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Proposed new legislation in Idaho will make it illegal to administer mRNA injections

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A new bill introduced to the Idaho state legislature would make it a misdemeanour crime to administer a messenger ribonucleic acid (“mRNA”) vaccine within the state.  In other words, it would make it illegal to administer mRNA injections.

The new bill states that “a person may not provide or administer a vaccine developed using messenger ribonucleic acid technology for use in an individual or any other mammal in this state.”

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Idaho Senator Tammy Nichols and House Representative Judy Boyle are sponsoring the legislation.  According to KTVB, the two brought the bill before the House Health and Welfare Committee on 15 February. The new legislation, if passed, would go into effect on 1 July 2023.

Nichols said during her presentation to the committee, “We have issues this was fast tracked … there is no liability, informed consent or data on mRNA vaccines.”

“I think there is a lot of information that comes out with concerns to blood clots and heart issues,” Nichols said.

KTVB: Idaho lawmakers introduce legislation to criminalise those who administer covid vaccines, 17 February 2023

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Idaho’s ground-breaking legislation would be the first of its kind in the United States. The closest approximation to the bill was the Florida Surgeon General’s removal of the recommendation for Covid mRNA shots for individuals ages 18 to 39 years old in October last year.

The recommendation was made after a state-wide analysis of vaccinated Florida residents found there was an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among men aged 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.

“Studying the safety and efficacy of any medications, including vaccines, is an important component of public health,” said Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. “Far less attention has been paid to safety and the concerns of many individuals have been dismissed – these are important findings that should be communicated to Floridians.”

Read more: Florida Health bans mRNA COVID Vaccination for Male Teens & Young Adults due to 84% increase in Cardiac-related Deaths following Vaccination

On Wednesday, Florida Health notified the healthcare sector and the public of a substantial increase in VAERS reports from Florida, including for life-threatening conditions.

In Florida alone, there was a 1,700% increase in VAERS reports after the release of the covid-19 injection. The reporting of life-threatening conditions increased by over 4,400%.

Florida Health: Health Alert on mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety, 15 February 2023

The findings in Florida are consistent with various studies that continue to uncover such risks. To further evaluate this, the Surgeon General wrote a letter to the US Food and Drug Administration and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention illustrating the risk factors associated with the mRNA covid injections and emphasising the need for additional transparency.

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This should be APPROVED AGAINST ALL MRNA VACCINES -as a pharmaceutical company is developing a flue vaccine using MRNA development ! ! ! thank you…… Paul

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