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The Deadly Secret: The Science proves Covid Vaccines cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome & Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

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According to real-world data from around the world, mRNA vaccines, such as the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, have been falsely hailed for their effectiveness in protecting against the alleged Sars-CoV-2 virus.

However, it is essential to understand that vaccine effectiveness is largely a measure of an individual’s immune system response.

This article explores the relationship between mRNA vaccines and the immune system, the concept of waning immunity, and the hypothetical scenario where an mRNA vaccine may potentially lead to autoimmune disease.

Sadly, it also reveals the unfortunate reality of the official data showing that mRNA Covid-19 vaccines have already led to many recipients suffering serious autoimmune diseases that could be as serious as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

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The Role of the Immune System in mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness

mRNA vaccines work by introducing a small piece of genetic material from the virus into the body, which instructs cells to produce the spike protein allegedly found on the surface of the virus.

The immune system then recognizes this protein as foreign and mounts an immune response.

Consequently, the effectiveness of an mRNA vaccine is actually a measure of the individual’s immune system performance, as it relies on the body’s ability to recognize and respond to the spike protein.

Waning Immunity and the Immune System

As time passes, the immune response that was initially induced by the mRNA vaccine may weaken, leading to reduced protection against the virus.

This phenomenon, known as waning immunity, is not unique to mRNA vaccines and can be observed with other types of vaccines as well.

Waning immunity, therefore, results from a decline in the immune system’s ability to remember and respond to a specific pathogen. It has nothing to do with the fact that a vaccine loses effectiveness over time.

But this is what the public has been told time and time again to convince them to get a booster shot every few months. Therefore, authorities have been lying to you, your friends, and your family.

A Hypothetical Scenario? Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Disease

If vaccinated individuals were to become more susceptible to infection than unvaccinated individuals, it would raise serious concerns about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines.

In such a situation, one would expect both groups to have similar levels of protection, assuming no harm has been done by the vaccine.

However, if the data indicates a higher susceptibility to infection among vaccinated individuals, this could suggest that the vaccines might have had unintended consequences on the immune system or overall health.

In a hypothetical scenario where a vaccinated individual’s immune system performance falls below that of an unvaccinated person, it could be theorized that the vaccine has caused damage to the immune system, potentially leading to an autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells in the body.

For instance, authorities originally claimed that the Covid-19 vaccines were 95% effective. But what they meant by that was that the immune system response induced by the Covid-19 vaccines was around 95% greater than the immune system response of an unvaccinated individual when exposed to the alleged virus.

So if the immune response of most unvaccinated individuals were greater than that of most vaccinated individuals, it would strongly suggest that the vaccines have caused some form of autoimmune disease and have caused great damage to the immune system.

Sadly, the initially claimed effectiveness was an outright lie, and the real-world data proves that the immune response initiated by the vaccines fell into negative territory quite some time ago.

Scientific Evidence the Damage is Done

Recent findings from the UK Health Security Agency Vaccine Surveillance Reports have raised concerns and questions regarding the potential long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccines on the immune system.

The data indicates a substantial decline in case rates among the unvaccinated population across all age groups over a three-month period, accompanied by a sharp increase in case rates among triple-vaccinated individuals.

The following two charts have been created using the figures contained in the Week 3, Week 7 and Week 13 UK Health Security Agency Vaccine Surveillance Reports –

Pfizer’s Formula: Unvaccinated Case Rate – Vaccinated Case Rate / Unvaccinated Case Rate x 100 = Vaccine Effectiveness

Alarmingly, by week 12 of 2022, real-world vaccine effectiveness. which is really a measure of immune system performance, had dropped to as low as minus-391% among 60 to 69-year-olds, further intensifying the debate surrounding vaccine safety.

So naturally, the UKHSA decided to stop publishing the data because it wasn’t showing what they needed it to show.

These observations strongly suggest that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines have had a detrimental impact on the immune systems of a lot of recipients, contributing to the development of autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system mistakenly targets healthy cells in the body, causing a wide range of symptoms and complications. This data highlighted the need for further investigation and monitoring of the long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccines at the beginning of 2022. But the authorities have done nothing and are still urging a wide range of the population to get repeat booster shots.

In conclusion, the data from the UK Health Security Agency Vaccine Surveillance Reports underscores the importance of ongoing research and monitoring of vaccine safety and effectiveness. It also proves that emergency use authorization of these vaccines should never have been extended to include children for three reasons.

