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The World is Far More Corrupt than You Feared

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The BBC doesn’t really do ‘news’ any more. Now that the organisation has become a Propaganda Station for the Bilderbergers and the World Economic Forum, the BBC website (the only bit I ever see) prefers to thrill its viewers with stories of intrepid citizens struggling with sofas stuck on staircases.

So, here are some of the ‘real’ news stories which I suspect the BBC may have missed in its desperation to avoid annoying the conspirators and the collaborators.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

(The BBC probably didn’t have space for any of this stuff because it was too busy reporting that a lesbian who had a poster of Tina Turner on her wall was thrown out of the army in 1981, warning homeowners that if their log burner didn’t satisfy the rules they could be fined £300, and reporting the important news that Michael Jackson’s nephew is to play him in a biopic. And the BBC wants £159 a year for a TV licence.)

1. Having been pressured by the climate change cultists into accepting the myth of global warming, the South Africans are struggling to produce enough electricity and the nation is troubled by regular power cuts. South Africa has oodles of its own coal but the nation has been strong-armed into accepting that the world is going to melt and is, therefore, struggling to produce electricity from windmills. In a country where the wind is unreliable that’s disastrous and, entirely thanks to climate change nutters, South Africa is currently close to a national state of disaster. It’s about time Black Lives Matter fans stood up for South Africans (one or two of whom are black) and told them to ignore the crazed climate change cultists.

2. Here are some isolated facts. Put them into the right order and try stitching them together. First, Zelenski, the Ukranian comedian masquerading as a leader, seems happy that the current world war has extended into the Middle East and is, therefore, close to becoming a global conflict. Second, the American chief of the CIA visited Israel along with top American politicians. Third, the big Russian oil company Gazprom did a $40 billion deal with Iran. Fourth, Russian and Iranian banks have linked up and the two countries are developing a new trade route which involves India. Fifth, Israel bombed Iran – using Chinese made weapons to do so. Curiously, though as far as I know no one had said that it was, The New York Times apparently reported that this was not done to prevent Iran sending weapons to Russia.

3. A generation of children was damned near destroyed (both physically and mentally) by the deadly covid jabs, the pointless masks and the lockdowns. The shutting of schools was never necessary but it gave teachers even longer holidays and union members seem to have acquired a taste for daytime television. Going on strike for more money removed the last vestige of decency from well-paid teachers. And those teachers who refused to say whether they were going to stay at home (so that their schools would be closed and they’d still be paid) showed a depth of moral depravity rarely seen in world history. Teachers who stayed at home cannot possibly give a damn about children and should all be fired.

4. It is well known that British intelligence ran psy-ops throughout the fake pandemic and “monitored” those of us questioning the lies told by the British Government. Partly as a result of their activities we no longer have a free press and Britain is no longer a democracy. Aren’t those intelligence officers intelligent enough to realise that it is their own country which they are destroying? Or don’t they care? It is now also clear, by the way, that British intelligence services have also been running psy-ops in the Balkans and have been using misinformation to demonise Russia. (It is, of course, largely due to the intelligence services that I am banned from all social media. I suspect that at least some of the fake sites in my name are controlled by intelligence operatives.)

5. Pakistan has been forced into serious economic problems by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which should really be called the American Monetary Fund. The IMF has imposed its views on exchange rates and has, thereby, caused massive problems. The IMF is to financial advice what the McCanns are to babysitting.

6. Ukraine has used rockets provided by America to attack a monastery. If Russian rockets had hit a monastery, the BBC and the rest of the Propaganda Media would be all over the story.

7. Please visit Patrick Henningsen’s absolutely excellent and read the fascinating article entitled ‘Are Covid-19 `Vaccines’ a Military Biodefense Response Gone Terribly Wrong?’ Patrick (also known for his wisdom aired on UK Column) regularly publishes articles you shouldn’t miss if you want a broader view of our insane world.

