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Book Review: ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ (Part 3, Societal Shifts)

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Klaus & Co. have sold 250,000+ copies of this book. It would shock me if 250+ people have actually finished it, tweeted Critical Sway. “I’m one of those people and frankly, I can understand if you don’t want to be next. [So] let me help.”

Three key themes emerge from the book:

  1. Pandemic Severity – of the virus, the control measures, the economic fallout
  2. Centralisation – World governance, coordination, public-private partnerships
  3. Societal Shifts – Human behaviour, equality, ESG

We’ll tackle one at a time.  This will be a big job. So, I’m splitting it up:

Critical Sway on Twitter, HERE and HERE

Below is Critical Sway’s Twitter thread.

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Chapter 3 – Societal Shifts

Klaus & Co. return for the series finale – with the spotlight on societal shifts. Let’s see how we would live in a WEF-inspired future…

The bad ideas in this chapter stand on their own, so don’t worry if you haven’t read the first two.

That said, here are the links if you want to start from the start:

And now, Chapter 3 – Societal Shifts.  I can’t think of a better place to start than this…

Klaus & Co. use one of the longest sentences in history to tell us:

  • → How much wealth we will have
  • → How we will be happy

They say we should “collectively” recognise that more wealth won’t make us happier beyond a certain level.  But they haven’t explained (yet) what that level of wealth should be.  Or who should determine the number.

*Quick aside: What is “responsible eating”? I doubt it includes grass-fed beef somehow. But it might include doughnuts… (You’ll see what I mean 👇)

Klaus & Co. want you to know about the “Doughnut” framework.  They say it is being considered by “several institutions” and some major cities.


  • The UN determines the SDGs.
  • Scientists determine the boundaries human activity must not cross – for the sake of the planet.
  • We’re allowed to live in the “sweet spot” between.
  • And a select handful of people determine the boundaries for the rest of us.

If that’s not a centralised control red alert I have never seen one.

  • → Who elects the s-makers?
  • → Who funds these scientists?
  • → Who pays for the studies?
  • → Who enforces it all?

No thank you, Klaus.

If nothing to this point has disrupted your inner peace, you are doing well.

Something in the next one triggered me a touch.  See what you think…

“Degrowth” feels uncomfortably close to “depopulation” doesn’t it?

And, isn’t real economic growth a positive thing? Don’t we want more and more people to live in prosperity?

Throughout this series, I’ve made a point of highlighting contradictions.  I want you to assign Klaus & Co. the degree of credibility they rightfully deserve. (Roughly zero).  Well, the Kings of Contradiction aren’t done yet…

This one is so bad I wondered if it was a typo.  Except, it isn’t.

From rich TO poor?  Ummm… That just doesn’t make sense.  But what follows immediately after does make sense.  Even if it is the opposite of what they just said…

As if to drive the point home with all the force they could muster, they produce this for the reader:

*Not an economist myself, but this clearly does more for the already-rich than the still-poor of the world…

Moving from the contradictory to the obvious…

Klaus & Co. tell us that people with no jobs, no income and no prospects might resort to violence.  Well, yes, they might.

And as for dealing with this potential violence…

“…could begin to disintegrate”?

Klaus, if governments have resorted to military force to quell riots… Society has well-and-truly started to disintegrate. Don’t ya think?

This won’t surprise anybody, but Klaus & Co. advocate for centralised control and government interference in markets. Writ large:

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but…

  • Governments don’t have their own funds, they steal yours
  • Governments don’t fix market failures, they create them
  • Exerting centralised control over complex systems doesn’t work

The crazier things get, the less tolerant people will be of woke, hypothetical ideas.  Providing valuable services, producing goods and generating wealth becomes more, not less important.  Klaus & Co. (as per usual) take the opposite view:

Then our WEF-loving friends go on to tell us about the “bottom line.”  Somewhat ironic, since that term refers to the last line on a business income statement. The amount left after deducting expenses. The PROFIT.

Prosperous (that is to say, profitable) businesses reward investors and employ people.  Those people can then afford to ready themselves for adverse events.  That is how we prepare society for a future crisis, in the real world.

A word on collaboration…

Of course, we should collaborate as a society to address our challenges.  But Klaus & Co. advocate for centralised planning and control of society.  Which is the path toward, not away from doom.

Remember this → Nobody ever fell asleep in a democracy and woke up in a dictatorship. The WEF drives a steady, creeping advance toward authoritarianism.  They will erode freedom and liberty an inch at a time – if we let them.

If you come across anyone who still thinks the “Great Reset” amounts to no more than a conspiracy theory, send them this one. And if they remain unconvinced, they are beyond help.

