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An overview of WEF collaborators at Davos 2023

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The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting is taking place in Davos this week. According to the official list, which is accurate as of 10 January, 2,658 attendees are registered for the event. Among them are heads of state, business leaders, royalty, media honchos, academics and more.

This is part of our series to name and shame those who appear to be openly collaborating with the World Economic Forum (“WEF”).  Previously we published an article which included the full list of public figures registered to attend. 

We also published an article listing public figures from the UK which consisted of  Zac Goldsmith (Conservative, House of Lords), Nicholas Lyons (City of London), Rachel Reeves (Labour, House of Commons), Richard Moore (MI6), Tony Blair (Labour, former Prime Minister) and Kier Starmer (Labour, House of Commons).

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French President Emmanuel Macron is skipping this week’s events, as is Installed UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, US President Joe Biden and newly “elected” Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. This year, there is only one G7 leader: Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of Germany. No Russians or Chinese officials are attending. 

Fortune noted that the Club of Rome has been sidelined this year. Last Friday, the Club and its allies released a letter calling on the leaders at Davos to “tax wealth, income, companies and windfall profits” to counter the climate emergency. But such a message is unlikely to have landed well at the Swiss ski resort.

Addressing the energy, food, and climate crises is one of the five thematic pillars and “climate action” is the subject of dozens of sessions. But the same is not true for discussions on taxes, wealth or inequality. Taxes are always going to be a tougher sell to the global business elite. However, from its sideline presence in Davos, the Club of Rome will also be having conversations with governments and individuals it hopes to get on board of their plans to raise taxes.

Although we were unable to find a complete list, Quartz obtained a list of participants, analysed it and provided an overview with graphs.  Over 100 countries and regions are represented this year at Davos, Quartz wrote.  With 703 people registered, Americans constitute 27% and British constitute 9% of all participants. All told, two-thirds of the attendees are from 10 nations. 

However, most attendees are not public officials.  For example, only 2.8% of attendees are American public figures.  And, according to Yahoo News, Bloomberg has calculated there are roughly 116 billionaires registered to attend which is 40% more than a decade ago.

As noted by Quartz, there will be at least 634 CEOs in Davos this year, or nearly one in four attendees. Big names include:

  • Wael Sawan, Shell
  • Andy Jassy, Amazon
  • Jane Fraser, Citigroup
  • Stéphane Bancel, Moderna
  • Laurence Fink, BlackRock

Some organisations will send large delegations to the event. Ten organisations have seven or more participants registered. One of the top ten is Stanford University.

Hundreds of journalists from around the world will descend on Davos this week. In fact, two of the ten organisations with the most representatives are media organisations: CNBC and the Wall Street Journal.

According to WEF, the heads of international organisations who will be taking part are:

  • Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General;
  • Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund;
  • Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director General, World Trade Organisation;
  • Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation;
  • Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General, World Health Organisation;
  • Fatih Birol, Executive Director, International Energy Agency;
  • Catherine Russell, Executive Director, UNICEF; and
  • Mirjana Spoljaric Egger, President, International Committee of the Red Cross.

And “leaders from civil society” who will take part include:

  • Seth F. Berkley, Chief Executive Officer, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance;
  • Stephen Cotton, General Secretary, International Transport Workers’ Federation;
  • Christy Hoffman, General-Secretary, UNI Global Union;
  • Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, President, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad;
  • Azza Karam, Secretary-General, Religions for Peace;
  • Oleksandra Matviichuk, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2022 and President, Centre for Civil Liberties;
  • David Miliband, President, International Rescue Committee, formerly the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom;
  • Luisa Neubauer, Climate Activist, Fridays for Future Movement;
  • Kirsten Schuijt, Director-General, WWF International; and
  • Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, Art of Living Foundation.

More than 160 of the WEF’s Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders and recipients of awards from the Schwab Foundation for social entrepreneurship will be attending Davos 2023.  To avoid reproducing a long list in this article, below we’ll list only those from the UK. You can view the full list of participants from these WEF programmes HERE, HERE and HERE respectively.

The list of Global Shapers attending Davos 2023 includes one person from the UK: Dominique Souris, Executive Director of Youth Climate Lab.

Young Global Leaders from the UK attending are:

  • Mark Boris Andrijanič, Member of the Governing Board, European Institute of Innovation and Technology
  • Venetia Bell, Group Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Strategy, Gulf International Bank BSC (GIB)
  • Philipp Freise, Partner and Co-Head European Private Equity, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co Partners LLP
  • Caroline Malcolm, Head International Public Policy and Research, Chainalysis, Inc.
  • Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, Chair, International Board, Amnesty International
  • Natznet Tesfay, Head, Insights and Analysis, Economic and Country Risk, S&P Global

Participants who received an award from the Schwab Foundation include Sally Roever, International Coordinator for Women in Informal Employment Globalising and Organising (WIEGO), who is a UK citizen based in Washington.

