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Covid Related News: Hypocrisy of corporate media, Lauterbach Lies and testing sewage for covid

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The story of a young pilot who has been vaccine injured highlights the gaslighting by corporate media of the vaccine injured. And Dr. William Makis highlights cases of testicular cancer among young athletes and the possible link to covid injections, which you’re also not likely to see mentioned by corporate media.

Germany’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is caught out lying when he quoted a serious adverse effect rate of fewer than 1 in 10,000 based on data from the Paul Ehrlich Institute. For Comirnaty, the data shows the rate to be 1 in 4,000. To make matter worse for Lauterbach, a German study shows 14% of deaths 20 days after vaccination are caused by the “vaccine” and Western Australian data confirms covid injections cause serious adverse effects at a rate of 1 in 100 doses.

Just when we thought testing for covid was a thing of the past, the German state of Rhineland-Pfalz begins a pilot project to test sewage twice a week, in perpetuity, for covid.  Scientists involved with the project hint they will do the same for other respiratory viruses as well, such as RSV and influenza.  Other German states are showing an interest in doing the same.

Below are just a few of the reports published in the last couple of days that you may have missed.  Click on the section title to read the full article from which we took excerpts.

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Covid, the Law, and the Drums of War

Three years ago today, Ireland, following a US lead and in lockstep with the entire democratic West, took down its Constitution, which remains, in effect, suspended, as though the world is at war.

The Irish Constitution and most of our laws are rooted in natural law and English common law concepts of freedom: We are free people under God unless, for exceptional and proportionate reasons, our Government is compelled to curtail those freedoms in the interests of the common good, and such interventions are bound by an ethic of minimalist proportionalism.

On 19 March 2020, three years ago today, the Irish Parliament (Dáil) enacted a set of laws ostensibly related to Covid, reversing 800 years of Irish struggle for freedom and independence. The laws remain. It is now clear, in the wake of that assault, that the purpose went much further than combatting a “pandemic” now widely understood as, at best, a hoax, to facilitate the stripping of every fundamental right, under multiple categories, from future generations of human beings in Ireland and elsewhere.

It has for some time been established that Covid was an economic and military operation, not a health-related one. What the World Bank subsequently called the “Covid project” flowed directly from an alert issued to the G20 and several supranational bodies, on 15 August 2019, by BlackRock. In recent times, persuasive evidence has emerged to indicate that the Covid ‘project’ was controlled from the outset by the US Department of Defence and everything we were told was political theatre to cover up the fact that it was constructed not as a health initiative but as a military operation.

It Takes at Least a Decade to Be Sure a New Vaccine is Safe

A historical video has surfaced.  It shows Dr. Anthony Fauci talking about the minimum time required to ensure that new vaccines are safe. The video was recorded when the scientific community started to take a keen interest in trying to develop what we call ‘universal’ flu vaccines, which would be able to target many variants, across multiple seasons.

Young Pilot’s Heart Damaged Right After Vax

In September 2021, eighteen hours after receiving a covid injection, Sierra Lund developed intense, unrelenting chest pain, and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis.

Five years earlier when she was 17 years old, Lund was in the news for a picture-perfect emergency landing after the small aircraft she was piloting lost power. The Daily Mail reported her sangfroid and piloting skills as a triumphant example of a young woman demonstrating great ability, spirit, and potential. “Local police have praised Sierra for staying calm and collected in a situation that could have shaken many seasoned pilots,” the reporter wrote.

In our covid “vaccine” trance, no major American newspaper apart from The Epoch Times has reported her vaccine injury story. Our so-called government and society will someday wake up from their trance and be horrified by what it has done to young people like Sierra Lund. Shame on the public health agencies, politicians, and doctors who have perpetrated this terrible crime.

Testicular turbo cancer in young athletes? Diagnosis to death in days or weeks. COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike protein injury to the testes

21-year-old Daniel Donnan was rushed to the Ulster Hospital where he was treated for a bleed to the brain, but medical tests revealed tumours which had already spread to his brain and lungs.

As well as the Twitter thread embedded above, in his article, Dr. William Makis lists other cases of athletes diagnosed with testicular cancer.  As an Oncologist, Dr. Makis asks how and why. Yes, the covid vaccine spike protein localises to the testes, according to the Japanese Pfizer Organ bio-distribution study done with rats.

Wherever covid vaccine spike protein accumulates, we see a “spike” in cancers: bone marrow (leukaemias), lymph nodes (lymphomas), liver, kidney, pancreas, ovaries, testes, breasts, colon, brain, spinal cord, thyroid gland and more.

There is undoubtedly a direct local effect of the vaccine spike protein on the tissues it accumulates in, this is not just a systemic effect of the mRNA circulating and affecting the overall immune system.