Children have never been at risk of suffering serious disease due to the alleged Covid-19 causing virus. The data proves the vaccines are useless at preventing infection. And the data proves the vaccines are useless at preventing transmission.

Data published by the Office for National Statistics also shows that the unvaccinated population in every single age group are the least likely population to die of non-Covid deaths per 100,000 population. Or in other words, the vaccinated population are the most likely to die per 100,000 population.

That report was published on the 6th of July 2022, and is titled ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 January 2021 to 31 May 2022‘, and it can be accessed on the ONS site here, and downloaded here.

We took the figures provided by the ONS for January to May 2022 and produced the following charts which reveal the horrific consequences of the mass Covid-19 vaccination campaign –

Click to enlarge

A full breakdown of the above figures by age group can be viewed here. But some potential explanations for these statistics could include:

Immune system dysfunction

It’s possible that the vaccines might interact with the immune system in a way that leads to unintended consequences, such as a temporary or long-term reduction in immune function. This could leave vaccinated individuals more susceptible to other illnesses or infections.

A vast array of autoimmune conditions could be suffered by recipients of the vaccine and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the Covid-19 vaccines have completely obliterated the immune systems of many recipients and caused vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Especially when we consider the drastic difference in immune system performance revealed by the data previously published by the UK Health Security Agency.

Vaccine-induced enhancement

In some cases, vaccines can cause a phenomenon known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), where the immune response generated by the vaccine can actually worsen the disease.

The occurrence of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) could be a potential explanation for the increased mortality rates among the vaccinated population if the immune response generated by the vaccine worsens the disease or increases susceptibility to other infections.


mRNA vaccine effectiveness is actually a measure of the immune system’s ability to mount an appropriate response to the viral proteins.

While waning immunity is a natural process, it is not natural for immunity to decline past the immunity observed in the unvaccinated population.

The best course of action would have been to remove the emergency use authorization of the vaccines. But sadly, the damage is already done.

Therefore, it is essential to continue studying the long-term effects of mRNA vaccines on the immune system and strongly urge the millions of people who have so far refused the coercive propaganda and bullying to not give in and put their health t risk by getting an experimental injection they simply do not need because it causes more harm than good.

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5 months ago

Waning of immunity is a good thing if it matches the life time of a virus type concerned, because once the virus against which you have immunity against no longer exists, it’s a waste of energy to keep immunity against that virus in shape.

Our immune system is very intelligent and efficient.

But efficiency waning after 3 months, while the virus in question is still active is obviously not something our immune systems would do. After natural immunity from an infection it surely remains protective for years, maybe longer.

So, as this article explains, the waning observed after using these jabs must have a totally different background than natural waning in time, due to the likeliness that the virus does no longer exist and the immune system adapting to that.

Kevin F.
Kevin F.
Reply to  Petra
5 months ago

Our immune system is amazing however, this is a synthetic “virus” that cannot be isolated in nature. This whole satanic plot was to scare us into a jab which is a bioweapon that does NOTHING for our immune system. Worse, it does the opposite containing graphene lipid micro-dots and nanoparticles that, with the help of 5G frequency, generates self-assembled stands and what look to be small microchips in the blood. Even worse, this garbage causes blood clots, myocarditis, brain bleeds, etc. Yes, your body can deplete some of it over time but it you’re exposed to 5G incessantly, and you get boosters, you’re screwed.

Reply to  Kevin F.
5 months ago

100% correct!

5 months ago

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5 months ago

The vaxx causing AIDS is no suprise. Dr.Fauci after all played a big part in the manufacturing of this elixir in 2018 and 2019. Maybe earlier. He’s been killing people with AIDS since the 1980’s.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  Augustus
5 months ago

Hi Augustus,
This Fauci and Gates family, was involved with the Spanish flu saga of 1918.
The Mormons and Amish refused to have the vaccine, and most survived.
The soldiers and sailors, and the public, believed the scientists and died.
So this latest C19 is just a wash and repeat, of the 1918 flu, and the bioweapon injection.

4 months ago

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4 months ago

[…] Science proves COVIDvaccines cause AIDS […]

4 months ago

Premeditated Murder. We Know the agenda, it was written in stone – “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000…” – JOHN 8:44; REVELATION 18