8. Former Downing Street supremo Dominic Cummings is reported as claiming that the Deep State controls much of what happens in the UK and that electors and their bloated and corrupt parliamentary representatives have very little say. Cummings claims that it was anonymous Deep State operatives who were behind what I see as the absurd and dangerous covid rules which destroyed British life during the fake pandemic. I’m glad he’s noticed at last. Or maybe only now has he found the courage to mention something that many of us realised donkey’s years ago. Britain has for years been run by ruthless, 30-year-old women trained by the WEF or Common Purpose and employed by quangos, charities, drug companies, intelligence groups or lobbyists. (The same is true for other countries, of course.) Cummings doesn’t yet seem to have realised that thanks to these princesses of woke, we’re heading straight into the Great Reset. If he wants to know what has happened and why, and what is going to happen next, he should read my book `Endgame’ which is available through the bookshops on and

9. After WWII, Germany was supposed to become a peace-loving nation. It is now leading the way towards nuclear war. Germany has threatened to turn Russia into ruins and to be honest, that doesn’t sound terribly peaceful to me. Anyone supporting Ukraine is helping to lead us into a global war and possibly nuclear war, and is responsible for thousands of Ukrainians and Russians being killed. Only homicidal psychopaths support the provision of more arms to Ukraine. It really isn’t understood well enough that the big arms companies are driving the war in Ukraine. They don’t give a damn about the fact that Ukrainians are being used as cannon fodder. Anyone who is supporting this war and waving a Ukrainian flag in support of the slaughter should one day be arrested as a war criminal. Arms companies can’t make big money if governments store the bombs and bullets they’ve bought in warehouses instead of using them. Arms companies need wars like drug companies need chronically sick people. Drug companies don’t want patients to get well and arms companies don’t want peace to break out. (The conspirators or globalists work on behalf of four business groups: the bankers, the drug companies, the media giants and the arms manufacturers: the four most corrupt and dishonest groups in the world. It’s the biggest criminal cabal in history.)

10. The flat earthers are claiming that the war in the Ukraine is fake. If that were true the BBC and the mainstream media would be promoting the war with the sort of enthusiasm with which they promoted the fake pandemic. The war is real and the failure of the mainstream media to report what is happening proves just how real it is. Talking of Ukraine (for many years one of the most corrupt countries on earth) it is worth pointing out that the head of the Kyiv tax authority has been accused of massive fraud after police raised one of her four (yes, four) homes.

11. The exhibitionists who have blocked roads and halted ambulances were promoting genocide through cold and hunger (as part of the climate change myth). As a result of the heavily sponsored and approved activities of the net zero extremists, new laws will allow the police to stop just about all demonstrations in the UK. You could see that coming, couldn’t you?

12. Brexit is, of course, being blamed for everything as the toxic, fascist Remainers struggle to get Britain back into the EU. The UK is being punished for holding two fingers up to Brussels, since the EU was always designed (by left-over Nazis) as a step towards the Great Reset. Now, Guy Verhofstadt, a eurocrat with a mad mission, claims that Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine without Brexit. Verhofstadt gets my prize of the week for the daftest anti-Brexit silliness. I suspect that the EU’s regiment of supporters will do and say anything to overturn the British people’s vote for freedom.

Vernon Coleman’s latest book is called ‘They want your money and your life. It is available from the bookshop on his website. If you don’t buy it please don’t complain that you don’t understand what is happening or what is going to happen next.

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7 months ago

The conspirators or globalists work on behalf of four business groups: the bankers, the drug companies, the media giants and the arms manufacturers: the four most corrupt and dishonest groups in the world. It’s the biggest criminal cabal in history.”

You forgot to mention vast swathes of the medical “profession” and politicians – and yes they are both “business groups” – honourable exceptions to both do exist.

Which is more corrupt = Ukraine or Russia? “Discuss”

David E Gignac
David E Gignac
7 months ago

I have contributed money but still the omnipresent pay wall (pay curtain actually as it is just an annoyance). If you are REALLY going out of business – why would I buy a subscription? Will a subscription remove the pay me or else page?

7 months ago

I agree with everything said here with the exception to the reference to the McCanns. That was unfair and hitting below the belt.

Reply to  Lisa
7 months ago

You have the right to agree but I have a much darker opinion about him, in fact it’s getting darker by the day.