Featured image: At Davos, a sidelined club laments tax ‘hypocrisy’ as the richest talk climate instead, Fortune, 16 January 2023

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8 months ago

Hope that Olaf Scholz without the interference of the other G7 leaders, might figure out some sort of peace deal for Ukraine when he meets Stoltenberg and First Lady Zelenska.

Reply to  VoicefromEurope
8 months ago

??? Really ??? Doesn’t anybody want peace ???

8 months ago

This organization (WEF) is nothing if not hypocritical. Orders for the subjects are laughable suggestions for them. If anyone thinks they will be eating bugs or shivering through ‘death winter’ I have a slightly used, one owner, bridge to sell them. No, they will be toasty warm in their chalets, eating truffles and foie gras and laughing about the next pogrom or Maoist dictate they will foist on their subjects.
But hey, when the public is stupid (educated in government schools) and uninformed (informed by the tell-a-vision) that is what you should expect… sheeple who wear dust masks, riding alone in their cars, to protect themselves from the common cold.

P.S. Bitcoin (and all crypto) is a tracking device developed at MIT and is used in child trafficking by Epstein et al

Reply to  David
8 months ago

At least we have a choice: either injected MAC addresses or using Cryptos.
Good citizens use both !

Reply to  David
8 months ago

There are two ways for people to learn. 1) The easy way. Look at the facts. User a little brainwork. Figure things out. or 2) The hard way. History shows that most people are unable to learn via way #1 but need all HELL to break loose. They need death, destruction, disruption, loss, mayhem, deprivation, starvation, pain, and suffering for the message to penetrate their thick skulls. Pretty primitive, by my reckoning.

Carole Runcorn
Carole Runcorn
8 months ago

Drop a bomb on the lot.

Reply to  Carole Runcorn
8 months ago

Bad karma.

Joshua Frisk
Joshua Frisk
Reply to  Carole Runcorn
8 months ago

Yes but can we use napalm?

Reply to  Carole Runcorn
8 months ago

wishing God would do that like he did for the cities of Soddom and Gommorhea

Reply to  cecila
8 months ago

Where is that solution, when it’s so badly needed?

Reply to  Carole Runcorn
8 months ago

The trouble is, they’re all intermingled with the innocent. Except at Davos, of course. In that regard, I had a dream last night!!! Only a dream, of course.

Diane Leef
Diane Leef
Reply to  Barney
8 months ago

Sometimes dreams come true.

Mary Longworth
Mary Longworth
Reply to  Carole Runcorn
8 months ago

Leave room for the vengeance of God. ‘Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.’ Roman 12:19

8 months ago

[…] Rhoda Wilson: […]

Joshua Frisk
Joshua Frisk
8 months ago

I agree with the bomb idea, but can I make a suggestion? NAPALM.

8 months ago

I read on the BBC tonight that the son of the owner, Avram Glazier, who is also chairman, of Manchester United, (possibly the world’s biggest football club), is also attending Davos!
Shows what he thinks of their vast legion of supporters!? Incidentally, they are now trying to sell!

8 months ago

If Putin wanted to be economical…..just sayin

8 months ago

Just want to improve the world, do they? Er, isn’t that what Hitler also said?

8 months ago

As the un-represented stakeholders of planet earth sharpen their stakes…

On a full moon evening in Davos, Count Schwab walks into a men’s store and asks to see some ties.

When the salesgirl looks into his eyes, she becomes hypnotized.

Count Schwab sinks his sharp teeth into her throat and takes a deep drink.

As she wakes up, the girl remembers nothing, and Count Schwab buys a silk tie and leaves the store.

The next night he is back.

“Would you like to try something different tonight?” asks the girl, innocently.

“No,” chuckles the vampire, “I want something in exactly the same vein!”

All unenlightened people are destructive.

And they are self-destructive because they don’t know why they are here, where they are going, what the meaning and purpose of their life is.

Without knowing anything about themselves, whatever they do is going to be harmful.

It is going to be harmful to you, and through you, to others.

They cannot do anything but harm because their eyes are closed, they don’t have any inner sensitivity, they don’t have any creative joy.

They are soul-less vampires!

Tragically above all, for centuries we have been worshiping these self-destructive criminal people.

All your so-called strong men have been destructive psychopaths.

Outlaw All Davos Globalists – The Un-Elected Political Terrorists!


Does ‘The College of Psychologists of Ontario’ have the intelligence to judge Jordan Peterson for their crimes of wrong think?

Modern Western psychology is in its very childhood.

It is just over a century old.

The concept of enlightenment belongs to Eastern psychology, which is almost ten thousand years old.

