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Death stalks mRNA vaccination in New Zealand

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As we enter into another year, excess all-cause deaths for the first six weeks of 2023 in New Zealand are running at 700 deaths higher than the long-term 2010 to 2019 average (as reported by the authoritative Human Mortality Database which tabulates official New Zealand government data). 

Allowing for an increase in the population of New Zealand since 2019 of 269,000, excess deaths are running approximately 17% above 2019 rates and 24% higher than the excess death rate over the same six-week period in 2022. In other words, the rate of excess deaths appears to be accelerating. That should be alarming and certainly cause for discussion and analysis, but apparently, no one in authority cares.

Quite the reverse actually, government experts are busy trying to hide what is going on. NZ vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris and epidemiologist Michael Baker have been giving interviews to the international press to refute widely circulating claims that the NZ excess deaths might be related to mRNA vaccination.

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By Dr. Guy Hatchard

A 9 March USA Today article masquerading as a Fact Check (???) concedes 2022 NZ all-cause mortality was actually 10% higher than 2021 but quotes Michael Baker who says:

“There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccination is causing excess mortality. Quite the contrary, high vaccination coverage in New Zealand has prevented many deaths that would have occurred if this virus had circulated before the population had the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

Helen Petousis-Harris goes one step further telling USA Today:

“The fact that vaccinated people are less likely to die than unvaccinated people directly refutes this fantasy.”

Baker and Harris omit to mention the recent data released by the NZ Ministry of Health revealing that in 2022 boosted individuals disproportionately suffered increased deaths when compared to the unvaccinated (check it out HERE). Petousis-Harris didn’t present evidence to support her claim, and USA Today didn’t ask for it. Her university position and her record as a paid Pfizer advisor was enough for them. So much for USA Today as a fact checker, it merits an F grade or something lower.

Petousis-Harris also conveniently forgot to tell USA Today about her RNZ media interview in October 2022 in which she said:

On a fourth booster: “I wouldn’t be running out to get myself boosted. I don’t think it would be particularly useful. I don’t see any evidence to suggest it is going to benefit me.”

On the Moderna bivalent booster: “I think that the expectations for the new bivalent vaccines exceed the evidence. Probably not a lot[of protection against Omicron]”

So, 2023 NZ excess deaths are running up 17% on the long-term average, on track to top 2022, but our local experts are scurrying around shilling for the government line that there is nothing to see here. How could that be? You tell me. I’m puzzled and I’m not alone. Substack commentator Steve Kirsch reports: “New Israeli MoH study shows covid vax increases your risk of death over time,” but the authors of the study blame not the vaccine but something they call the “Healthy Vaccinee Effect,” or HVE.

Put rather crudely, HVE theory suggests that people were about to die but received the covid “vaccine” and as a result, their health picked up. Four months later their fate caught up with them and they died anyway. None of this stacks up statistically and doesn’t match the data, but faith in mRNA “vaccines” is so high among those highly paid to administer, promote, and research them that almost any crazy argument is acceptable to hide the rising excess deaths and make covid “vaccines” sound wonderful.

You can see what is happening can’t you? Unlike Petousis-Harris, the authors of the Israeli study are obliged to admit that people are consistently dying in the months post-vaccination. So, they make up an argument that fits their “vaccines are wonderful” narrative, even if it doesn’t match the data. All this makes you wonder what on earth is going on. Have these people lost their marbles? Do they think that we are so dumb we won’t notice?

At this point in time, the evidence for the dangers of covid “vaccines” is utterly overwhelming. Sometimes we naively think we can use logic, data, and scientific evidence, to persuade covid vaccine proponents of the dangers, but this is not working out. Like addicted gamblers, they are unable to change tack, they are placing their same dud bets again.

As a result, we are faced with a situation fraught with multiple potential dangers whose final outcomes are very uncertain. It is a perfect storm of factors and no one in authority wants to know: 

  • Excess all cause death rates related to vaccination are increasing.
  • The scope and volume of biotechnology experimentation is growing.
  • The range of vaccine injuries is expanding to include rare conditions.
  • Governments are doubling down on mRNA vaccine promotion.