Reply to  JaneS
7 months ago

I agree. There is just so much in his writings that I find false. Also the constant plugging of his books! A bookseller and a money man-that is what he is. I only just discovered that he promotes tranvestism.

Such that promote perversions as this are an abomination unto the LORD thy God. Deuteronomy 22:5.

7 months ago

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7 months ago

article entitled ‘Are Covid-19 `Vaccines’ a Military Biodefense Response Gone Terribly Wrong?’ …”

It was planned, how graphene oxide and nanotech with brain hacking possibility could be a DEFENSE?

The flat earthers...” That was exceptionally mean Coleman, I bet you can prove that it’s a globe, PLEASE NOTIFY US WHEN YOU WIN THE PRICE offered for this, nice amount even to you but for 3 years no one could.

“...claiming that the war in the Ukraine is fake.”
Let’s have a look at Putin then.
Best friend and mentor: Kissinger
Schwab stated on a video that Putin is a young global leader
The BRICKS was invented by Goldman-Sacs
The Russian Sputnik vaccine has the same graphene oxide and nanotech, friends exchanging recipes?

Of course there are real victims, just how were in wars before this, but never them, never the globalist’ players died.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  JaneS
7 months ago

Hi JaneS,
Notice how all the World leaders in WW2, were Freemasons.
Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt, Truman, Chiang chi Shek, King George, and lot’s more.
Cannot remember seeing any of these on the front line.
Mainly gentiles, and Christians were the cannon fodder.
Am I seeing a picture here ?

7 months ago

He is either senile or gate keeper.

Alegra Mosytn-Owen
Alegra Mosytn-Owen
7 months ago

Dr Vernon is so right…Britain since 1957 has been run by 30 year old women trained by Common Purpose … FACT

7 months ago

What BBC should report on is the dog that crossed the road and almost got hit by a big truck, never mind their puppet doesn’t want them to report that, here’s 2 buckets, get a coofee and talk doofie with your boodies, idiots

7 months ago

Do you want to know what is really behind the coronavirus pandemic, vaccines, the war in Ukraine and so on? The truth is hard to believe. A massive global cataclysm is coming to Earth! This is the government’s best kept secret. Even conspiracy theorists do not know this. In 2023-2025, there will be a cyclical increase of the Sun’s magnetic field, which will cause cataclysms around the world. There will be massive earthquakes that will destroy entire countries and kill tens of millions of people. Asteroids will fall to Earth. Powerful geomagnetic storms will cause long-term power outages. There will be sudden climate change all over the world that will lead to a catastrophic famine. Governments have known this for a long time and are preparing for it. They are going to instigate the World War III to keep themselves in power through terror. In addition, a deadly pandemic will kill several billion people. This is not speculation, nor a mistake, nor disinformation, nor a joke. There were similar disasters in the Middle Ages and in ancient times. It is hard for you to believe this because historians have been deceiving you all along and the media has taught you to disregard such warnings. Try not to be driven by emotion, but examine the evidence carefully. All information can be found at Unfortunately, the evidence is irrefutable. A global cataclysm is certain to occur. Please read and warn others.

Joao St.Jo
Joao St.Jo
Reply to  TheEndIsNear
7 months ago

I have red about this and yes, this can be a real thing. The question that comes to mind is: Why would the evil hyper rich still spend so much effort into destroying health, economy, climate etc. if all they need to do is sit in their luxurious, well protected cave system on top of a mountain for a few years and enjoy seeing the cataclysm wipe out all these annoying and useless eaters?

Reply to  Joao St.Jo
7 months ago

They very likely will do cause these things themselves, they have the tech, see my comment above but wish to blame it on nature. We shouldn’t forget, whatever they do they must be able to control it to be sure they wouldn’t be affected.

The past summer was full with draught and big fires, many articles from Europe and US, too. But you can find the info even on the Wiki that they can do RAIN. If they can why they didn’t?

With chemtrails it is easy to solve to cause drought, for rain you need difference in the temperature, the idea of how to cool the temperature without rain came to them from volcanic erruptions and the effect of ash in the upper air if I recall well.

