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They Want Your Money AND Your Life

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It is now abundantly clear that the move towards a digital, cash-free world is accelerating. We are heading into the jaws of the Great Reset at frightening speed.

Make no mistake about it, the conspirators are unlike Highwaymen such as Dick Turpin who always gave their victims a choice. The conspirators want your money AND your life.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

They want to control every aspect of life – from the economy to health care. They want to tell you where and how to live and how to heat your home. They want to tell you how and when you can travel – and what sort of vehicle you can use. They want to force you to treat yourself when you’re sick, and if you’re old or frail they want you dead.

There is no aspect of your life that the conspirators (people like Blair, Gates, Rothschild et al) don’t want to control.

And they’re getting very close to their mad dream.

They aren’t in the slightest bit interested in facts or the truth.

Just look at the way that they’re rolling out mRNA-based medical products.

The evidence clearly shows that the mRNA covid-19 jabs weren’t tested as much as they should have been (thereby saving their makers vast amounts of money), didn’t do what they were supposed to do, and are causing a global torrent of death and injury (largely blamed on anything and everything else).

But, despite this, drug companies are now busy manufacturing a whole range of new mRNA products – including a variety of new vaccines and drugs for the treatment of cancer. (Britain, by the way, was the first country to sign up for mRNA cancer vaccines.)

Everyone with functioning brain tissue knows that mRNA products don’t work and aren’t safe so the evil drug companies are making more of them!

No one knows anything about the medium or long-term effects of these products.

The failure of the covid-19 jabs does not seem to have slowed down the medical establishment’s enthusiasm for these untested products which will, I fear, soon be offered widely to billions of gullible and trusting people.

(Quick advice: if a doctor prescribes something for you in a year or so’s time ask if it’s an mRNA product.)

This is just one tiny aspect of the way the conspirators are determined to kill billions and control those who are left.

My new book They Want Your Money and Your Life explains in detail how they’re taking over every aspect of our world – and your life.

They Want Your Money and Your Life’ contains the truths you must know about the coming depression, economic war and years of crisis which lie ahead. It’s an in-depth analysis of the economic and social chaos which now faces every nation and every citizen. In the book, I explain why energy and food prices are rising, how inflation will affect our lives and how health care is being deliberately altered beyond recognition.

You can purchase a copy of They Want Your Money and Your Life via the bookshop on Dr. Coleman’s website.

P.S. Now that I’m considered ‘dangerous’ for speaking the truth about covid, the toxic mRNA jabs and the Great Reset, no one reviews my books any more – so if I don’t tell you about them no-one else will. (Almost unbelievably, magazines and newspapers are even banned from taking advertisements for my books.).

Just for fun I’ve put onto my website a selection of reviews and quotes that pre-dated my demonization. The list is headed ‘The Truth behind the Lies’.

Those who complain about the book plugs on my free articles should know that since I exposed the fake Pandemic at the start of 2020, abuse and suppression mean that my income as an author has fallen by over 80% (and is still falling as my books are suppressed ever more) while the cost of doing research (e.g. buying books, journals, etc.) and running my websites costs more all the time.

I have never accepted advertising or charged subscription fees but have always relied on book sales. The web manager thingies tell me that each month the traffic to my websites is around 30 million (not counting the stuff that’s copied and shared) and at the moment less than 1 in every 20,000 people who visit the website ever buys a book – with royalties as low as 9 pence per book. I have never made a penny from my videos – though lots of other people have. I can’t keep subsidising these websites – which I’ve now been running since the 1980s (when the internet first started). Meanwhile, my very grateful thanks to all those very kind, perspicacious and intelligent folk who have bought one (or more) of my books. My blessings on you all.

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Jimmy Jukebox
Jimmy Jukebox
8 months ago

Sounds like a Great Book
Something is Definitely Wrong with your Captcha,
Wouldn’t let me Post comment, kept blocking, until I erased the comment Then Captcha worked properly.

8 months ago

The evidence clearly shows that the mRNA covid-19 jabs..’

These are NOT mRNA jabs.
Analysis of a single drop of the Pfizer «vaccine», as of December 26, 2022. Graphene-based carbon nanotubes, graphene microfilaments, graphene sheets. Only and exclusively graphene. There is no mRNA in the “vaccine”. What is inside is not biological.
Full video:

8 months ago

(Quick advice: if a doctor prescribes something for you in a year or so’s time ask if it’s an mRNA product.)’

What would be the point? In my opinion you can’t trust in any of their drugs anymore. Graphene oxide was found in several injectables including lidocaine, saline solutions, many other types of vaccines. mRNA is the nickname for graphene oxide?

Honest question, I’d like to see when professionals like him explain how is it possible to make mRNA products when our genes are constantly changing. How?

Genome in DissolutionSubmitted by Corpop on June 28, 2021 – 10:58pm

‘ 25 geneticists sat together at the University of California at Berkeley to answer the seemingly simple question: What is a gene?’
A few takeaways.
‘ In reality, our genetic makeup is constantly changing.’
‘ The result: every organism, every human being, even every body cell is a genetic universe of its own.’
‘ The genome is not a stable text. ’
‘ In truth, a lot of hereditary information is subject to a process of reproduction and exists in up to 16 copies in the cell nucleus.’
‘ the number of copies of the genes can decrease or increase, even the body cells of an individual person differ from one another ’
‘ Matthew Hahn compared the genome with a revolving door: “Genes keep coming, others go.”

8 months ago

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8 months ago

To be fair, about 6 months ago they did announce an acceleration of their plans! Why? Because they were panicking that the plans would fail becsuseb WE ARE WAKUNG UP AND STOPPING THEM!

7 months ago

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