 year ago

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1 year ago

[…] The Mainstream Media has committed Suicide with its COVID-19 Lies […]