Reply to  TheEndIsNear
7 months ago

Sun – cover story for elevated radiation via 4-5G and ‘satellites’

They can cause earthquakes, they have the technic and can direct it, what they can’t or couldn’t in past was the strength of it but my info came from a genius, originally children-prodigy scientists many years ago.

They also can cause floods and droughts and they openly admitted it during a senate hearing in the US
In fact the big flood killing a bunch of people, Devon, was very likely an experiment of the RAF, the Guardian still have the article about it.

Asteroids? Now that’s a funny part. We all heard many stories about asteroids but there is a problem. The shiny ones disappear without hitting the ground – means no proof that they were asteroids or some kind of light involving event like ball lightning or similar. There is another problem, they showed you MANY asteroids caused holes, right? But they are all round-shaped, it would mean that all of them hit the earth EXACTLY IN A 90 DEGREE ANGLE. What are the chances of that? If you throw a heavy ball shaped rock or metal from another angle the print will be a deepening line but a straight hole. There are other – more believable theories that what are they, dried out geysers and so on.

There was a kind of global – but interestingly quite directed – cataclysm in the recent past – mud flood and it purpose was another reset – mainly reset or buildings, knowledge they represented and reset of the memory of the adults but that’s not proven but a very likely theory based on what remained. If you want to know more look for a guy’ videos named Ewaranon.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  LRS
7 months ago

You are bang on about the weather being created.
Today Sunday 5th Feb, really sunny warm day.
Yet all the sky is being filled with chemtrails, all over Yorkshire UK.
They do not want us to have any sunshine.

7 months ago

Hi Rhoda,
I appreciate your work and The Expose for trying to bring truth to the world, which is why I have been making promotional flyers and postings. I was listening to this article while working on the promotion when I heard something I didn’t agree with. You said flat Earthers believe that the war in Ukraine is fake and I find this to be very false reporting. As someone who realises the Earth is in fact flat because of extensive research into what is truth and what can be proved, and knowing many others with the same belief, I am offended at such a claim. In my promo I claim that this news is sourced, so may I ask what is the source of this lunacy?
I do realise that there is a large effort to discredit flat Earth information by big tech and don’t doubt that this type of shill tactic would be used, but I assure you almost all flat Earthers would not agree with your statement. When someone realises the Flat Earth, they have learned a good amount of discernment during their investigation and would not be gullible enough to endorse such a ridiculous claim.
This is dissuading me from continuing my promo but I dislike the disinformation the mainstream puts out regarding the COVID pandemic and appreciate your reporting regarding this topic, so I will continue.
The comment makes you sound biased and doesn’t really contribute to spreading truth or exposing globalist corruption. Every person that I have met that realises the Earth is flat advocates for truth against corrupt governments and mainstream disinformation.

Here is something to consider; you were never taught these things in school:

1.Super rotation: The condition of the atmosphere rotating faster than the planet. We see weather travel east along with jet streams.

2.How does the atmosphere rotate with the Earth: Bound to the Earth by gravity, most of the atmosphere spins along with it as a result of friction with the ground and the viscosity or ‘stickiness’ of the different layers of air above it.
source: BBC Science Focus.

We were never taught these things because if your consider it it makes absolutely no sense. When there is friction there is a loss of force leading to inertia. In the case of the atmosphere the friction would not be able to propel the atmosphere faster than the rotation. Super rotation caused by friction is a physical impossibility.

Even though you may not realise this truth, I suggest that reporting absurd claims about flat Earth should be omitted.

Thank you for your service to humanity, regardless of misunderstanding some information.

Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
7 months ago

Agree. What shape the earth is has absolutely no effect whatsoever on my everyday existence. Whether or not men landed on the moon has absolutely no effect whatever on my life.
What are they trying to do? Prove that people lie to us?
Gee, who’da thought.

Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
7 months ago

Ok, I guess i’m offended by Dr. Coleman and not yourself.