If there is one thing the pandemic data should have told us by now: don’t mess with DNA – it is the anchor that our whole life depends on. DNA is the vital part of the integrated physiological network that supports health, consciousness, and everything that makes us human. How DNA achieves that is little understood and in fact largely unknown, but one thing is clear: DNA achieves this automatically without our personal intervention. 

In the process, DNA makes trillions and trillions of healthy decisions on our behalf every day. mRNA “vaccines” do the reverse. They constrain the DNA deep inside the cell nucleus to express itself differently, overriding natural immune responses in the cells affected. According to eminent geneticists writing as early as January 2020, disastrous outcomes are inevitable including total system collapse.

This results from a perfect storm of factors, particularly including suppression of immune efficiency. Another factor is contamination of covid “vaccines” with left-over expression vectors used in the manufacture of mRNAs. Recently reported assays could point to contamination levels 100-fold higher than originally proposed and imply trillions of replication-competent DNA circular plasmid molecules per vaccine dose. These could possibly be responsible for turbocharging cancers and/or bacterial infections. 

The safety research to investigate these possibilities was never undertaken. If you go to threads dealing with vaccine injury you will see multiple cases of septic shock following covid vaccination, which can result in amputation of limbs. The tenor of these reports is that simple infections like flu can suddenly turn into rare life-threatening diseases as in this case reported in the NZ Herald on Sunday (without mentioning mRNA vaccination). If the immune system is suppressed, total system stability of physiology is at risk.

Our health depends on a healthy relationship between our DNA and the global biosphere. The quality of our food sources and water, climatic conditions including sunshine, rainfall, wind, temperature, the air we breathe, seasonal and daily routines, and family and social interactions all play their part, but overriding all of these factors and commanding the dance of life, DNA is the silent controller of immunity. DNA is orchestrating health, it is automatically doing so through the instrumentality of all the laws of nature. If you think you can do better than that, think again. The data is in, mRNA “vaccines” alter the way DNA expresses itself and that can be fatal. They don’t work, and more than that, they are very dangerous. Death is stalking mRNA vaccination.

About the Author

Guy Hatchard, PhD, was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email. GLOBE.GLOBAL is a website dedicated to providing information about the dangers of biotechnology.

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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
6 months ago