The Schwab study proves the COVID vaccines are killing massive numbers of people

The Schwab study, written by top German scientists and published in a prestigious German peer-reviewed medical journal, proves that the COVID vaccines kill people. It suggests that at least 14% of people who die within 20 days of vaccination were likely killed by the vaccine. It was published on 22 Nov 2022 and ignored by corporate media.

Having more than 14% of the deaths 20 days after vaccination being caused by the vaccine should be an immediate stopping condition in any sane world.

But medicine today is dictated by politics, not science.

German “Safe and Effective” Lie Collapsing

On 4 December 2022, the German Federal Ministry of Health’s Paul Ehrlich Institute issued a report. The Comirnaty vaccine was licensed for use in Germany on 21 December 2020 – less than two years before the reporting period concluded on 31 October 2022.

The top line in the paper’s table states that, as of last October, the “total number of reports of suspected cases” of side effects and complications due to the Comirnaty “vaccine” in Germany was 202,963. And the “number of reports of suspected cases of serious side effects” was 34.315.

On 12 March, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach was interviewed by the German non-profit, public service television station, ZDF.  Lauterbach acknowledged the vaccine injuries that, for example, Dr. Peter McCullough, started warning about in the spring of 2021. 

Lauterbach then told a lie: “Serious harms are, based on data of the Paul Ehrlich Institute or the European Licensing Authority, fewer than one in ten thousand vaccinations.”

As the table mentioned above, published by the Paul Ehrlich Institute, states: “serious side effects” in Germany have a reported rate of 0.25 per 1,000 or 1 per 4,000.

Australia Government Numbers Confirm Rate of Serious AE’s Is >1 In 100 Doses

German health minister Karl Lauterbach acknowledged a 1 in 10,000 rate of serious injury from the vaccines. That’s nice, but the true rate is well over 100X that. Now there’s more proof.

The West Australian government has finally released its 2021 vaccine safety surveillance report,1 6 months behind its promised publication date of August 2022, read more details about the report HERE

The adverse event reports started to skyrocket the instant the covid vaccines were rolled out.  The Covid injection rollout began on 22 February 2021 in Western Australia. You can see when it began.

Via a pilot project in Rheinland-Pfalz, health authorities contemplate a new programme to survey German sh*t in perpetuity for Covid as part of a virus “early warning system”

As Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported: Scientists in Rhineland-Pfalz are considering the transition from the pandemic to the endemic stage with a study on wastewater surveys for Corona. Samples are taken twice a week at 15 sewage treatment plants in the state and tested for Covid and its current variants. Other German states have already expressed interest in the project.

I fear that they will just never, ever, ever stop testing.

Those involved hint darkly that any future programme growing out of the trial might survey for other respiratory viruses as well, such as RSV and influenza. Thus, the press will always have something to panic about.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung continued: “This is a smart, easily scalable model,” said immunisation coordinator Stich. Additionally, he noted that it’s a good alternative to mass testing for no purpose, as was done with Corona.

Finally, now that it doesn’t matter anymore, we can admit that mass testing was completely idiotic and failed to detect the overwhelming majority of infections.

From The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter


The WHO has made a statement about the latest ‘data’ showing SARS-CoV-2 sequences connected with raccoon dogs in the Wuhan wet market. This ‘data’ was uploaded for a short period of time before quickly disappearing again. Fortunately, only scientists who are pushing the zoonotic jump theory managed to see the data before it disappeared. According to them, this is very strong evidence that Covid jumped from bats to raccoon dogs to humans. No, it does, honestly. No, you don’t need to see the data, just trust us. You don’t trust us? But … science … we win.

These unpublished raccoon dog data have been jumped on by news outlets such as the AtlanticMatt Ridley has a look at whether Covid really originated in Wuhan’s seafood market.

Old news but being reported on again, British experiments risked making the Covid pandemic ‘more lethal’. Scientists in London carried out tests using delta and omicron that ‘could have combined the two variants and leaked from the laboratory’. Matt Hancock was waiting outside to shout “release the new variant” – he wasn’t but he would have liked to have been.

Covid Mandates & Lockdowns

The evidence is in. Lockdowns kill people – and the more you lock down, the more you kill. Daniel Hannan says we have been governed by petty, frightened men who valued appearance over substance.

What exactly is the WHO proposing with its new legal instruments? David Bell takes a look at the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and a new pandemic treaty.

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Watcher Seeker
6 months ago

Good news – they’re going to save us from bird flu –

“Vaccine makers say they’re ‘standing ready’ for human bird flu pandemic: Moderna, GSK and Sanofi all prepare to roll out H5N1 shots as fears mount about zoonotic spillover”

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