The modern Western psychology is just beginning from scratch, it is at the ABC stage.

Modern psychology is a misnomer because the word psychology' originates from the wordpsyche’.

Psyche means the soul.

The exact meaning of the word psychology' would be the science of the soul.

Somehow, psychology denies the existence of the soul and still goes on calling itselfpsychology’.

The psychologist is an unconscious mechanic, no different from a plumber.

They simply fix nuts and bolts in your mind which get loose once in a while, they tighten them here and there, somewhere they are too tight, somewhere they are loose.

But it is a question of nuts and bolts.

Naturally they make people normal again, they pull them back, they keep them from going farther away from the governments new-normal socially acceptable narrative.

Their whole expertise is how to keep you normally mad, fearful and obedient .

The question of enlightenment does not arise for the modern psychologist because enlightenment is based on the experience that mind is not your whole reality.

Mind itself is the sickness.

Unless you can get out of it.

You become the sickness!

Meditation helps you to realize awareness beyond mind.

Not being identified with the mind is the shortest way to your own being.

And your being is always healthy, it does not know what sickness is.

It cannot know, it is not in its nature.

Just as mind cannot know peace, your being cannot know tensions, anxieties, anguish.

The question is not of curing the mind, the question is shifting your whole energy, your whole focus, from mind to being.

Beyond mind there is your consciousness, and going beyond mind is what enlightenment is all about.

At the moment you cross the borders of the mind, there is enlightenment, a world of tremendous light, awareness, fulfillment, rejoicings.

This great shift of your attention, of your awareness, is the psychology of the Awakened.

And any other psychology is going to be wrong, because only a person of seeing knows what light is.

There may be billions of people who are blind, and there are billions, but it is not a question of so-called democracy.

They cannot vote, they cannot assert a single word about light.

Believing in light is not knowing light!

The awakened being is right in their knowing, by their experience of light, and those billions of people are just simply blind as believers in their not knowing.

The question is not of numbers.

The only question that is significant is the transformation through seeing of your being, from mind to no-mind.

Life is not to fight.

Life is to live and life is to grow.

Life is to bring to the world all that is hidden in you to share.

There is only one thing, you should discover your inner treasures and start sharing them with other people.

This is your only strength, because in this way you will be finding more and more roots, in people, in the earth, in the trees, in the stars.

You will be finding more and more friends.

All around your life in this very moment it is the same life, the same consciousness in different forms.

You don’t need strength, the whole existence is yours, its strength and vitality is yours.

All you need is more vulnerability, more softness, more openness, more receptivity.

Naturally, to accept oneself and to love oneself are the foundations of the psychology of the Awakened.

It is only the beginning, but the whole meditative process reaches to the highest stars.

Modern western psychology has not even started its real work.

What it is doing is just exploiting rich people.

Modern psychology ‘thinks’ it is the science of the mind.

Whereas the psychology of the Awakened is the science of no-mind.

There is only this one universal religiousness.

Right now there are over three hundred religions on the earth and these three hundred religions, all these three hundred religions, are against the religion I am talking about.

Beware, these are the real enemies.

The world can have one universal religion, not as an organization, not as a pattern, but only as a diffused climate of religiousness.

Reply to  @lienChrist
8 months ago

It cannot be proven to exist therefore it must be true.

Reply to  VoicefromEurope
8 months ago

Someone once asked Albert Einstein,

“What is the most important principle in scientific investigation?”

Do you know what Einstein replied?

Even in his wildest dreams the questioner could never have imagined the reply he was given,

Einstein said, “The absence of egoism.”


Modern physics, in the hands of Albert Einstein, has turned almost into mysticism.

Nobody has noted the fact, because mystics don’t understand modern physics and the physicists do not care about the mystics.

The mystics have always experienced that they are one, but nobody has listened to them.

Perhaps man was not mature enough to understand the depth of their declaration.

The mystics have simply expressed the oneness of all.

That existence knows only one moment.

The present moment.

Physicists go into detail.

Physicists say that existence consists of two elements: space and time.

And Einstein turned even these two into one.

Albert Einstein, especially, was the first scientist to come to the conclusion that time is the fourth dimension of matter.

He used to say that “There is not space and time, there is only ‘Spacetime’.”

Einstein had said, “the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”

We are accustomed to dividing time into past, present, and future.

But in reality these are not the divisions of time, these are divisions of our mind.

Because past does not exist anymore, except in our memories.

And the future exists not yet, except in our imaginations.

Time means mind.

Time is a projection of mind.

It does not exist, it is only an illusion, although a convincing one.

Realize exactly where you are, this moment.

Wake up!

Truth is not an object but an awakening in you.

it is an awareness within you, it is intelligence functioning at its optimum.

You cannot see truth.