I would like to say that the shape of the Earth does make a difference. If the Earth is a globe and reality exploded into existence from a big bang, then it can can explained by some scientific phenomenon allowing for atheism to exist. In a flat enclosed Earth, the only explanation is that a higher power has created it and everything in it, so you see there would be much less corruption and war if this were a common understanding. Everyone would understand that we are accountable for our actions. So this was a very big win for the Jesuits who formulated the idea of a Heliocentric system. By controlling curricula the have created widespread atheism.

Anyway, I understand that many will have trouble grasping the concept and are programmed to have an aversion to it, so I think concentrating on other truths which don’t fly in the face of everything we’ve been taught can be more productive. Again, I appreciate your work and please know that many flat Earth aware people also appreciate it. We share common interests regardless of are cosmological understanding, please don’t make us sound like morons.


7 months ago

And, THE PEOPLE IN THEIR COWARDLINESS HAVE ONLY THEMSELVES TO THANK FOR ALLOWING THIS TYRANNY. These Psycho-Predators are biologically human having only one redeeming quality…THEY CAN DIE. And, we’re NOT PURSUING THEM to indict, try and execute for Crimes Against Humanity.

Guess humanity will suffer and deserves what it will get.

7 months ago

Warnings of imminent nuclear disaster – 90 seconds to midnight on the Doomsday Clock, can existentially make you aware of our apocalyptic reality as it really is.

Life is always fragile, everybody, every moment is potentially always in danger.

Just in ordinary times you are fast asleep, so you don’t see it, you go on dreaming, imagining beautiful things for the coming days, for the future.

But in moments when nuclear danger is imminent then suddenly you become aware that there may be no future, no tomorrow, that this is the only moment you have got.

So times of disaster are very revealing.

They don’t bring anything new into the world, they simply make you aware of the world as it is, they wake you up.

If you don’t understand this, you can go mad, if you understand this, you can become awakened.

What is happening to humanity?

It is a simple phenomenon.

All of our so-called leaders have repressed everybody so much that the whole energy of mankind is ready for a global suicide and to be vaporized any moment!

This disaster may be just the beginning of a chain of disasters.

It is like boiling a pressure cooker but not allowing the steam to escape from any outlet, and just sitting holding the lid tight.

That’s what is happening.

For thousands of years humanity has been sitting on repressed energies.

Now is it time to blow?

Either a nuclear ‘Third World War’ or the birth of a conscious new humanity.

Either a Third World War or a new style of life has to be introduced.

For millennia we have been made to function stupidly.

We need a totally different gestalt, a different social structure, a different world view, a different philosophy of life in which intelligence. is respected, in which intelligence is supported, individuality is nourished.

But we go on doing just the opposite.

It is simply beyond the capacity of any individual to prevent this calamity, this disaster, this global suicide that seems to be almost certain.

You may feel helpless because you think in terms of helping all other people to also understand this insanity, and that is an impossible job.

The world is so big, and people are so full of violence that it seems the calamity is not coming from outside, but it is the accumulated violence in people themselves that is going to explode this earth.

So don’t think in terms of helping.

Then you will not feel helpless and you will not feel tense.

Just raise your own consciousness to the highest peak possible, of which you are perfectly capable.

Anybody who wants to help the world should forget about the world and concentrate upon themselves.

Raise your consciousness to such a height that existence has to think a second time whether to destroy this planet or to save it.

The collective is so rotten that it will be an act of compassion to destroy it.

But we have to prove that out of this unconscious, almost dead humanity, a few lotuses can blossom.

This is the only way to save this beautiful planet earth.

Remember, intelligence and stupidity are not separate energies.

The same energy functioning in harmony is intelligence, functioning in contradictions is stupidity.

Your whole educational system exists to destroy intelligence or to divert you from intelligence towards memory.

Memory is useful, utilitarian.

Intelligence is dangerous, it has no utility for the status quo, it has no utility for the vested interest.

Intelligent people have always proved to be difficult people just because of their intelligence; they cannot bow down to any stupid thing.

And our society is full of superstitions, stupidities; all kinds of nonsense prevails in the name of religion, in the name of politics, net zero, equality, Marxist woke-ism, or in the name of literature, art.

They all condition you to remain stupid your whole life for the simple reason that stupid people are obedient.

Intelligent people start thinking on their own, they start becoming individuals.