I cannot find the scientific sources to explain what they want to do with this
So, that transport of nucleic acids is done inside graphene nanotubes
This study was carried out by the University of Almeria when I was in Spain at the end of June
At least, it was published at that time by a scientist from the University of Almeria who found that there is 95% graphene in each vaccine
And that there’s a very little amoint of nucleic acids because there is no need for it to be very much
With very few acids, messages, RNA-DNA nucleic acids, it can achieve this process called transgenesis
It is the same as that of the corn, the horse, or the cow
So the person who receives this transgenesis with these compounds will become a transhuman (no longer human)
But there is more, my dear friends, there is more
These graphene nanotubes
Here we have one of the studies: Vaccine + Graphene + 5G = Brain Control
One of the companies producing graphene nanotubes
For your listeners: a nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter
Were talking about ultra microscopic nanotechnology
NanoGrafi company, a leader in graphene production, developed an intranasal Covid vaccine and PCR tests with nanoparticles then they make graphene nanotubes
And, in addition to that, there are the micrographs of the microscopic study that the physicist Kalcker did where you can clearly see perfect small quadrangular particles, in addition to several small dots of heavy metals
That small perfect square particle is a nanoprocessor
Is the information hard to swallow? Are you more or less following me?
Do you understand?
Now I’m going to read to you what graphene means at 5G frequencies
I’ll start by clarifying that there is no reference on the internet to any such study
I think this is something very important, which I’ll summarize as follows:
At 5G frequences of 42.6 Hz per second, the 1.2mm nanotubes injected into the vaccines resonate and propagate a high-energy signal at the average speed of human thought
Something struck me when I saw a catalog selling graphene nanotubes from the company NanoGrafi I was surprised at the precise nanotube length of 1.2 nanometers of 1.2×10-9 m.
Since I already knew the 5G microwave frequency in the 10 to 300 Hz range, I was stuck by the curious coincidence of how it cancelled out at those precise powers of 10 in the well known wave mechanics formula.
It catches the attention of anyone with an engineering background who is not asleep.
Study results are showing that an everage neuron sends signals about 180 km/h
When combined, these factors would increase the speed to 432 km/h
There is a lot of variation, some humans think faster than others and the thought speed propogation changes throughout life
This is basic to what follows
We’ll take the average thought speed of 180 km/h, that is, 180,000 meters over 3,600 seconds: 50 meters per second.
This wave speed of the human brain is achievable for ordinary nanotubes and frequencies radiated by 5G antennas
Ths is not speculation, but science and combined techniques
The materials exist and so do microwaves of the correct frequences.
The speed of human thought fits both in a precise physical formula that’s incontestable.
This is the worst news I can give you, but it is the product of what I have studied throughout this month
These graphene nanotubules are injected with a vaccine, act on the microwaves emitted by a 5G antenna at the same frequency that human beings think.
So, through these nanoparticles, 5G antennas can modify our thoughts.
It’s that simple. It is physics and, well, you can’t summarize it any other way, but I think you understand me clearly.
Which will be the nervous system of that country and will manage the thinking of human beings
That is, on the one hand, you are going to modify a person’e genome so that the person is no longer human but transhuman
As such, that person can be patented by whoever made that genome modification
But, in addition, that nucleic acids wrapped in graphene nanotubes makes that person’s thinking is going to be modified by the 5G remote controlled antennas
Sort of Zombies, you might say, or robots.
Dr. Chinda Brandolino
A possible cure here: skip the demand for money, read first
If this is disinformation then Biden should own up to what is in the vaccines and their true purpose, if not this- otherwise this is not disinformation, is it?

Reply to  Richard Noakes
6 months ago

great observations!
it seems to me that any attempt by any party to assert patent ownership over any covaxed natural human is automatically and lawfully kiboshed by the coercive use of fraud to compel injection.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  Richard Noakes
6 months ago

Hi Richard Noakes,
That is a brilliant explanation.
I am a simpleton and like to explain simple things.
In the UK, people were sticking our coins which are steel, to the C19 injection site.
The C19 fluid has graphene oxide in it, this graphene takes iron out of the persons blood and creates a magnet.
When enough of these magnets are made, they stick together and make a magnetic clot, which can block the veins.
Athletes who pump more blood have been dropping dead on the turf.
Sometimes these magnets form aerials, which are receptive to 5G signals.
Hence the people in Wuhan were dropping dead in the street after the trial run of 5G.
Just like the Diamond Princess, that had the Medallion network installed.
How am I doing in the explanation Richard.

Reply to  Richard Noakes
6 months ago

Here is an abstract of a paper on “self assembled mRNA vaccines”. Take a look at Figure 5. It shows carbon nanotubes. From what I can tell, this is needed for “stability” since the mRNA is supposed to be very fragile.

Of course there could be “nano-chips” as well. The vaccines could be “dual use”. The full paper is also available on another site.

6 months ago

New Zealand’s Baker and Harris are not mere covid19 mRNA proponrnts — they are Propagandists and Marketers for an experimental drug test.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  nickitoo
6 months ago

New Stew Peters – Imminent 5G Induced Genocide: Vaccinated Vulnerable To 5G Kill Grid’s Deadly Tech! – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Must VideoThursday, March 16, 2023 1:03
From Before it’s News, an American blog.

6 months ago

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Eddie Leong
Eddie Leong
6 months ago

I do not worry about modified DNA being passed down the generations. Those jabbed are not likely to be able to reproduce, or if pregnant are likely to have miscarriages, untimely abortions, born dead, etc. Nature takes care of its survival. Those jabbed will all perish.

6 months ago

One thing all seem to over look is that Graphene is poison to humans as it destroys the immune system,

6 months ago

[…] – Death stalks mRNA vaccination in New Zealand […]