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Israeli Government Has Been Covering Up Long-Lasting Harmful Effects of Covid Injections for Longer than Previously Thought

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A month ago, Steve Kirsch wrote a long article about the medical corruption in Israel that was first exposed by an intrepid Israeli journalist Yaffa Shir-Raz. One of the subjects of his article was a leaked video of a meeting held in June 2022.

It turns out the Israeli government never had a vaccine safety monitoring system in place when they launched the Covid “vaccines” in December 2020. A year later, in December of 2021, they decided to fix that and launched a new surveillance system. The Israeli Ministry of Health (“MoH”) then commissioned researchers to analyse adverse event reports submitted by Israelis.  The researchers presented findings from the new surveillance system in an internal meeting, a video of which was obtained by Shir-Raz who publicly released clips from the meeting.

Shir-Raz was fired from her job last year for writing articles critical of the MoH’s handling of the lockdown and Covid-19 death statistics.

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After reviewing the leaked recordings alongside published documents, amongst others, Kirsch noted:

  1. The Israeli Ministry of Health didn’t seriously track any safety data for a year after vaccination.
  2. When a group of scientists hired by the Ministry of Health (“MoH”) found the vaccines were not nearly as safe as what they were telling people, they completely covered up the report.
  3. Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis misrepresented to the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) that they were on top of things. It was a mess in reality.
  4. The corporate media participated in the coverup by not reporting the existence of a video of a meeting between the scientists and the Israeli MoH that was leaked to the press.
  5. To date, nobody in Israel has called for an investigation.

“At the time I wrote the article, I thought that the Ministry of Health learned about the safety data being problematic in early June 2022. It turns out I was wrong. They learned about it in March 2022, 3 months earlier than I thought. I regret the error,” Kirsch wrote in a subsequent article.

“In this video, the safety researchers ask the MoH people why they had not published it yet. The reply from the MoH: they have a manpower/budget issue. That makes sense. They spent all the money promoting the vaccines. Now they have no money left to let people know they messed up.”

However, as far back as September 2021, Dr. Alroy-Preis’ claimed her department was carefully and effectively monitoring safety signals in Israel but this was challenged during a meeting of the FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee held in September 2021.  Below is an edited video clip taken from this FDA meeting where Israeli scientists spoke about the adverse effects resulting from Covid injections, from an Israeli perspective and in the context of booster doses.

Professor Retsef Levi, professor of operations management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said: “Please understand that the adverse events surveillance system in Israel is truly dysfunctional, particularly around the booster deployment. I know from personal experience that the Ministry of Health in Israel does not address appropriately major concerning safety signals.”

Later in the session, Dr. Alroy-Preis said: “I have to say that I was pretty surprised with Retsef Levi’s comment that Israel doesn’t follow adverse events. It’s our data, I’m in charge of it, so I know exactly what is being reported to us.”

Click on the image below to watch the video on Rumble.

Israeleak part 5 – “I am in charge” (3 mins)

A week ago, The Epoch Times wrote an article ‘Israeli Investigators Find Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Side Effects’ which demonstrated the blatant lies by Israel’s MoH.  The Epoch Times article referred to the meeting with the MoH which took place in June 2022:

Rechallenge in pharmacovigilance is one of the factors to determine causality and refers to the re-administration of the same vaccine or drug after an adverse event goes away to examine whether the same event occurs again.

Researchers said that the phenomenon of rechallenge – when adverse events reoccur or worsen following additional vaccine doses – proved that some of the events were caused by the vaccine.

A positive rechallenge was reported in 10 per cent of the women who complained of menstrual issues, according to the researchers, who also identified cases of rechallenge for other adverse events.

Rechallenge changes a causal link “from possible to definitive,” Dr. Mati Berkovitch, head of the research team and a paediatric specialist, said at the meeting.

Rechallenge “helps us to establish the causal relationship,” added Sasha Zhurat, the main presenter at the meeting.

About two months after the meeting, the MoH published a public report on the results of the data analysis. Language in the report on causality differed from that used during the meeting.

“The report presents all the cases that were reported in close proximity to the receipt of the coronavirus vaccine, and does not necessarily indicate a causal relationship between receiving the vaccine and the reported phenomenon,” MoH said in the report.

Israeli Investigators Find Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Side Effects: Leaked Video, The Epoch Times, 23 September 2022

The Epoch Times obtained opinions from Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Harvey Risch about the rechallenge phenomenon who both agreed, in essence, that the Israeli researcher’s conclusions were correct. The Epoch Times also noted other findings by the researchers and presented at the June meeting which was not made public:

Israel’s surveillance system was revamped in December 2021. The data presented in June was collected from December 2021 to May.

A total of 29 categories of adverse events were identified … However, only data for the first five categories with the most reports were analysed: neurological, general side effects, menstrual disorder, musculoskeletal disorders, and the digestive, kidney, and urinary system.

Many of the reported adverse events were found to be long-lasting, which researchers said in the meeting was surprising since the brochure handed to vaccine recipients says otherwise.

Researchers also said that they identified new adverse events not listed in the brochure, including back pain.

Israeli Investigators Find Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Side Effects: Leaked Video, The Epoch Times, 23 September 2022

Prof. Levi told The Epoch Times: “The two most important enablers for vaccine programs … to be successful is trust and transparency, that you actually communicate to people the real risk-benefits and allow them to make choices about what they want to do. The second thing is that you take care of the people that were harmed by the vaccine because no vaccine has 100 per cent safety.”

“I think we have in this example … where we violate these two very important principles,” he added. “This is a recipe to basically destroy all vaccine programs, so the more pro-vaccine you are, you should be more disturbed by this.”

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Dave Owen
Dave Owen
11 months ago

When I wrote to my MP, Ed Miliband. I explained that the people in Israel were being treated like Lab Rats.
He never replied to the email.
Yet in a telephone conversation he called me a racist.

11 months ago

[…] – Israeli Government Has Been Covering Up Long-Lasting Harmful Effects of Covid Injections for Longer … […]

11 months ago

It took 2 years because #1 they are medically challenged and stupid. #2 They want to be in the US money stream.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
11 months ago

Take double dose of Natokinase which cleans arteries and Serapeptase which clears all non living tissue. Get a 50 dollar hand held nebulizer put 3% hydrogen peroxide in it and breath it deep to the lungs. No respectable germ stands a chance. Forget about asking doctors about this, most are quacks

11 months ago

[…] Israeli Government Has Been Covering Up Long-Lasting Harmful Effects of Covid Injections for Longer than Previously Thought […]