They start having their own life, their own lifestyle, their own way of seeing, of being, of growing.

They are no more parts of the crowd, they cannot be.

They have to leave the crowd behind, only then they can grow.

And the crowd feels offended; the crowd does not want anybody to be more than the average person, it is against the average woke person’s retarded ego.

The crowd, the collective, has a great involvement, the involvement is that anybody becoming more intelligent, more individual, more aware, will not be any longer part of their mob psychology.

The stupid people are many, the majority, ninety-nine point nine percent.

They have a great power with them, the power of violence, and they show it whenever it is needed.

Stupid people will kill for no reason.

They cancel, censor, repress rather than try to understand.

They manipulate rather than try to relate, because to relate with somebody needs great understanding;, manipulation needs no understanding.

Repression is easy, very easy, any fool can do it.

Repression is a trick to cripple you.

It is a trick to destroy you, it is a trick to weaken you.

It is a trick to put you against yourself.

It is a way of creating conflict within you, and whenever a person is in conflict with themself, of course they are very weak.

The society has played a great stupid game, it has put everybody against themselves.

So you are continuously fighting within yourself.

You don’t have any energy to do anything else.

Can’t you observe it happening in you?

Continuously fighting.

The society has divided you into a split person, it has made you schizophrenic and it has confused you.

You have become driftwood.

You don’t know who you are, you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know what you are doing anymore here.

You don’t even know why you are here in the first place.

Repression has really confused you.

Repression is to live a life that you were not meant to live.

Repression is to do things which you never wanted to do.

Repression is to be the fool that you are not:

Repression is a way to destroy yourself.

Repression is suicide, very slow of course, but a very certain, slow poisoning.

Expression is life, repression is suicide.

Repression means a method of creating conscience instead of consciousness.

Consciousness is non-repressive; it depends on understanding, it depends on meditativeness, awareness.

Conscience is repressive, it simply goes on giving you orders, “Do this. Don’t do that.”

It does not change you but it poisons your life.

Repression is the greatest calamity that has happened to humanity.

And it is because of repression that manipulation comes in.

Because you cannot be true with yourself, you cannot be true with others.

You lose all truth, all respect for truth.

You lose all authenticity and you start being deceptive.

Manipulation is a deceptive way of exploiting the other.

You lose all respect for humanity because you have lost respect for yourself.

Whereas intelligence is a total trust in your own being.

Intelligence is adventure, thrill, joy.

Intelligence is to live in this moment, not to hanker for the future.

Intelligence is not to think of the past and not to bother about the future: past is no more future is not yet.

Intelligence is to make the uttermost use of the present moment that is available, the future will come out of it.

An intelligent person does not care much about information and knowledge.

An intelligent person cares much more for the capacity to know.

Their real authentic interest is in knowing, not in knowledge.

The people who are thought to be very knowledgeable, educated are as ignorant as anybody, sometimes even more ignorant.

It is very rare to find intelligent people in the academic world, very rare.

Intelligence is not an achievement, you are born intelligent.

Intelligence is the capacity to be in the present.

The more you are in the past or are in the future, the less intelligent you are.

Intelligence is the capacity to be here-now, to be fully in this moment and nowhere else.

The work of intelligence is to help you to become aware of your own being.

Then you are truly awake.

7 months ago

“The World is Far More Corrupt than You Feared”Yeah and it’s NOT just “far more corrupt” because a bunch of psychopaths are leading the world. That’s ONE part of the equation.

The pack of leading criminals do not operate in a vacuum. There are 2 destructive human pink elephants in the room and they are MARRIED — “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”…

Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the human rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant in a narcissistic fantasy land and play victim like a little child?

“Never hide the truth to spare the feelings of the ignorant.” — Mikhail Bulgakov

Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.

And if anyone does NOT acknowledge, recognize, and face (either wittingly or unwittingly) the WHOLE truth THEY are helping to prevent this from happening. And so they are “part of the problem” and not part of the solution.

“… normal and healthy discontent .. is being termed extremist.” — Martin Luther King, Jr, 1929-1968, Civil Rights Activist