You cannot grasp truth, it is not a thing.

You cannot give or take truth, it is not a thought.

It is your inner eye, your inner perception, what in the East is called the third eye.

To be the seer, alert and awake is to be true.

Drop the mind if you want to know the real.

Put aside the mind if you want to penetrate into the truth.

The truth is always there, but your mind is standing in between.

Put aside the mind, make a window and look, and everything, the very mystery of life, becomes unveiled before you.

Truth is not an object, you cannot believe in it, you cannot worship it.

Truth is not a thing but the clarity of perception.

Truth is not without but within.

And everybody has been seeking it without, hence everybody is missing it.

Truth is not an object that you have to find, search for or seek.

Truth is your subjectivity.

Truth is the one who is seeking, truth is not the sought, but the seeker themselves.

To think of truth as something outside is to miss from the very beginning.

With the mind nobody has ever been able to know the truth.

Without the mind anybody can know the truth, because the mind is the only barrier.

The mind must cease for the truth to be.

What we have acquired through our knowledge of matter is nothing compared to what we will gain by knowing the conscious self – no mind.

We know the atomic structure of matter but nothing of the atomic structure of the soul.

And this is our great misfortune.

We have achieved power, but no peace, no enlightenment.

The aim should be peace, not power.

And if the aim becomes peace, then the focus will be on the mystery of human consciousness itself, not into the secrets of nature.

There has been much research and exploration into unconscious matter, but the time has come when we must concentrate on the evolution of human consciousness itself.

The science of the future will be the science of consciousness, not the science of matter.

This change must occur before it is too late.

Those scientists who are committed to the investigation of the inanimate are of the old orthodox minds bound by tradition and convention.

People of full awareness must come forth to alter the direction of scientific research.

Science must strive for knowledge of human consciousness itself.

In their efforts to master the material world modern scientists have attained results unprecedented in human history; there is no reason they cannot be equally successful in achieving the same insight into the individual.

Consciousness can be known, it can be mastered;

Only then humanity can be transformed.

Then the science of consciousness will come into being for the very first time.

This will give birth to the greatest event in human history; this will give birth to a great creative energy.

This alone will save humanity.

There is no other way.

This science of religiousness has always remained in the hands of a few enlightened beings; it has never spread to the masses.

The religion of the people has always been fettered by superstitions and blind belief.

But now, the evolution of consciousness is finally eradicating this blindness.

The life, the future of humanity depends on this.

Remember, all belief comes out of not knowing the truth.

The end result of believing, of having faith in a truth that you have not realized yourself.

It is hearsay.

When there is an existential self knowing of life itself, then there is no longer a need to believe.


For the first time, humanity can be one, no divisions.

What divides all the religions?

Just small details, meaningless details, about their idea of god.

But there is no god, there has never been, all definitions are inventions.

Observe how all of these differences now disappear.

All belief systems are purely creations of imagination.

Accepting a personal god creates unnecessary problems which are insolvable.

Any hypothesis which creates problems rather than solving them is useless.

The time is right, for the collapse of these retarded political and religious delusions, to end all these great lies, before humanity comes to an end.

Only a great spiritual revival can remove all these pseudo rulers from their counterfeit thrones of absolute power that creates all global enslavement, ignorance, wars, starvation, violence and poverty.

We have weeks to prevent a global nuclear suicide,

Yet, if individuals don’t start taking the responsibility, if they don’t desert all their so-called great political and religious leaders and their churches and their propaganda and holy books, the world is not going to survive very long.

Know yourself.

Knowing oneself is intelligence.

Just be a little intelligent.

8 months ago

All to be expected tools, interesting Vanguard isn’t named as a separate entity, personally sure them and Blackrock are two cheeks of the same bum.

Represented corporations are far more interesting to me than so called leaders of Govts, who i’m pretty certain are installed by the filth unless they’re territory inconsequential to them.

Personally have liking for Putin, like what he says and have understanding for what he does. However, what he and Ukraine are currently doing, fits too comfortably with the agenda of the filth. Not surprised, i always try to not let personal feelings interfere with truth.

Had a break for near a couple of weeks as i needed to enjoy the true beauty and joy of life for a little while, had almost lost sight of it.

8 months ago

[…] wealth, income, companies and windfall profits” to counter the climate emergency.  But the Club of Rome has been given the cold shoulder and sidelined at Davos this […]

8 months ago

[…] wealth, income, companies and windfall profits” to counter the climate emergency.  But the Club of Rome has been given the cold shoulder and sidelined at Davos this […]

8 months ago

[…] wealth, income, companies and windfall profits” to counter the climate emergency.  But the Club of Rome has been given the cold shoulder and sidelined at Davos this […]

8 months ago

[…] An overview of WEF collaborators at Davos 2023 […]