No choice you say, Klaus?  For the record, and for one last time, that’s incorrect. But you all know what I think by now.

Review complete.

281 pages of:

  • → Half-truths
  • → Contradictions
  • → Bad predictions
  • → Run on sentences
  • → Anti-freedom bullsh*t

Final Grade: F-Minus.

Thanks to all of you who have read and supported this mini-series. There is always a chance Twitter will decide I can’t write here anymore. I’m not planning on it, but joining my email list will make sure we stay connected if that ever happens [you can join HERE.]

You can find Critical Sway’s full Twitter thread on ThreadReader App HERE or, in the event it is removed from Twitter, in the copy attached below.

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4 months ago

Never forget: the father of the psychopath Schwab made bombs for Hitler. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Jayna Dinnyes
Jayna Dinnyes
4 months ago

Why even bother reading this? I have heard enough from
THE EVIL THEM! And, I don’t believe these monsters.

4 months ago

I like to remind all of you about the wealth of the king of England, the King of the Netherlands and the Wealth of Klaus S. himself in relation to that very limited wealth on that outer ring of the doughnut he considers as a limit for us!

Obviously that outer limit does not apply to the ‘Young Global Leaders’ and all the rich that are behind this Evil ‘Great Reset’.

Well, as long as King Charles III does not redistribute his cars, private planes and palaces to you & me, this whole reset will get nothing more than my Middle Finger in strong erection!

Bob - Enough
Bob - Enough
4 months ago

Great stuff and thanks for having to read his BS, so I didn’t.

Let me try and sum it up… “The Great Reset” is about bringing in control (over everything including us), and increasing their power and financial gain.

Yes, yes, yes, the depopulation agenda is going hand in hand with Gavi and the UN Agenda 30 … but leaving that small issue aside (!!???) for now, concentrate on the other parts.

My view only …

They are all basically sick, greedy, evil and maybe satanic, deranged, psychopathic, Narcissistic b’stards who should be lynched.

They probably had a bad upbringing and were abused in one way or the other.

No amount of wealth or power is enough for them.

Their greed has basically bankrupted the West in real terms and if I am correct they want to head Eastwards but due to their sick personalities, they still want to control the West.

I personally believe they are trying to kill all fit and fighting aged men that may pose a threat to them in the future – hence the wars and the jabs.

Again, I personally believe they are trying to kill all fit and fighting aged men that may pose a threat to them in the future – hence wanting to cut out all meat and dairy.

And before I waffle on and on, let me summarise – it is us or them; but be warned they will have plans to counter social unrest (maybe that is why we are seeing mass immigration – are they UN troops in disguise, or just scum that will attack us ?)….

Whilst I do not believe they can succeed on every point of their plan, they have already infiltrated almost all … or indeed all of our institutions, from governments down to small villages.

Now, many of you may not like this, but I believe that this is also a battle of the soul.

Lost my thread now as I am getting angry, but we will win in the end; however it is going to get worse before it gets better – much worse, so somehow we can not let them grind us down… somehow !, BUT WE WILL FIND A WAY – SO FUCK THEM ALL.

4 months ago

[…] Go to Source Follow on Telegram […]

fighting gnome
fighting gnome
4 months ago

Its what he doesnt tell you that is the most worrysome : this is a global cull of populations, to try and cover up the Biblical amounts of fraud and malfeascence that has gone on with taxpayers money and peoples pensions all over the world, they have squandered our pensions on their own indulgences and spitited away money from the coffers of so many countires they now are bankrupt and our pensions are gone, so they want to kill us all before we catch on.
The climate change and Covid are two sides of the same coin, a massive fraud.
They want YOU to own nothing and be Happy (if you are even still alive) the actual truth is the WEF Cabal are planning for most of us people not to be here any longer.
Im amazed people cannot join the Dots, yet most idiots think that the WEF Great Reset is a term used by “conspiracy theorists” anyone who believes that deserves to be made into fertilizer by the Plans the WEF have for us all.

4 months ago

[…] Klaus & Co. au vândut peste 250.000 de exemplare ale acestei cărți. M-ar șoca dacă peste 2…Sway critic. „Sunt unul dintre acești oameni și, sincer, pot înțelege dacă nu vrei să fii următorul. [So] vă rog să mă ajutați.” […]

re rereeer
re rereeer
4 months ago

hi klaus!

John Hart
John Hart
4 months ago

The problems Schwab addresses are real, but he’s blind to his part in there makining and what he proposes will make everyone’s lives worse! The root of the problems is the system concentrates power in the hands of a few and they’re corrupted by it.